China seals the cipher… Snowden signals NSA 9/11… Where are İncirlik’s nukes?… much, much more…

…among headlines of interest, mid to late August 2016…

It is an experiment that had been originally proposed in 2008 for the International Space Station (Rupert Ursin et al in, to vastly extend the range of quantum key distribution (QKD), which DARPA had advanced in 2003 (Chip Elliot et al in, and which had its first practical use in the 2007 Swiss elections ( But it is China that has achieved this crucial breakthrough in the history of communications via satellite…

XinhuaVice premier urges development, use of quantum communication technology

CCTV (Aug. 16, AM) – China launches pioneering quantum satellite

With grave implications for the NSA, GCHQ, Unit 8200, etc…

RTHack-proof? China launches world’s 1st quantum communications satellite

Popular ScienceChina’s Quantum Satellite Could Change Cryptography Forever

Could this USAF effort to ‘improve radio communications’ – by essentially launching HAARP into the ionosphere itself – have other applications? – such as nixing the entanglements of QKDs?..

New ScientistUS Air Force wants to plasma bomb the sky using tiny satellites

Spaceflight Now (Aug. 11) – Radar remote sensing satellite launched by China

Perched much higher, in geosynchronous orbit…

(Aug. 19) – Delta 4 successfully soars to the high ground to deploy two patrol satellites

ReutersChina eyes artificial intelligence for new cruise missiles

The Chinese breakthrough in QKD will have wide ranging implications, not only for the enciphering of communications between humans, but of that between devices. Would this explain the immediacy of the DOD recommendation on AI?…

Defense OneDOD Science Board Recommends “Immediate Action” to Counter Enemy AI

“…most of the U.S. effort focused on developing offensive cyber capabilities without commensurate attention to hardening U.S. systems against attacks from others. Unfortunately, in both domains, that neglect has resulted in DoD spending large sums of money today to ‘patch’ systems against potential attacks.”

The above quotation however suggests the other big story of the month in the cryptography/hacking world – one perhaps prompted by Ed Snowden’s mystery tweet…

SputnikIs Edward Snowden in Danger? Spooky Tweet May Trace to Cryptic Bitcoin ‘911’

Or NSA 9/11… As Snowden apparently reemerges (on Twitter) coincidentally after a 10 day hiatus…

The Daily Dot (Aug. 15) – Hackers claim to be selling NSA cyberweapons in online auction

“We follow Equation Group traffic,” the Shadow Broker website claims. “We find Equation Group source range. We hack Equation Group. We find many many Equation Group cyber weapons. You see pictures. We give you some Equation Group files free, you see. This is good proof no? You enjoy!!! You break many things. You find many intrusions. You write many words. But not all, we are auction the best files.”

Edward Snowden (Twitter)The hack of an NSA malware staging server is not unprecedented, but the publication of the take is. Here’s what you need to know: (1/x)

TechdirtEd Snowden Explains Why Hackers Published NSA’s Hacking Tools

Why did they do it? No one knows, but I suspect this is more diplomacy than intelligence, related to the escalation around the DNC hack. Circumstantial evidence and conventional wisdom indicates Russian responsibility. Here’s why that is significant: This leak is likely a warning that someone can prove US responsibility for any attacks that originated from this malware server. That could have significant foreign policy consequences. Particularly if any of those operations targeted US allies. Particularly if any of those operations targeted elections. Accordingly, this may be an effort to influence the calculus of decision-makers wondering how sharply to respond to the DNC hacks…

Christian Science Monitor (Aug. 3) – Homeland Security chief weighs plan to protect voting from hackers

What might Snowden be referring to in “Particularly if any of those operations targeted US allies. Particularly if any of those operations targeted elections.”?

Wayne Madsen ReportAugust 24-25, 2016 — NSA formulating American foreign policy in secret

The recent disclosures of classified National Security Agency documents liberated from NSA databases by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal that the signals intelligence agency has been heavily involved in formulating American foreign policy. Information contained in a series of internal NSA newsletters called “SID Today,” SID meaning the Signals Intelligence Directorate, describe a foreign policy bureaucracy, rivaling that of the State Department and Pentagon, existing within the intelligence agency. The degree to which NSA now influences U.S. foreign policy represents a sea change in the role of an agency originally charged with eavesdropping on foreign diplomatic and military traffic and protecting U.S. government communications from surveillance.

Many of the detailed foreign policy decisions by NSA are carried out by SINIOS, or SIGINT National Intelligence Officers, assigned particular areas of responsibility…

A July 17, 2003, SID Today item dealt with ways to eliminate Liberian President Charles Taylor’s government in Liberia. The SINIO for Sub-Saharan Africa prepared a top secret report on Taylor and elimination options, titled “Charles Taylor — West African Pariah; Down But Is He Out?”

In October 2003, the SINIO for Global and Multilateral Issues proposed ways to deal with a recalcitrant Germany and France, which opposed a UN Security Council imprimatur on an Iraq reconstruction donors’ conference in Madrid. Other disclosed NSA classified documents described how NSA authorized “surge” surveillance of the UN missions of members of the Security Council, including those of Germany and France. The SINIO Council called such opponents of U.S. policy in Iraq, the “Coalition of the Unwilling” in an August 6, 2003 SID Today…

Consider the electoral fate of the parties then in power among the “Coalition of the Unwilling,” particularly in France and Germany, where Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schröder were succeeded by the more interventionist amenable Sarkozy and Merkel.  One might consider for instance the election set-back Schröder faced in the lead up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq: N.Y.Times Feb. 4, 2003.

Politico (Aug. 16) – NSA website recovers from outage amid intrigue

ElectrospacesIs the Shadow Brokers leak the latest in a series?

