On Centennial of U.S. entering World War I, Trump gambits WWIII…

…among our headlines of interest, late March into April 2017…

Events have forced us to relinquish our hoped for monthly update format…

Zero Hedge“Russian Forces Were Notified In Advance”: Pentagon Statement On Air Strikes In Syria

CBS NewsWatch Live: Trump orders airstrike on Syria

FOX NewsInitial reports indicate Syrian airbase ‘almost completely destroyed’ after US strike

Washington PostU.S. strikes Syrian military airfield in first direct assault on Bashar al-Assad’s government

Wayne Madsen notes: According to Reuters, Dec. 3, 2015, Russian forces moved into Shayrat with technicians and installations. Way to go Trump, you orange-faced shitgibbon war monger.

TASSPutin calls US strikes against Syria ‘aggression against sovereign country’

Moscow suspends US-Russia memorandum on flights safety in Syria

@YorukIsik (Bosphorus Observer) – FAST TURNAROUND; Redeployed to Eastern Mediterranean in 9 days: #ВМФ #ЧФ frigate Admiral Grigorovich departs BlackSea & transits Bosphorus

New & powerful: Armed with Kalibr SS-N-27 missiles, #ВМФ #ЧФ frigate Admiral Grigorovich transits Bosphorus en route to Eastern Med #Syria

Fort Russ (translating РИА Новости) – Coincidence? ISIS goes on offensive while US bombs Syrian airbase

White House (April 4) – Statement from President Donald J. Trump

Today’s chemical attack in Syria against innocent people, including women and children, is reprehensible and cannot be ignored by the civilized world. These heinous actions by the Bashar al-Assad regime are a consequence of the past administration’s weakness and irresolution. President Obama said in 2012 that he would establish a “red line” against the use of chemical weapons and then did nothing. The United States stands with our allies across the globe to condemn this intolerable attack.

As “humanitarian” bombings go…

AntiwarIraqi Officials: Last Month’s US Mosul Strike Killed Nearly 300 Civilians

Occurrencesawoken by a dream

Only the first shoe to drop?

Yonhap News AgencyS. Korea succeeds in test of 800km-range new missile: source

In answer to…

N. Korea fires projectile into East Sea

Also known as the “Sea of Japan,” which is East of Korea…

U.S. military all at sea over East Sea naming

Note the co-author of the following, James Woolsey – the Clinton era neocon CIA director – he had been on the Trump train briefly during the campaign, was bumped off, but now as Trump has vacated his own train, Woolsey’s back, pulling out all of the fear-mongering phantasmagoria from his neocon bag of tricks…

The HillHow North Korea could kill 90 percent of Americans

Even if it’s true – America can kill 100% of North Koreans, so calm down everyone.

ShadowproofDemocrats, Neoconservatives Unite In Support Of Strikes In Syria As Trump Launches Attack

Indeed, Trump and the “FAKE NEWS” media kiss and make up (and Hillary makes it a three-way), war mongering stronger together now for a two front WWIII…

CNNWhite House: ‘The clock has now run out’ on North Korean nuclear program

Hillary Clinton: US should ‘take out’ Assad’s air fields

Survivors of Syrian attack describe chemical bombs falling from sky

The White House and the UK blamed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime for the attack that struck the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun while many were still asleep…

The argument is that ISIS, Al Nusra and other rebel forces in Syria do not have an air force – this however is not entirely true…

Intelligence OnlineAttack drone technology proliferation changes power-balance in war on terror

Chicago Tribune (Oct. 12, 2016) – New challenges in Syria as militants weaponize drones

Al Masdar NewsJumping to conclusions; something is not adding up in Idlib chemical weapons attack

Global ResearchThe Syria Chemical Weapons Saga: The Staging of a US-NATO Sponsored Humanitarian Disaster

21st Century WireReviving the ‘Chemical Weapons’ Lie: New US-UK Calls for Regime Change, Military Attack Against Syria

MIT Researcher: Syria WMD ‘Facts’ Were Manufactured to Fit U.S. Conclusion for Ghouta in 2013

Evidence of staging in a previous Beeb-touted outrage in Aleppo…

Fabrication in BBC Panorama ‘Saving Syria’s Children’Who are these men?

Man in white Shalwar Kamiz, a dress common in Indo-Pak-Afghantistan not in Arab world and nowhere in Syria. — Sayyed Zaydi

Blacklisted NewsPakistan’s Military-Industrial Complex and the Gulf States

Planning U.S. casualties in Af-Pak theater in case of likely Russian casualties in another?…

Tolo NewsRussians Visited ‘Taliban Training Centers’ In Waziristan

Moon of AlabamaIsrael Just Received A HUGE Gift From Russia. What Is Its Side Of The Deal?

Russia Beyond the HeadlinesTen killed, almost 50 injured in St. Petersburg metro blast

ThereAreNoSunglasses (translation of ZANOZA) – Russian Train Bombing Linked To Krygyz Native

(NBC News) – Eric Prince (Blackwater) Rumored To Be Backdoor Dealing For Trump In Dubai

Middle East MonitorSecret Meeting Between UAE, Russia And Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Investigated By FBI

Press TVTrump, UAE attempting to get Russia to break away with Iran: Report

teleSURUAE Acts Pro-Palestine, but Joins Military Drills with Israel

Wayne Madsen ReportApril 3-4, 2017 — Israel’s secret role in Wahhabist-waged war in Yemen

The recent disclosure that Israeli and United Arab Emirates pilots are jointly training in the annual Iniohos 2017 military exercise in Greece has pointed out the open secret that the Israelis and UAE maintain close military and intelligence relations. This “secret” relationship is as open as those between Israel and the Wahhabist royalist regimes of Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar.

One secret that is not as well known is the role that Israeli Jewish commandos of Yemeni descent who are active in their native country on behalf of the Sunni coalition that is waging a bloody genocidal war against the forces of the former president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh and his Houthi allies. The Israeli commandos, according to a top Mossad source, blend in well with the Yemeni population, owing to the Israelis’ fluency in the Yemeni dialect of Arabic and familiarity with Yemeni culture. Most of Yemen’s large Jewish population of 50,000 were transported from Yemen to Israel in Operation Magic Carpet, which lasted from 1949 to 1950. Last year, Israeli commandos covertly spirited 19 Jews out of Yemen to Israel. The clandestine operation had the cooperation of the Saudis and Emiratis, who had imposed a naval and air blockade of Yemen.

Fifty Yemeni Jews continue to live in Sana’a, the Yemeni capital, where they are protected by the Houthi-run government.

The Houthis, a tribe of Zaidi Muslims — a branch of Shi’a Islam — are backed by Iran. In the Middle East, where the familiar refrain is “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” the Sunni/Wahhabi battle lines with the Shi’as have placed the Israelis and the royalist regimes of the Arabian peninsula on the same side.

The Israeli security company, Asia Global Technology (AGT) International, which is owned by Mati Kochavi, a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, has reportedly cornered the security market in Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital and one of the seven emirates that makes up the UAE federation. The Israeli firm has a contract with Abu Dhabi to protect the critical infrastructure in the emirate. The emirate-wide surveillance system is known as Falcon Eye.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi plays host to Reflex Responses (R2), a foreign mercenary firm that primarily employs ex-Colombian military and paramilitary personnel, and is headquartered at the Zayed Military City. R2 was founded by Erik Prince, the former U.S. Navy SEAL who founded Blackwater USA. Prince’s sister is Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education in the Trump administration. AGT and R2 are believed to be partners in the security sector in the UAE and in countries like Yemen, Somaliland, Eritrea, and Djibouti where UAE forces are active in countering Iranian influence. Somaliland, a self-declared republic that was formerly British Somaliland, recently gave the UAE the rights to establish a naval base at the port of Berbera. Israeli doctors have, according to some reports, been dispatched to the Eritrean port of Assab to treat Emirati soldiers wounded in battle in Yemen…

Most likely these matters were under discussion with Sisi’s visit to the White House at the beginning of April…

Middle East EyeANALYSIS: Sisi visits Washington for military aid

All East Africa (Feb. 21) – Doubts grow over Egypt’s role in UAE military base in Somaliland

Goobjoog News (March 18) – US and Egypt were involved in Berbera Port talks-UAE official

Oodweyne NewsSomalia, UAE, USA and Egypt Signatories of Berbera Naval & Airbase

Intelligence OnlineAbu Dhabi’s NSA and its helping hands

Washington puts Sunni regional tie-up back on track

American ConservativeWhy U.S. Troops May Fight Alongside al-Qaeda in Yemen

OilPrice.comEU, Israel Agree To Develop Eastern Mediterranean Gas Pipeline

World Socialist Web SiteTrump administration plans economic and military offensive against Africa

Eric Prince has been a busy guy; besides his role in the previously reported here “Roy Cohn coup,” and beyond his activities in the horn of Africa/Arabian peninsula region (discussed above), he is now venturing into the hinterlands of China…

Newsbud (Peter Lee) – America’s Shadow Army Invades China

Sibel Edmonds does not have the best track record in making such predictions, but with the present volatility, she could prove to be on the mark; we shall see…

CIA-NATO to Eliminate Turkish President Prior to April Referendum

(Christoph German) – Germany Protects Gülen Movement from Erdogan

With Gülen being an asset, it is not surprising that the CIA would push this…

LiveLeak (ZDF) – German intel expert says Erdoğan was behind failed coup based on CIA, BND reports

Deja vu 1588…

Sky NewsSpanish gunship in illegal incursion into UK waters off Gibraltar

TelegraphSpain appears to back independent Scotland’s membership of EU as row over Gibraltar escalates

Fort Russ (translating Breakingnews.sy) – Post-Brexit Britain Turns to Saudi Arabia

Meanwhile, a slow moving chain of revelations has been underway, such that, had it been allowed of its own accord to reach its natural conclusion, may have well unraveled the “deep state”. This may be precisely why the deep state, “shadow government,” “cryptocracy” (however one prefers to characterize it), has through the Military-Industrial Complex resorted to the “kinetic action” it is now pursuing. It is a tortoise vs. hare dynamic. The tortoise may in the end prove victorious, but it will prove a Pyrrhic victory if the hare has already scorched the Earth…

Medium (Mike Cernovich) – Susan Rice Requested Unmasking of Incoming Trump Administration Officials

Bloomberg (Eli Lake) – Top Obama Adviser Sought Names of Trump Associates in Intel

Circa (Sara Carter) – White House logs indicate Susan Rice consumed unmasked intel on Trump associates

US spy agencies intercept and unmask congressional figures as often as once a month

Daily CallerFormer US Attorney: Susan Rice Ordered Spy Agencies To Produce ‘Detailed Spreadsheets’ Involving Trump

Trump Supporter Labeled ‘Fake News’ By ’60 Minutes’ Beats Everyone To Susan Rice Scoop

How he did so however is reminiscent of a situation in 2005, when the N.Y. Times belatedly published the Pulitzer Prize winning story on Bush’s warrantless surveillance; but editor Bill Keller’s hand was forced to do so because reporter James Risen was preparing to publish his book, State of War, which would include the story with or without the Times publishing it first – see a pot calling Keller’s kettle black in the Dec. 17, 2005 WaPo: At the Times, a Scoop Deferred

Zero Hedge (WSJ) – Susan Rice Was Not Alone In “Unmasking” Team Trump

House Intel Committee Chair Nunes Recuses Himself From Russia Probe

Steve Bannon Removed From Trump’s National Security Council, Threatened To Quit

CryptomeNational Security Presidential Memorandum 4

Assange has a sigh of relief…

teleSUREcuador’s Lenin Moreno Defeats Banker in Presidential Election

Opposition Protests Support US-Led Coup Plot: Venezuela VP

Farm WarsPro-Biotech Governor of the Year as Trump Ag Secretary

ReutersTrump signs repeal of U.S. broadband privacy rules

Electronic Frontier FoundationLondon Police Ink Shadowy Deal with Industry on Website Takedowns

Another Pyrrhic victory?…

Wolf StreetGetting Serious Now? Senators Warren, McCain, Cantwell, and King Introduce New Glass-Steagall Act

Collective EvolutionThe Pentagon Has Never Been Audited & Trillions Of Dollars Are Unaccounted For. Where Has It Gone?

If the DPRK should nuke Japan, will it only be hastening the inevitable?…

Asia-Pacific JournalReconstruction Disaster: The human implications of Japan’s forced return policy in Fukushima 復興災害:福島の強制帰還政策が意味すること

ENENewsNuclear Engineer: Fukushima is “worst industrial cataclysm in history of world… As close to hell as I can imagine” — Melted fuel ‘disappeared’ — Contamination will go on for hundreds of thousands of years… “No one knows when it’ll end” — Gov’t perpetrating ongoing cover-up

“Most catastrophic fisheries collapse in history” expected along West Coast — Official: “This is a nightmare, I have never in my life dreamed that it could get this bad” — Threat of “coast-wide fishing failure”

Report: Hundreds of millions of Pacific salmon missing, presumed dead — Gov’t issues emergency order along US West Coast — Japan suffering historic collapse, fish starving to death — All forms of ocean life dying in stunning numbers across Pacific

Live Science‘Doomsday’ Library Joins Seed Vault in Arctic Norway



Trump genuflects to Saudis as Wahhabism continues to metastasize through Islamic world and beyond… D.C. distractions with Russia ruse amidst three letter turf wars… much, much more…

…among our headlines of interest for March, 2017…

Introducing the companion bill to Tulsi Gabbard’s H.R. 608…

U.S. SenateDr. Rand Paul Introduces the Stop Arming Terrorists Act

Liberty BlitzkriegTrump Administration Moves to Approve New Arms Sales to Saudi Arabian War Criminals

Common Dreams‘Galling’: US Lifts Human Rights Restrictions on Arms Sales to Bahrain

Intelligence OnlineSaudi Arabia: Security apparatus goes to Washington with MbS

ReutersSaudi deputy crown prince to meet Trump, investment in focus

Saudi deputy crown prince, Trump meeting a ‘turning point’: Saudi adviser

Town HallAmerican Game of Footsie with Saudi Arabia Must End

Strategic-Culture Foundation (Kristen Breitweiser) – America First or Saudi Arabia First?

WPIX119/11 families sue Saudi Arabia, accuse the U.S. ally of complicity in the terrorist attacks

Mayer Brown (March 28 Webinar) – Anti-Terrorism Act and JASTA: What They Mean for You

28 Pages (March 29) – DOJ Complaint Filed Over Saudi Lobbying Campaign That Exploited Military Veterans

BBCBin Laden family members ‘incinerated’ in plane crash

OilPrice.comAre U.S.-Saudi Relations Turning Sour?

Al MonitorSaudis jump on Trump bandwagon

Blacklisted News (Bloomberg) – Saudi Aramco to become sole owner of largest US refinery

BloombergSaudi Arabia Bulks Up in Asia to Boost Appeal Before Oil IPO

DEBKAfile (Feb. 22) – Saudi spy chief visits Israel, Ramallah

Daily Times (PK) – Saudi king’s Bali beach holiday turns into military exercise

South China Morning PostWhy King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud upcoming visit to China is important to Beijing … and a worry for Washington

Japan TimesAbe courts Saudi king as pair agree to launch study on special economic zones

Strategic-Culture (Wayne Madsen) – A New Global Construct and Realigned Relationships

ThereAreNoSunglassesSaudi Arabia Buying Maldives’ Island For Islamist Training Facility?

New Indian ExpressBombers from the Maldives

The HinduMaldives govt rejects claims it is selling off atoll to Saudi Arabia

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Daily Pakistan) – Nawaz Sharif Plays “Pious” Card, Goes For Full Wahhabization of Pakistan

SputnikIsrael-Backed Anti-Iran ‘NATO 2.0’ Puts Russia and Saudi Arabia ‘on Thin Ice’

On the ever nebulous front-lines in Syria…

LiveLeakAmbush Against A Saudi Military Vehicle In Alhgelh Site In Najran!

Syrian Arab News Agency (March 17) – Syrian air defense shoots down one of 4 Israeli warplanes targeting military site near Palmyra

The DuranIsrael’s raid on Syria (DISCUSSION & ANALYSIS)

DEBKAfile (March 21) – Israeli drone crashes. Russia fails to de-escalate

Times of IsraelRussia summons Israeli envoy, demands clarifications on Syria strike

RTNetanyahu to Putin: Israeli airstrikes in Syria will continue

New Eastern Outlook (Tony Cartalucci) – Israel: America’s Mad Dog in Syria

Le Monde (summary at Haaretz) – Associés dans l’opération « Ratafia », les espions français et israéliens se sont-ils espionnés entre eux ?

Voltairenet (Thierry Meyssan) – Revelations – Lafarge-Holcim’s jihad

Penny for your thoughtsWinds of War Blow From Israel’s Borders..

NATO Fracturing at Manbij? US Reinforces Manbij to Defend From Turkish Attack??

