Headlines of interest, early to mid December, 2015…

Update from our Dec. 3 installment, concerning allegations in the French edition of Novorossia Today of Bilal Erdoğan’s shipping fleet transporting ISIL oil to Ukraine. Nikolaev is the last known port of the BMZ Group tanker Armada Fair (ATD 2015-12-01 18:42). From there it proceeded to the vicinity of Mersin, where it anchored but did not dock, according to the Automatic Identification System (AIS) data. Much of the scrutiny concerning the ISIS oil trade has focused on nearby Ceyhan. Armada Fair then quickly proceeded through the Adriatic at the time of an incident between the Russian destroyer Smetlivy and a Turkish fishing boat. It passed through the Bosporus on Tuesday 12/15 and then, upon entering the Black Sea, apparently turned off its AIS, as the last “ping” was received at 2015-12-15 16:19 UTC, when the Armada Fair went silent for 34 hours, before reappearing in the North West of the Black Sea in the morning of Dec. 17 (02:18 UTC). It is now on a route to the Ukrainian port of Dneprobugsky (ETA 2015-12-17 15:00). The ship had been set to arrive at the Russian Port of Kavkaz (ETA 2015-12-17 04:00) before changing its itinerary somewhere in the Black Sea. (It should be noted that Kavkaz and Nikolaev are equidistant from the Bosporus.) Needless to say, the AIS information coming from this ship is highly irregular and does arouse suspicion as to the business it is conducting. – Traffic data courtesy of MarineTraffic.com.

RTRussian destroyer fires warning shots at Turkish fishing boat on collision course in Aegean

Russian Navy chases off Turkish vessel impeding drill platform transit in Black Sea

Bosphorus Naval NewsRussian Submarine Alrosa Passed Through Bosphorus

Hurriyet DailyTurkey detains 27 Russian commercial ships in retaliation

Tensions escalate and armies assemble in the region…

Middle East EyeIraq to take Turkey to the UN for ‘blatant breach of the UN charter’

Daily SabahWithdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraq out of question, President Erdoğan says

Dec. 11 – US, Turkey discuss placing American patrol jets on Syrian border

Only to remove them, beginning Dec. 16…

EUCOM LiveF-15 Eagles to Return from Incirlik

RTTurkish jets strike Kurdish positions in Iraq amid rising tension between Ankara & Baghdad

100,000 foreign troops incl. Americans to be deployed in Iraq, MP claims

LaRouchePACNATO Has Moved to a War Footing Against Russia

Today’s ZamanNATO to keep Patriots in Turkey for another year at Ankara’s request

Alert 5 (Bundeswehr) – Luftwaffe Tornados arrived at Incirlik Airbase, Turkey

SputnikRussia Sends Attack, Transport Helicopters to Air Base in Armenia

Are Erdogan’s Grey Wolves Terrorists Knocking on Crimea’s Door?

ReutersU.S. conducting ‘serious review’ of alleged Iran missile test

Space War (AFP) – Iran missile launch violated UN resolution: UN experts

Y-netIsrael successfully tests Arrow 3 missile defense system

Middle East Eye (AFP) – Israel and Turkey reach deal to normalise ties: Report

Al MonitorDid Erdogan threaten Iran?

…there are reports of a growing rift between Iran and Turkey resulting from reports that during a phone conversation Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Rouhani about the negative press he and his family have been receiving in Iran…

At a press conference Dec. 8, Mohammad-Bagher Nobakth, spokesman for the Rouhani administration, said … that during the phone conversation between the two leaders, many issues were discussed, and “one of them was Erdogan’s concern about articles regarding him and his family in one of the Iranian media outlets.” Nobakht said Rouhani’s response was that “in Iran there is democracy and sometimes media publish such articles.”

