Headlines of interest, late January 2016…

Sentiments of “Peace on Earth, good will towards men” have well worn off; sabre rattlings towards World War III resume…

Washington Free BeaconPentagon Conducts Warship Passage Near Disputed Island

XinhuaChina urges U.S. not to undermine mutual trust

Executive Intelligence ReviewExecutive Order Makes Philippines U.S. Colony in Drive for China War

ReutersJapan puts military on alert for possible North Korean missile test

The DiplomatWhy Did Russian Nuclear-Capable Bombers Circumnavigate Japan?

SputnikScorched Earth: Russian Army Rolls Out Strategic Missile Systems for Drills

AviationistRussian Su-27 buzzes U.S. RC-135U spyplane

TASSRussian Defense Ministry denies claims that Su-34 violated Turkish border

Press TVIran Navy drone flies over US aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf: Video

Offiziere.chIs the U.S. Expanding an Airfield in Syria?

ThereAreNoSunglasses (translation of SANA) – 3 Car Bombs Hit Damascus—45 Dead

Fars News AgencySyrian Pro-Government Forces Capture More Villages, Heights near Border with Turkey

Blacklisted NewsAmerica and Turkey begin Ground Invasion of Syria. How Will Russia Respond?

Wall Street JournalRussian, U.S. Troops Edge Closer in Northeastern Syria

Islamic State Uses Syria’s Biggest Dam as Refuge and Potential Weapon

Mother JonesThe Pentagon Has No Clue How Many Weapons It Has Lost to ISIS

An apparent split in the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), between its spokesman for Mullah Fazlullah and TTP commander Umar Mansoor…

DawnAPS mastermind claims Bacha Khan University attack, 21 killed

…of the Army Public School attack in Peshawar in December 2014. [Incidentally, the latter has fallen into question based on the alleged recycling of a Sandy Hook victim, Noah Pozner (Infowars). The allegation, coming from professors Jim Fetzer (emeritus) and James Tracy (who has lost his tenured position over the affair), is that the virtual “victim” was recycled, without consideration of the more likely scenario that simply the image was recycled, whether accidentally, symbolically, or as disinformation is anybody’s guess. The episode is somewhat reminiscent of the “Bert is Evil!” affair in the aftermath of 9/11.]

‘Charsadda attackers didn’t wear suicide jackets’

Dunya NewsCharsadda incident: Taliban Commander’s phone call traced, Indian embassy provided money

ThereAreNoSunglasses (mirroring Wall Street Journal) – Again, the US Uses Qatari “Taliban” To Derail Real Afghan/Taliban Negotiationss

Counterpunch (Pepe Escobar) – The Afghan Puzzle

Times of MaltaConjured Libyan government

ReutersIslamic State attack sets storage tanks ablaze at Libyan oil terminal

Belfast TelegraphUK arms companies ramp up bomb sales to Saudi Arabia by 100 times despite air strikes on Yemen civilians

N.Y. TimesU.S. Relies Heavily on Saudi Money to Support Syrian Rebels

Times of IsraelIsrael could lose out as friends and foes unite against IS, minister warns

Ya’alon: I would prefer Islamic State to Iran in Syria

AhlulBayt News AgencyNetanyahu: Saudi Arabia sees Tel Aviv as an ally

InterceptSpies in the Sky: Israeli Drone Feeds Hacked By British and American Intelligence

Matthew Aid (AFP) – Intel Humor: Vulture Arrested in Lebanon on Suspicion It Was Spying for Israel

Prison Planet (Kurt Nimmo) – Snowden Questions Latest Islamic State Video – Video put online by usual suspect, SITE Intelligence

Human Rights EuropeFrance: Court ruling in ‘11 September’ Saudi documentary defamation row

TelegraphMI6 tried to recruit me, says chief Alexander Litvinenko murder suspect

SputnikBerlin Residents Protest Near Merkel’s Office Against Migrant Violence

DWGermany to extend border controls indefinitely: interior minister

RTSweden to deport nearly 80,000 asylum seekers amid migrant-linked violence

ReutersThousands protest in Moldova after PM hastily sworn in at midnight

Prensa LatinaBolivian Opposition Receives More Money from the US

Sydney Morning HeraldEx-coup leader threatens division of Haiti as unrest spreads

Black Agenda ReportThe Clintons: “We Came, We Stole, Haitians Died”