InterceptThe NSA Leak Is Real, Snowden Documents Confirm

South China Morning PostHacking tools stolen from NSA show Chinese cyberfirms were targeted, experts say

Baltimore SunSuspected leak shines spotlight on the NSA’s conflicting missions

FedScoopNSA seeks to reassure on merging cyber defense, offense

APAuction’ of NSA tools sends security companies scrambling

Snowden: Exposure of alleged NSA tools may be warning to US

The leak-bombs are already falling…

DCLeaksSoros unleashed

TheDuranLeaked memo proves George Soros ruled Ukraine in 2014, minutes from “Breakfast with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt”

Leaked memo shows George Soros worked to push Greece to support Ukraine coup, paint Russia as enemy

George Soros’ NGOs exposed manipulating EU elections in 2,500 document hack from DC Leaks

BreitbartClinton E-mails Show George Soros Gave Sec of State Foreign Policy Marching Orders

KATEHONThe Soros reign: a Romanian example

Zero HedgeSoros Hack Reveals Plot Behind Europe’s Refugee Crisis; Media Manipulation; Cash For “Social Justice”

It is almost as if Europe’s refugee crisis was planned and prepared, not just by the Soros organization, but others who would benefit from a shift in the change of regional “migration governance”…

On the “others,” see the series we have previously cited by “Hausfrauleaks” in the Wayne Madsen Report “basement”: Merkel, Soros and CIA’s Weapons of Mass Migration Europe’s Mass Migration Crisis of 2015 Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3. In particular, see the work cited therein, Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion, and Foreign Policy, by Kelly M. Greenhill.

Kopp Online (translation at – Tief in der Nacht: Bundesregierung schleust Flüchtlingsmassen über Flughäfen ein

TelegraphGerman army wants security checks for recruits after admitting more than 60 Isil suspects in its ranks

Saudi coalition kills 10 children in their classroom in Yemen air strike

GuardianAt least 11 dead after Saudi-led coalition bombs Yemen hospital

For the sake of the optics…

ReutersU.S. withdraws staff from Saudi Arabia dedicated to Yemen planning

While the reality remains…

Liberty BlitzkriegU.S. Government Reaffirms Total Support for Saudi War Crimes in Yemen

Daily SabahEx-Yemeni president Saleh offers military bases to Russia

Middle East EyeCross-border rocket fire from Yemen kills 9 in Saudi Arabia

Indian Ocean NewsletterThe great Arab diplomatic battle for control of the Red Sea coast

RTSaudi jets strike Yemen’s capital during 100,000 strong rally in support of Houthis

At least 60 dead in Yemeni suicide bombing, ISIS takes responsibility

Propaganda tool? China skeptical over images of Syrian boy as source denies ties with child-killers

Moon of AlabamaThe “Wounded Boy In Orange Seat” – Another Staged “White Helmets” Stunt

Blacklisted NewsMore About a U.S.-and-Allied Hoax Against Assad

CNSNewsAfter Defeat, ISIS Fighters Allowed to Convoy Out of Manbij Because They Took Civilians With Them

ShadowproofRebranded Al Qaeda Group In Syria Receiving US Weapons

Turkey Aligns With Russia and Iran; Syria Bombed Kurds, Nearly Hit US Commandos

Al Masdar NewsPentagon: US ready to down Syrian, Russian jets

Fort RussUS Occupation of Syria now official

Penny for your thoughtsA Defacto No Fly Zone Has Indeed Been Created in Syria!

Global ResearchWashington Escalates Renewed Bombing Campaign in Libya: US Intervention in Africa has Triggered An International Crisis

21st Century WireCOINTEL CHAOS: The MI5’s ‘Known Wolf’ Preacher, Aleppo Agitprop & NATO’s Mask

Zero HedgePutin Flies Into Crimea As Ukraine “Prepares For An Invasion”

Fort Russ (Aug. 18) – Is a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine imminent?

(translating Новороссия, Aug 23) – Increased hostilities in Ukraine: UAF Ramps up Special Ops

(translating Русская Весна, Aug. 24) – Ukrainian army readies to seize Donbass city tonight

(Aug. 26) – Don’t mess with Donbass: Massive Russian military drills send warning to Ukraine

UNIANRussian journalist Shchetinin found dead in Kyiv flat

GuardianFinland says it is nearing security deal with US amid concerns over Russia

Matthew Aid (Aug. 30 AP) – Head of Romanian Interior Ministry’s Intelligence Service and 5 Other Officials Indicted for Embezzlement

(Aug. 31) – Romania to Expel Pakistani Man for Terrorism

Stimson CenterUS Nuclear Weapons in Turkey at Risk of Seizure by Terrorists, Hostile Forces

Sputnik (Aug. 16) – Turkey Could Provide Incirlik Airbase for Russian Anti-Terror Campaign – Senator

İbrahim Karagül (Aug. 16 Twitter) – İncirlik”teki nükleer silahlar Türkiye’ye devredilmeli. Ya da Türkiye, bu silahları kendi denetimine almalı.

Rough translation, directed to U.S.: Hand over Incirlik’s nukes to Turkey, or else Turkey should seize them! (Aug. 18) – US moves nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania

“On your question, please check the Communiqué of the NATO Warsaw Summit (published on 9 July 2016), paragraph 53: “NATO’s nuclear deterrence posture also relies, in part, on United States’ nuclear weapons forward-deployed in Europe and on capabilities and infrastructure provided by Allies concerned. These Allies will ensure that all components of NATO’s nuclear deterrent remain safe, secure, and effective,” a NATO spokesperson wrote to EurActiv.

As noted, the communiqué was issued one week before the attempted coup in Turkey. On the question of Romania, flash back to this RT story of May 27…  Putin: Romania ‘in crosshairs’ after opening NATO missile defense base 

Yeni Şafak (İbrahim Karagül op-ed, Aug. 17) – New attack will come from the south, let’s save Turkey from invasion

Al MonitorDid Turkish government see Gaziantep attack coming?

Anadolu AgencyTurkish army hits 81 Daesh targets in northern Syria

The New AtlasTurkey Invades Northern Syria — Truth of Turkish “Coup” Revealed?

ReutersTurkey fires on U.S.-backed Kurdish militia in Syria offensive

The ExcavatorUS-Turkey Launch Operation “ISIS Shield” To Cleanse Syria of Moderate Arabs And Kurds Under The Cover of Fighting ISIS 

Al MonitorDid US drag Turkey into ‘Syrian quagmire’?

TASSErdogan Exclusive: New page in Russia-Turkey relations

Not so much – John Helmer’s analysis…


Fort RussTurkey’s Exit from NATO: Why the delay?

Turkish Stream Gambit: Putin lays the pipe on Erdogan

A Russophobe’s Freudian slip…

Matthew Aid (UPI) – Warning Signs: USSR and Turkey Want to Establish Military and Intelligence Ties

Penny for your thoughtsFailed Turkish Coup Attempt- Putting the Turkish/Israeli Detente at Risk?