Daily SabahPlane reportedly shot down by Syrian opposition crashes in southeastern Turkey

Mint Press NewsSyria’s Water Cut Off By Turkey Following McCain, Erdogan Meeting

AntiwarTurkey Claims to Have Killed 71 US-Backed Kurds in Syria Attacks

SANAPresident al-Assad to Chinese Phoenix TV: any foreign troops coming to Syria without permission are invaders-video

CBS NewsConflicting claims on U.S. role in deadly airstrike near mosque in Syria

Possible U.S. strike allegedly kills 33 civilians in school – The source is the questionable Syrian Observatory of Human RightsCitations Needed; it is however confirmed by SANA: Foreign Ministry calls on UNSC to assume its responsibility, stop massacres perpetrated by international coalition

AntiwarGermany Admits Role in US Airstrike That Killed 33 Civilians in Syria

ReutersU.S. priority on Syria no longer focused on ‘getting Assad out’: Haley

What is the policy then? To let him preside over a pile of rubble?…

Russia InsiderRussian General: US Trying to Destroy Syria’s Critical Infrastructure

US Forces Block Syrian Army Advance in Preparation For Syria Partition

Lavrov Responds to US Decision to Block Advance of Syrian Army

Earlier in the month…

Zero HedgeRussian Jets Nearly Bomb US Forces In Syria, Hit US-Backed Rebels

DEBKAfile – Epic US, Russian, Turkish military summit on Syria

Fort Russ (translating Русской Весны) – Turks Shell Syrian Village as Russians Arrive

Erdogan Regime Forces Kill Syrian Soldiers and Border Guards

(translating Al Mayadeen) – Terrorists Claim to Have Struck Damascus with SCUD Missiles [Video]

(translating Русской Весны) – Terrorist war : ISIS and Al Nusra cut each other’s heads off in gruesome battle [+photos

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Ekathimerini) – Greek Police Bust Captagon Lab, Intercepting 635,000 Tablets Headed For Syrian Jihadis

The One Reason That Barack Obama Set the Middle East On Fire

Free Thought Project2 Years After This American Journalist Was Killed, Her ‘Conspiracy Theories’ on Syria are Proven as Facts

Other theaters of war in the region…

Army TimesThe US is sending 2500 troops to Kuwait, ready to step up the fight in Syria and Iraq 

AntiwarUS to Send Up to 300 Paratroopers Into Mosul for Latest Escalation

IndependentUS admits it conducted Mosul air strike ‘at location’ where ‘200’ civilians died

New York TimesDevices Seized in Yemen Raid Offer Some Clues to Qaeda Tactics

Press TVPentagon conducts 20 airstrikes in Yemen, first since botched raid

ThereAreNoSunglasses (SABA) – Saudis Murder Boatload of Somali Refugees Off the Coast of Yemen

Greencrow As The Crow FliesYemen – What is behind US Proxy Invasion?

FOX NewsIran launched 2 ballistic missiles, US officials say

Jerusalem PostDavid’s Sling air defense shield to be fully operational in Israel in early April

Fort Russ (Al Mayadeen) – Iran Allows Russia to use its Military Bases

Russia establishes military presence in the Maghreb…

ReutersRussia appears to deploy forces in Egypt, eyes on Libya role – sources

IntelNewsRussian special forces troops seen in Egypt and Libya, say reports

Al MonitorPutin gets some payback with ‘alternative project’ for Libya

Maghreb ConfidentialDynamic on secret mission over Tripoli

Military TimesThe Pentagon wants to keep ground troops in Libya and go on offense in Somalia

The DriveA Guide To The Pentagon’s Shadowy Network Of Bases In Africa

Indian Ocean NewsletterErdogan’s secret plan for Madagascar

Oriental Review (Hybrid Wars 8) – South Sudan’s Total Collapse Could Destroy Central And Eastern Africa

It was never entirely clear to us what the Obama/Clinton “Asia pivot” policy was meant to be – if it was to be a containment of the rising military power of China, then Trump/Tillerson have inherited a buckling pivot, with China now asserting itself in other theaters…

SHTFPlanBeijing Goes Global: China to Expand Marine Force by 400%; First Overseas Military Base Almost Complete

Military TimesChinese troops appear to be operating in Afghanistan, and the Pentagon is OK with it

XinhuaFM: China, U.S. can avoid Thucydides Trap, Kindleberger Trap

Japan TimesDid America’s top diplomat inadvertently offer China a ‘new great power relationship’?

Philippine StarDuterte hits US for lack of action in South China Sea

Intelligence OnlineDuterte could befriend Tel Aviv to arm himself against Beijing

ReutersJapan plans to send largest warship to South China Sea, sources say

Space.comJapan launches new spy satellite to keep eye on North Korea

Wall Street Journal (also Zero Hedge) – White House Options on North Korea Include Use of Military Force

Korea Central News Agency (March 7) – Kim Jong Un Supervises Ballistic Rocket Launching Drill of Hwasong Artillery Units of KPA Strategic Force

Feasting his eyes on the trails of ballistic rockets, he appreciated that Hwasong artillery units of the Strategic Force are very good at organizing and commanding fire strikes and strictly ensuring rapid and simultaneous fire strikes.

The four ballistic rockets launched simultaneously are so accurate that they look like acrobatic flying corps in formation, he said.

Alert 5 (NHK) – North Korea launched 4 ballistic missiles; 3 flew 1,000km into East Sea

KCNA (March 19) – Kim Jong Un Watches Ground Jet Test of Newly Developed High-Thrust Engine

The development and completion of a new-type high-thrust engine would help consolidate the scientific and technological foundation to match the world-level satellite delivery capability in the field of outer space development, he noted, adding with pleasure that today when a great leaping forward has been made in the development of the rocket industry is the day to be always remembered, a historic day which can be called “March 18 revolution”.

38 NorthPreparations for a Future Test Continue at North Korea’s Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site

Continued Activity at Key Plutonium Production Facilities at North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Complex; Purpose Unclear

Defense OneUS Anti-Missile Batteries Arrive in South Korea, Touching Off Geopolitical Tumult

South China Morning PostChina readying countermeasures against missile defence shield in South Korea, retired PLA general says

ReutersNorth Korea missile test fails, U.S. and South say, as tensions simmer

U.S. deploys attack drones to South Korea amid tension with North

KBS World RadioS. Korea, US to Create Joint Missile Command

Alert 5 (Commander U.S. 7th Fleet) – JMSDF, ROKN, USN destroyers in missile defense informational link exercise

Korea JongAng DailyNorth may be developing an anti-ship missile

SEAL team that took out Osama bin Laden joins drills in Korea

Yonhap News AgencyEx-CIA chief: U.S. should consider nuclear attack on N. Korea if necessary

Ex-President Park arrested in corruption probe

Following her impeachment…

SputnikPark Geun-hye Accused of ‘Illegal Occupation’ of S Korean Presidential Residence

ABCUS attempt to recoup Cambodian debt ‘cack-handed’: former Australian Ambassador

In Europe, the rising tide of nationalism suffers a setback in Dutch election…

ReutersDutch PM cheers EU leaders by seeing off far-right’s Wilders

In spite of, or thanks to Erdogan’s diplomatic volleys?…

RTTurkey bans Dutch ambassador, suspends diplomatic flights and high-level govt meetings – Deputy PM

The DuranTurkey plays nuclear card, warns EU it will flood Europe with millions of refugees

Malaysia SunShocking claims made by former captive: A second Islamic State is rising near Europe and the Turkish border

Middle East Eye‘I could see people being hit’: London suffers attack at heart of democracy


Judicial WatchU.S. Gives Soros Groups Millions to Destabilize Macedonia’s Conservative Govt.

Zero HedgeSenators Demand State Department Probe Into Soros Organizations

InfowarsSenate Approves Montenegro Joining NATO Despite Rand Paul’s Objection

TimeSen. Rand Paul: Montenegro Joining NATO Is Against U.S. Interests

Ruptly (Youtube) – 500 people detained as anti-corruption protest hits Moscow

Fort Russ (translating Occhi della Guerra) – The real face of Aleksei Navalny: convicted for embezzlement, he protests “corruption”

Russia-Belarus Union in Crisis: Part 1 – A Trip Down Memory Lane

Russia-Belarus Union in Crisis: Part 2 – Lukashenko’s Maidan

(Sputnik) – Belarus arrests “armed provocateurs,” Lukashenko points finger at Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland

(translating RuBALTIC.ru) – SOFA agreement with Baltic states quietly signed by Obama before departure clearing way for permanent US military presence

CBS NewsRussian spy ship returns off U.S. coast, near sub base

Zero Hedge (Komsomolskaya Pravda, MEMRI) – Retired Russian Colonel Warns Trump: “We’re Seeding The US Shoreline With Nuclear Mole Missiles”

ReutersPoland expects to ink $7.6 billion deal for Patriot systems by end-2017

IHS Jane’s 360UK to deploy Typhoons to Romania in May

MirrorBritish troops join showdown against Vladimir Putin as they travel to the frontline in Russia

Estonian WorldBritish and French troops arrive in Estonia

RTEU ministers agree to create joint military command center in NATO footsteps

8,000 NATO troops launch exercise near Russian-Norwegian border

Barents ObserverNorway moves military intelligence away from Russian border

Strategic-CultureRussia Invites NATO to Take Part in Moscow Security Conference

TASSRussian and NATO top brass hold first talks over past years

Executive Intelligence ReviewNATO Military Committee Chair Initiated Call to Russian Chief of Staff

Moscow TimesRussian Military Pilot in Fatal Black Sea Crash Was in ‘Full Control of Plane’ — Reports

Not since the Battle of Karkov have such fireworks been seen?…

Накануне (translation at ThereAreNoSunglasses) – “Диверсия Порошенко” под Харьковом: подробности

Fort Russ (РБК) – Former Russian MP murdered in downtown Kiev

ReutersUkrainian intelligence officer killed in car blast in Mariupol port

RTArms smugglers used postal service to deliver weapons from US to Russia – FSB

Russia InsiderWashington Cracks Down on Kiev: Feds Bust Ukrainian Weapons Smuggling Ring

Investigation Into Murder of Russian Ambassador Takes an Unexpected Turn

The HillState Dept. seeks to keep Russian diplomat’s cause of death private

IndependentFrench police sniper accidentally shoots two people during Francois Hollande speech

Nicola Sturgeon announces second Scottish referendum

BBCHolyrood and the great Brexit numbers game

ReutersG20 financial leaders acquiesce to U.S., drop free trade pledge

True PublicaEC Entrenches Dangerous ISDS System – Global Super Court For Corporations To Subvert Democracy

Quartz AfricaNamibia doesn’t want “aid” to make up for Germany’s genocide—it wants $30 billion

Global Research (Stephen Lendman) – Israel’s Crime of Apartheid: UN Agency Head’s Forced Resignation

Continuing D.C. skullduggery…

CBS NewsSuspicious cellular activity in D.C. suggests monitoring of individuals’ smartphones

The AtlanticWashington’s Spy Paranoia

N.Y. Times (March 1) – Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking

Note the new WashPo motto: Democracy Dies in Darkness – very apt inasmuch as this paper has for decades been committing sins of omission (on the JFK assassination, CIA, 9/11, etc.), and our democracy has suffered immeasurably because of it. Meanwhile, making much ado about nothing…

Washington Post (March 2) – Sessions met with Russian envoy twice last year, encounters he later did not disclose

Zero HedgeJeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Russia Probe

Infowars (Jerome Corsi) – Exposed: Insider Coup to Sabotage Trump

Breitbart (March 3) – Mark Levin to Congress: Investigate Obama’s ‘Silent Coup’ vs. Trump

In summary: the Obama administration sought, and eventually obtained, authorization to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign; continued monitoring the Trump team even when no evidence of wrongdoing was found; then relaxed the NSA rules to allow evidence to be shared widely within the government, virtually ensuring that the information, including the conversations of private citizens, would be leaked to the media.

Trump evidently reads the article, then goes ballistic in the early morning of Saturday, March 4, from his Mar-A-Lago redoubt in Palm Beach. Writer Massimo Calabresi couldn’t have put it better in the opening of the following essay…

TimeInside Donald Trump’s War Against the State

At 6:35 a.m. on March 4, President Donald Trump launched an attack against the government of the United States…

Where existential alarm over the fate of the U.S. is invoked, however, we see – with admitted wishful thinking – cause to hope for the restoration of the Constitutional Republic of the U.S., particularly where the Fourth Amendment is concerned…

@realDonaldTrumpTerrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!

Is it legal for a sitting President to be “wire tapping” a race for president prior to an election? Turned down by court earlier. A NEW LOW!

I’d bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election!

How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!

Before heading to the “Winter White House” however, a heated discussion had taken place in the Oval Office – perhaps over the tactics to take in dealing with the above allegations…

Daily MailDonald’s eruption in the Oval Office: Video emerges of Trump’s ‘furious argument’ with top adviser Steven Bannon as Ivanka and Jared look on, hours before President made phone tapping claims

Denials and speculations ensue…

N.Y. Times (March 5) – Comey Asks Justice Dept. to Reject Trump’s Wiretapping Claim

Zero HedgeObama’s Surrogates Continue to Deny Trump Tower Surveillance, But Evidence Suggests Otherwise

Blacklisted News (citing Common Dreams, Guardian) – Obama’s wiretaps on Trump Tower were routed through and conducted by British Intelligence, in an effort to circumvent U.S. surveillance law.

The HillGrassley probes FBI’s ties to British spy who investigated Trump

Empty WheelThe Feedback Loop in Christopher Steele’s Dossier

U.S. News and World ReportNSA Whistleblower Backs Trump Up on Wiretap Claims

Judicial Watch (March 6) – Judicial Watch Sues CIA, DOJ and Treasury for Records Related to Intelligence Leaks Regarding Investigation of General Flynn

Prison Planet (FOX News) – Catherine Herridge: Top Level Deep State Operatives Leaked Flynn Phone Call Transcripts

March 7, – NSA payback to CIA?…

WikiLeaks (also Zero Hedge) – Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

Download at link with the password, (a quote of JFK’s prescribed remedy): “SplinterItIntoAThousandPiecesAndScatterItIntoTheWinds”

Empty WheelPassword: 0sbP@ss

Zero HedgeSnowden: What The Wikileaks Revelations Show Is “Reckless Beyond Words”

Hunt For Snowden 2 Begins: Feds Launch Criminal Probe Into Wikileaks’ CIA Source

Counter-Coup Spookmaster Dr. Steve Pieczenik Discusses Destruction Of CIA And Game Changing Implications Of #Vault7


InterceptWikiLeaks Dump Shows CIA Could Turn Smart TVs into Listening Devices

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One of which then proceeds to drop the bomb…

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As Zero Hedge notes, one was a Flynn protégé whom McMaster had attempted to oust…

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The willingness of the White House to be forthcoming on details of the investigation may throw cold water on the following conjecture, or the NSA may confirm it, that indeed the surveillance had nothing to do with Russia, but instead was prompted by investigations concerning matters South of the border…

Wayne Madsen ReportMarch 23-24, 2017 — Nunes and Schiff unintentionally let the Trump cat out of the bag

Although journalists and those who believe in open government hate it, there is a reason why senior intelligence officials often reply “no comment” to questions surrounding intelligence matters. In the world of intelligence gathering, even the most innocuous comment can reveal information not intended for the ears of the general public. In the world of operational security, these minor tidbits of information are known as “essential elements of friendly information” or simply, EEFI.

In the partisan bickering that broke out on March 22 between House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) and the ranking member on the intelligence oversight committee, Adam Schiff (D-CA), both, likely unintentionally, revealed EEFI concerning the U.S. intelligence community’s “incidental surveillance” of Donald Trump and his transition team between Election Day, November 8, and the inauguration on January 20.

During a March 22 briefing for reporters outside the White House after a controversial briefing for Trump and his advisers, Nunes revealed that “dozens” of intelligence reports he was given about the Trump “incidental surveillance” made “no mention of Russia.” Nunes said the information was brought to him by “sources who thought we should know it.” Nunes said the interceptions of the Trump team were “legally collected” pursuant to a warrant issued by a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge and involved “foreign” surveillance not involving Russia.

Nunes elaborated further in stating that “normal, formal surveillance” provided to him yielded “significant information” about both Trump and his “team.” But Nunes provided a caveat to that particular revelation, stating that details about Trump and his team had “little or no apparent foreign intelligence value” and  “were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting” because their identities had been “unmasked” within the U.S. intelligence community during the transition phase. However, if the “formal” surveillance of Team Trump did not involve foreign intelligence, that means it must have involved a law enforcement matter and was authorized by a Title III “wiretap” order authorized by a normal federal court outside of the FISA aegis and carried out by the FBI and Justice Department’s Electronic Surveillance Unit.

Nunes’s EEFI offering provides the following points of interest:

– The incidental surveillance made no mention of Russia.
– The formal surveillance was of little or no intelligence value.
– The formal surveillance, while of no value to intelligence agencies, may have been of great interest to law enforcement, especially the FBI. Hence, FBI director James Comey’s reticence to provide details concerning its investigation of the Trump transition team during his recent testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.
– If some of the surveillance information made no mention of Russia, perhaps it did mention other countries.

The definition of “team” is important since if it extended beyond the transition team to the campaign team, it would include Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, national security adviser Michael Flynn, and foreign policy adviser Carter Page. It is now known that Manafort was contracted to the pro-Russian political party in Ukraine that was ousted in the 2014 U.S.-inspired coup while Page also had business dealings with the Russian government-owned energy firm Gazprom and Flynn’s consulting company had Russian business connections.

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) said that Nunes’s statement appeared to reveal “classified information.” It, at the very least, revealed EEFI from which more sensitive intelligence can be derived.

Trump’s problems may not be found with Russia but, ironically, south of the U.S. border, a border which the president is trying to seal with a great and “beautiful” wall.

The “incidental surveillance” of Trump and his associates, which was cited by Nunes and made no mention of Russia, may very well been a result of National Security Agency and its FIVE EYES partners’ surveillance of a major fraud case involving billionaire former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, who escaped an arrest warrant in Panama and is now living in Miami. Last September, at the height of the U.S. presidential campaign, Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela requested the Obama administration’s State and Justice Departments to extradite Martinelli.