FOX NewsInspector General: Clinton emails had intel from most secretive, classified programs

N.Y. PostHillary’s team copied intel off top secret server to email

Washington PostThe admiral in charge of Navy intelligence has not been allowed to see military secrets for years

Defense OneSenate Leader Surprises Lawmakers with New ISIS War Powers Request

Ron Paul InstituteCongress is Writing the President a Blank Check for War

InfowarsSenator Warns AUMF Bill is “Declaration Of International Martial Law”

Shadow ProofIn War Games, Navy SEALs Normalize Treating U.S. Citizens as Enemy

Common Sense ShowA Global Martial Force Is Being Assembled- Facebook to Provide Intel On American Citizens

Free Thought ProjectNative American Women Disappearing at an Alarming Rate and Police are Completely Ignoring It

LiveLeakOregon Tribe Asks Militants To Stop Occupying And Leave

St. George TimesCliven Bundy: It was murder

IBTimesDemocratic Financier George Soros Invested In Firearm Companies While Backing Gun Control Groups

Intellihub – – Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore

LaRouchePAC“The Cannibals Are Taking Over”—Blame Obama!

N.Y.TimesZika Virus: Two Cases Suggest It Could Be Spread Through Sex

21st Century WireEugenics WMD: Zika Virus Prompts Disturbing New Call For ‘No Child Policy’

Anti-MediaZika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015

ENENews“Worst wildlife die-off ever recorded” anywhere on Earth underway on West Coast — Expert: “And we’re not just talking marine die-offs… yeah, it’s a really big deal” — “There are many more species that are getting sick” — “Facing possibility of extinction” — Scientist: “Is it some sort of a toxin that’s there?”

Report: Wildlife “disappearing” around massive LA gas disaster — Residents: “It’s completely quiet”… birds, butterflies, rabbits, coyotes are missing… all fish in pond found dead — “All of this is gone… Makes me wonder how bad it really is” — Animal with “worst blood” ever seen by doctor

WaPoMore babies are being born with organs outside their bodies, and experts have no idea why

Free Thought ProjectEmails Show Flint Govt Bought Clean Water for Themselves While Residents Drank Poison for a Year

To those who might complain, “you only report the bad news,” here is some good news…

St. Louis Business JournalMonsanto says it will cut 1,000 more jobs; local impact unclear

If Earth should become uninhabitable…

CaltechCaltech Researchers Find Evidence of a Real Ninth Planet


Civil War Simulacrum

When revolution comes, it will happen precisely as you experience it. If however you experience it merely as televised, or as youtubed, then you experience nothing but simulacrum.

Caveat aside, it would appear that we have a casualty in Burns, Oregon…

Oregon LiveOregon standoff spokesman Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum killed, Bundys in custody after shooting near Burns

Stirring the hype…

BeforeitsnewsThe First Martyr of the Patriot Movement in 2016, the 2nd American Revolution Has Officially Begun—UPDATED!

Shards of eyewitness in a wilderness of mirrors…

North West Liberty NewsEyewitness Account of Bundy Takedown – Updated

LiveLeakEyewitnesses knock down conspiracy theories about LaVoy Finicum dying on his knees

IntellihubLIVE until batteries dead: Watch militia, David Fry and brothers, holding Oregon refuge as he and others vow to fight to death if attacked

Pacific Patriots NetworkPacific Patriots Network – Official Statement – Update on Burns, Oregon

Raise the red flags. The involvement of this fellow is what leads us to believe the rebellion is at best a hijacking, or at worst, pure simulacrum…

Pete Santilli Show (Youtube) – Breaking Burns Oregon: Reports of Shots Fired – Casualties and Hospital Lockdown

Cincinnati EnquirerCincinnatian spokesman for ranchers in Oregon standoff

Peter Santilli, who hosts The Pete Santilli Show, a neoconservative online radio show, says he embedded himself with the group in late December…

[Commentary: Santilli’s cover is certainly not that of a neoconservative, though some might characterize him as a mercenary on behalf of neoconservatives. The choice of the word “embedded” is telling – as an infiltrating provocateur of an otherwise legitimate protest movement?]

“I do not speak directly for the Bundy family, but I do speak on behalf of their constitutional issues,” Santilli said, who has done interviews with MSNBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters and Fox News as a spokesman.

[He to whom the mainstream media runs should immediately be regarded with suspicion.]