Al ManarErdogan to Visit Tehran Next Week to Launch Turkey-Iran-Russia Coalition

RT3 killed, 71 injured in car bomb attack on Turkish police station near Iranian border

Fars News AgencyRussian Bombers Taking off from Russia, Iran Hit ISIL in Syria

KATEHONA Russian base in Iran: a fundamental change in the balance of power in the region

The US Ambassador met coup leader the day before the upheaval

USA TodayTurkey hunts alleged coup plotter who was Clinton donor

Boiling Frogs Post/NewsbudWikiLeaks, Hillary-Gulen Intimate Ties & How the Clintons Gave Birth to Mullah Gulen’s Terrorist Network

Tasnim News AgencyLarge Group of MKO Terrorists Leave Iraq for Albania: Report

Wall Street JournalU.S. Held Cash Until Iran Freed Prisoners

N.Y. SunRiddle of $1.3 Billion for Iran Might Relate to 13 Outlays Of Exactly $99,999,999.99

See Penny for more coverage on the ruling…

Times of IsraelSwiss court orders Israel to pay up for Iranian oil

Washington Free BeaconIran Satellite Launch Prompts Fear of Long Range Ballistic Missile Attack

ReutersIran deploys Russian-made S-300 missiles at its Fordow nuclear site: TV

Iran vessels make ‘high speed intercept’ of U.S. ship: U.S. official

China says seeks closer military ties with Syria

WSWS“Thinking Through the Unthinkable”: RAND Corporation lays out scenarios for US war with China

Japan TimesJapan Coast Guard releases video showing Chinese intrusions into waters near Senkakus

Global TimesJapan plans to ‘go on offense’ with 300 km-range missiles

Yonhap News AgencyN.K. leader hails SLBM launch as success, boasts of nuke attack capability

TASSKremlin can’t confirm reports on alleged death of Uzbekistan’s president

The TimesDoctors ‘too scared to tell Uzbek despot he’s dead’

ThereAreNoSunglassesNow That We Are Looking Elsewhere, the Invasion of Central Asia Can Get Underway

Token Blast At Security Gate To Chinese Embassy, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Washington PostIndia and U.S. deepen defense ties with landmark agreement

DAWNChina expresses concern about Indian missiles on border

ForbesA Proxy War Between India And Pakistan Is Under Way In Afghanistan

Tolo NewsUniversity Attack Ongoing In Kabul

A defeated man…

CounterpunchThe Broken Chessboard: Brzezinski Gives Up on Empire

A survivor…

Fort Russ (translating RT) – After 638 assassination attempts: Castro celebrates 90th B-day

ReutersBolivian miners lift roadblock after deputy minister beaten to death

teleSURDilma Warns of Democracy’s Death in Impeachment Testimony

Colombia: FARC Announce Beginning of Definitive Cease-Fire

Retired General: Colombian Army Prepared to Fight FARC Holdouts

Son of Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Kidnapped in Mexico

Cincinnati EnquirerOD crisis: Flying blind in search of killer heroin’s source

hint hint…

Another Day In The Empire (Kurt Nimmo) – Pentagon Moves to Protect Opium Fields in Afghanistan

The Fiscal TimesPentagon’s Sloppy Bookkeeping Means $6.5 Trillion Can’t Pass an Audit

Zero Hedge“Election Fraud Underway” – NBC Affiliate Posts “Election Results” For Florida Race That Hasn’t Happened Yet

Meet The Hedge Fund Puppetmaster Behind The US Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton Flies 20 Miles In Private Jet To Attend Rothschild Nantucket Fundraiser

FBI Uncovers Over 15,000 More Emails In Clinton Probe

Justice Department Prevented FBI Probe Of Clinton Foundation; Reporters Slam State Department Stonewalling

ABC NewsVideo Appears to Show the Day Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch Met on Tarmac

BloombergAbedin’s Overlapping Jobs Renew Focus on Clinton Conflicts

Washington’s BlogDespots “Donate” to Clinton Foundation, Receive Weapons from Hillary: Leaked Docs

Washington ExaminerTech firm brags about blocking FBI from recovering Clinton emails

Wall Street JournalFBI to Hand Over to Congress Notes From Hillary Clinton Email Probe

FOX NewsHouse Republicans detail perjury allegations against Clinton

APState: Benghazi emails involving Clinton recovered by FBI

As Clinton asks for cash, campaign pitch remains a mystery

Wall Street On ParadeShawn Lucas Cause of Death Still Unknown as Clinton’s Campaign Lawyer Tries to Move DNC Lawsuit into the Weeds

InfowarsTop Doctor: Concerns Over Hillary’s Health ‘Not a Conspiracy Theory’

AAPS (Jane M. Orient, M.D.) – Is Hillary Clinton Medically Unfit to Serve?

U.S. NewsA Candidate’s Death Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election

WhoWhatWhyBush Angle to Reagan Shooting Still Unresolved as Hinckley Walks

Police State USA, city by city…

WFXT (Boston) – BPD remains tight-lipped about helicopter exercise with defense department

Liberty BlitzkriegIraq War Surveillance Technology Being Used in Baltimore Without Public Debate

TechdirtCourt Documents Show FBI Had To Bail Out Oakland Police With Its Bigger, Better Stingray

USA TodayChicago begins building ‘fitness tracker’ to check its vitals

BreitbartLeaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan for Federally Controlled Police

Hacked Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter

While these suggest the Soros organization was a relative late-comer to the movement, one document reveals an interest to “shape” its direction…

The highest profile events, the #BlackLivesMatter convening in Cleveland and the #Law4BlackLives gathering in New York, yielded a promising critique of efforts to date and a potential blueprint for strengthening the movement going forward.

That support calls into question how we might most appropriately support such efforts; specifically whether we should seek to shape the movement as opposed to facilitate its direct action. How do we confront the reality that such movements frequently flail as they attempt to grow and confront the challenges of institutionalizing themselves sufficiently to extend their reach? To what extent do we believe that we should play a role in helping such movement leaders connect with others that might help deepen policy recommendations or connections to sympathetic, but silent, inside actors? How can we help link such movements to existing grantees and other key actors that provide mutual strengthening?