Martinelli is wanted by Panama for embezzlement of funds, wiretapping his political and business enemies, insider stock trading, money laundering, and other crimes. So far, the Trump administration has taken no action on the Panamanian extradition request. Perhaps that is because in Panama, Trump is known as the “American Martinelli.” Moreover, Martinelli is a close friend and business associate of Trump. Martinelli, exiled in Miami as a fugitive from justice and wanted by Panama, was invited to attend Trump’s inauguration in Washington. Before he deleted it, Martinelli posted a photograph of his Inaugural invitation on Twitter. As president, Martinelli was on hand for the 2011 opening of Trump’s first tower in Panama City, the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower. During the ceremony, Trump referred to Martinelli as his “friend.”

The ties between Trump and Martinelli run even deeper. The bank in which Martinelli owns a significant stake, Global Bank Corporation, was a co-trustee of Trump’s Ocean Club. When the Trump property developer, Newland International Properties Corporation, defaulted on its Global Bank loan in 2013, the Martinelli bank was forced to bail out Newland. The real estate scams surrounding the Trump Panama Hotel Management LLC, Trump Panama Condominium Management LLC — both incorporated in Delaware — Newland Properties, Trump Ocean Club Unit 2710 Inc., K Group — which pays Trump Marks Panama $5 million per year for using the Trump brand name — the Trump Organization, the Trump Ocean Club, and Global Bank are merely the tip of the iceberg surrounding the overall criminal accusations surrounding Trump’s friend Martinelli…

Hundreds of thousands of documents were leaked from the Panama City law firm Mossack Fonseca, which incorporated thousands of offshore shell companies for the Central Intelligence Agency, narcotics syndicates, Arab oil sheikhs, and businessmen like Martinelli, Trump, and Trump’s Argentine friend, President Mauricio Macri. It is known that Latin America’s largest ever bribery scandal that involves the huge Brazilian building contractor Odebrecht SA, now laps at the shores of the Trump Organization via Martinelli.

In December 2016, during the presidential transition phase, the U.S. Justice Department announced a settlement with Odebrecht in which the firm and its affiliate Braskem agreed to pay a fine of $3.6 billion for violation of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Most of the fine collected by Justice was to be turned over to Brazil, which began the investigation of Odebrecht with its “Lava Jato” (Car Wash) probe.

As part of its deal with DOJ, what information did Odebrecht’s executives share with Justice Department prosecutors concerning its operations in Panama, especially those involving the Trump Tower and Martinelli? Any involvement of Trump with the Odebrecht and Mossack Fonseca criminal scandals would have prompted any U.S. judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court or on the bench of a regular U.S. court district to authorize electronic surveillance of the Trump Organization. When Nunes stated the “incidental surveillance” of Trump and his associates did not involve Russia, was he actually implying it involved another country, perhaps Panama?

The political fallout from Odebrecht is beginning to stick to Trump. Odebrecht paid hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to politicians in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Guatemala,the Dominican Republic, Antigua and Barbuda, Angola, Mozambique, and other countries and some of these politicians are linked to Trump business enterprises.

Argentina’s Macri has been linked to the Odebrecht bribery scandal mainly through the connections to the firm of his cousin Angelo Calcaterra, Macri’s Energy Minister Juan José Aranguren, and other officials of his government. With the help of business associates of Macri, a Trump Tower was built in Uruguay in 2012. Trump has been pressuring Macri and his friends to build the first Trump Tower in Buenos Aires and a Buenos Aires building permit for the deal was apparently the subject of a phone conversation between Trump and Macri after Trump’s election in November.

However, not all has been well between the Trump and Macri families over the years. Franco Macri, the father of the Argentine president, believed the mastermind behind the kidnapping for ransom of Mauricio Macri in 1991 was none other than Donald Trump, who the elder Macri described as the “true intellectual author” of the crime. Perhaps that is why the right-wing Mauricio Macri openly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.

In Peru, an arrest warrant has been issued for former President Alejandro Toledo who stands accused of receiving a $10 million bribe from Odebrecht for a highway contract. Toledo was on his way to Israel but is now in the United States. The current President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, was Toledo’s finance minister. The Trump administration has not responded to Peruvian requests for Toledo’s extradition from the U.S. and Kuczynski has been mired in allegations concerning his own connections with Odebrecht. Perhaps that was the reason why Kuczynski followed up a phone call with Trump with a personal visit to the White House in February. All Trump and Kuczynski spoke about during their joint remarks was Kuczynski receiving an award from Princeton University, Kuczynski’s two daughters attending Princeton and Columbia, and Peru’s decision to buy some U.S. military vehicles. If Kuczynski and Trump are subject to FISA and Title III wiretaps concerning Odebrecht, they may have found more than family to chat about. Kuczynski previously asked Trump to extradite his former boss Toledo to Peru. But with Kucynski now a target of the Odebrecht probe, he may have asked Trump to keep Toledo under wraps in the U.S. and not singing to a Peruvian court.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office most likely to have been assigned the investigation of the Martinelli extradition request is the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida in Miami. This office has historically been occupied by right-wing prosecutors linked to Latin American right-wing leaders, many of which, like Martinelli, maintain residences in the Miami area. If Trump is looking at protecting those who could spill the beans on his and his Trump Organization’s own ties to Odebrecht, what better way than to nominate a former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida to his cabinet. Trump nominated such a former U.S. Attorney, Alexander Acosta, to be his Secretary of Labor. Acosta was involved in negotiating as U.S. Attorney the sweetheart plea deal with convicted child molester and Trump billionaire friend Jeffrey Epstein. The deal immunized from future prosecution Epstein’s VIP friends who were involved in his underage sex operations. 

As a former U.S. Attorney in Miami and former dean of Florida International University law school, Acosta has enough clout to help ward off any federal investigations emanating from the Miami U.S. Attorney’s Office, which would include advocating for the extraditions of Martinelli and Toledo back to their home countries where they might start naming names, including that of Trump and his associates. Odebrecht, the company that built Miami International Airport, may also have dirt on southern Florida politicians, including members of the Republican Cuban-American political “mafia,” which also includes Acosta. Odebrecht maintained a Division of Structured Operations, which was dubbed the “Department of Bribery” by U.S. Justice Department investigators. Were Trump and members of his business empire caught up in a legitimate DOJ investigation of Odebrecht, with ancillary intelligence being provided by the NSA and its Canadian counterpart, Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), which conducts full-time surveillance of Latin American communications? If the answer is yes, and it appears to be so, that would explain Nunes and Schiff talking around the issue, which involves the collection of raw signals intelligence data on a massive number of foreign businesses and “U.S. persons.”

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From Manafort to Deripaska to Brassington, Daniel Hopsicker uncovers a tie in to the South of the border networks that he has been exposing for years…

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Various theories as to the ringleader of the stay-behind “deep throats”…

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Citing a Jan. 12 BBC story linking the origins of the Russia-Trump allegations to an April 2016 report from a Baltic intelligence agency shown to DCI Brennan, this being the basis of the FISA applications…

American SpectatorAll Roads Lead Back to Brennan

Also alleged to be the basis of the October FISA application; a “secret server” in Trump Tower communicating with Alfa Bank. This story broke on the momentous day of Hallowe’en at Slate, by-lined Franklin Foer. The Intercept however quickly disputed the allegation.

Washington Free Beacon (OAN) – DOJ Found Malware in Trump Tower Servers ‘Mimicking’ Contacts to Russian Entities

So much for the alleged Russian DNC hackers and their “Fancy Bear”. What is quite odd in the following story however is that the discrediting of these allegations is coming from what has long been recognized as a U.S. propaganda tool – the VOA historically being to the Soviets much as RT is now to America…

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WikiLeaks Vault 7 continues March 23 with Dark Matter and March 31 with Marble Framework, revealing the tools by which the source of viruses, trojans, and hacking attacks can be falsely attributed.

Russia InsiderCIA’s Frankfurt Spy HQ Could Be Source of ‘Ties’ Between Putin and Trump

ReutersCIA contractors likely source of latest WikiLeaks release: U.S. officials

“Likely,” but with spook matters, always look for the ‘volatile smiles’ in the probability margins for the actual; for instance…

WMRMarch 9-10, 2017 — CIA SIGINT disclosure appears to be retaliation for Langley’s involvement with Snowden leak

When this editor worked in the National Security Agency’s “S Group” in the mid-1980s, our center chief, an Army colonel, once cautioned us not to say anything about our White House-directed mission to the “opposition.” The comment was bizarre, since everyone in our group was cleared for Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), polygraphed, and even voice stress analyzed. When the colonel asked us if there were any questions, I asked why he would caution us against saying anything to the Soviets because we all knew very well what the law was and the severe ramifications for breaking it. The colonel replied, “I’m not talking about the Russians, I’m referring to the CIA!”….

WMR previously reported that the massive leak of NSA documents by CIA officer-turned-NSA contractor Edward Snowden may have been part of an operation by Langley to expose the massive surveillance capabilities of NSA. The exposure of these NSA operations may have been predicated by the compromise to NSA of extremely sensitive and potentially illegal operations by the CIA in areas of banking, finance, sexual blackmail, and human trafficking.

Now, with a massive unauthorized disclosure of CIA SIGINT and offensive information warfare capabilities to WikiLeaks, the NSA may have engineered its revenge against Langley for the Snowden operation. The CIA document disclosures provides evidence of massive redundancy of SIGINT and offensive cyber-warfare operations between the CIA and the joint activities of NSA and U.S. Cyber Command, the headquarters of both located at Fort Meade and led by NSA director Admiral Mike Rogers. On November 17, 2016, Rogers had an unauthorized meeting with president-elect Trump at the Trump Tower. Rogers’s actions resulted in demands by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, and, according to WMR’s sources, CIA director John Brennan, for President Obama to fire Rogers. Rogers continues to serve Trump as NSA director and U.S. Cyber Command chief.

On February 14, 2014, WMR reported the following:

“Sources within the U.S. intelligence community have told WMR, on the condition of anonymity, that National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden gained access to and released tens of thousands of classified NSA documents because a faction within the Central Intelligence Agency was growing increasingly alarmed over the massive surveillance system controlled by NSA. In many cases, highly compartmented CIA covert operations abroad were made known to NSA because of the ability of the signals intelligence and cyber warfare agency to monitor full spectrum digital communications worldwide, including those of the CIA.

A group of active and retired CIA officers, in addition to CIA contractors, set out to expose the NSA’s massive surveillance operations, as well as those of its foreign partners. Snowden, a former CIA employee who worked for the joint NSA-CIA Special Collection Service in Geneva, Switzerland as an official cover CIA employee attached to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations and in Misawa, Japan under non-official cover with Dell Computer and Booz Allen Hamilton, was chosen by the CIA faction as the person best positioned to collect NSA documents and leak them to the media

NSA recently fired a U.S. government civilian who worked at the NSA Regional Security Operations Center in Kunia, Hawaii. The unnamed male civilian, who was not charged with any crime, is said to have shared his “Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificate” with Snowden, allowing access to the NSANet. NSA claims that Snowden did not have access to NSANet. NSA’s claims of collusion between Snowden and the civilian employee are contained in an UNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY memo for the House Judiciary Committee dated February 10, 2014. The memo also states that Snowden was assisted by two other personnel in Kunia, an active duty military member and a contractor, in collecting the NSA documents. Although the FBI investigated all three unidentified employees at the Kunia facility, no criminal charges against them were filed by Justice Department prosecutors. The memo states that the civilian government employee “remained in an uncleared employee status pending an appeal of the revocation [of his security clearance], and he resigned on 10 January 2014.”

Our report continued:

“Elements within the CIA have also informed the Obama White House, particularly John Podesta, the counselor to the president for all matters dealing with the NSA leaks, that if the White House or Justice Department moves against the CIA for the Snowden leaks, the CIA will release highly embarrassing personal information on the president.

The CIA faction helped arrange, through its own back channels, safe passage for Snowden from Hong Kong to Moscow. Attempts to kidnap or assassinate Snowden in Moscow have been stymied by close cooperation between the CIA faction and the Russian domestic security service, the Federal Security Bureau (FSB), and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki or SVR).

The involvement of Booz Allen Hamilton, which is owned by the CIA- and Bush family-linked Carlyle Group, has put the Obama White House on notice that the operation to expose NSA involves powerful political forces. Suggestions by some within the Justice Department, including Attorney General Eric Holder, and Rick Ledgett, the NSA official in charge of the Snowden leak damage assessment, that some sort of clemency deal might be worked out between the U.S. government and Snowden that would allow him to return to the United States from Russia is a realization that the operation to expose NSA involves major elements of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Russia has granted Snowden permanent political asylum.

WMR has learned that NSA’s communications surveillance net compromised sensitive CIA operations for which NSA has no certified need-to-know or special compartmented access. The exposure of these CIA operations, including a weapons transfer operation that saw Libyan caches once in the hands of Muammar Qaddafi being transferred from Benghazi to jihadist forces in Syria. This intelligence became known to NSA’s FIVE EYES signals intelligence partners in Canada, Britain, and Australia. The compromise of such information to NSA resulted in CIA programs in Latin America, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East being placed in jeopardy. Some of the more sensitive aspects of the CIA operations, including drone operations, were passed on to Israeli, Indian, French, and German intelligence by the Communications Security Establishment Canada, Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), and the Australian Signals Directorate.”

In February of this year, former NSA contractor and Reserve U.S. Naval officer Harold T. Martin III of Glen Burnie, Maryland, was indicted for illegally possessing at his home 50 terabytes of highly-classified electronic files, mostly from the NSA, with others originating from the CIA, U.S. Cyber Command at Fort Meade, and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Most of the documents were from NSA. Martin worked as a contractor from  December 1993 to August 2016. One of the firms he worked for was Booz Allen Hamilton, the same firm that employed Snowden in Japan and Hawaii. The indictment of Martin was generated by the U.S. Attorney for Maryland, Rod Rosenstein, nominated by President Trump to be the deputy Attorney General under Jeff Sessions.

The FBI is now investigating CIA contractors for the leak of the so-called “Vault 7” document tranche to WikiLeaks. Two companies reportedly involved in the CIA’s cyber-warfare operations are Booz Allen Hamilton and Palantir, the latter owned by Trump friend and adviser Peter Thiel.

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Regrettably the answer appears to be no…

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Collective EvolutionThe FBI Just Released New & Never Before Seen Photos of 9/11 Pentagon Wreckage

Unicorn RiotRoots of Iran-Contra Crisis Found in Recording of Airport Attack Plan

MuckrockAs CIA Director, George Bush waffled on promise to not destroy records of Agency’s illegal activities

The FBI and the mysterious death of “God’s Banker”

Lucifer’s banker now burning in hell…

Veterans Today (Kevin Barrett) – David Rockefeller dies — link to JFK assassination exposed!

For more, see Morgan Reynolds at No More Games: The Assassination of JFK, 9/11 and David Rockefeller

News time warp…

RTRevolution begins: Mass protests, bloody uprising & Tsar abdicates (#1917LIVE coverage)

Government AtticNational Security Agency (NSA) listing of all Automated Document Management System (ADMS) documents identified with a date field [oldest] up to 31- December -1929

Fukushima teetering… D.C. Skullduggery… POTUS ranting & raving… much, much more…

…among our headlines of interest for February, 2017…

The top story of the month has been largely obscured by drama of D.C., but of dire consequence – with the potential to displace tens of millions in Japan, and to further poison the Pacific Ocean – Fukushima Daiichi Unit 2 is teetering on the brink of catastrophe…

Science AlertRadiation levels in the Fukushima reactor are soaring unexpectedly

RTRecord high fatal radiation levels, hole in reactor detected at crippled Fukushima nuclear facility

PhysOrg‘Scorpion’ robot mission inside Fukushima reactor aborted

ENENews“Emergency measures” taken at Fukushima plant after “unexpected dents” found on reactor building floor — Situation “much worse than expected” — Experts: It’s like a “burning house”… “I was shocked” by outcome… “Streaming of radiation” may be underway

Expert: “Potential Global Catastrophe” from Fukushima Unit 2 highly radioactive fuel… Reactor could be destroyed, “making Tokyo area uninhabitable”… This is “most dreaded” scenario — Already “partially liquefying” below reactors

Nuke Experts: Fukushima plant must be entombed like Chernobyl — Reactors will remain a threat to world “for the rest of time” — “Humanly impossible” to clean up due to shockingly high radiation levels

Scientists fear Fukushima radiation hitting US to worsen… “A lot of people are very concerned” — Experts: Billions are being exposed… Reactors “will continue to pour water into Pacific for the rest of time”

To the D.C. skullduggery… Target: Trump…

Wayne Madsen ReportFebruary 27-28, 2017 — A “CIA within the CIA” battles against Trump

Even before he was inaugurated on January 20, President Trump faced a virtual “CIA within the CIA” that is bound and determined to derail his intelligence and foreign policy agendas. Past presidents have faced opposition from the Central Intelligence Agency — John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and Jimmy Carter are prime examples — but the opposition was sub rosa and not out in the open as it is today.

A number of former CIA officers have taken to CNN and MS-NBC to voice their opinions that Trump is a threat to U.S. national security. In addition to venting their own spleens about Trump, they are publicly airing the views of hundreds of their former colleagues currently serving within the CIA.

The conventional punditry in Washington is stressing, without evidence, that Trump’s presidential campaign was helped by “Russian intelligence officials.” A dodgy British memorandum, created by a former MI-6 spook named Christopher Steele, and embellished by the Jeb Bush campaign, which hired him to dig up dirt on Trump, is being used as “proof” of Russian interfered in the U.S. election. However, what is being overlooked is that “Russian intelligence” may be a substitute for “Russian-Israeli mafia.” The Russian-Israeli oligarchs, many of whom are exiled in Britain, Switzerland, and Israel, have no love for Trump and his previous pro-Russian views.