Santilli came under fire in 2013 when he suggested shooting former secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “in the vagina.”

“I’m a shock jock, so I use colorful language,” he said, adding that he was trying to bring attention to Clinton’s actions regarding a U.S. diplomatic building being overrun in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012. “I do not regret what I said. She is guilty of treason.”

[Hence, legitimate dissent is painted with the colors of extremism and misogyny in the public eye.]

Santilli was stopped by Newtown police last month because he was going about 20 mph in a 50 mph zone, Newtown Chief Tom Synan said. Police believe Santilli was going slow because he was texting, Synan told The Enquirer at the time…

Now here is where things get curious. For more on Santilli’s December 18 arrest…

WKRC (in Cincinnati) – Local man in Oregon standoff

A few weeks ago, Santilli and a woman passenger in his car were briefly held at gunpoint during a traffic stop in Newtown by police Chief Tom Synan. Initially pulled over for impeding the flow of traffic, according to the police report, a loaded 9 mm handgun with additional magazines was found on the floor of the passenger side of the car in an unzipped bag. During identification, Santilli showed up on a terror watch list; something that was subsequently called a mistake.

While Santilli was arrested, the charge of improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, was officially ignored and he was released, showing up a few weeks later in Oregon. Following the arrest, Newtown Chief Synan received a number of rather threatening emails apparently from Santilli supporters. One, obtained through a public records request, said in part, “I think that it’s time for citizens to draw their weapon first when approached by a cop.”…

When Local 12 News submitted the public records request to Newtown police, Chief Synan was also asked if he had any idea why the criminal charge against Santilli was dropped. He again answered with a no-comment.

Did the feds green-light his release? That he was initially red-flagged on the terror watch list indicates the involvement of the Department of Homeland Security in his case. This in turn may corroborate the allegations that have been made against Santilli…

Occupy CorporatismEXPOSED: Internet Radio Host Pete Santilli Revealed as FBI Informant

Susannah ColeWho Is This Guy Pete Santilli?

Vinny Eastwood (Youtube) – The Unauthorized Biography of Pete Santilli



L.A.TimesThree more arrests at Oregon refuge as some holdouts leave voluntarily

From the few that remain…

DefendYourBase (Youtube) – Update 9:16am Jan 28 2016

On Santilli’s December arrest on Little Dry Run Road (time-stamp 1:19 in video at WLWT) in Newtown, Ohio, there is some irony, and perhaps an explanation for the DHS red-flag, given his statements made concerning Newtown, Connecticut…

Sandy Hook AnalysisPete Santilli Promises to March Militia Bundy Ranch Style on Sandy Hook

Pete Santilli went so far as to threaten to march “Bunch Ranch Style” “to the death” on Newtown if they “mess with Wolfgang Halbig in any way” over “Sandy Hook taking my guns”.


Update of Jan. 29…

FBI (Youtube) – Complete, Unedited Video of Joint FBI and OSP Operation 01/26/2016 – cued to shooting death of LaVoy Finicum

Pacific Patriots NetworkOFFICIAL CALL TO ACTION

DefendYourBase (Youtube) – Update 11:54am Jan 29 2016Barracks Aftermath VideoLive Video

The credibility noose continues to tighten around the neck of Pete Santilli…

WTFRLYRat: Alternative Media Host Who Snitched on Oregon Militia Was Already a Known FBI Informant

If his December arrest and release looks suspicious, however, he won’t be let go so easily this time, if only to maintain what little he has left of bona fides

KOIN [as in KOINtelpro?] – Feds keep Bundy, militia in jail until trial

Santilli nevertheless played a crucial role in backing up the charges issued against the defendants…

L.A.Times – Where was the FBI during the armed standoff in Oregon? Out of sight, but listening and watching

A significant amount of the FBI’s information used to charge Ammon Bundy came from an activist named Pete Santilli, who was living inside the refuge and broadcasting live his conversations with fellow activists.

To demonstrate a conspiracy, the government has a lower burden than it would with similar charges, such as aiding and abetting, or solicitation. A conspiracy charge in federal court does not require the underlying offense to have taken place, so prosecutors can charge the defendants based on their statements, without proving they actually committed a crime.