Not all of the BLM leaders however are willing to follow the Soros prescriptions; for instance, Jeff Mixon of the Cleveland chapter…

Washington Times (July 18) – Black Lives Matter leader boycotts Cleveland protest, says liberal activists hijacking movement

One way in which we have long suspected that Soros linked organizations (like Media Matters) to be shaping the public revolt against the excesses of militarized police forces, is evident in the media focus upon those cases which are A. white on black killings, and B. are ambiguous in the circumstances of the case (e.g. Michael Brown’s “hands up don’t shoot” turned out to be – by eyewitness testimony – hands forward while charging the officer after attempting to seize his weapon). The result of this focus, in its exploitation of America’s festering racial resentments, is to divert public outrage away from police state excesses in general by getting politicized sides fighting against each other over the disputed “facts” of the case at hand. There are many cases where the facts indicating police racism and use of excessive force are unambiguous, and yet these do not become the rallying cry around which people of many stripes could unite. The Sandra Bland death while in custody (dubiously ruled suicide) was far more worthy of widespread protest; but the most recent uprising in Milwaukee is emblematic of the misdirection, even as it doesn’t meet condition A. – both the officer and the armed suspect were black…

Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee) – Violence erupts after officer-involved shooting

Black Lives MatterWe Don’t want Ice Cream, BBQ’s or Hugs. We want to live.

We abide by the fairness doctrine…

Blue Lives MatterBlack Lives Matter Leader, Sir Maejor, Arrested for Impersonating An Officer

Free Thought ProjectUniversity Study Shows How Prison Populations Skyrocket — Despite Record Low Crime

InterceptPrivate Prison Involved in Immigrant Detention Funds Donald Trump and His Super PAC

MRCTVCBP Reports 850 Unidentified Illegal Alien Bodies in One Morgue

Blacklisted News (mirroring Common Dreams) – 4,000 Native Americans in Bundy Ranch-Style Protest as DHS Cuts Water Supply — Media Blackout

Counter Current NewsNorth Dakota Governor Declares STATE OF EMERGENCY — Calls On Cops To Squash Native American Protests To Save State Money

Free Thought ProjectProtesters Swarm Pipeline Firm After Corps of Engineers Proves Native Americans Were Right

Daisy LutherLouisiana Officials Demand That Self-Reliant Locals Stop Surviving the Flood Without Permission

Naked CapitalismObamaCare Death Spiral Accelerates as Aetna Pulls out of the Exchanges

Common DreamsObama Provokes Progressive Outrage with All-Out TPP Push

International Business TimesUBS whistleblower exposes ‘political prostitution’ all the way up to President Obama

Wall Street on ParadeBig Banks and Big Insurers Send Scary Signals

CNBCBanks are preparing for an ‘economic nuclear winter’

Wall Street JournalAn Internet Giveaway to the U.N.

Activist PostWatchdog: Secret Board Resolution Paved Way In ICANN Internet Globalization Agenda

Daily CallerLeaked Soros Document Calls For Regulating Internet To Favor ‘Open Society’ Supporters

FuturismFuchsia: Google is Building a New Operating System, But No One Knows What it’s For

Google Transparency ProjectGoogle’s Revolving Door (US)

White House Kept Close Tabs on FTC Google Probe

TechdirtNSA Has Built Its Own, Secret, Warrantless, Shadow Social Network, And You’ve Already Joined It

FusionFacebook recommended that this psychiatrist’s patients friend each other

BloombergFacebook Fugitive ‘Alive and Well and Living on the Air’

ExpressAsassination attempt? Panic for Julian Assange as intruder scales Ecuadorian embassy wall

AntiwarWhat the Drone ‘Playbook’ Really Says About US Counter-Terrorism Policy

An assassination drone need not hover over your house, however, it may be installed within your home already…

TechdirtYour ‘Smart’ Power Outlets Are Now Botnets Thanks To The Internet Of Broken Things

The situation brings to mind the title of a Dead Kennedys LP, Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death; now the Internet of Things can give both convenience and death.

As we are on a paranoia kick, consider this: the assassin next to you on the dance floor can get his or her kill order from the music itself…

Computer WorldThis algorithm can hide messages in dance music

The possibilities are endless…

PLOS OneThought-Controlled Nanoscale Robots in a Living Host

Science DailyGenetically modified soil bacteria works as electrical wires

Farm WarsNew GMOs Genetically Engineering Our World

APOfficials: Zika spread through sex by man with no symptoms

FDA expands Zika screening to all US blood centers

L.A. Daily NewsZika infections spread through California

CBS SFBayAreaHundreds Of CA Children Sent Home On First Day Of School Due To New Vaccination Law

Project CensoredLawsuit Alleges Monsanto Intentionally Mislabeled Dangerous “Inert” Ingredients

Science DirectUnsafe levels of toxic chemicals found in drinking water for six million Americans

Environmental Research LettersQuantifying expert consensus against the existence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program – there is a rebuttal at Geoengineering Watch

CBS 8 (San Diego) – Mysterious ‘fireball’ lights up sky overnight

Daily MirrorRussians fear nuclear doomsday as giant mushroom cloud appears over skies in Siberia

Blacklisted NewsTesla’s anti-gravity research in use in dozens of secretive military projects

L.A.TimesNuclear accident in New Mexico ranks among the costliest in U.S. history

Activist PostThe Mysteriously Obtuse Case Of The Missing Fukushima Fuel

ENENews“Astronomical amounts of radiation” found in downtown Tokyo… Directly outside gov’t building — ‘Horrific’ readings where kids playing in Fukushima, ‘extreme’ levels found where food is grown for elementary school lunches — Nuclear expert shocked, upset by discovery

Should Earth become uninhabitable, other places we can run?…

European Southern ObservatoryPlanet Found in Habitable Zone Around Nearest Star

Centauri DreamsAn Interesting SETI Candidate in Hercules

Sputnik – CERN Investigates ‘Human Sacrifice’ Video Filmed on Premises



BMZ Group update: as of 31 August, 13:52 UTC, the Poet Qabil has arrived in the Indian port of Hazira, after its status had been listed: ARMED TEAM ON BOARD, with its AIS “ping” of 08-20 09:34, located in the Red Sea midway between Jeddah and Port Sudan (20.80078°N/ 38.21693°E), according to listed the same status with the location update on Aug 21, 2016 18:51 at 16.77124 N/40.69882 E, approaching the Gulf of Aden. The armed team was likely that of a private security company having boarded in the Red Sea to defend against a perceived threat of attack. See the International Maritime Organization document concerning this designation. The Poet Qabil was on the last leg of a lengthy journey from the Latvian port of Riga to the originally listed Indian port of Kandla.