It recently emerged that Ukrainian parliament member Andrey Artemenko met in January with Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to deliver a proposal that would have “leased” Crimea to Russia for 100 years in exchange for a pullout of Russian troops in eastern Ukraine. The “peace plan” appears to have been a red herring since there is no documented evidence of regular Russian troops in eastern Ukraine. Artemenko is a shady figure who has been involved with the scandal-plagued Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) and who is a member of the party of the corrupt former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

It was Tymoshenko’s criminal conviction and imprisonment by the government of president Viktor Yanukovych that helped propel the “Euromaidan” revolution and coup that drove Yanukovych into exile in Russia. Artemenko is also close to the former Ukrainian boxer Vitali Klitschko, the current mayor of Kiev, who recently attended the Munich Security Conference along with Vice President Mike Pence, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and such anti-Russian U.S. delegates as Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, neocon Robert Kagan, and Kagan’s wife Victoria Nuland, the chief architect of the Euromaidan revolution. At Munich, where the CIA was working overtime to cultivate new relationships and reinforce older ones, the plotters of neo-Cold War intrigue in Ukraine were all present. The CIA would have known about Klitschko’s ties to Artemenko and Artemenko’s meeting on the Ukraine peace deal with Trump’s lawyer Cohen.

Trump, who has surrounded himself with shady characters like Stephen Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Hungarian-American fascist Sebastian Gorka, may not be a “puppet” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as alleged by detractors. Instead, Trump appears to be an unwitting stooge of the Russian-Israeli mafia that wants a green light to depose Putin and replace him with one of their own, someone, for example, like Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Khodorkovsky, now in exile, is leading the Russian-Israeli oligarchs in their attempt to undermine Putin. International hedge fund tycoon George Soros was also in Munich, rubbing shoulders with Klitschko and his own puppet, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. The intrigue on display in Munich may be complicated, but the end result may be a two-for-one deal for the Russian-Israeli gangsters: the overthrow of Putin and the impeachment of Trump. The result would be a Russian president who would complete the privatization of Russian industry and infrastructure to benefit the exiled mafia oligarchs and a committed “Christian Zionist,” Pence, in the Oval Office…

As delegates were packing up to leave Munich, there was another interesting development in nearby Vienna. An Austrian appeals court approved the extradition to the United States of Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash where he faces corruption charges. After the Euromaidan coup in 2014, Firtash was arrested by Austrian police on an FBI warrant. Firtash was a close political ally of Yanukovych. Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was a business partner of Firtash. In 2008, Manafort and Firtash were part of a business team that sought to buy Manhattan’s Drake Hotel and demolish it to make way for a new skyscraper called the Bulgari Tower, a deal that may have involved the Trump Organization. The Drake deal involved another Trump adviser, Richard Gates. While she was prime minister, Tymoshenko sued Firtash over the Drake deal. Now, an ally of Tymoshenko, Artemenko, has his fingerprints on a Ukrainian peace plan shopped to Trump’s lawyer Cohen…

Also in Munich with Pence, Mattis, Kagan, and Nuland was Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk, who gave the Trump Foundation $150,000 for a Trump video speech to Pinchuk’s Yalta European Strategy (YES) annual meeting in Ukraine in 2015. Pinchuk, a friend of John McCain, is close to both Poroshenko and Soros and a vocal opponent of Putin.

No one is clean in these machinations but they could very well serve as a basis to impeach Trump under the emolument clause of the U.S. Constitution, which makes any personal profit by the president based on foreign links an impeachable offense.

There are forces within the CIA — the “CIA within the CIA” — that want a return to the days of Boris Yeltsin, when everything and everyone in Russia was for sale and Russia gladly followed the diktats from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Two things stand in their way, Putin and the Putin-admiring Trump, the latter not seeming to want to “get with the program” of returning to the status quo ante in U.S.-Russian relations…

An intelligence game is now being played out by Langley and it involves unsavory mafiosi in Ukraine, London, and Langley, Virginia. In essence, a “CIA within the CIA” is attempting to stage a “soft coup” in the United States and they have a number of willing accomplices in the media and within Mr. Trump’s own inner circle.

Among the mafiosi is Felix Sater, one who has done business with both Trump and the CIA. The latter however is not acknowledged here…

New York TimesA Back-Channel Plan for Ukraine and Russia, Courtesy of Trump Associates

Or here…

Talking Points MemoA Big Shoe Just Dropped

For the other shoe, we must go here…

Miami Herald (Sept. 8, 2012) – Strange bedfellows: Swindler, Stinger-missile brokers, the CIA

It is of note, then, for all of the Rocky and Bullwinckle Show that is the mainstream media covering Trump’s alleged ties to Russia – ultimately inconclusive, relying on anonymous, dubious official sources – the one tangible lead that could give the story legs is ignored. Precisely, because it bites the CIA. But this is par for the course and nothing new…

Washington’s BlogNewly-Declassified Documents Show that a Senior CIA Agent and Deputy Director of the Directorate of Intelligence Worked Closely with Owners and Journalists with Many of the Largest Media Outlets

VoltairenetAnti-Donald Trump: war propaganda by Thierry Meyssan

The first casualty sustained by the Trump administration…

Intelligence OnlineMike Flynn, the security kingpin accused of being Moscow’s eyes and ears

His fall was preceded by CIA Pompeo locking out of Flynn aide Robin Townley…

Politico (Feb. 10) – CIA freezes out top Flynn aide

Disinfo alert – the following is a Sorcha Faal joint, and follows “her” modus operandi: some of the dots are real (the Townley story and Treasury’s Feb. 13 issuing of sanctions against Venezuela’s Tareck El Aissami and Samark Lopez Bello) , but the dotted lines connecting them are questionable, and the conclusion – that Flynn and Townley are now at the State department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) – unsubstantiated and doubtful, given that an Obama holdover Daniel B. Smith remains at INR…

Impious DigestTrump “Shadow Move” Of General Michael Flynn To Feared Spy Agency Rattles Russia

Putting these events within a larger context (albeit citing Sorcha Faal without qualification), is Larry Chin at…

Global ResearchTrump’s World of Intrigue: Twists and Turns of the Michael Flynn Resignation

Daily CallerIn Final Interview, Defiant Flynn Insists He Crossed No Lines, Leakers Must Be Prosecuted

With focus devoted to Flynn’s Russian contacts, questions are unasked about his Turkish contacts, including president Erdoğan’s cousin Hilal Mutlu. See the Nov. 16, 2016 Daily Caller: Trump Adviser Recently Met With Relative Of Turkey’s President

Moreover, it is on account of Flynn’s speaking out against longtime CIA asset Fethullah Gülen, particularly in a Nov. 8 op-ed at The Hill, where he accepts Erdoğan’s contention that Gülenists were behind the July 15 coup attempt, that the wrath of Langley has been meted out upon him, as David Goldman writes…

PJ MediaThe CIA Really Is Out to Get General Flynn

Erdoğan poses a dilemma for the Trump administration, which is poised to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization – one with which Erdoğan is allied. Trump’s “general reactions were positive,” however, to Erdoğan’s requests for extradition of Gülen and for ceasing support of Syrian Kurds, in a call just prior to DCI Pompeo’s visit to Turkey on February 9th…

Washington PostCIA chief to visit Turkey in sign of improving ties with US

Haber TurkPompeo, MİT Müsteşarı Fidan ile bir araya geldi

Sabotaging the negotiations? -McCain visits Erdoğan after traveling to to Saudi Arabia and stopping in Kurdish-controlled NE Syria over weekend of Feb. 18…

Wall Street Journal (also Zero Hedge) – John McCain Makes Secret Trip to Syria in Midst of U.S. Assessment

McCain, a loose cannon that should be muzzled…

American MirrorAUDIO: John McCain shares insider info with prankster posing as Ukrainian PM

Before acting AG Sally Yates had been fired for failing to enforce immigration ban…

WaPoJustice Department warned White House that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, officials say

Manafort and Stone deny allegations of…

New York TimesTrump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence

Washington Free BeaconFormer Obama Officials, Loyalists Waged Secret Campaign to Oust Flynn

Hillary gets some schadenfreude…

Zero HedgeHillary Trolls Michael Flynn On Twitter With PizzaGate Reference – re-tweeting…

“Dear Mike Flynn & Mike Flynn Jr., What goes around COMETS around. And given your pizza obsession…”

Bloomberg (Eli Lake) – The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn

American EverymanThe Edge of Treason: The CIA Waging War Against American President for Threatening to Restructure Their BIG CLUB

Handed out like a pedophile’s lure…

@realDonaldTrumpThe real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by “intelligence” like candy. Very un-American!

Intelligence community responds…

InfowarsFormer NSA Analyst: Intel Community Vows Trump Will “Die in Jail”

Or elsewhere?…

Palm Beach PostFeds: 12 planes violated Trump air space over weekend

Leaks going not just to the press, but to Al Qaeda?…

American SpectatorDid Democrats Aid and Abet Terrorists Seeking American Secrets?

Liberally ConservativeTreason At State Department – Obama Leftovers Out Navy Seals in Yemen  – citing…

Daily CallerHouse Intelligence, Foreign Affairs Committee Members Compromised By Rogue IT Staff

House Dem IT Guys In Security Probe Secretly Took $100K In Iraqi Money

George Webb, in his ongoing Where is Eric Braverman? Youtube series, address the Awan brothers, beginning at Day 127 et seq.

Mint Press NewsRex Tillerson Purges Remnants Of “Shadow Govt” At State Department

IndependentTrump missed his main target in Yemen raid that killed 30 civilians and one US Navy SEAL

ABC News (AP) – US Releases Video From Yemen Raid but Footage Is Dated

WhoWhatWhy (Peter Dale Scott) – Donald J. Trump and the Deep State, Part 1, Part 2

Medium (Nafeez Ahmed) – How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State

Strategic-Culture (Wayne Madsen) – The Three Trump Administrations

TomDispatch (Rebecca Gordon) – The Enemies of Our Enemy Are Not Our Friends

When they get their way, the doomsday clock inches closer to midnight…

AFP (via Yahoo) – Trump’s Russia reset on hold as White House adds anti-Moscow hawks

World Socialist Web SiteAppointment of “Warrior-Scholar” McMaster signals intensification of anti-Russia confrontation

Politico (April 14, 2016) – The Secret U.S. Army Study That Targets Moscow

Steve Bannon instrumental in ousting Tillerson’s pick for deputy Secretary of State, neocon Iran-Contra convict Elliot Abrams…

N.Y. PostRex Tillerson and Trump clash over State Department deputy

APSenior Trump appointee fired after critical comments

Penny for your thoughtsFlynn’s Ouster Planned? Robert Harward (Attack Iran?) Frontrunner

Harward, 60, is now the chief executive officer for Lockheed Martin United Arab Emirates.

As noted in our Feb. 3 edition, DNI Dan Coats was a lobbyist for Lockheed, and likely was instrumental in UAE purchase of F-22s. Regardless, however, Harward declined the offer…

ABC NewsHarward turns Trump down for national security adviser job

FOX NewsPentagon strikes new F-35 deal with Lockheed after Trump involvement

Alert 5 (Las Vegas Review-Journal) – Aggressors managed to ‘shot’ down 1 F-35A at Red Flag 17-01

Breaking DefenseAir Force Adds Pacific To F-35s’ Foreign Deployments

AviationistGigantic U.S. Global Hawk drone could be tracked online while flying 21-hour mission over Libya

Indian Ocean NewsletterNairobi sends Team-A to Washington to save armaments contract

BreitbartLawmakers to Request Probe of $418M Arms Sale to Kenya on Obama’s Last Day

NewsbudA Distillation of DOD Funding Priorities for January 2017

Our hopes that Trump would not be so friendly to the Saudis are dashed…

Washington TimesTrump to approve weapons packages to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain blocked by Obama

21st Century WireSTOCKHOLM STUDY: US & Europe Top Arms Trade Globally – Saudi Arabia’s Weapons Imports Skyrocket Over 200 Percent

Reuters – Saudi Plane strike hits Yemen mourners, killing 9 women, 1 child: residents

IndependentCIA awards Saudi crown prince with medal for counter-terrorism work

In spite of his shortcomings, let us give him this: The Donald tells it like it is…

The original deleted for excessive harshness? – as snagged by Zero Hedge

The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @CNN, @NBCNews and many more)  is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American people. SICK!

Alleluia! Our “ranting and raving” president has answered the call of the furious “SPIT IN THEIR FACES” tirade of KRZOG in June, 2008.

Has a president ever spoken such ugly truth to the American people?…

N.Y. PostTrump defends ‘killer’ Putin: ‘You think our country’s so innocent?’

Practically channeling Noam Chomsky, at FOX Sports (Youtube)…

O’Reilly: …Putin’s a killer!

Trump: A lot of killers, we’ve got a lot of killers. What, you think our country’s so innocent? [directly] You think our country’s so innocent?

O’Reilly: But I don’t know of any government leaders that are killers…

Trump: Wellll, take a look at what we’ve done too; we’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’ve been against the war in Iraq from the beginning…

O’Reilly: -mistakes are different then…

Trump: A lot of mistakes, a lot of people were killed, OK? A lot of killers around, believe me.

Indeed, we are not so innocent, up to the present…

XymphoraAssassination is insensitive

Foreign PolicyThe United States Used Depleted Uranium in Syria

Penny for your thoughtsUS Airstrikes Cut Water Supply In Raqqa

American Everyman (RT) – Turkish Head of Red Crescent (R.C.) Says US Responsible for Attack on Syrian R.C. Headquarters in Aleppo

Military TimesThe U.S. military’s stats on deadly airstrikes are wrong. Thousands have gone unreported

Bureau of Investigative JournalismUS strikes in Afghanistan Afghan airstrikes killed and injured record number of civilians in 2016

The New Arab (citing Süddeutsche Zeitung) – Saudi Arabia ‘ready to send ground troops’ to Syria

Alert 5 (Navy.mil) – George H.W. Bush CSG conducts air strikes against ISIL

Al Masdar NewsBallistic missile strikes Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

New ArabRiyadh military base ‘targeted’ by Houthi rebel missile strike

PressTVIRGC begins major phase of defense drills in Iran’s Semnan

DEBKAfileTrump: New Iran sanctions, USS Cole to Red Sea

BreitbartArabian Gulf War Games

BloombergIran Carries Out New Missile Tests After Trump Imposes Sanctions

Ron Paul institutePre-Emptive Attack Iran Bill Active in US House

ReutersIn call with Putin, Trump denounced Obama-era nuclear arms treaty – sources

In spite of the sabre-rattling and bull in the China shop diplomacy, can we take solace that there are peaceniks in the Pentagon?…

WaPoPentagon chief advocates restraint in response to Iran, China

Zero HedgePentagon Chief’s Ultimatum To NATO: “Boost Military Spending Or The U.S. Will Cut Its Support”

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Tolo) – Russia Hosting 6-Nation Attempt To Jump-start Peace Talks w/Out Inviting US

(Al Jazeera) – Russia’s new game in Afghanistan

Are the Taliban the “Hand of Russia in Afghanistan”?

AxiosRussian diplomats keep dying unexpectedly

AFP (via Yahoo) – Putin critic leaves Russia for treatment after ‘poisoning’

Un takes out brother Nam?…

Zero HedgeKim Jong Nam Assassination Caught On Tape

Wall Street JournalHigh Dose of VX Nerve Agent Killed Kim Jong Nam Within 20 Minutes

IntelNewsObservers speak of uncertainty as North Korean leader fires spy chief

ReutersNew nuclear-capable missile test a success, North Korea says

Alert 5 (KCNA) – Images of Pukguksong-2

KBS World RadioS. Korea, US Agree N. Korea at Final Stage of Nuclear Armament

S. Korean Military Mulls Show of Force against N. Korea

ArirangS. Korea-U.S. military exercises to incorporate pre-emptive strike operations

N.Y. TimesTrump Administration Cancels Back-Channel Talks With North Korea

BloombergChina Message to Trump With North Korea Coal Ban: Let’s Deal

NBC NewsUS Aircraft Carrier, Warplanes and Destroyer Begin ‘Routine Operations’ in South China Sea

APNew Chinese missile makes latest appearance in drills

FOX NewsRussia sends spy ship near US coast, deploys banned missiles at home, officials say

Fort Russ (translating Sputnik France) – US spy drone studies the Donbass frontline

(translating Русской Весны) – Ukraine has bombarded 14 Donbass towns 706 times in 24 hours – Basurin

TheDuranLugansk Colonel Oleg Anashchenko is the latest assassination victim in Donbass

VoltairenetRussia recognizes the governments of Donbass and Lougansk

RTUS tanks, infantry fighting vehicles arrive in Estonia amid NATO buildup on Russian borders

US guided missile cruiser visits Estonian port

ABC NewsRussian aircraft buzzed US Navy ship 3 times in a day – in the Black Sea

Al Monitor‘Spying imams’ spark new crisis between Europe, Turkey

Jewish lawmakers rip Trump over two-state walkback

Middle East ObserverAssad tells Belgian reporter Belgium & EU merely obey ‘US master’ on Syria

Consortium NewsTulsi Gabbard vs. ‘Regime Change’ Wars

AntiwarCivilians Flee Heavy Fighting in Mosul; 223 Killed in Iraq

ReutersIraqi forces wage psychological war with jihadist corpses

In Brazil…

MirrorBloodthirsty mob takes over city’s streets leaving trail of death and rape after police go on strike

Bolivia next?…

XinhuaBolivia seizes arsenal of weapons from U.S.