One might question how democratic Iran’s press is domestically, but that aside…

RTTurkey detains & deports Russian journalists investigating ISIS oil trade reports

21st Century WireMafia State: Turkish MP Now Faces ‘Treason’ Charges For Revealing How ISIS Used Turkey For Smuggling Chemical Weapons

Kerry gives a concession: Assad can stay, temporarily…

TASSPutin-Kerry talks in Moscow focus on Syria, Ukraine, fight against terrorism

ABC NewsAssad Can Stay, for Now: Kerry Accepts Russian Stance

Other news around the world…

Washington Free BeaconChinese Submarine Practiced Missile Attack on USS Reagan

ReutersObama expected to move on Taiwan arms sales before year-end

XinhuaChina, Azerbaijan sign deals on Silk Road cooperation

HaaretzIsrael Revealed It Exported $400k in Gold to North Korea

Yonhap News AgencyS. Korea-Israel FTA to foster ‘creative economy’: envoy

N. Korea develops H-bomb, Kim Jong-un says

Foreign PolicyIndia Is Building a Top-Secret Nuclear City to Produce Thermonuclear Weapons, Experts Say

Indian ExpressDavid Headley is pardoned, turns 26/11 approver – for background on Headley, see Aangirfan: DAVID HEADLEY – ‘DRUG DEALER AND CIA AGENT’. For the level of corruption in Mumbai, see the Benar News article we had linked in our Nov. 21 installment.

Intelligence OnlineKashoggis reappear under Salman – for background, see the Obscurantist’s dossier on Adnan Kashoggi.

Wayne Madsen ReportDecember 15-16, 2015 — NATO nations cooperate in training and recruiting jihadists

Serbian and Russian intelligence operatives in the Balkans have pinpointed Turkish and Albanian government-supported radical mosques that are radicalizing Albanian Muslims from Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia for the Islamic State (Da’esh) ranks in Syria and Iraq…

The Albanian mosques, chiefly financed by money from Saudi Arabia, have churned out hundreds of Albanian Muslim fighters for the Da’esh jihad in Syria and Iraq. Many have flown unhindered from Tirana to Istanbul and onward passage to the Da’esh killing fields of Syria and Iraq. The radical mosques are located in the suburbs of Tirana, Leshnice, Cerrik, Librazhd, Pogradec, and Elbasan. Some of the jihadist recruits also studied at Islamic schools in Saudi Arabia courtesy of Saudi government full scholarships.

One of the Albanian jihadist cells in Kosovo, operating from Kacanik, was planning to assassinate Pope Francis I in Rome. Still, the Obama administration refuses to crack down on jihadist cells operating from Kosovo, a nation that hosts one of the largest U.S. military bases in Europe at Camp Bondsteel.

Rather than concentrate Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. Special Forces assets against Islamic State recruiting activities in Albania, the Obama administration has given the green light to another “themed revolution” against Serbia and the Bosnian Serb Republic to prevent the two Serb state entities from uniting into a single country. The Serbs and Bosnian Serbs have been proactive in conducting operations against Islamist cells within their nations as seen last month with “The Shield” counter-terrorism exercise conducted by 500 military, intelligence, and paramilitary personnel. Dozens of Bosnian Muslims, fresh from fighting for ISIL in Syria, have been tracked back to Bosnia-Herzegovina where they have been probing potential terrorist targets in Banja Lujka and Brcko in the Bosnian Serb Republic…

InSerbiaTurkey and Croatia most active in spying Serbia

B92Serbian weapons exported on board U.S. Air Force planes

BuzzfeedMobbed Up: Arms Dealer In American Anti-ISIS Effort Linked To Organized Crime

Activist PostMercenaries In Yemen Tied To Blackwater According To Media Reports

Middle East Eye (AFP) – Saudi coalition accused of bombing Yemen schools

Yemen News AgencyQahir 1 rocket launched against Saudi Khalid Air Base in Khamis Mushait

RTRole of Saudi-led ‘military alliance’ put to question as some members reject participation

PieczenikThe House of Islam is Starting to Collapse

MirrorHackers trace ISIS Twitter accounts back to internet addresses linked to Department of Work and Pensions

Washington TimesU.S. has mapped Islamic State propaganda centers, won’t launch strikes

