Headlines of interest, late January 2016…

Sentiments of “Peace on Earth, good will towards men” have well worn off; sabre rattlings towards World War III resume…

Washington Free BeaconPentagon Conducts Warship Passage Near Disputed Island

XinhuaChina urges U.S. not to undermine mutual trust

Executive Intelligence ReviewExecutive Order Makes Philippines U.S. Colony in Drive for China War

ReutersJapan puts military on alert for possible North Korean missile test

The DiplomatWhy Did Russian Nuclear-Capable Bombers Circumnavigate Japan?

SputnikScorched Earth: Russian Army Rolls Out Strategic Missile Systems for Drills

AviationistRussian Su-27 buzzes U.S. RC-135U spyplane

TASSRussian Defense Ministry denies claims that Su-34 violated Turkish border

Press TVIran Navy drone flies over US aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf: Video

Offiziere.chIs the U.S. Expanding an Airfield in Syria?

ThereAreNoSunglasses (translation of SANA) – 3 Car Bombs Hit Damascus—45 Dead

Fars News AgencySyrian Pro-Government Forces Capture More Villages, Heights near Border with Turkey

Blacklisted NewsAmerica and Turkey begin Ground Invasion of Syria. How Will Russia Respond?

Wall Street JournalRussian, U.S. Troops Edge Closer in Northeastern Syria

Islamic State Uses Syria’s Biggest Dam as Refuge and Potential Weapon

Mother JonesThe Pentagon Has No Clue How Many Weapons It Has Lost to ISIS

An apparent split in the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), between its spokesman for Mullah Fazlullah and TTP commander Umar Mansoor…

DawnAPS mastermind claims Bacha Khan University attack, 21 killed

…of the Army Public School attack in Peshawar in December 2014. [Incidentally, the latter has fallen into question based on the alleged recycling of a Sandy Hook victim, Noah Pozner (Infowars). The allegation, coming from professors Jim Fetzer (emeritus) and James Tracy (who has lost his tenured position over the affair), is that the virtual “victim” was recycled, without consideration of the more likely scenario that simply the image was recycled, whether accidentally, symbolically, or as disinformation is anybody’s guess. The episode is somewhat reminiscent of the “Bert is Evil!” affair in the aftermath of 9/11.]

‘Charsadda attackers didn’t wear suicide jackets’

Dunya NewsCharsadda incident: Taliban Commander’s phone call traced, Indian embassy provided money

ThereAreNoSunglasses (mirroring Wall Street Journal) – Again, the US Uses Qatari “Taliban” To Derail Real Afghan/Taliban Negotiationss

Counterpunch (Pepe Escobar) – The Afghan Puzzle

Times of MaltaConjured Libyan government

ReutersIslamic State attack sets storage tanks ablaze at Libyan oil terminal

Belfast TelegraphUK arms companies ramp up bomb sales to Saudi Arabia by 100 times despite air strikes on Yemen civilians

N.Y. TimesU.S. Relies Heavily on Saudi Money to Support Syrian Rebels

Times of IsraelIsrael could lose out as friends and foes unite against IS, minister warns

Ya’alon: I would prefer Islamic State to Iran in Syria

AhlulBayt News AgencyNetanyahu: Saudi Arabia sees Tel Aviv as an ally

InterceptSpies in the Sky: Israeli Drone Feeds Hacked By British and American Intelligence

Matthew Aid (AFP) – Intel Humor: Vulture Arrested in Lebanon on Suspicion It Was Spying for Israel

Prison Planet (Kurt Nimmo) – Snowden Questions Latest Islamic State Video – Video put online by usual suspect, SITE Intelligence

Human Rights EuropeFrance: Court ruling in ‘11 September’ Saudi documentary defamation row

TelegraphMI6 tried to recruit me, says chief Alexander Litvinenko murder suspect

SputnikBerlin Residents Protest Near Merkel’s Office Against Migrant Violence

DWGermany to extend border controls indefinitely: interior minister

RTSweden to deport nearly 80,000 asylum seekers amid migrant-linked violence

ReutersThousands protest in Moldova after PM hastily sworn in at midnight

Prensa LatinaBolivian Opposition Receives More Money from the US

Sydney Morning HeraldEx-coup leader threatens division of Haiti as unrest spreads

Black Agenda ReportThe Clintons: “We Came, We Stole, Haitians Died”

FOX NewsInspector General: Clinton emails had intel from most secretive, classified programs

N.Y. PostHillary’s team copied intel off top secret server to email

Washington PostThe admiral in charge of Navy intelligence has not been allowed to see military secrets for years

Defense OneSenate Leader Surprises Lawmakers with New ISIS War Powers Request

Ron Paul InstituteCongress is Writing the President a Blank Check for War

InfowarsSenator Warns AUMF Bill is “Declaration Of International Martial Law”

Shadow ProofIn War Games, Navy SEALs Normalize Treating U.S. Citizens as Enemy

Common Sense ShowA Global Martial Force Is Being Assembled- Facebook to Provide Intel On American Citizens

Free Thought ProjectNative American Women Disappearing at an Alarming Rate and Police are Completely Ignoring It

LiveLeakOregon Tribe Asks Militants To Stop Occupying And Leave

St. George TimesCliven Bundy: It was murder

IBTimesDemocratic Financier George Soros Invested In Firearm Companies While Backing Gun Control Groups

Intellihub – – Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore

LaRouchePAC“The Cannibals Are Taking Over”—Blame Obama!

N.Y.TimesZika Virus: Two Cases Suggest It Could Be Spread Through Sex

21st Century WireEugenics WMD: Zika Virus Prompts Disturbing New Call For ‘No Child Policy’

Anti-MediaZika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015

ENENews“Worst wildlife die-off ever recorded” anywhere on Earth underway on West Coast — Expert: “And we’re not just talking marine die-offs… yeah, it’s a really big deal” — “There are many more species that are getting sick” — “Facing possibility of extinction” — Scientist: “Is it some sort of a toxin that’s there?”

Report: Wildlife “disappearing” around massive LA gas disaster — Residents: “It’s completely quiet”… birds, butterflies, rabbits, coyotes are missing… all fish in pond found dead — “All of this is gone… Makes me wonder how bad it really is” — Animal with “worst blood” ever seen by doctor

WaPoMore babies are being born with organs outside their bodies, and experts have no idea why

Free Thought ProjectEmails Show Flint Govt Bought Clean Water for Themselves While Residents Drank Poison for a Year

To those who might complain, “you only report the bad news,” here is some good news…

St. Louis Business JournalMonsanto says it will cut 1,000 more jobs; local impact unclear

If Earth should become uninhabitable…

CaltechCaltech Researchers Find Evidence of a Real Ninth Planet

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