Columbia ReportsPEACE IS OVER: Colombia’s paramilitaries embark on full-blown terror campaign

Democracy NowFormer CIA Officer Arrested in Portugal for Kidnapping Cleric

ABC NewsTrump administration withdrew legal memo that found ‘ample legal justification’ to halt Dakota Access pipeline

Zero HedgeDHS Suspends “All Actions” On Trump Travel Ban, Reverses Visa Cancelation; Vows To Fight

It’s Going DownHighly Militarized ICE Raids on California’s Central Coast

Concerning Republican governors’ strategy against Obama’s executive orders on immigration…

Evansville Courier-JournalMike Pence’s redacted emails could head to Indiana Supreme Court

PolizetteSoros Fingerprints All Over Anti-Trump Lawsuits

BreitbartRecords: Soros Fund Execs Funded Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John McCain, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham in 2016

Daily Signal‘Indivisible,’ With Ties to George Soros, Sows Division Against Trump, GOP Lawmakers

Washington Free BeaconTown Hall Project Founded By Former Clinton Staffer

FIREFirst National Survey of ‘Bias Response Teams’ Reveals Growing Threat to Campus Free Speech

Obama = POTUS Gladio, the “stay behind” president…

N.Y. PostHow Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency

(citing Guardian op-ed co-author Rasmea Yousef Odeh) – Meet the terrorist behind the next women’s march

Haute MacabreW.I.T.C.H. PDX: Portland Brings Back The Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell

Zero HedgeInside The Black Bloc: “We’re Gonna Shut It Down… Whatever It Takes”

Wall Street JournalNew Wave of Anti-Semitic Threats Rattle U.S.

AlternetHere Comes the Police State: New Laws Aim for Brutal Crackdown on Protest

SHTFPlanArmy Preps for Urban Warfare in MegaCities: “Mass Migration, Disaster and Inner-City Turmoil”

Washington TimesPentagon plans full-scale demo of TERN; ‘high-endurance’ drones will blanket globe

Intelligence OnlinePeter Thiel has big GEOINT 2.0 plans

Thiel carves niche in US intelligence imagery

GuardianBoston Dynamics unveils ‘nightmare-inducing’ hybrid robot

New York (Bruce Schneier) – Click Here to Kill Everyone

CryptomeSchneier’s Internet Security Agency – bad idea because we don’t know what it will do

TechdirtAmazon AWS S3 outage is breaking things for a lot of websites and apps

ReutersU.S. Homeland Security employees locked out of computer networks: sources

NSA contractor indicted over mammoth theft of classified data

Daily SheepleThe Mystery Of Wikileaks’ Cryptic “Vault 7”: Do You Know What This Means?

WikiLeaksCIA espionage orders for the 2012 French presidential election

ScoutThe Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine

AtlanticThe Mark Zuckerberg Manifesto Is a Blueprint for Destroying Journalism

Free Thought ProjectLeaked Docs Expose Media Matters Conspiring with Facebook & Google to Censor Alternative Media

Would they censor this?…

Wayne Madsen ReportFebruary 17-20, 2017 — Labor pick Acosta part of Epstein-Trump underage sex crime cover-up

Alexander Acosta, President Trump’s pick to replace failed nominee Andrew Puzder as Labor Secretary, has his own political baggage stemming from his actions as U.S. Attorney for Southern Florida in the sweetheart plea deal involving billionaire pederast Jeffrey Epstein. Acosta agreed to a rather unprecedented non-prosecution agreement (NPA) struck with Epstein and his attorneys on October 30, 2007 that saw the federal government waive any future prosecution of Epstein or any of his associates named or unnamed by underage female sexual abuse victims of Epstein. Epstein pleaded guilty to one state of Florida charge of soliciting prostitution from a 14-year old girl.

Although Acosta later mildly criticized the plea deal in an open letter he write in 2011, he did not respond to WMR’s request in January 2015 for an interview on the civil case in which four of Epstein’s victims sued the U.S. government, claiming that the NPA violated their rights under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act. The victims, who are now adults, claimed that the federal government’s NPA with Epstein violated the 2004 CVRA. Acosta was clearly aiming to protect Epstein’s high-powered friends, including the person who just nominated him as Labor Secretary. Acosta’s letter states: “Our judgment in this [Epstein] case, based on the evidence known at the time, was that it was better to have a billionaire serve time in jail, register as a sex offender, and pay his victims restitution than risk a trial with a reduced likelihood of success.” Epstein’s 13-month “jail time” included the stipulation that he only had to stay in prison in the evening and was free to leave during the day. The Palm Beach Police Department was outraged by Epstein’s plea deal.

The NPA was signed on behalf of Acosta by A. Marie Villafana, the then-Assistant U.S. Attorney for Southern Florida who later became the U.S. Attorney under Attorney General Eric Holder. The plea deal with Epstein was concluded after the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami and the FBI investigated Epstein separately from the investigation conducted by the Palm Beach County Police Department and the Florida State Attorney’s Office.  The deal cut between Acosta and Villafana and the state of Florida, which was then under the governorship of Republican Governor Charlie Crist and Republican Attorney-General Bill McCollum stated that the federal government would defer to Florida on the prosecution of Epstein. Acosta went on to become the dean of the law school of Florida International University in Miami.

Flight manifests of Epstein’s Gulfstream jet and Boeing 727 indicate that Epstein’s passengers included a mix of underage sex traffic victims and some of the world’s most powerful politicians and businessmen. These include Bill Clinton, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, Chicago Pritzker family chieftain and Hyatt Hotels executive chairman Thomas Pritzker (the first cousin of President Obama’s Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker), and failed Palm Beach mayoral candidate Gerry Goldsmith. Underage passengers included on the manifest include Virginia Roberts and Cindy Lopez and others listed by their first names: Colleen, Tatianna, Margarita, Carolina, Lisa, Margaret, Dana, Julie, and Jessica. Epstein’s two major “procurers” of underage girls are also frequent flyers on Epstein’s “Pederast Airlines” — Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of the late publishing tycoon and Mossad asset Robert Maxwell, and Sarah Kellen (now Sarah Kensington), the girlfriend of NASCAR driver Brian Vickers. Up to 40 women were identified as being the victims of sexual abuse by Epstein. Court records indicate the number may be higher with one reference to a Jane Doe 103.

In a later lawsuit filed on September 26, 2016 by another Jane Doe, identified as Katie Johnson, it is alleged that there were three additional underage victims of Epstein — as well as Donald Trump — in 1994. They are Jane Doe (Johnson), Joan Doe, and Maria, the latter a 12-year old girl who Jane, Joan, and a third witness, Tiffany Doe, allege may have been “disappeared” by Trump after he sexually assaulted and raped her at the Wexner Mansion in Manhattan.

Epstein pleaded the Fifth Amendment when asked by FBI agents, “Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18?” Epstein also took the Fifth when the FBI asked him: “Have you ever socialized with Bill Clinton in the presence of females under the age of 18?” Fourteen private phone numbers for Trump and members of his family, including his media-shy brother Robert Trump, Robert’s wife Blaine Trump, Donald Trump ex-wife Ivana Trump, and Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, are found in Epstein’s address book. [image]

The Senate Labor Committee has an opportunity to ask Acosta about the Epstein plea deal during his confirmation hearing. However, do not expect committee chairman Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) to proceed down such a road of inquiry. Alexander’s chief of staff, Ryan Loskarn, was arrested at his Washington, DC home in December 13 and found with an entire computer hard disk full of child pornographic videos and photos. Loskarn, who was remanded to his Maryland parents’ custody while awaiting arraignment in federal court in Washington, was found hanging in his parents’ basement in January 2014. The cause of death was determined, without a full autopsy, to have been suicide.

APTrump vows to fight ‘epidemic’ of human trafficking

Wayne Madsen’s comment: Trump should start his anti-trafficking campaign by seizing Jeffrey Epstein’s planes and Little St James Island. But then, Jeff may release the pics, audio & video of the Wexner mansion from 1994.

Tallahassee Democrat12 arrested in high-profile sex sting

One, Michael Chmielewski, was the manager of the Florida House of Representatives page and messenger program who oversaw hundreds of teenagers each legislative session since he was hired in 2012…

In another Florida case, Timothy Sedlak had kiddie porn on his computer and was attempting to access the Clinton Foundation computer network…

ReutersFlorida man pleads guilty in attempted hacking of Clinton Foundation

WaPoDoug Coe, spiritual power broker who convened National Prayer Breakfast, dies at 88

TheIndyChannelTrump administration has draft of Indiana-like RFRA executive order

N.Y. TimesSteve Bannon Carries Battles to Another Influential Hub: The Vatican

See also the Nov. 18, 2016 Church Militant: Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon: Church Militant Must Combat ‘New Dark Age’

Of all things, this – if not more fake news – should earn Trump his impeachment…

TelegraphUnited States could become an ‘associate member’ of the Commonwealth

Free Thought Project – (Wall Street Journal) – Rothschild Bank Now Under Criminal Investigation Over Missing $4 Billion in Global Corruption Probe

Pablo Escobar’s Son Reveals His Dad “Worked for the CIA Selling Cocaine”

ReutersBig U.S. banks to push for easing of money laundering rules

The Local.deGermany moves 100 tonnes of its gold from New York to Frankfurt

OilPrice.comMafia, Guns And Clans: The Big Libyan Oil Heist

Zero HedgeRiot Police And Humvees Move In To Remove Last Remaining Standing Rock Protesters

Daily MailExposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data

Sacramento BeeWater gushes at California’s Lake Oroville dam

Oroville Mercury RegisterFEMA stages at Air Force base, ready to help in Oroville

Barents Observer (citing IRSN) – Radioactive Iodine over Europe first measured in Finnmark

AviationistU.S. Air Force deploys WC-135 nuclear sniffer aircraft to UK as spike of radioactive Iodine levels is detected in Europe

EcoWatch (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.) – Yale University Study Shows Association Between Vaccines and Brain Disorders

Natural NewsExhaustive RAND Corporation review of vaccine side effects finds strong evidence that vaccines cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome, myalgia, seizures, meningitis, encephalitis and more

Updates on old news…

James FetzerSandy Hook: Wolfgang Halbig gains the right of discover because of Lenny’s “no show” in court

Trance-Formation (Cathy O’Brien) – PIZZAGATE, Child trafficking, and MK Ultra

Blacklisted News (1/22/15 Gawker) – Theory: Gawker shut down by PETER THEIL because they published BILL CLINTON and JEFFREY EPSTEIN flight logs

Daily MailSir Edward Heath WAS a paedophile, says police chief: Astonishing claim is made that the former PM is guilty of vile crimes ‘covered up by the Establishment’

Moon of AlabamaThe “Blind Sheik” And The CIA – Media Bury U.S. Support For Radical Islamism

28 PagesSaudi Lobbyists Recruiting Veterans to Kill 9/11 Lawsuit

13 October 1952…

UFO Chronicles –  CIA Memo on ‘Flying Saucers’

TelegraphHundreds of ancient earthworks resembling Stonehenge found in Amazon rainforest

Space.comDiscovery of 7 Earth-Size Exoplanets a ‘Giant Leap’ Forward in Alien-Life Hunt


First Fortnight of POTUS 45

…among our headlines of interest, January into February 2017…

As Donald J. Trump assumes the presidency of the United States, let us revisit his first public reaction to some old news…

Fox5NY (Youtube) – Donald Trump Calls Into WWOR/UPN 9 News on 9/11 – of special note is the discussion at 5:13 in the video of the structural factors relating to the total destruction of World Trade Center towers 1 & 2. Trump suggests that the planes must have been loaded with something more than momentum and jet fuel to have A. penetrated the buildings and B. caused their collapse. One gets the impression that he might have signed up with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Trump had on the campaign trail made frequent reference to the then classified 28 pages of the 2002 congressional investigation of 9/11, wherein the role of the Saudi regime providing support for the attacks is examined…

Blacklisted News (Eric Zuesse) – Al Qaeda Funded by Royal Sauds, U.S. Gov’t. Documents

Since the partial declassification of the chapter, and with the passage of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), the Saudis have been scrambling to improve their PR and to challenge the 9/11 suits coming as a result of the act. One of the law firms contracted to represent the regime in the JASTA cases is King & Spalding (The Hill). It turns out that Trump’s choice for Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Indiana Senator Dan Coats, had previously worked for King & Spalding as co-president of governmental relations (Intelligence Online), and who a “King & Spalding news release once touted to clients as a leading member of its team of ‘Washington insiders'” (as noted in a now deleted Matt Tully op-ed from the Indianapolis Star, preserved at the late Gary Welsh blog, Advance Indiana). Following his stint as ambassador to Germany in 2005, Coats was with King & Spalding up until his successful 2010 run for the Senate, where he served one term, without running again in 2016 (AP). With King & Spalding, Coats lobbied for funding Saudi industrial training programs in 2009 on behalf of the Festo Corporation (N.Y. Times, pg. 6) and for Lockheed Martin on a variety of issues including provisions pertaining to Foreign Sales Corporation taxation, Export control and International Taxation issues, along with the F-22 multi-year program (ibid, pgs. 8/9). Weapons sales to Arab nations were something of an issue at the time that Coats was lobbying (7/30/07 CBS News) and Coats evidently persuaded some of his former and future Senate colleagues to lift the export ban of the F-22 (9/10/09 Reuters). His efforts paid off for Lockheed – 4/30/12  Defensetech: F-22s Are Back in the Middle East.

Amidst this backdrop, consider this evasively direct statement on Saudi Arabia in Trump’s Jan. 26 interview on FOX News

HANNITY: Do you trust the Saudis? Over the years, I would argue they’ve been very duplicitous.

TRUMP: Yes. I don’t want to tell you about that. I don’t like talking about how I feel about people because I don’t want to be put in that position. I hope I get along with everybody. But it’s possible I won’t.  A lot of money is being spent from certain countries on radicalizing people. I don’t like that. I don’t like that.

He doesn’t want to talk about it, but between the lines the message is clear – he doesn’t like the Saudi regime arming jihadists and funding Wahhabi madrassas around the world. 9/11 is perhaps deeper behind the lines of his veiled threat. Not that the Saudis are alone in culpability for the attacks, but their role is made clear in the 28 pages, including the still redacted passages which presumably Trump can now read for himself. One of the Saudi royals implicated is Prince Bandar, who was close enough to the Bush family to be nick-named “Bandar Bush” – see WxxxNews: Of Riggs, Bandar and Bush on this relationship.

Although it might be said that Donald Trump effectively hi-jacked the Republican Party through his populist campaign and victories in the primaries, RNC convention, and general election, becoming POTUS 45 itself could not be done without the aid of certain Republican insiders, not least of which is the Vice President, Mike Pence, and the pick for DNI which likely was made in order to satisfy Pence. As we note above, however, Dan Coats will have back-channels to one of the law firms which is representing the Saudis in the 9/11 suits, and perhaps to the Saudis themselves. These may be used to Trump’s advantage against the Saudis, but they could also be a viaduct for sabotaging such efforts.

It cannot go without saying moreover that Trump himself has his own vested interest in “getting along” with the Saudi royals, so long as they remain in power. This is being raised as to why Saudi Arabia (from which the majority of 9/11 hi-jackers were nationals) has not been included on Trump’s immigration ban list…

FortuneThese Countries with Business Links to Trump Aren’t Part of His Immigration Ban

As it is, the readout of the first official communication between POTUS 45 and King Salman (White House) does not tell us as much as does this…

UPIState Dept. approves $525 million aerostat sale to Saudi Arabia

Keep an eye on how Lockheed fares against others, e.g. Boeing, as the Trump administration proceeds…

USNI NewsMattis Orders Comparison Review of F-35C and Advanced Super Hornet

Zero HedgeTrump Strikes Deal With Lockheed, Asks “Where Was The Outrage When Jobs Were Fleeing”

In other news, it has been a tumultuous first fortnight of the Trump presidency…

The battle of D.C. – some blood, property destruction, but no fatalities (see also the Feb. 1 battle of Berkeley below)…

ReutersViolence flares in Washington during Trump inauguration

CNSNewsVIDEO: Anti-Trump Protestors Vandalize Businesses, Cars, Kiosks in D.C.

WJLALimo set on fire during Inauguration Day protests in D.C.

It’s Going Down#DISRUPTJ20 Report Back: The Logan Circle Black Bloc

AlternetWATCH: White Nationalist Richard Spencer Sucker-Punched in the Face During Trump Inauguration

@FuxNetYou think only the right has guns & knows how to use them? Y’all in for a big surprise.