That is where Santilli’s broadcasts proved so useful to the FBI…

At one point in a video, Santilli’s cameraman is recording Bundy speaking to another activist when the cameraman seems to realize he shouldn’t be broadcasting it. The cameraman steps away and bumps into someone. “I was trying to get away from that conversation,” he explains.

At best, anyone who would defend Santilli and crew can apologize for the foolish bumbling.

What of the network that carries him?

Natural NewsTalkNetwork.com radio host and citizen journalist Pete Santilli arrested in Oregon standoff, charged with conspiracy against the U.S. government

…where we await approval of our comment and link…

What about Santilli’s Newtown OH arrest on “Little Dry Run Road” in December? How did he get out of that one so easily immediately before heading for Oregon?…

Amidst the tragedy and recriminations, however, it behooves us to attend to the grievances at issue…

Seeking RedressWhat’s The Beef? Part One: The Anger Over Federal Land Management


John Brennan was in Egypt the weekend of January 16/17 (Intelligence Online) meeting with President al Sisi and Mukhabarat director Khaled Fawzi.

Coincidentally, the Mecid Aslanov (of Bilal Erdogan’s BMZ Group. Source: Today’s Zaman via Hellenic Shipping News) was passing through the Suez Canal (Jan 17, 05:04 UTC), following a period of irregular AIS data in the Red Sea. It is on course to the Ukraine (port of Izmail, ETA Jan 22, 18:00) along with the Armada Fair, another BMZ Group tanker (Source: Today’s Zaman), scheduled to arrive at the port of Ilichevsk (ETA Jan 24, 08:00) after its stop in Izmir, Turkey (Jan 20, 16:00 UTC).

See our previous updates (1/9/16, 12/31/15, 12/17,15) on the irregular navigation of these ships.

Ship itinerary and AIS data courtesy of VesselFinder.com and MarineTraffic.com.


Update, Jan 26: We almost quipped, in reference to the Brennan’s visit, “expect mayhem to follow,” and should have followed the prognostic impulse…

Ahram Online (Friday 22 Jan 2016) – Two Egypt-based militant groups claim responsibility for Giza attack

In a statement issued on Friday and published on its alleged Twitter accounts, Sinai-based Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis “ABM” claims that 10 Egyptian police personnel were killed when they entered a “booby-trapped” house in Marioutiya Thursday night.

An hour after the announcement by ABM another militant group called “Revolutionary Punishment” claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement released on Facebook.

The group claimed that it lured police to the apartment at which point two of its members carried out a suicide bombing which killed a former state security police officer, among others.

According to the official statement of Egypt’s prosecution, ten people, including seven policemen and three civilians, were killed in the explosion…

Hitherto, most of the ISIS affiliated ABM attacks have been confined to the Sinai. This attack however occurred less than 10 kilometers from the Pyramids of Giza, paralleling the recent ISIS attack in the tourist district near the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (see our Jan. 19 installment).

Indicative that more Giza attacks were in the works, on Sunday, January 24th, Egyptian police raided a house, killing its resident, in the town of Kerdasa in Giza, after receiving a tip that it was being used as a storage space for IEDs. As reported by Ahram Online… Explosives found during Kerdasa raid resemble those used in Haram bombing: Egypt police

Daily News Egypt4 men killed in police raids in Giza and Beni Suef

Other incidents in this time frame, from the Twitter feed of Israeli based Oded Berkowitz

#Egypt- IED explosion recorded in Agouza District of #Giza/#Cairo, no casualties reported

#Egypt- explosion recorded in central #Damietta, likely of the gas pipeline leading to #PortSaid. Reason unclear

A motivating factor for Brennan’s visit?…

TASSRussia, Egypt to sign memorandum on Russian industrial zone in Egypt soon

CAIRO, January 24. /TASS/. Russia and Egypt will sign a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of a Russian industrial zone in the area of the Suez Canal during a regular session of the intergovernmental commission due to be held on January 31-February 2 in Cairo, well-informed sources in Cairo told TASS on Sunday…

Headlines of interest, mid January 2016…

Wayne Madsen ReportJanuary 11-12, 2016 — The coming war over Hagia Sophia

The Islamist-oriented Justice and Development Party (AKP) of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is agitating for the former Holy See of the Christian Church in the East, Hagia Sophia (the Church of Holy Wisdom), completed by Emperor Justinian in 537, to be converted into a mosque called “Ayasofya.” Chief among those calling for the Ayasofya mosque to be restored in Bülent Arinç, the co-founder of the AKP and a close ally of Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet. In 2014, the AKP submitted legislation in parliament to convert Hagia Sophia into a mosque…