Alleged victim of one of ISIL’s most gruesome video productions is still alive, according to claim…

Fars News AgencyFormer ISIL Hostage: Jordanian Pilot Still Alive

A wounded Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is said to be in the Qaddafis’ home town of Sirte…

ISIL Leader Moves to Libya


Daily SabahSon of late Libyan dictator Gaddafi released after brief kidnap in Lebanon

Hurriyet Daily NewsAgreement reached on political solution to Libya conflict: Officials

Middle East EyeThe West wants unity in Libya so it can bomb it

Maghreb ConfidentialAl-Thani wants a new boss at the LIA

Asia TimesMembers of Qatari ruling family kidnapped in Iraq while hunting

Caucasian KnotNative of Dagestan declared killed during special operation in Kiev

RT‘Street-style brawl’: Ukrainian minister throws glass of water at ex-Georgian president

Zero HedgeCaught On Tape: Ukraine Premier Assaulted In Parliament

TASSPutin instructs Finance Ministry to sue Ukraine for failure to pay debt to Russia

BloombergIMF Eases Lending Policy in Move Helping Ukraine in Bond Feud

Counterpunch (Michael Hudson) – The IMF Joins the New Cold War

Buenos Aires HeraldPresident skips Senate to name two Supreme Court justices

TeleSURMauricio Macri Prepares to Scrap Argentina’s Media Law

World TribuneNew Argentine president opts to scrap Iran accord

Latin American Herald TribuneMediator: New Argentine Government Intends to Negotiate with Holdout Hedge Funds

US Aircraft Carrier George Washington Task Force Monitors Venezuela Elections

Venezuela AnalysisMaduro asks Cabinet to Resign, Plans Restructuring in Face of Electoral Defeat

Radio HavanaDeclaration by the Revolutionary Government of Cuba on Migration

L.A.TimesAs migrant children surge at border, federal officials plan for more shelters

Financial Times (quoted at Zero Hedge) – Why Brussels wants to police EU’s borders

Blacklisted News (Jake Anderson) – Declassified CIA Manual Shows How US Uses Bureaucracy to Destabilize Governments

Or to keep corrupt governments in place…

Black Agenda Report (Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo) – Chicago: Another Department of Justice Investigation?

Sipsey Street IrregularsSupreme Court green lights the next American civil war.

APGun sales: White House to seek expanded background checks

Texas TribuneUT-Austin: Fake Mass Shooting Not Welcome on Campus

Counter Current NewsThird Eyewitness To San Bernardino Shooting Says It Wasn’t ‘Terror Couple’ Who Carried Out Attack

FOX NewsWhistleblower: DHS Pulled Plug on Surveillance That Could’ve ID’ed CA Terrorists (sic)

Bank records show $28,500 deposit to Syed Farook’s account two weeks before the shooting, source says

Tashfeen Malik reportedly passed background checks despite questionable social media posts

There is much more to this story – Wayne Madsen reports:

Tashfeen Malik passed background tests for K-1 visa. What the media is getting wrong is that the visa application process in Pakistan, like everywhere else, is OUTSOURCED out to foreign national contractors!! From the U.S. embassy in Islamabad: “The Embassy and Consulate General of the United States of America in Islamabad and Karachi, Pakistan will transition to a new appointment and document delivery service for the non-immigrant visa unit as of August 24, 2014. This new system, which is being implemented in phases at U.S. Embassies and Consulates worldwide, is designed to be more comprehensive and user-friendly. It replaces the current appointment system of scheduling at Amex and Speedex locations in Pakistan, though these contractors will also be involved in the new system.”

In 2007, WMR reported on how US embassy foreign national officers outsource visa processing work to their local cronies. The corporate media, always eager to support outsourcing, ignored the story until San Bernardino.

The U.S. visa processing system is rife with fraud and Hillary Clinton did nothing to reform it when she was Secretary of State. In fact, as seen with Malik in Pakistan, it became worse.