Gateway PunditLeft-Wing Domestic Terrorist Charged with Conspiracy for Plotting Attacks on DeploraBall

CBS NewsMost protesters arrested on Inauguration Day will face felony rioting charges, federal prosecutors say

The SunTRUMP’S CCTV SCARE Brit arrested after cyber attack launched on Washington DC’s CCTV network days before Donald Trump’s inauguration

Since offer of fellatio for votes to Hillary didn’t work…

N.Y. Daily NewsMadonna to crowd at Women’s March: ‘I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House’

N. Y. Times (Asra Q. Nomani) – Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington

Fort Russ (translating ruslanostashko LiveJournal) – It’s begun: America’s Maidan rears its head – Ruslan Ostashko

And finally, the scene we anticipated in our early May edition

InfowarsFull Text, Video: President Trump’s Inaugural Speech

LaRouchePACTrump’s Arrival Is a Global Development, Deny It Though He May

Whatever disasters may follow – short of global war – this in itself, among the first of his actions, is the most significant achievement of the Trump presidency – a repelling of the onset of corporate suzerainty over the rule of law of nations…

NikkeiUS announces withdrawal from TPP

NewsbudTPP is Now Even Deader Than Ever Thanks to Trump

PoliticoTrump staff arrives at the White House

All of Trump’s executive actions so far

FOX NewsIn first executive order, Trump tells agencies to ease ObamaCare burden

Free Thought ProjectTrump Signs Executive Order Freezing All Federal Hiring — “Except for Military”

McClatchyDCTrump team compiles infrastructure priority list

NBC NewsTrump to Sign Executive Order on Plan to Renegotiate NAFTA With Mexico, Canada

CNBCMexican president says he canceled meeting with Trump, who maintains the decision was mutual

IntellihubMexican President was funded by the Juarez Cartel and that’s why he is against the Trump border plan

SHTFPlanMexican Official Threatens to Combat President Trump By “Unleashing Drug Cartels”

RT‘Nonsense & downright lie:’ Mexico denies Trump threatened to send troops against ‘bad hombres’

ReutersMexico deports 91 Cubans after U.S. ends ‘wet foot, dry foot’

BreitbartObama’s Border Patrol Chief ‘Forced Out’, He Says

ABC NewsProtesters Take Control of Mexican Border Crossing With US

Wall Street JournalHigh Court Precedent May Limit Trump’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Order

World Socialist Web SiteTrump nominates ultra-right justice to US Supreme Court

News.com.au (WaPo) Trump ‘doesn’t care about Australia’, say journalists behind Washington Post exclusive

3:34 AM EST…

@realDonaldTrumpThank you to Prime Minister of Australia for telling the truth about our very civil conversation that FAKE NEWS media lied about. Very nice!

Trump State Department was off to a rough start…

Reuters (Jan. 19) – Trump to keep 50 staff in key posts at Pentagon, State, others

The HillDiplomats, spy stepping down despite being asked to stay

As of Jan. 26, it is an entirely clean slate…

Washington PostThe State Department’s entire senior administrative team just resigned

And yet, has the fundamental policy been expelled? Or is it to be amplified in dealing with unfinished business?…

N.Y. TimesTrump Embraces Pillars of Obama’s Foreign Policy

(which, we might add, embraced key pillars of Bush’s foreign policy)

AntiwarReport: Trump to Ban Citizens of Seven Countries Visiting US

All being targets of the neocon regime change hit-list….

Anti-MediaThe U.S. Had a Plan to Topple All 7 Countries on Trump’s Refugee Ban List

National Iranian American CouncilTrump’s Muslim Ban is Real and Even Worse Than Imagined

N.Y. TimesProtest Grows ‘Out of Nowhere’ at Kennedy Airport After Iraqis Are Detained

BloombergConfusion Grips Airports as Courts Limit Trump Travel Curbs

It’s Going DownProtests Breakout at Airports Against Trump’s Immigration Ban

Wayne Madsen ReportJanuary 30-31, 2017 — UPDATE 1X — A week in office, Trump brings on constitutional crisis

At airports across the world and at immigration checkpoints at airports across the United States, permanent U.S. residents were held in detention and some were put on planes back to their points of travel origination. When five federal judges issued temporary stays on the implementation of Trump’s executive order, the White House balked. For some reason, the Trump administration believes the judiciary is subservient to the executive branch. It took one federal judge, John Sirica, the chief judge for the United States District Court for the District of Columbia and a Republican nominated by Dwight Eisenhower, to show President Richard Nixon that his “imperial presidency” stopped with the federal judiciary. Sirica, who was a close personal friend of former heavyweight boxing star Jack Dempsey, went several rounds in court with the Nixon administration over the Watergate scandal. In the end, Sirica delivered a knockout punch to several of Nixon’s closest advisers and, eventually, Nixon resigned in disgrace…

The second Trump executive order that has turned the White House upside down is his dictate to demote the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence from members of the “Principals Committee” of the National Security Council. The Principals Committee, which normally include both the JCS chair and DNI, normally meet once a week. In fact, JCS chairman, Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, and DNI-designate Dan Coats, have been relegated to the rank of NSC “deputies.” The NSC “Deputies Committee” meets more often than the principals but they carry much less clout. Former CIA director and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told NBC News: “My biggest concern is there are actually, under the law, only two statutory advisers to the National Security Council and that’s the Director of Central Intelligence, or the DNI, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I think pushing them out of the National Security Council meetings, except when their specific issues are at stake, is a big mistake.” In other words, Trump’s order removed the two NSC members whose membership is based on the law. It is strike two for Trump, as far as his ignorance of the law is concerned.

There are reports that two of Trump’s closest advisers — chief of staff Reince Priebus and press secretary Sean Spicer — have come close to resigning from a White House they believe is operating by the seat of its pants.

In what might be considered strike three, Trump elevated his political counselor Bannon to the Principles Committee of the NSC. George W. Bush’s counselor Karl Rove and Obama’s counselor David Axelrod sat in on a few NSC meetings but they were not members nor were they permitted to speak.

The NSC decision by Trump did not sit well with General Dunford’s old Marine Corps colleague, retired General James “Mad Dog” Mattis. There are rumblings in the Pentagon that Mattis is not at all pleased that his four-star Marine colleague has essentially been replaced on the NSC by Bannon, whose highest rank in the Navy was Lieutenant. At the Washington elite Alfalfa Club dinner on the evening of January 29, Mattis’s unhappiness over the treatment of Dunford was the talk of the gossip circuit as was General John Kelly’s irate reaction to the implementation of a visa ban order at Homeland Security over which he had zero input. White House sources at the dinner told The Atlantic’s Steve Clemons that the visa ban was ordered not to be discussed with anyone outside the White House or, as was the case with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), even within the White House…

There were early concerns about Trump placing so many generals in the Cabinet. So far, the generals — Mattis and Kelly, with the addition of Dunford at JCS — may be the only people standing between a would-be dictator and the U.S. Constitution. The clock had longer to tick out on Nixon. Trump’s fast-moving clock toward impeachment is now at September 1973 in Nixonian terms.

Update 1x: U.S. District Judge for the Central District of California Dolly Gee became the sixth federal judge to block Trump’s executive order on deportations. She ordered the immediate return to the United States of Iranian national Ali Vayeghan, a U.S. visa holder, who was deported from Los Angeles to Dubai. Vayeghan was en route to see his son, a U.S. citizen, in Indiana. Gee ruled that Trump’s immigration ban violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution. Trump’s order also resulted in acting Attorney General of the United States Sally Yates proclaiming that the Justice Department would not defend Trump’s order in court as it is a violation of the Constitution and the Immigration and Nationality Act. Judge Gee was nominated by President Obama and she was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in December 2009. Yates is a non-partisan career Justice Department prosecutor. If Trump fires Yates prior to the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Trump sets the stage for the greatest constitutional crisis since the “Saturday Night Massacre” of October 1973 when President Nixon fired his Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General for refusing to sack the Watergate special prosecutor on Nixon’s orders.

Later that evening, he fired her…

BloombergTrump Fires Acting Attorney General, Deepening U.S. Immigration Conflict

Cryptome – Darweesh v. Trump Immigrant Detention Stay/Docket

Wall Street JournalTrump Team Kept Plan for Travel Ban Quiet

InterceptHomeland Security Inspector General Opens Investigation of Muslim Ban, Orders Document Preservation

N.Y. TimesBannon Is Given Security Role Usually Held for Generals

Foreign PolicyTrump Advisor Bannon Predicts Wars With China, Middle East; Pentagon Officials Say Gloves Off in Yemen

ABC NewsPresident Trump Tells ABC News’ David Muir He ‘Absolutely’ Thinks Waterboarding Works

Matthew Aid (AP) – CIA’s New Deputy Director, Gina Haspel, Ran a Secret Prison in Thailand Where Detainees Were Tortured

His first blood…

U.S. Department of DefenseU.S., Coalition Continue Strikes Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq

Guardian (Jan. 22) – Suspected US drone strikes kill three al-Qaida suspects in Yemen, officials say

Alert 5 (Jan. 29 L.A. Times) – Osprey destroyed; U.S. soldier killed during raid in Yemen

ReutersCommando dies in U.S. raid in Yemen, first military op OK’d by Trump

The U.S. military said it killed 14 militants in a raid on a powerful al Qaeda branch that has been a frequent target of U.S. drone strikes. Medics at the scene, however, said around 30 people, including 10 women and children, were killed…

Eight-year-old Anwar al-Awlaki [sic – Nawar, or Nora ], the daughter of U.S.-born Yemeni preacher and al Qaeda ideologue Anwar al-Awlaki, was among the children killed in the raid, according to her grandfather. Her father was killed in a U.S. drone strike in 2011.

“She was hit with a bullet in her neck and suffered for two hours,” Nasser al-Awlaki told Reuters. “Why kill children? This is the new (U.S.) administration – it’s very sad, a big crime.”

But it was a left-over from the old administration…

N.Y. Times

The military’s Joint Special Operations Command had been planning the mission for months, according to three senior American officials. Obama administration aides had deliberated extensively over the proposed operation, weighing the value of any information that might be recovered against the risk to the Special Operations forces plunging into hostile territory. But administration officials ultimately opted to hand the decision on the mission to their successors.

ABC NewsAl-Qaeda Fighters in Yemen Seemed Ready for SEAL Raid: Source

Given his suspected Wahhabist leanings – see our Dec. 27 edition – the question can be asked: did the foreknowledge come from the former CIA director John Brennan? His parting shot to Trump? Not that efforts to sabotage won’t continue as he enters the private sector.

Regardless, the raid and its casualties fall under the epitaph of “nightmares we inherited” (Richard Nixon’s words, in answer to Mrs. Dickerson, towards the end [22] of his Jan. 4, ’71 press conference – The American Presidency Project).  As Nixon inherited Viet Nam, as Kennedy inherited the Bay of Pigs, as Obama inherited Afghanistan and Iraq, Trump has inherited the nightmare of “war without end” – not just one or two wars, but multiple wars in addition to Afghanistan and Iraq, which though deescalated under Obama, have been supplemented with wars in Libya and Syria among other theaters including Yemen.

Trump has quickly joined then the gallery of war criminal presidents, inclusive of every president since FDR (with the possible exceptions of Ford and Carter). Among Obama’s crimes was the the targeted assassination of U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki, without due process as afforded by the U.S. Constitution. As we recall, the domestic mainstream media were apologists when Obama killed Awlaki along with, albeit as ‘collateral damage’ later on, his 16 year old son Abdulrahman (if it was reported at all). But perhaps one of the benefits of the Trump presidency is that the same media shall again become adversarial, as the First Amendment intended it to be…

NBC NewsSEAL, American Girl Die in First Trump-Era U.S. Military Raid

ThereAreNoSunglasses  – Photo of Dead Nora, from the Facebook page devoted to Nawar al Awlaki

CBC News (Jan. 30) – U.S. drone kills 2 suspected al-Qaeda militants in Yemen

LiveLeakAl Madinah Yemen: Houthis Target Saudi Navy Al-Madinah Class Frigate

FOX NewsIran tests ballistic missile in defiance of UN resolution, US officials say

(Jan. 31) – Pentagon believes attack on Saudi frigate meant for US warship

Zero Hedge (Feb. 1) – Gen. Flynn: “Today We Are Officially Putting Iran On Notice”

Reuters (Feb. 2) – ‘Nothing is off the table’ for Iran: Trump

Middle East Eye (Feb. 3) – US imposes new sanctions on Iran and sends warship to coast of Yemen

Mint Press NewsStrange Bedfellows: US, Saudi, Al-Qaida & ISIS Interests Align In War On Yemen

Activist PostBBC Journalist Admits MSM “Journalist” Bilal Abdul Kareem “Works With al-Qaeda”

BBCUK warship escorts Russian carrier in English Channel

APTrump willing to work with Russia against IS

Radio Free Europe/Radio LibertyPentagon Denies Russian Claims About Coordinated Strikes In Syria

President of RussiaTelephone conversation with US President Donald Trump

ReutersTrump says he is only in early stages of considering lifting Russia sanctions

Notwithstanding, the tanks are still rolling East…

Estonian worldThe US is to deploy tanks to Estonia

Zero HedgeGermany Deploys Tanks, Troops To Lithuania To “Bolster Confidence In Face Of Russian Aggression”

Russia Launches Biggest Arctic Military Expansion Since Fall Of USSR

Putin Accuses Ukraine Of Violence Flare Up, Extorting Cash From US; Trump Response Awaited

Fort Russ (translating Süddeutsche Zeitung) – Though Merkel makes nice, Germany knows what’s going on it Donetsk

(translating DONiPRESS) – Ukraine persists in heavy bombardments on residential areas. Evacuations underway.

Moon of AlabamaUkraine – Coup Government Tries To Sabotage U.S.-Russia Rapprochement

BloombergThe One Russian Linking Putin, Erdogan and Trump

Mixed signals as to whether Trump’s national security advisor is still under investigation for his communications with Russia…

LawfareWhat Do We Know About Investigations Into Trump Associates’ Ties to Russia?

Washington PostFlynn is in quite a fix

InterceptSeymour Hersh Blasts Media for Uncritically Promoting Russian Hacking Story

But do keep Hersh’s LRB Military to Military in mind…

The New Arab (citing Arabic Rudaw) – Russia-drafted new constitution for Syria promises Kurds greater autonomy

Al MonitorWhy did Russia offer autonomy for Syria’s Kurds?

Activist PostTrump Administration Arming Kurdish Militants; U.S. And Russia Float Kurdish Autonomy In Syria

Zero HedgeUS Sends Military Supplies To Syrian Alliance In First Under Trump Admin

Trump Proposal For Syria “Safe Zones” To Escalate US Military Involvement In The Region

Speculation Grows That Bashar Assad Has “Suffered A Stroke” As Syria Slams Trump’s “Safe Zone” Proposal

Penny for your thoughtsTrumps Syrian Safe Zones: Trouble for Turkey & Syria / Undermining Astana Agreement

ReutersGermany refuses Turkish demand for access to imagery from campaign against Islamic State

Counter Current NewsTrump Tells CIA “We’ll Get Another Chance” at Invading Iraq and Stealing Its Oil

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD45’s Lessons From The Surge

Daily SheepleIntelligence Report Reveals US Urged Saddam Hussein to Attack Syria

Global ResearchTrump’s “War on Terrorism”: Going After America’s “Intelligence Assets”?

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Reuters) – Bandar’s Boy, Ahmad Jarba, Claims To Lead Arab Assault Force Upon Raqqa

DEBKAfileFirst Trump era war? Serbia versus Muslim Kosovo

21st Century Wire“There are NO Moderates”, Tulsi Gabbard’s Report from Syria

Moon of AlabamaThe End Of Mingling – “Moderate Rebels” Join Al-Qaeda In Syria

Al MonitorUS strike rekindles debate over Trump plans for Libya

Reuters – Trump, Sisi discuss fighting terrorism in phone call

Israel advises citizens in Egypt’s Sinai to leave, cites attack risk

Nararnet2 Lebanese, 2 Nepalese and 1 Palestinian Held for Spying for Israel

Al ArabiyaUkraine seizes Iran-bound plane ‘carrying missiles’

Al MonitorNetanyahu’s road to Iran runs through North Korea

APIsraeli leader to Iran: “We are your friend, not your enemy”

Al MonitorIsraeli security establishment to Netanyahu: Don’t touch Iran deal

BloombergNetanyahu to Discuss Renewed Sanctions on Iran With Trump

IndependentDonald Trump in ‘beginning stages’ of discussing plan to relocate US Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, White House confirms

N.Y. TimesEmboldened by Trump, Israel Approves a Wave of West Bank Settlement Expansion

Alert 5 (mda.mil) – Fifth test of David’s Sling carried out successfully

HMS Vengeance for 1776? 1812?…

(BBC, The Times) – British Trident SLBM veered off course towards U.S. during test-firing

BTObama government asked UK to keep Trident ‘malfunction’ secret – reports

With change of administration,  is The Donald sending Her Majesty a message?…

The SunSWAN SLAYINGS Twelve of Queen’s swans have been SHOT in the head by sick snipers targeting them at Windsor Castle

Amid hopes of deescalation of U.S. tensions with Russia, shall another old rivalry be revived?…

RT (citing Global Times) – China reportedly deploys ICBMs near Russia’s border

Fort Russ (translating ruslanostashko LiveJournal) – Chinese missiles on Russia’s border: The West’s newest information war ploy

Washington Free BeaconChina Tests Missile With 10 Warheads

South China Morning PostChina ‘steps up preparedness for possible military conflict with US’

Global Research (Bruce Gagnon) – Space Technology, Global Warfare, The Pentagon “First Strike Attack Plans”. Growing US Military Presence in “Asia-Pacific Pivot”

ReutersPhilippines says U.S. military to upgrade bases, defense deal intact

Yonhap News AgencyU.S. asks S. Korea to arrest ex-U.N. chief’s brother

Mattis: None other than N. Korea needs to worry about THAAD

UPIReport: Two North Korea ICBMs placed in position

38 NorthIran’s Missile Test: Getting the Facts Straight on North Korea’s Cooperation

Voice of AmericaPakistan Tests Ballistic Missile Capable of Carrying Multiple Nuclear Warheads

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Danikbaskrkcom) – Hafiz Saeed Allegedly Arrested In Pakistan Under Pressure From Trump

Xinhua16 police killed in S. Afghanistan’s Kandahar province

APExtremist gunmen storm hotel in Somali capital, 11 killed

IHS Janes 360Kenyan base overrun in Somalia

Strategic-Culture (Wayne Madsen) – ‘Billion-year’ Gambian President Was Installed by the CIA

Globalists/Neocons Prepare to Battle Russia and United States

Wayne Madsen ReportJanuary 25-26, 2017 — Trump quietly orders Pompeo to sever all CIA ties with George Soros

Under the administrations of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, it was not unusual for Central Intelligence Agency station chiefs in capital cities around the world to coordinate political activities between Open Society Institute (OSI) “civil society” staffers financed by hedge fund billionaire George Soros and members of governments and opposition political parties. However, according to WMR’s sources in Europe, all that ceased when Donald Trump’s selection as CIA director, Mike Pompeo, took over the reins at the CIA.