We have been continuing to sporadically monitor the fleet of ships in which Bilal Erdoğan (the son of the Turkish president) is an investor. (See previous update of April 23.) Our interest had been peaked with reports that the fleet had been transporting oil originating from ISIS-held areas to European ports. We had tracked several of these suspect shipments from the Turkish port of Mersin. Notably, since the drastic reduction of ISIS oil production (, none of the ships in the BMZ group have stopped in Mersin, where the last port of call was that of the Mecid Aslanov on April 4.

BRICS to become TRICS?… Gladio brand ISIS metastasizing in Europe… Brennan sabotaging Iran deal… much more…

…among our headlines of interest, July into August 2016…

Aftermath of failed Turkey coup…

Zero HedgeTurkey Launches Investigation Of “Losers” Who Claim Coup Was A Hoax

July 22 – Erdogan Formally Requests Gulen Extradition From US, As Power At Incirlik Airbase Restored

July 24 – Anti-US Sabotage Suspected After Massive Fire Breaks Out Near NATO Headquarters In Turkey

July 30, citing HurriyetTurkey Surrounds, Blocks Access To NATO’s Incirlik Airbase Amid Speculation Of Second Coup

ThereAreNoSunglasses Incirlik Surrounded By 1,000s of Turkish Troops and Dump Trucks

See Penny for your thoughts for observations on the proximity of these events.

Yeni ŞafakFETÖ terrorists were trained by CIA, FBI

US Commander Campbell: The man behind the failed coup in Turkey

Boiling Frogs Post/Newsbud – US General Campbell: The ‘Likely’ NBC News Source in its Scandalous False Reporting on the Turkey Coup Attempt

Matthew Aid (Wall Street Journal) – Many Turkish Military Commanders Who Supported U.S.-Backed Rebels in Syria Have Been Purged and Are in Prison

PRO News (translation at Fort Russ) – Πρωτοφανής απόφαση Ρ.Τ.Ερντογάν: Eκλεισε όλες τις παραγωγικές σχολές αξιωματικών και υπαξιωματικών της Τουρκίας!

WikiLeaksSearch the AKP email database

Prison PlanetWikiLeaks Dump: Turkey is a Classic Informant Police State

Middle East EyeTurkey coup accused beaten and raped in custody: Amnesty

Turkish coup plot planned well in advance, document suggests

Erdogan’s spymaster: From ‘keeper of secrets’ to post-coup hanger-on

Intelligence OnlineMIT under post-coup scrutiny

Fort Russ (translating Комсомольская правда) – Secret Turkish intelligence source: Erdogan rebelled against NATO but won after taking control of nuclear bombs

(translating Царьград) – Did Russian Special Forces save Erdogan’s life?

(translating – Turkish foreign minister thanks Putin for coup warning: “Russia provided Turkey with unconditional support”

(translating Русская весна) – Putin and Erdogan’s negotiations meet their goals: Russian political scientists

President of Russia (August 9) – Meeting with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan

…was preceded by…

The Duran (August 8) – Vladimir Putin just met with his security chiefs

On a historical note, this came on the eighth anniversary of the NATO launch (through its Georgian proxy) of the 08/08/08 war in Ossetia which, as in this year, was coincident with the opening of the Olympics. China ( a BRICS nation) was host in ’08, and Brazil is host this year. Brazil is the B in BRICS. With the recent CIA encouraged overthrow of Dilma Roussef and replacement by U.S. proxy Michel Temer (see our edition of May 17), the status of the B is in question. With warming relations between Putin and Erdogan, however, could the B be replaced by a T? TRICS is perhaps not the most desirable acronym.

HurriyetTurkey, Russia may ‘develop Turkish Stream infrastructure together’

KATEHONTurkey’s Shift Towards Russia & the Grand Chessboard

Moon of AlabamaTurkey’s Foreign Policy Change Is Well Underway

Al MonitorWill failed coup push Erdogan toward Iran, Russia?

Turkish court documents reveal new details about IS operations

The SunBEHEADED AT THE ALTAR: ISIS butchers ‘filmed themselves forcing Catholic priest, 84, to kneel before cutting his throat after performing sermon in Arabic’

DEBKAfileTerror strikes London 11 years after July bombings

21st Century WireMünchen Shooting: Terror Embedded Journalism?



Gatestone InstituteGermany’s Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals out of Control

Daily MailMerkel on the ropes: Thousands of German protesters take to the streets saying she ‘Must Go’ and a key coalition ally withdraws support to open-door immigration policy after terror attack

Boiling Frogs Post (Filip Kovacevic) – Putin in Slovenia: An Analysis

An apt anthem, courtesy of Laibach (Vimeo) – Eurovision

Zero HedgeGeorge Soros Doubles Down: Accept 300k Refugees Costing $30Bn, Or Risk EU Collapse

KATEHONArmenian “Maidan” Color Revolution surges

TASSRussian FSB prevents terrorist attack in Crimea prepared by Ukraine’s intelligence service

Ukrainian president rejects accusation of terrorists acts attempt in Crimea

Not the first time Poroshenko has gone on ‘permanent vacation’…

Fort Russ (translating Политнавигатор) – Confirmed: Amidst sharpening crisis, Poroshenko and co. have left Ukraine

Putin Reshuffles the Deck: Personnel swaps anticipate revamped Russian policy towards Ukraine and the West

Pavel Sheremet, translated from Ukrainian PravdaThe last article of Ukrainian journalist blown up today: Failed Turkish coup stirs coup fears in Ukraine

ReutersUkraine sees ulterior motives after car bomb kills journalist

Ukraine, after war, becomes a trove for black market arms trade

IHS Jane’s Defence WeeklyUS delivers Raven UAVs to Ukraine

IntelNewsCountries using Eastern Europe to flood Syria with weapons, study finds

Italian mafia may be supplying weapons to ISIS, say investigators

ThereAreNoSunglasses (citing BalkanInsight) – Montenegro Joins NATO, Promptly Sells Saudis 300 Tonnes of Weapons For Syria

The following question-mark headline astonishes even us – we were perhaps the last (at our former home at WxxxNews) to write off Qaddafi loyalists in 2011, and indeed pondered if these were the forces behind the Benghazi attack on 9/11/12, which was not the case. Yet, five years later, it is perhaps too soon to speak of a Qaddafi dynasty in the past tense…

Al MonitorWill Gadhafi’s son be Libya’s next leader?