AKP supporters and Salafists receiving funding from the Saudis have picketed Hagia Sophia with signs reading “Ayasofya must be reopened as a mosque” while waving green and black flags bearing the same inscription as that found on the flags of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Yalçın Topçu, the Culture and Tourism Minister in the government of Prime Minister Ahmet Davotoglu, recently stated that he hoped Hagia Sophia would be re-opened as a mosque. Topçu is the former chairman of the Islamist-Turkish nationalist Great Union Party (BBP), a right-wing party associated with the terrorist Grey Wolves movement…

January 12-13, 2016 — Bomb blast near Hagia Sophia in Istanbul targets Western tourists

…The Erdogan government slapped a news blackout on reports about the blast near Hagia Sophia. The nationalities of the dead were difficult to determine because of Erdogan’s ban on news coverage but some reports indicated that the ten dead tourists were all German nationals…

The bombing occurred less than 24 hours after WMR reported that there is a coming war between Turkey and Eastern Christian Orthodoxy over Erdogan’s plans to convert Hagia Sophia into a mosque. The founder of the Turkish Republic, Kemal Ataturk, ordered the mosque closed in 1931 and reopened as a state museum in 1935. Erdogan has made the tourist district around Hagia Sophia a magnet for jihadists from around the world, perhaps including the Syrian suicide bomber, who have answered the call by Ankara to support the conversion of the cathedral museum into a functioning mosque. The terrorist attack on tourists near the cathedral will surely result in tourists avoiding the site, a perfect opportunity for Erdogan to close it and cover up or remove Christian icongraphy in order to carry out its conversion into a mosque.

ReutersIstanbul bomber entered Turkey as refugee from Syria, PM says

GuardianMurder in Istanbul: Kremlin’s hand suspected in shooting of Chechen

RTDeadly blast devastates Turkish police HQ in Kurdish region, string of attacks reported

Antiwar229 Killed, 131 Wounded in Iraq Attacks

21st Century WireMadaya: West Engineer Another ‘Humanitarian’ Media Hoax in Syria

Al MonitorHagel says Obama ‘paralyzed’ Syria policy around Assad ouster

Middle East EyeObama, Jordan’s king hold brief meeting amid talk of snub

RTBurkina Faso hostage crisis: 20 dead at hotel & cafe; counter-assault begins; Al Qaeda claims attack

ReutersIslamic State claims Jakarta attack, targets Indonesia for first time

Behind Islamic State attack on Indonesia, homegrown jihadi intellectual

Barack Obama?

Wayne Madsen: Not only was the Starbucks, which this editor used as a WiFi base during out 2011 investigation of Dunham/Obama/Soetoro, a target for these ISIL terrorists but so was the hotel, the SariPan Pacific.

LaRouchePACIndonesia To Propose Six Infrastructure Projects To the Newborn AIIB, Says Finance Minister

DawnUS sees Taliban as reconciliation partners: Pentagon

ThereAreNoSunglasses (mirroring Tolo News) – ISI LOSES CONTROL—Taliban Lay Seige To Pakistani Consulate In Jalalabad, Afghanistan

Bild – Putin – The Interview – mirrored at Kremlin.ru

Voltairenet (Thierry Meyssan) – Towards the collapse of Saudi Arabia

ThereAreNoSunglassesSaudi Royals Trying To Bribe the World Into Turning Against Iran

Or blackmail…

Zero HedgeStocks Slump After Saudis Threaten Nukes Against “Nefarious” Iran

Middle East EyeDozens dead, wounded in Saudi strike on Sanaa police building

Al MonitorAssassinations, chaos cripple Yemen’s Aden

Intelligence OnlineErik Prince eyes Arabian sands deal

Washington PostPlane leaves Iran with Post reporter, other Americans in swap

The HillUS: Prisoner of war protections didn’t apply to sailors caught by Iran

Fars News AgencyIran’s Top Commander Hopes US Congress Takes Lesson from Vessel Seizure

WMRJanuary 14-15, 2016 — Navy riverine craft may have been involved in Tonkin Gulf-like conspiracy