Trump ordered Pompeo to sever all CIA connections with Soros’s multitude of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Most of these links were carried out via the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), longtime ciphers for CIA involvement with NGO activities abroad. A more recent U.S. government-funded entity, the US Institute of Peace, has also carried out subversive operations in concert with the CIA…

A number of political leaders in eastern Europe and Eurasia, including the prime ministers of Hungary and Slovakia and the presidents of the Czech Republic, Serbia, and Macedonia, have complained about the coordination of activities on their soil between the CIA, Soros, and domestic opposition groups. It was this sort of coordination that led to anti-democratic “color revolutions” in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Macedonia that led to the ouster of democratically-elected governments.

In a more “cloak-and-dagger” move, the CIA, which has closely monitored groups acting against the activities of Soros and warned them of threats when necessary, has dropped that surveillance, according to our sources. That means Soros and his minions of “Sorosites” are now fair game for intelligence agencies ranging from Budapest, Podgorica, and Bucharest to Chisinau, Minsk, and Skopje. George Soros may now have to make one more “investment” — the hiring of capable personal body guards.

He’s now targeting Romania evidently…

Fort RussMassive protests rock Romania … with the stench of Soros

IndependentDutch regulator accidentally reveals which companies George Soros is betting against

CBSIntel officials say Trump’s visit to CIA headquarters was “uncomfortable”

CNNEx-CIA chief Brennan bashes Trump over speech during CIA visit

IntelNewsSome at CIA wonder whether to share sources and methods with Trump

Empty WheelThe Problems with Pompeo: A Willingness to Use Information on Americans Russia Hacked and Shared with Trump

Ronald Thomas WestTrump’s DNI – A Dire Wolf for Jesus

Intercept (Jeremy Scahill) – Notorious Mercenary Erik Prince Is Advising Trump From the Shadows

N.Y. Times  – Trump Poised to Lift Ban on C.I.A. ‘Black Site’ Prisons

Zero HedgeWhite House Denies Authenticity Of Leaked Executive Order To Reopen CIA “Black Site” Prisons

Another retraction – we linked this in our previous edition; it is becoming quite exhausting as a news aggregator to do the fact checking that these so-called journalists are lapsing on!…

Daily CallerTrump Calls Out Time Magazine For Fake News Story About Removing MLK Bust From Oval Office

IG Investigating Obama Admin Cyber Attacks On Georgia Election System

The HillWH: Trump will sign directive on voter-fraud probe

Ars TechnicaAjit Pai, staunch opponent of consumer protection rules, is now FCC chair

Daily SheepleGreat News for Net Neutrality: Trump Selects Ajit Pai to Head FCC

PoliticoMelania Trump wins round in libel suit over blogger’s ‘escort’ claims

EngadgetTrump signs executive order stripping non-citizens of privacy rights

TechdirtAfter Voting To ‘Escape’ EU Sovereignty, Post-Brexit UK Will Become Subject To Corporate Sovereignty On A Massive Scale

Just SecurityA New Era of Mass Surveillance is Emerging Across Europe

Der Spiegel (RT English) – Sadistische Rituale bei der Kampfsanitäter-Ausbildung

Climate DepotAll References to ‘Climate Change’ Deleted From White House Website at Noon Today (Inauguration Day)

Huffington PostEPA Freezes Grants, Tells Employees Not To Talk About It, Sources Say

TruthoutMonsanto, EPA Seek to Keep Talks Secret on Glyphosate Cancer Review

Blacklisted News (Max Planck Institute) – Genetically Modified Insects Could Put Organic Farmers At Risk And Disrupt International Food Trade

APMars investigating Skittles said to be intended for cattle

Free Thought ProjectTrump Signs Executive Order Forcing Continuation of DAPL & Keystone XL

While Americans Focus on DC, Cops Unleash Fury During DAPL Water Protector Eviction

Standing Rock Tribal Council Betrays Water Protectors, Sends In Cops

Zero HedgeDakota Access Pipeline Set For Completion After Army Approval

Alaska IndigenousFederally Recognized Tribes Should Brace For Possible Termination Policy Under Trump

BloombergPutin’s Other American Propaganda Effort: Anti-Fracking News

Infowars (Jerome Corsi) – Moscow Trains Anti-Trump US Radicals – CNN’s Putin/Trump Link Debunked

The battle of Berkeley…

It’s Going DownBerkeley: Clashes Break Out Against Alt-Right and Milo

We Are ChangeHIGHLIGHTS: Violent Protesters Force Cancellation of Milo Yiannopoulous Speech at UC Berkeley

Live LeakAnti Milo (AntiFa) Protesters Break Into Berkeley Bank

@KGBVeteranMilo supporter is beaten unconscious with poles by ANTIFA scum and left for dead in the street.

@MisterMetokurThey are surrounding people and beating them with Antifa flags and poles.

@CernovichReports of “antifa” threatening to rape female Trump supporters.

@YoungDems4TrumpI watched live as a young girl was beat down & pepper sprayed by three men at UC Berkeley. They kicked her ribs in and stole her hat.

@PrinceNarcissusPolice scanner of @UCPD_Cal is dead quiet, literally nothing. Turmoil and chaos on the streets, 3 banks looted. Quit

BreitbartDonald Trump Threatens to Cancel Berkeley Federal Funds After Riots Shut Down Milo Event

3:48 AM…

@realDonaldTrumpProfessional anarchists, thugs and paid protesters are proving the point of the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Earlier in Milo’s “dangerous faggot” tour…

Zero HedgeMan Shot Outside University of Washington MILO Event, Gunman Spoke On Camera Minutes Before

Industrial Workers of the WorldShooter of unarmed anti-racist walks free; authorities silent

Victoria Advocate (Texas) – Investigators search for cause of mosque fire

CBC NewsQuebec City mosque attack suspect Alexandre Bissonnette charged with 6 counts of 1st-degree murder

Penny form your thoughtsQuebec Shooting: “White Privilege” Identity Politics & Dylann Roof Replay

Delaware OnlineTwo-day Smyrna, Delaware prison siege leaves one dead

Chicago TribuneShootings, homicides in Chicago both higher than start of violent 2016

@realDonaldTrumpIf Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible “carnage” going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds!

NBC Chicago6 Shot at Memorial For Victim of Chicago Gun Violence

CBS ChicagoOhio Pastor Claims Chicago Gangs Want To Work With Trump To Fight Crime

Black Agenda ReportTrump Will Probably Dump Police Department “Consent Decrees”

InterceptSecret Docs Reveal: President Trump Has Inherited an FBI With Vast Hidden Powers

N.Y. TimesTrump Is Said to Keep James Comey as F.B.I. Director

Dallas NewsThe FBI ran a child porn site to catch predators, and now the accused are crying foul

“Pizzagate” still alive…

N. Y. PostAnthony Weiner may get slapped with child pornography charge

Daily MailPedophile Jeffrey Epstein is accused of luring an underage girl into his elaborate sex trafficking enterprise under the guise of using his wealth and connections to get her into a prestige NYC college


Correction to the following headline: technically, it is CBS affiliate reporter Ben Swann, who indeed has been a noble journalist covering otherwise verboten subjects over his career at various local network affiliates around the country, from El Paso to Cincinnati to Atlanta’s CBS46

Illegal NewsCBS Reporter Ben Swann Under Massive CIA/Media Targeted Harassment and Threats for Exposing Their Pizzagate Child Trafficking Network to Millions of Americans

Rense (Yoichi Shimatsu) – The Clinton Imbroglio In Haiti-Balkan Black Magic – PizzaGate 10

Zero HedgeThe Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Attempted To Ignore/Cover It Up

(citing Коммерсантъ, translation at ThereAreNoSunglasses) – Head Of Investigations At Russia’s Biggest Cybersecurity Firm Arrested For Treason

Empty WheelOn Russian Treason

ThereAreNoSunglassesKaspersky’s War On Crowdstrike Evangelist Dmitri Alperovitch

Wall Street JournalKey Claims in Trump Dossier Said to Come From Head of Russian-American Business Group

SputnikWikiLeaks Prompts Hackers to Leak Trump’s Tax Returns

RTAssange ‘stands by’ US extradition offer, promises ‘big publishing year ahead’

@wikileaksReward for the killers of Seth Rich is now $130,000

Absolutely delusional…

Edward KleinHillary: “I’ll Be Back!”

[Why won’t Ed approve our comment?: The woman is delusional. While she still has a few dead-ender defenders, most of the sentiment coming fro the left is that of anger for her DNC stealing of the nomination from Bernie. Besides all that, she must be in denial about her health. Please, just fade into the sunset…]

Daily MailPedophile Jeffrey Epstein is accused of luring an underage girl into his elaborate sex trafficking enterprise under the guise of using his wealth and connections to get her into a prestige NYC college

ABA JournalFormer House Speaker Hastert seeks repayment of hush money

IndependentMark Zuckerberg sues hundreds of Hawaii families to force them to sell their land

McClatchyDCProtesters set to gather at border wall — of Mark Zuckerberg’s Hawaiian estate

Waking TimesRothschild Family Wealth is Five Times that of World’s Top 8 Billionaires Combined

Zero HedgeGreece Is In Trouble Again: Bonds, Stocks Plunge As Bailout Talks Collapse; IMF Sees “Explosive” Debt

Wall Street on ParadeCitigroup’s Crime Spree Against Americans Continues With Slaps on the Wrist

Wall Street JournalDonald Trump Plans to Undo Dodd-Frank Law, Fiduciary Rule

The Economic CollapseIs It Just A Coincidence That The Dow Has Hit 20,000 At The Same Time The National Debt Is Reaching $20 Trillion?

New YorkerDoomsday Prep for the Super-Rich

ENE NewsExperts: US hit with sudden spikes of rare radioactive material from Fukushima — Has 15.7 Million year half life — “Orders of magnitude” rise in levels on West Coast — Much higher amounts than were detected near Fukushima plant just after 3/11

Japan TimesNuclear fuel debris that penetrated reactor pressure vessel possibly found at Fukushima No. 1

Extremely deadly radiation reading, huge hole found in grate under Fukushima No. 1 reactor vessel

N.Y. TimesNew Prospects for Growing Human Replacement Organs in Animals

GuardianOrganisms created with synthetic DNA pave way for entirely new life forms – citing…

PNASA semisynthetic organism engineered for the stable expansion of the genetic alphabet

ScienceProposed U.S. biotech rules raise industry hopes and anxieties

Independent.ieNASA ‘cuts live feed from international space station’ after mysterious object appears on camera

[Editor’s note: with other projects having fallen into neglect, our regular aggregating of headlines shall be less intensive in coming editions. We will aim at resuming monthly, rather than fortnightly editions.]

Did Turkey hack the laptop?… Obama/Brennan flailing in final days of admin… Weapons cache found by C&O canal days before the battle of D.C… much, much more…

…among our headlines of interest, early to mid January 2017 [updated to final hours of Obama term]…

Roger Stone made an assertion in his Jan. 10 appearance on the Alex Jones Show (via Youtube) that would appear to be a scoop.

“I know for a fact that Turkish intelligence has the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner 650,000 email record because their intelligence service obtained it.”

It had been revealed with the release of the search warrant application of Oct. 30 (at Cryptome) that the FBI believed Weiner’s laptop had been hacked, though it is unspecified by whom, as reported by…

New York PostFeds accessed Huma’s laptop because it might have been hacked

On Stone’s role in “pizzagate,” others are now asking the questions we first raised…

Fitzpatrick InformerRoger Stone concocted Pizzagate for Trump? – our links are in comments

Voat (deadly_nightshade) – what’s the source for the pedophile code

Yoichi Shimatsu is collating much of the Voat material into an extensive series at…

RenseCloud Over Amazon WaPost And
Trumped-Up In Moscow – Pizza 9

Capriccio For A Sausage Fest By Chef Alefantis – PizzaGate 8

Shimatsu Exlclusive – Pedophile Savile Haunts NY Times – PizzaGate 7

Shimatsu Exlclusive – Strange Days In The
Snopes-DHS-ICE Underworld – PizzaGate 6

Shimatsu Exlclusive – For Anyone Who Still Believes Snopes Is An Abuse Victim – PizzaGate 5

Shimatsu Exlclusive – Pedophile Savile Haunts NY Times – PizzaGate 7

Shimatsu Exlclusive – Strange Days In The Snopes-DHS-ICE Underworld – PizzaGate 6

Shimatsu Exlclusive – For Anyone Who Still Believes Snopes Is An Abuse Victim – PizzaGate 5

Clintons, Soros Implicated In Norway Child Porn & Macedonia Fake News – PIzzaGate 4

Shimatsu Exlclusive – It Takes A Spillage…Of Blood…To Awaken PizzaGate 3

Shimatsu Exlclusive – Are The PizzaGate Pimps For The Global Elite Up To Snuff? – Pizzagate 2

Is this the Clinton payback to Stone?…

Sunshine State NewsRoger Stone’s Bizarre Poisoning and the Russian Hacking Connection

If Stone is correct about Turkey hacking the Weiner/Abedin laptop, was this bloody start of the new year a Brennan/Obama payback?…

MirrorChilling CCTV from Istanbul nightclub massacre that left 39 dead ‘shows gunman in Santa outfit prowling amid debris’

Hurriyet Daily News (citing Habertürk) – Istanbul nightclub attacker arrived in Turkey from Syria

Daily SabahReina nightclub attacker who killed 39 nabbed in Istanbul

Yeni Şafak (Tamer Korkmaz) – The attacker in Ortaköy is the American State of Terror

NBC NewsIstanbul Nightclub Attack Involved Intelligence Organization: Turkey

Turks Turn Down U.S. Military Help in Syria, Accept Russian Aid Instead

TASSRussia, Turkey conducting first joint air operation against Islamic State

Wall Street JournalU.S. Pilots See Close Calls With Russian Jets Over Syria

ThereAreNoSunglassesWas Denial of Air Support To Turkey In Al Bab “The Last Straw” For Incirlik?

Penny for your thoughtsErdogan And The Geopolitical Box Of Pandora

Moon of AlabamaHow The U.S. Enabled ISIS To Take Deir Ezzor

ISIS, Al-Qaeda And The U.S. Airforce Wage War On Syria’s Public Utilities

U.S./UK Paid “White Helmets” Help Blocking Water To 5 Million Thirsty Syrians

In Terris“Russian-Syrian offensive in the region of Palmyra” The chief of staff Rudskoi: “The Caliphate has moved a large quantity of explosives to destroy the artistic heritage of the city”

Syrian Arab News AgencyISIS destroys the façade of the Roman Theatre and Tetrapylon in Palmyra… UNESCO condemns

Israeli enemy launched several rockets on the western perimeter of Mezze Damascus airport

Zero HedgeIsraeli Jets Bomb Damascus Military Airport; Syria Vows It Will Respond To “Flagrant Attack”

DEBKAfileAt least 10 killed in powerful blast in a Damascus officers club

In reply to Jan. 3 PBS Newshour interview of John Brennan…

RTUS coalition spared ISIS oil production facilities in Syria – Russian MoD

InfowarsLeaked Kerry Audio Shows Obama Wanted ISIS To Grow in Syria

Antiwar – Scores of Militants Killed in Military Operations; 285 Killed in IraqSadr City Bombing Offsets Mosul Gains; 145 Killed in Iraq – Militants Attack Army Outpost; 175 Killed in Iraq288 Killed in Iraq; Most in Simultaneous Military OperationsDeadly Helicopter Crash; 155 Killed in IraqUK Soldier, 113 Killed in Iraq; Bombs Blanket Baghdad – Kidnapped Journalist Freed; 284 Killed in Iraq

Al MonitorIs ‘grand political bargain’ in store for Libya?

AFPLibya strongman says Russia ‘to fight arms embargo’

Libya ObserverMaltese FM warns of uncontrollable migrants influx to EU after Russian-Haftar deal

Maghreb ConfidentialGhilan family gives Khalifa Haftar air support

LIBYA: The American military reorganizes its logistics chain

Intelligence OnlineErik Prince to UAE’s rescue in Libya

ReutersU.S. Navy destroyer fires warning shots at Iranian vessels -U.S. officials

APGunfire rattles Tehran as drone buzzes over Iranian capital

Fars News AgencySaudi Child Killer Strikes Still Raging in Yemen

Indian Ocean NewsletterWill the United Arab Emirates control the Red Sea’s African coastline?

Al MonitorWhy did Oman join Saudi Arabia’s anti-terrorism alliance?

Will ‘earth shaking’ revelation bring down Netanyahu?

The Millennium ReportThe House Of Saud: It’s Jewish Origin And Installation By The British Crown

Zero HedgeTruck Rams Into Pedestrians In Jerusalem Killing Four, Wounding 15; Driver Shot

Russian Consul In Athens Found Dead

IntelNewsLebanese president says Israel is behind businessman’s murder in Angola

Al BawabaAlgeria busts Israeli spy ring

Al JazeeraIsrael apology after plot against UK politicians

InterceptThe Crimes of SEAL Team 6

SEAL Team 6 Responds to The Intercept’s Investigation of Its War Crimes

RT (citing the above) – Aid worker killed by Navy SEALs in Afghanistan ‘secretly worked with Britain’s MI6’ – report

12yo girl among suicide bombers in Nigerian university attack

News 1stUS helping hand in SL – the DAI and CIA connections

Tolo NewsDozens Killed And Injured In Twin Blasts In Kabul

ThereAreNoSunglassesAre Kabul Blasts War Within Afghan Govt, Or Taliban Reply To Abdul Raziq’s Invitation?