Is this why, once again, there are “boots on the ground”?…

AntiwarUS Ground Forces Active in Libya Fighting

Matthew Aid (AP) – Libyan Government Condemns Presence of French SOF Soldiers and Spies in Their Country

US launches airstrikes targeting IS in Libya

Alert 5Watch USS Wasp launching air strikes against ISIL targets in Libya

Strategy PageSudan: Civil War Resumes In The South

Release of 9/11 report showing financial and logistic support of terrorists by Saudi royals and officials notwithstanding…

Middle East Online (August 10) – US approves sale of tanks, weapons to Saudi

…preceded by…

Salon (August 8) – U.S.-backed Saudi coalition restarts war in Yemen, killing 18 civilians in air strike on market

Middle East Eye (AFP) – Yemen government quits talks after Houthis reject deal

Turkey hit by deadly bombs blamed on Kurdish PKK

Iran confirms execution of 20 Kurdish militants for ‘terrorism’

Penny for your thoughts (commentary on Al Ahram) – The Puzzle of the US Multi-Base Deal with Iraq’s Kurds- One On Iran’s Border

Lenz IranDirector of CIA : Nuclear deal strengthen moderates in Iran

Fars News AgencyIran Slam CIA Chief’s Interfering Remarks, Reiterates No Non-Nuclear Talks with US

Islamic Republic News AgencyIran has other options if Americans sabotage JCPOA: Velayati

Iran nuclear activities never stop: AEOI official

Defense NewsUS-Israel Reignite Rift on Iran Nuke Deal

N.Y.Times$400 Million to Iran Was Not a Ransom, Obama Says

ForbesIran Ransom 2016: A Bigger Deal Than Iran-Contra 1985

IntelNewsIran executes nuclear scientist who claimed he was kidnapped by CIA

Aspen TimesCIA Director Brennan says in Aspen that Putin is part of problem in Syria

Is this what has Brennan so miffed?…

OilPrice.comISIS Oil Revenues Down By Up To 90 Percent

RTUS sends $50mn worth of weapons to Lebanon as aid against terrorism

Stash of US-made heavy weapons found in terrorist-held Aleppo district

GuardianPictures appear to show British special forces on Syrian frontline

Daily MailBody of Russian pilot is dragged through the dirt and stamped on after helicopter is shot down by Syrian rebels – but why does ID card found in wreckage show a blonde woman?

Alert 5 (citing WSJ) – Russia bombed secret U.S. garrison in Syria deliberately

(Haaretz) – The drone that Israeli air defense failed to shoot down belongs to Russia

Reuters Israel says aircraft strikes in Syria after errant Syrian fire

Al Masdar NewsReports of US warplane downed by ISIS

APSyrian activists: US-led coalition strikes kill 28 civilians

Defense NewsUS Monitoring Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Russia

SputnikDestroyer USS Ross to Enter Black Sea for Joint Drills With Ukraine

NATO Policing Jets Train With US Bombers in Baltic Sea

USNI NewsReport: Russian Sub Activity on the Rise in North Atlantic

Fort Russ (translation of Александр Ростовцев) – China openly offers Russia an alliance against NATO

XinhuaChinese navy holds live-ammunition drill in East China Sea

RTChina holds massive naval drills to prepare for ‘sudden, cruel & short’ modern war

Chinese & Russian navies to hold drills in South China Sea in September

Alert 5 (Reuters) – Vietnam has secretly shipped Israeli rocket launchers to Spratly Islands

Washington PostAmerican arrested after entering Pakistan; was deported on spy charges in 2011

CBS NewsDozens killed as tensions flare between nuclear neighbors

Times of IndiaBomb targeting mourners outside Quetta hospital kills 42

ThereAreNoSunglasses – (ARY News) – Quetta Hospital Bombed–93 Dead, Most of Them Baloch Lawyers Protesting Leader’s Murder

(India Today) – China/Pakistan Joint Patrols Along China-POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) Border

China Activating Regional Military Alliances To Protect Economic Investments

(Khaama Press) – Why Was A Russian Officer and 6 Pakistani Officers 65 Miles Inside of Afghanistan?

BBCKabul explosion: Islamic State ‘admits attack on Hazara protest’

APJapan picks defense chief who downplays wartime past

Tokyo Reporter15 dead, 45 injured after stabbing at disabled facility in Kanagawa

Yonhap News AgencyN.K. launches ballistic missile: S. Korean military 

ReutersLatest North Korea missile launch lands near Japan waters, alarms Tokyo

Japan NewsMissile interception to be standing order

Alert 5 ( 日刊スポーツ・ロゴ ) – North Korea might have launch Rodongs simultaneously to confuse early warning systems

UPINorth Korea blames snake infestation on South Korean spy agency

38 NorthCold War Communications: The Two Koreas Resume Coded Radio Broadcasts

Buenos Aires HeraldOld guard spies want wiretaps back

IntelNewsNotorious Russian arms dealer ‘refused US offer for lighter sentence’

TelegraphSavers fear negative interest rates as Natwest warns businesses might have to pay to hold cash

BloombergDeutsche Bank Set for Investor Scrutiny as Short Sellers Circle

Citigroup, HSBC Jettison Customers as Era of Global Empires Ends

HSBC Bankers Are First Individuals Charged in U.S. Currency Case

Executive Intelligence Review Impact of Congressional HSBC Exposure: Senior Bankers Charged

Common Sense ShowClinton, Comey, Lynch All Guilty of Concealing Money Laundering for Terrorists and the Cartels Says Senior VP at HSBC Bank

The NationThe Obama Administration Has Brokered More Weapons Sales Than Any Other Administration Since World War II

ReutersClinton faces pressure to pick VP who is tough on trade, Wall Street

The InterceptHours Before Hillary Clinton’s VP Decision, Likely Pick Tim Kaine Praises the TPP

CBS NewsTim Kaine changes course on TPP after VP nod

Mad Cow NewsTim Kaine’s Unlikely Biography

CounterpunchHillary and Tim Kaine: a Match Made on Wall Street

CryptogonHundreds of Democratic Party Delegates Replaced with Actors

American EverymanReflections on the Schizophrenic unDNC Convention: Scratchy McScreachalot and her Balloons

Alex Jones ShowHillary Clinton Is Disintegrating Before Our Eyes

XymphoraWWIII celebration dance

The Russians are coming!!!