SputnikGun Used in Paris Attacks Came Through Notorious Florida Dealer

The Century International Arms company, owned and run by the Sucher family for over 50 years, first made headlines in the fall of 2011. WikiLeaks releases from that time suggest that an Israeli gun merchant named Ori Zoller was the middlemen in an illegal sale to the Century International Arms of WW-2-era M1 rifles originally donated by the US to Guatemala.

RT (citing WaPo) – FBI admits using Stingrays, hacking computers and software

Defense OneMeet the Military-Funded AI that Learns as Fast as a Human

PoliticoAmerica’s secret arsenal

Privacy SOSCongress sneaks massive surveillance expansion into budget

Empty WheelSo-Called Oversight in OmniCISA

GuardianCall for Ray Bradbury to be honoured with internet error message

Memory HoleInfoWars article on Sandy Hook book ban scrubbed – even from Google cache

InfowarsAlex Jones Defends Donald Trump

We haven’t seen this kind of confabulatory apologetic since the hey-day of the Obama-zombies…

Greencrow As the Crow FliesTrump–just another pressure release valve in the US (s)election process…OR????

Donald has hatched a brilliant strategy to force the perps of 9/11 out into the open. By harping on Muslims…and demanding they be banned from the US, Trump will find out WHO it is that will oppose this decision most strongly (for “National Security” reasons…because Muslims do make EXCELLENT patsies). By demanding that “government representatives…figure out what’s going on…” isn’t Trump demanding a real investigation into 9/11 and all the other false flags?

Not everyone is drinking the kool-aid…

21st Century WireFear and Fascism: Trump now saying, ‘We need to do something about the internet’

Truth in MediaTrump Says He Supports Reauthorizing Patriot Act, NSA Metadata Collection


Wxxx NewsJeb’s marker on Trump

Al MonitorTurkey prepares for Trump presidency

InfowarsPutin Endorses Trump


APSecret Service officer slain in DC, had been suspended

DuPont, Dow Chemical seek merger, then 3-way split

Activist PostSaudi Princess Speaks Out Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering

CNNMalaysia hunts owners of Boeing 747s abandoned at airport

Judicial WatchJudicial Watch: New Benghazi Email Shows DOD Offered State Department “Forces that Could Move to Benghazi” Immediately – Specifics Blacked Out in New Document

Daily CallerEmail: Hillary Sought To Help Millionaire Son-In-Law’s Friend With State Department Business Meeting

Occupy.com (Andrew Gavin Marshall) – Exposing BlackRock: Who’s Afraid Of Laurence Fink and His Overpowering Institution?

Zero HedgeFed Hikes Rates, Unleashing First Tightening Cycle In Over 11 Years

Australian Police Storm Home Of Outed Bitcoin “Founder”

33rd SquareGoogle Test Has Confirmed D-Wave Quantum Computers are Actually Working, and it Could Mean Major Advances are Near

Information WeekSpy Agencies Fund IBM’s Quantum Computing Research

TelegraphBritish spooks ‘could hack into children’s toys for spying’

Vice MotherboardSomeone Will Eventually Use CRISPR to Try to Make a Dragon or Unicorn

If Fukushima doesn’t mutate a Godzilla first…

ENENewsReport: “Red Alert! Sharp increase in radiation… at Fukushima” — Levels spike 400,000% under plant — Almost 1,000,000,000 becquerels per cubic meter — TV: Officials investigating cause

Former Official: Fukushima is “unstoppable”… Journalists withholding shocking information… Huge amounts of radiation are pouring out, “very serious” for Pacific Ocean — Plant Chief: “This is something that has never been experienced”… We must invent new science for unprecedented catastrophe

Japan Times (Mina Pollmann op-ed) – Secrets law, one year later

On a lighter note…

NPRTrump To Jewish Republicans: ‘I’m A Negotiator Like You Folks’

APIsrael’s ‘1st canine’ quarantined for biting Hanukkah guests

American Free PressBarack Obama’s ‘Birthplace’ a Tourist Attraction in Kenya

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