According to reliable sources, the two U.S. Navy CB90 riverine command boats (RCBs) that were en route from Kuwait to Bahrain when they ended up “dead in the water” and drifted into Iranian waters near the heavily-fortified Iranian base on Farsi Island, may have been involved in a Gulf of Tonkin-like attempt to draw the United States into a shooting war with Iran…

Suspicions are being cast upon Israel or Saudi Arabia, with both close intelligence and military allies perhaps acting together, in launching an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the craft, thus disabling the global positioning systems, communications, and auxiliary generator that supplied power to both. Although most U.S.-manufactured naval vessels are hardened against EMP bursts, one electronic warfare specialist suspects the fact that the two U.S. craft are of Swedish manufacture means that unhardened commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components may have been used in the navigation, communications, and propulsion systems.

The Iranians claim they would return the boats to the United States but will probably inspect them before transferring them back to the U.S. Navy. Ironically, it may be the Iranians who discover the boats’ electronics were damaged by an EMP weapon before the U.S. Navy does. The RCBs, which can carry up to 21 amphibious special forces troops, are often used for covert espionage and sabotage missions…

The incident occurred at a sensitive time for both Iran and the United States. President Obama was about to give his last State of the Union address while Iran was in the process of disabling the nuclear core of its reactor in Arak, pursuant to the P5+1 nuclear agreement. The Israel Lobby seized on the capture of the U.S. boats to push for increased sanctions against Iran over its alleged missile proliferation…

TelegraphIran sanctions: Middle East stock crash wipes £27bn off markets as Tehran enters oil war

Zero HedgeDallas Fed Quietly Suspends Energy Mark-To-Market On Default Contagion Fears

The Fed Responds To Zero Hedge: Here Are Some Follow Up Questions

 China’s Largest Bank Is Mystery Buyer Of Massive 1,500 Ton Gold Vault In London

China Law BlogGetting Money Out of China: What The Heck is Happening?

LaRouchePACFinancial Establishment on the Crash: ‘Get Ready for the Worst’

FortuneAnalyst: Here Comes the Biggest Stock Market Crash in a Generation

The TimesMarkets suffer their worst start to the year since Great Depression

APNorth Korea says nuclear test shows it could ‘wipe out’ US

CryptomeNorth Korea Nuclear Test Site

Asia One (AFP) – Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen warns China after landslide victory

Alert 5 (translation of United Daily News) – Taiwan’s incoming government wanted the AV-8B in order to develop indigenous STOVL fighter

EJInight (Hong Kong) – Manila quietly building US naval base near disputed waters

TeleSURNew Argentine Government Detains Social Movement Leader

GuardianEl Chapo’s lair: the secluded house at the heart of Mexico’s drug war

WaPoHow Mexico secretly launched a crackdown after Penn met ‘El Chapo’

Daily MailSo, is Sean Penn really a CIA agent? Body language expert reveals the truth behind El Chapo interview after studying actor during tell-all Charlie Rose chat

ABC7 (Chicago) – Tourist from Chicago murdered in Belize; Anne Swaney worked website at ABC7 Chicago

Marshall ReportFLORIDA Man Challenging Cruz and Rubio Eligibility Speaks Out

GuardianHarvard scholar: Ted Cruz’s citizenship, eligibility for president ‘unsettled’

Levant ReportNew Hillary Emails Reveal Propaganda, Executions, Coveting Libyan Oil and Gold

VarietyCIA Spokesman Slams ‘13 Hours’ as ‘Distortion’ of Benghazi Events

AnonymousMonsanto Supplied Chemical Weapons to Israel; Guilty of War Crimes

EcoWatchTaiwan Bans GMOs in Schools, Mandates Strict Label Laws

Organic Farmers Win GMO Fight in Jackson County, Oregon

Farm WarsOregon Standoff – Agenda 21 and the BLM Uranium and Gold Deal

Common Sense ShowAmmon Bundy Breaks His Silence with Dave Hodges, Hear His Side of the Story

RT‘Send Mr. Bundy the bill’: Judge wants Oregon militia to pay $70k a day for security costs

PR NewswireKlayman First To File Lawsuit Against Obama’s Gun Control Executive Orders

PoliticoJudge rejects Obama’s executive privilege claim over Fast and Furious records

FOX NewsGrowing number of police chiefs, sheriffs join call to arms

WaPoYou may be powerless to stop a drone from hovering over your own yard

ProPublica100,000 NYC School Children Face Airport-Style Security Screening Every Day