WikiLeaksSearch the DNC email database

The HillWasserman Schultz booed off stage in Philadelphia

Evidence mounts linking DNC email hacker to Russia

ABC NewsThe NSA Is Likely ‘Hacking Back’ Russia’s Cyber Squads

IntelNewsSophisticated spy malware found on Russian government computers

Zero HedgeTrump: “I Hope Russia Has All 33,000 Emails That Hillary Deleted”

SputnikSnowden Posts Document Alleging US Policy to Hack Foreign Political Parties

Breitbart (interview of William Binney) – NSA Whistleblower: Agency Has All of Clinton’s Deleted Emails

Apparently, all of the finger pointing to Russia was just a distracting ruse…

WikiLeaks (Twitter) – ANNOUNCE: WikiLeaks has decided to issue a US$20k reward for information leading to conviction for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Daily MailOutrage at Julian Assange for implicating murdered DNC staffer in email leak and offering $20k reward – as the victim’s parents accuse Wikileaks founder of ‘politicizing this horrible tragedy’

r/The_Donald (reddit) – DNC Data Director Seth Rich was likely assassinated by the Clintons

He is not alone…

Memory Hole blogProcess Server and Activist In DNC Fraud Lawsuit Found DEAD

American Free PressProminent AFP Clinton Researcher Found Dead

This one has been anticipated for some time, but considering the history of the CIA and cancer vaccines (Constantine Report), adding Mike Vanderboegh to the Clinton body pile is not to be dismissed out of hand. See his work on the Oklahoma City Bombing in the The John Doe Times. R.I.P…

Sipsey Street IrregularsA Patriot has passed on today. 

Though it took allegations against the bogeyman of the Russophobists to induce it, the mainstream media is finally acknowledging that this is an issue…

Washington PostBy November, Russian hackers could target voting machines

PoliticoHacker threat extends beyond parties

The most extreme danger, of course, is that cyber intruders could hack the voting machinery to pick winners and losers.

As they likely have done since at least 2004. What is not said however is that it is largely domestic, deep state hackers which are subverting this democratic republic. Cryptogon notes…

caucus99percentElection Fraud Story Gets Worse: Irregularities Tied to E-Voting Machine Companies that Donated to Clinton Fund

Schneier on SecurityHacking the Vote

Cypherpunks (repost of Tim May, 1 Sep 92) – Libertaria in Cyberspace

It isn’t that there are less secrets, but that more of them are being privatized…

Secrecy NewsNumber of New Secrets in 2015 Near Historic Low

As cyber-fiefdoms determine the “need to know” of their denizens…

MIT Technology ReviewGoogle and Microsoft Want Every Company to Scrutinize You with AI

teleSURPolice Ask, Facebook Complies: Social Media as State Privilege

World Net DailyFacebook blocks Michael Savage for posting news on Islamic crime

RTFacebook admits it blocked links to DNC email leaks after censorship accusations

Wall Street On ParadeWikileaks Emails Bring New Attention to Hillary Victory Fund “Money Laundering” Charges

Judicial WatchJudicial Watch Uncovers New Batch of Hillary Clinton Emails

The HillIn email, State asked to ‘take care of’ Clinton Foundation associate

Daily CallerIRS Launches Investigation Of Clinton Foundation

Zero HedgeHillary’s Latest Headache: Skolkovo

Leaked Emails Confirm DNC Officials Planned Anti-Trump Protests

Was Trump Right? Leaked DNC Email Shines Unexpected Light On Cruz’s “Militant” Father

PoliticoSeven Minutes That Shook the Convention

Washington ExaminerKhan specializes in visa programs accused of selling U.S. citizenship

BreitbartClinton Cash: Khizr Khan’s Deep Legal, Financial Connections to Saudi Arabia, Hillary’s Clinton Foundation Tie Terror, Immigration, Email Scandals Together

Panic Mode: Khizr Khan Deletes Law Firm Website that Specialized in Muslim Immigration

Zero HedgeWhy Did Khizr Khan Delete His Law Firm’s Website?

Did he assist 9/11 hijackers with their visas?…

Wayne Madsen ReportAugust 1-2, 2016 — What the media isn’t reporting about Khizr Khan

Khizr Khan, the Muslim immigrant lawyer from Pakistan who arrived in America by way of Dubai and pulled at the heart strings of viewers of the Democratic National Convention by regaling the audience with the story of the loss of his son, Army Captain Humayun Khan, in Iraq, told his son’s story but skipped over his own.

Khizr Khan entered the United States in 1980 from Dubai to attend Harvard Law School. That year saw the Central Intelligence Agency ramp up its operations in Pakistan in support of the Afghan mujaheddin against the Soviets. The Pakistan operation was shepherded by national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, currently an outspoken opponent of Donald Trump and a bitter foe of Russia..

Khizr Khan practices law in New York and is a member of the New York Bar. Khan’s Manhattan law office is next door to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, which also happens to house the residence of the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power. Power’s husband is Cass Sunstein, President Obama’s former information czar who excels in the art of disinformation, propaganda, and cognitive dissonance. But more interesting is the fact that Khan and his wife are residents of Charlottesville, Virginia, a home to a number of foreign Muslims, many of whom are students at the University of Virginia who wish to change their student visa status to permanent residency, or “green card” status. Charlottesville is a so-called “sanctuary city” that welcomes those who either enter the United States illegally or overstay their limited residency visas.