Free Thought ProjectSunny Nevada Just Killed the Solar Industry with 40% Tax Hike, Derailing the Off-Grid Movement

And now, on a happier note, regardless of what is happening on Wall Street, this is very good news for Main St…

APWal-Mart to shutter 269 stores, 154 of them in the US

Web of DebtThe Citadel Is Breached: Congress Taps the Fed for Infrastructure Funding

Ars TechnicaUS Intelligence director’s personal e-mail, phone hacked

InfowarsInfamous Teen Hacker Hijacks Ex-Geospatial Intelligence Officer’s Online Accounts

CNBCThe CIA-backed start-up that’s taking over Palo Alto

Liberty BlitzkriegFederally Funded Think Tank Explains How U.S. Government Could Attack Decentralized Digital Currencies

The Next PlatformEmergent Chip Vastly Accelerates Deep Neural Networks

Daily MailIs TINDER changing the way we think? Experts warn ‘binary thinking’ teaches people to over simplify and become disconnected

The New InquiryTinderization of Feeling

Cryptome (John Stanton) – The Emerging Dystopian Republic: Systems Engineering the Human from Birth through Death

33rd Square3D Printing Organs: Indian Startup 3D Bioprints Human Liver

MIT Technology ReviewHuman-Animal Chimeras Are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms

N.Y.TimesAs U.S. Modernizes Nuclear Weapons, ‘Smaller’ Leaves Some Uneasy

ENENews“Carcasses littering beaches for miles” on Pacific coast of Alaska — “Complete reproductive failure” — “Horrifying… Horrid… Mind-boggling… Off the charts” — Unprecedented die-off “has potential to be biggest mortality event in state history” — “The most extreme I’ve ever seen”

Experts: Multiple types of radioactive material constantly being emitted from LA gas blowout — “I’d be running like hell” — “We are getting higher and higher levels…it’s accumulating” — “Poisons spreading through entire San Fernando Valley” home to 2 million people — “Thousands getting sick… it really is a major, major disaster”

Activist PostLeading Climate Scientists Say Paris Conference Failed, Call for Geoengineering

Revamping the Russian woodpecker…

SputnikFly Meet Web: Russia Building a Powerful New Early Warning Radar Network

Headlines of interest, early January 2016…

Update on the movement of the BMZ Group oil tankers we have been tracking: with no data from its Automatic Identification System (AIS) for over a week (12/30/15 – 1/7/16), the Armada Fair has been meandering around the Adriatic Sea, after having docked in Ravenna (ATD: 2016-01-07 17:01). There was AIS data for about a half a day, before going dark near the coast of Venice (its last “ping” at 2016-01-08 04:06 UTC). It should be noted that one of the purposes of the AIS is to the avoidance of collisions, and hence the Armada Fair’s irregular AIS data could pose a hazard to other ships. The same goes for the Mecid Aslanov, somewhere in the Aegean or Mediterranean? Its last info received was on 2015-12-30 08:25 – VesselFinder.com however, apparently utilizing satellite AIS data on top of the terrestrial data, has Mecid Aslanov as having already docked at Port Sudan.

Observations (continued from our previous installment) on the recent Sy Hersh article (in the London Review of Books) Military to Military

A senior adviser to the Kremlin on Middle East affairs told me that in late 2012, after suffering a series of battlefield setbacks and military defections, Assad had approached Israel via a contact in Moscow and offered to reopen the talks on the Golan Heights. The Israelis had rejected the offer. ‘They said, “Assad is finished,”’ the Russian official told me. ‘“He’s close to the end.”’ He said the Turks had told Moscow the same thing. By mid-2013, however, the Syrians believed the worst was behind them, and wanted assurances that the Americans and others were serious about their offers of help.

In the early stages of the talks, the adviser said, the Joint Chiefs tried to establish what Assad needed as a sign of their good intentions. The answer was sent through one of Assad’s friends: ‘Bring him the head of Prince Bandar.’ The Joint Chiefs did not oblige. Bandar bin Sultan had served Saudi Arabia for decades in intelligence and national security affairs, and spent more than twenty years as ambassador in Washington. In recent years, he has been known as an advocate for Assad’s removal from office by any means. Reportedly in poor health, he resigned last year as director of the Saudi National Security Council, but Saudi Arabia continues to be a major provider of funds to the Syrian opposition, estimated by US intelligence last year at $700 million.