Khan’s wife, Ghazala, is a pediatrician in Virginia Beach, which is a three-hour drive from Charlottesville. The Khans are not attracted to Charlottesville because of a convenient distance to their places of work. So why do they reside in the university town? When their son died in Iraq in 2004, the Khans lived in Bristow, Virginia, a far suburb of Washington, DC in Prince William County. The Khans had also once lived in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The official notification of Khan’s death stated:

“Captain Humayun S. M. Khan, 27, of Bristow, Virginia, died June 8, 2004, in Baquabah, Iraq, after a vehicle packed with an improvised explosive device drove into the gate of his compound while he was inspecting soldiers on guard duty.  Khan was assigned to Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 201st Forward Support Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, Vilseck, Germany.”

Khan was actually an Army intelligence officer, fluent in Arabic, who worked with Iraqi civilians in a program called the United States-Iraq Sponsorship Program, which was actually an operation designed to recruit Iraqis to work as police and in other “capacities” for the Coalition Provisional Authority, the U.S. occupation government of Iraq. Khan’s home base of Vilseck is a center for U.S. intelligence operations involving units of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command. When Khan was killed, oversight of Iraq “transition” programs, such as the U.S.-Iraq Sponsorship Program, had just come under the control of General David Petraeus, the first commander of the Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq.

Members of the Pakistani embassy, including deputy chief of mission (DCM) Mohammad Sadiq, attended Captain Khan’s burial at Arlington National Cemetery. The DCM of large embassies are almost always the embassy intelligence chief of station. In the case of Sadiq, this would be the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). In 2008, Sadiq, who paid his respects to Captain Khan at Arlington, was defending ISI as the Pakistan Foreign Ministry’s chief spokesman. India accused the ISI of bombing its embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. The bombing killed four people, including two Indian diplomats…

Pakistan was not a member of the U.S. coalition in Iraq, which begs the question of why the Pakistani embassy’s ISI chief attended Captain Humayun Khan’s funeral at Arlington? Was Khan working, through his Saudi- and Pakistani-connected father with the ISI? If so, was the contact “sanctioned” by the CIA? If not, was Humayun Khan freelancing and feeding information from Iraq to the ISI, which then passed it to their close allies in the Saudi General Intelligence Department?

Khizr Khan claims he is a “legal consultant” in Charlottesville, although he is not a member of the Virginia Bar. Given the nature of Charlotteville’s status as a sanctuary city, Khan’s legal background and his work with the Muslim community in Virginia, it is likely that Khan offers help to Muslims who have overstayed their student visas in the university and sanctuary city to obtain permanent residence. It should be recalled that seven of the 9/11 hijackers obtained Virginia driver’s licenses, three of which were used as official identification to check in for flights on September 11, 2001. Perhaps if Khizr Khan had not been so willing to help dodgy Muslim “students” overstay their visas and seek workarounds to the law, Virginia might have been able to prevent the hijackers fraudulently obtain driver’s licenses. And had there been no 9/11, there certainly would have been no U.S. invasion of Iraq and Humayun Khan would have realized his dream of attending the University of Virginia law school and becoming a military lawyer. In making it easy for Saudis, Emiratis, and others to game the U.S. immigration system, Khizr Khan shares in some of the responsibility for his son’s death…

And where should another CIA asset exposed by Madsen pop up? Hillary has a Taliban constituency…

WPTV (West Palm Beach) – Orlando shooter’s father attends Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee

Madsen has been on a roll of late, having helped to knock out two Republican nominee contenders (Rubio and Cruz)  in the primaries. The latter extracted some revenge with a non-endorsement of Trump at the RNC in Cleveland, and indeed let it be known that it was about what Trump had repeated concerning the Rafael/Oswald connection…

C-Span (ff to 24:00) – Texas Delegation Breakfast

WMRJuly 21-24, 2016 — RNC Cleveland — MS-13 gang targeting Hispanic Trump delegates and supporters

WMR has learned from Hispanic California delegates pledge to Donald Trump that many of them are avoiding giving television interviews because they are afraid that members of the violent El Salvadorean gang, MS-13, will identify them and target their families and property in California during their absence this week. These delegates have flatly refused to be interviewed, although some have been seen on television within the California floor delegation waving Trump signs.

The Trump delegates said that, like themselves, some Hispanic Republicans and others in California are refusing to publicly indicate their preference for Trump because of the threat of violence from MS-13…

InterceptFBI Agent Goaded Garland Shooter to “Tear Up Texas,” Raising New Alarms About Bureau’s Methods

Anti-MediaObama Backs Off Plan to Demilitarize Police After Meeting With Lobbyists

SHTFPlanMartial Law Exercise? Feds Going Door-To-Door In Florida Asking For Urine Samples Amid Zika Outbreak

CryptogonCDC Issues Historic Travel Warning Over Miami Zika Outbreak

Miami HeraldMore bug spray, less dining al fresco planned in Zika zone

EcoWatchFDA Approves Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Combat Zika in Florida

TelegraphSex ban recommended for British tourists in Florida after Zika outbreak

Inc.Peter Thiel Is Very, Very Interested in Young People’s Blood

PreventDiseaseCDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus

AllGovMystery GMO Wheat Found Growing in Washington State Could Affect Foreign Trade with U.S

The Sun‘Dangerous Infection’ Russian biological warfare troops rushed to Arctic after outbreak of lethal anthrax hospitalises 40

Daily SheepleDeep Underground Military Bases? Sonora, CA Hit by Mysterious Clockwork “BOOMS” Daily for Years & the New Explanation Makes No Sense

Space.comNew American Spy Satellite Launches on Secret Mission

Spaceflight NowNROL-61 satellite launched Thursday spotted in space by sky-watchers

KTLAMystery Lights in Night Sky Over California, Nevada, Utah Were Chinese Rocket Remnant

Berkeley NewsSprinkling of neural dust opens door to electroceuticals

MIPTPhysicists find a way of “bundling together” multiple elements of a quantum computer

New light on old news…

ThereAreNoSunglassesIf US Ever Releases Jailed Russian Pilots, They Will Either Be Silent Or Silenced

James Fetzer (Robert O’Dowd) – Arrow Air 1285 and the ‘Lucifer Directive’: Part 1, What happened? Part 2, Part 3

BloombergA Mormon Tycoon Wants to Build Joseph Smith’s Mega-Utopia in Vermont

Al MonitorSecret sex life of the ultra-Orthodox has Israelis reading