Note that there were rumors of Bandar’s death in the summer of 2012, reportedly at the hand of Assad in retaliation for an assassination attempt against himself, as mentioned (citing a now dead link at Voltairenet) in our monthly headlines summary at our previous base at blogspot, July 2012. These rumors were short lived however, as we noted in our August 2012 summary, citing Intelligence Online, of the immanent meeting to be held early September of that year of the then head of Turkish intelligence, Hakan Fidan, along with Bandar and the then DCI David Petraeus. Presumably under discussion was the “rat line” (Hersh’s term) of weapons from Benghazi, Libya to the Syrian rebels. And then, on September 11, all hell broke lose. Hersh:

By then the CIA-sponsored secret flow of arms from Libya to the Syrian opposition, via Turkey, had been underway for more than a year (it started sometime after Gaddafi’s death on 20 October 2011).​ The operation was largely run out of a covert CIA annex in Benghazi, with State Department acquiescence. On 11 September 2012 the US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was killed during an anti-American demonstration that led to the burning down of the US consulate in Benghazi; reporters for the Washington Post found copies of the ambassador’s schedule in the building’s ruins. It showed that on 10 September Stevens had met with the chief of the CIA’s annex operation. The next day, shortly before he died, he met a representative from Al-Marfa Shipping and Maritime Services, a Tripoli-based company which, the JCS adviser said, was known by the Joint Staff to be handling the weapons shipments.

In the immediate aftermath of the re-election of Obama and the fall of Petraeus, this was Hillary Clinton’s intel in a Nov. 13 2012 email from Sid Blumenthal:

Here’s the ultimate Bengahzi conspiracy theory that wingers believe: John Brennan, without a presidential finding, at the behest of the Saudis, created a covert CIA operation at the Benghazi consulate to run arms secretly to the Syrian rebels. And the administration covered it up to protect Obama in the election. In other words, a projection of Iran-contra and Watergate rolled into one.

Indeed, this was roughly the account presented in a Feb. 2013 ebook by Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb: Benghazi: The Definitive Report. It should be noted that Brennan earned his stripes as the CIA station chief in Riyadh in the 1990s, and has long been considered a bit cozy with the Saudi regime, even to be honored as a special guest of the Saudi king to the holy city of Mecca, as reported by Wayne Madsen: Growing evidence that CIA’s John Brennan is a Wahhabist convert. It is with some skepticism then that we read the following passage of Hersh:

In January 2014, despairing at the lack of progress [in training ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels], John Brennan, the director of the CIA, summoned American and Sunni Arab intelligence chiefs from throughout the Middle East to a secret meeting in Washington, with the aim of persuading Saudi Arabia to stop supporting extremist fighters in Syria. ‘The Saudis told us they were happy to listen,’ the JCS adviser said, ‘so everyone sat around in Washington to hear Brennan tell them that they had to get on board with the so-called moderates. His message was that if everyone in the region stopped supporting al-Nusra and Isis their ammunition and weapons would dry up, and the moderates would win out.’ Brennan’s message was ignored by the Saudis, the adviser said, who ‘went back home and increased their efforts with the extremists and asked us for more technical support. And we say OK, and so it turns out that we end up reinforcing the extremists.’

True to form, the Saudis bring in the new year stirring up all the trouble they can…

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These were among the Saudi supported, Langley approved ‘moderates’ now eliminated by Assad…

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An excellent summary of the situation in ME/NA by Gareth Porter…

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Cohen wants to make the Mossad more combative and daring than it was under [Tamir] Pardo and return to the “good old days” when [Meir] Dagan led the organization. He strongly believes, like Netanyahu, that Iran remains Israel’s No. 1 enemy – that it continues to support terrorism and has never abandoned its goal of obtaining nuclear weapons. One of his major tasks will be to monitor and to verify that Iran is not once again cheating the international community and violating the July 2015 nuclear deal it signed with the world powers.

Cohen will also continue to carry out on behalf of Netanyahu sensitive missions and deliver messages to the leaders of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt and even Turkey. Netanyahu hopes to establish an anti-Iranian coalition with those countries, but their leaders are reluctant to go out into the open and be seen in the company of Israel unless there is progress on the Palestinian issue…

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From one not long for this world

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– citing André Füzfa in arXiv.orgHow Current Loops and Solenoids Curve Space-time