It Looks Like the ISI Hit Both the UAE Govt and the Afghan NDS In Kandahar

Hekmatyar/Taliban Open War May Be About To Resume In Afghanistan

Pakistan Successfully Test-Fires First Sub-Launched Nuclear-Capable Cruise Missile

StratforIn Its Nuclear Race With India, Pakistan Catches Up

38 NorthNorth Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Facility: Possible Resumption of Operations at the 5 MWe Plutonium Production Reactor

UPINew North Korea ICBMs captured by intelligence, report says

Fars News AgencyVideo Shows Torturing of Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar Police Force

ReutersChinese bomber flies around contested Spratlys in show of force: U.S. official

Taiwan scrambles jets, navy as China aircraft carrier enters Taiwan Strait

Alert 5Liaoning task force now transiting Taiwan Strait; RoCAF scrambles E-2K, IDFs

China PostMilitary conducts drill to simulate Chinese naval invasion

SputnikRussian Warships Visit Philippines, Announce Surprise Joint Drills

The SunWAR GAMES US sends special forces to RUSSIAN BORDER as Nato is poised to strike back against Vladimir Putin’s ‘aggression’

RTS-400 missile defense regiment takes up combat duty outside Moscow

Russia boosts anti-missile shield over Crimea with S-400 system

Capital News (AFP) – NATO and Russia in game of cat and mouse in Baltic skies

The LocalUS Marines land in Norway for contested deployment

APUS troops enter Poland, 1st deployment at Russia’s doorstep

Stars and StripesPoland-bound US tanks roll east in military signal to Russia

Fort Russ (translating Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg) – Huge influx of US military gear for Poland will pass through Brandenburg and the President of Brandenburg is not happy

(translating Альтернатива) – You are fired: New Socialist President of Moldova fires pro-NATO Defense Minister

Boiling Point: Transcarpathia threatens Kiev with ‘Donbass scenario’

Tell-All from behind Ukrainian Lines – Part 1: Poroshenko’s Blood MoneyPart 2: Kiev’s Wasted Cannon Fodder

Ukraine Army preparing large-scale mobilization of reserve officers

(translating Ruslan Ostashko’s LiveJournal) – Biden’s Last Visit to Kiev: Poroshenko must now face Trump and Putin

Senator McCain’s circus tour 2017 – book your tickets now

Strategic-Culture (Wayne Madsen) – McCain’s Largely Unreported Treachery Against the US

Defend Democracy PressBuilding Totalitarianism in Europe – The Last Coup of Victoria Nuland

21st Century WireHungary Cracks-Down on all Soros Funded NGOs

NewsbudGerman Government Responsible For Berlin Terror Attack- Parliamentary Meeting Reveals

TASSIAC specialists join investigation of Tu-154 crash near Sochi

SputnikRussian MoD Denies Reports of Established Causes of Tu-154 Crash – Spokesman


New York TimesIntercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates

Trump National Security Adviser Called Russian Envoy Day Before Sanctions Were Imposed

ReutersTrump adviser had five calls with Russian envoy on day of sanctions: sources

McClatchyDCFBI, 5 other agencies probe possible covert Kremlin aid to Trump

In light of the allegations of Russian contacts with the Trump campaign, Seymour Hersh’s LRB article of last January is worth a review: Military to Military

Discussed by his appointed press secretary Sean Spicer in a Dec. 26 interview on WPRI, Trump is carrying out the policy of bypassing the White House press office and waging a personal turf war with U.S. intelligence community via his Twitter account…

Donald J. Trump (5:14 PM – 3 Jan) – The “Intelligence” briefing on so-called “Russian hacking” was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!

Or, as a wait and see until after the broadcast of Julian Assange’s interview on Hannity

FOX News (Jan. 3) – Assange: Our source is not the Russian government

(Jan. 4) – ‘Guccifer’ casts doubt on Obama administration’s Russia hacking claims

Daily CallerSchumer: Intelligence Community May ‘Get Back At’ Trump For Tweet

Wall Street Journal (also Zero Hedge) – Donald Trump Plans Revamp of Top U.S. Spy Agency

CyberScoopNSA’s Top Cyber-Defender Leaves After Reorganization

Secrecy NewsDisclosing Classified Info to the Press — With Permission

NBC News (Jan. 5) – DNI Chief Clapper Takes Swipe at Trump, Assange as He Defends Russia Hack Intel

As the Trump spokesman Spicer walks back the intel restructuring report: “there is no truth to this idea of restructuring the intelligence community infrastructure. It is 100 percent false.”…

CBS NewsTrump selects former Indiana Sen. Dan Coats for DNI

Zero Hedge (citing Reuters) – The “Russian Hacking” Story Changes Again

(Jan. 6) – Trump Confirms “No Effect On The Outcome Of The Election” Following Intelligence Briefing

The Dow having nostalgia for the late XXth century… “19,999.63!”‘

The decimal comes as a reminder of why we need what this rag loathes…

The National InterestThe Anti-Intelligence President-Elect

IndependentDonald Trump ‘orders Barack Obama’s ambassadors to resign posts’ in unprecedented move

Onlyzero.net (Jan. 8) – theshadowbrokers.bit

CyberScoopShadow Brokers’ latest leak could have come from beyond NSA staging servers

IntelNewsBritish intelligence ‘among the first’ to notify US about Russian hacking

True PublicaSystematic ‘fake news’ Planted By Britain’s Intelligence Services

BuzzFeed (Jan. 10) – These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia

The document was prepared for political opponents of Trump by a person who is understood to be a former British intelligence agent.

GuardianJohn McCain passes dossier alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts to FBI

The material, which has been seen by the Guardian, is a series of reports on Trump’s relationship with Moscow. They were drawn up by a former western counter-intelligence official, now working as a private consultant.

Paul Wood of the BBC says he saw the report compiled by the former British intel officer in October (BBC Radio via Raw Story Youtube)

CryptomeTranscription of PDF reportedly prepared by Christopher Steele.

Metro.co.uk4chan claims it made up the whole Donald Trump ‘golden showers’ story

The 4chan attribution does not fit the timeline, however, as noted in the second update at…

Moon of AlabamaThe Deep State Versus Donald Trump – New Smears And The Ukrainian Connection

L.A. TimesTrump alleges leaks by U.S. spy agencies, says that’s something ‘Nazi Germany would have done’

WSJ (also Zero Hedge) – Christopher Steele, Ex-British Intelligence Officer, Said to Have Prepared Dossier on Trump

SputnikEx MI6 Spy Who Compiled ‘Golden Showers’ Report Was FBI Source for FIFA Scandal

Daily MailTrump conducts his own sting operation to ensnare intelligence briefers – and says he caught them leaking

Looks like it was another Bush-whack…

Zero HedgeConfirmed: “Unknown” Republican, Democrat Paid For Anti-Trump Report

BBC’s Paul Wood reveals that this former Mi6 official was working for Jeb!’s SuperPAC when he compiled the info https://t.co/Meh7ZkdrXW — David Shor (@DYShor) January 11, 2017

@DRUDGE (Twitter) – Are corrupt US intel agencies blackmailing Trump with their own dirt cleverly tagged to ‘Russian’ operatives?

The above was posted Jan. 10, then deleted. The answer to the question may be not only corrupt US intel agencies, but perhaps Ukrainian, and particularly those of the UK as well. It was after all at the feet of MI-6 that the fathers of the U.S. intelligence community – “Wild Bill” Donovan and Allen Dulles – were mentored in WWII, and the ties have remained deep throughout a legacy of atrocity, assassination, and treason. Given the evident British role in this, the latest, desperate effort to delegitimize the Trump presidency just days before the inauguration, why pray-tell is he honoring them, when instead it is high time that this so-called “special relationship” should go bust? Is the following header something of a Freudian slip?

The SunBUST OF FRIENDS  Donald Trump has asked for bust of Winston Churchill to be put back in the Oval Office after Obama replaced it with Martin Luther King

The bust of MLK should remain, along with busts and/or portraits of JFK and RFK, as a reminder of what the deep state bastards may resort to… It is encouraging however that he will have the progeny of the latter in his confidence…

N.Y. Daily NewsTrump asks known vaccination skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to chair commission on vaccine safety

Greencrow As the Crow FliesRFK Jr and President-Elect Donald Trump Share Skepticism about Vaccines. Why?

The DuranMarine Le Pen spotted inside Trump Tower

Fort RussMarine Le Pen on Crimea: “I absolutely do not believe there was an illegal annexation”

IndependentTheresa May indicates ‘hard Brexit’ and dismisses free movement deal to keep single market access

Zero HedgeIn Stunning Pair Of Interviews, Trump Slams NATO And EU, Threatens BMW With Tax; Ready To “Cut Ties” With Merkel

In Scathing Attack, CIA Director Brennan Warns Trump To “Watch What He Says”

The HillBlackout forces brief delay in Pompeo confirmation hearing

BloombergTrump Team Shunning Davos Meeting of World’s Economic Elite

China’s Xi Takes on Trump in Rebuttal Against Protectionism

Trump Tariff on GM Would Violate Nafta. That May Not Stop Him

BreitbartMexico says drug lord ‘El Chapo’ Guzaman extradited to US

DiplopunditAmerican Diplomat Wounded in Targeted Attack in #Guadalajara, Mexico

teleSURMexico Gas Hike Looting, Blockades Leave 1 Dead, 250 Arrested

Daily Mail‘We heard 10 gunshots… everyone dropped to the floor’: Tourists’ panic as gunman shoots four dead in Mexican nightclub while a woman is crushed to death in ensuing stampede

ReutersTrump team seeks agency records on border barriers, surveillance

Brazil Supreme Court judge handling graft probe killed in plane crash

U.S. banks gear up to fight Dodd-Frank Act’s Volcker rule

The Hill‘Audit the Fed’ bill gets new push under Trump

Campaign for LibertyRon Paul Statement on Audit the Fed

Cyber ScoopSWIFT global banking system pilots blockchain tech

Zero Hedge (globalintelhub) – CIAs role in financial markets EXPOSED by documents release

Norbert HäringA well-kept open secret: Washington is behind India’s brutal experiment of abolishing most cash

Wall Street on ParadeU.S. Quietly Drops Bombshell: Wall Street Banks Have $2 Trillion European Exposure

Here’s How Goldman Sachs Became the Overlord of the Trump Administration

Another Day in the EmpireTrump Recruits Another Goldman Sachs Bankster

InterceptTreasury Nominee Steve Mnuchin’s Bank Accused of “Widespread Misconduct” in Leaked Memo

IndependentDonald Trump’s businesses owe $1.8bn to more than 150 different institutions, new study suggests

Voltairenet (Juliana Gortinskaya) – “Rosneft” will have access to resources in the Gulf of Mexico

Glomar DisclosureDonald Trump: The Art of the Informant


MishTalkIsrael, Not Russia, to Blame for Hillary’s Election Loss?

ForbesJared Kushner To Step Down As Kushner CEO For Key Trump White House Position

YnetnewsUS intel sources warn Israel against sharing secrets with Trump administration

Rense (Yoichi Shimatsu) – Rothschild’s TNK-BP Intriguers Drafted The Trump-Russia Report

AntiwarReport: FBI Sought FISA Court Warrant to Surveil Trump Campaign Officials

New York TimesComey Letter on Clinton Email Is Subject of Justice Dept. Inquiry

DC CallerFBI Quietly Releases 300 Pages Of Hillary Clinton Investigation Records

Heads Are Finally Beginning To Roll At The Clinton Foundation

@MKosinskiCNNIt’s that time

Not soon enough…

MotherboardObama’s Administration Sold More Weapons Than Any Other Since World War II

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD26,171

It comes as something of a poetic recognition of the failure of Obama’s implementation of Samantha Power’s “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine in Libya, that the last of his bombs should fall in Sirte, near to the site of Qaddafi’s treacherous murder…

Zero HedgeObama’s Last Attack: US B-2 Bombers Strike ISIS Camps In Libya, Killing Dozens

Strategic-CultureAfghanistan: Obama Sends Marines to Take Part in America’s Longest Ever War

Electronic Frontier FoundationObama Expands Surveillance Powers on His Way Out

N.Y. TimesN.S.A. Gets More Latitude to Share Intercepted Communications

ReutersCIA unveils new rules for collecting information on Americans

ABC NewsState Election Systems to Get More Federal Aid for Security

Independent SentinelFederal Government Just Took Over Nation’s Election Systems

Free Thought ProjectMedia Silent as Obama Signs ‘US Ministry of Truth’ Law to Fund Propaganda Aimed at Americans

It’s not all bad…

NYTChelsea Manning to Be Released Early as Obama Commutes Sentence

TelegraphJulian Assange’s conditions for extradition to US ‘not met’, say lawyers

Moon of AlabamaObama Parting Shot Aims At Brennan, Clapper, Clinton: “The DNC Emails Were Leaked”

In the retractions bin…

TASSDiplomat blasts CNN report on closure of Anglo-American School in Moscow as blatant lie

38 NorthNorth Korean Underground Facility: Probably Not a Ballistic Missile Silo

N.Y. PostWashington Post retracts story about Russian hack at US utility

Intercept (Glenn Greenwald) – WashPost Is Richly Rewarded for False News About Russia Threat While Public Is Deceived

Empty WheelOn CrowdStrike’s Curiously Timed Report Claiming Newfound “High” Confidence in Its GRU Attribution

Medium (Jeffery Carr) – The GRU-Ukraine Artillery Hack That May Never Have Happened

BuzzFeedThe FBI Never Asked For Access To Hacked Computer Servers

Washington’s BlogWhy Crowdstrike’s Russian Hacking Story Fell Apart- Say Hello to Fancy Bear

Fancy Bear? – the name sounds like a spooky bogey-bear inhabiting the nightmares of a 14 year-old geek. But then again, the Clinton dems have demonstrated their vulnerabilities to teeny-boppers – from Anthony Wiener’s 15yo to…

TimeJulian Assange Says a ’14-Year-Old Kid Could Have Hacked Podesta’ Emails

Planet Free WillJulian Assange Slams Recent DNI Report, Airs Concerns Over Trump Administration, Denies Wikileaks Had Access To RNC Data In Press Release

RTRT stars in ODNI report on ‘Russian activities and intentions’ in US presidential election

IBTRussia Hacking US? C-SPAN Live Feed Briefly Taken Over By Russia Today Broadcast

ObserverHack Attack on Drudge Report a Sign of Chaos to Come

Preparations for the “Battle of D.C.”…

ReutersFortress Washington girds for days of anti-Trump protests

Washington PostHead of D.C. National Guard to be removed from post in middle of inauguration

BreitbartFake News: Wash Post Changes Story on Trump ‘Firing’ D.C. Nat’l Guard General

The Economic CollapseActivists Are Hoping To Turn Donald Trump’s Inauguration On January 20th Into One Of The Biggest Riots In U.S. History

Daily MailAnti-Trump protesters are pepper-sprayed by cops during violent clashes at ‘Deploraball’ party for Donald’s supporters in Washington DC

Project VeritasHidden-camera Investigation Uncovers Groups Plotting Violence at Trump Inauguration

Hidden-camera Investigation Exposes Plans to Chain Trains and Shut Down DC During Trump Inauguration

Oath KeepersOath Keepers Call to Action: Help Defend Free Speech from Violent Thugs at Inauguration

Daily WesternerLarge Cache of Weapons Found in D.C. just Before Trump Inauguration

“U.S. Park Police said a woman walking in the woods near the C&O Canal, which runs along the river, found the case. When law enforcement officers arrived, they found more guns and ammunition — some in pails, others in plastic garbage bags.”

On a historical note, the C&O towpath is a significant landmark in the assassination of JFK, for this is where his lover Mary Pinchot Meyer was murdered in October, 1964, as she was preparing to become a whistle-blower to expose the fraud that was the just published Warren Report – see Peter Janney’s Mary’s Mosaic.

And hearkening to another assassination attempt, shades of the Bush-Hinckley connection (WhoWhatWhy) with this arrest…

Daily MailFlorida man charged with threatening to kill President-elect Trump at his inauguration on Twitter was a close family friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton

KHOUGeorge H.W. and Barbara Bush in hospital

21st Century WireANOTHER AMERICAN KNOWN WOLF? Fort Lauderdale Shooter Known to FBI, Worked for Security, Amid Backdrop of Mass Drills

Zero HedgeFlorida Shooter Had Been Sent To A Mental Hospital Over “ISIS Ties”, Was Investigated For Child Porn

N.Y. TimesFlorida Airport Assailant May Have Heard Voices Urging Violence, Officials Say

Prison Planet (removed by Youtube) – Shock Video: White Man Kidnapped, Gagged, Beaten By Racist Black Anti-Trump Gang

FOX23 (Chicago) – 4 in custody after mentally disabled man tied up, tortured on Facebook Live

Free Thought ProjectDAPL Cops Open Fire on Prayer Circle with Rubber Bullets, Shoot Water Protectors in the Back

L.A. TimesDuring his decades in prison, Charles Manson has repeatedly broken rules, caused trouble

Natural NewsBill Gates quietly funding effort to develop thousands of new vaccines that conveniently ‘might’ become pandemics

NBC NewsGenetically Engineered Pink Pineapple Is Safe to Sell, FDA Says

As “safe” as…

Cryptogon (GMWatch) – Monsanto GM Corn MON810 Damaged the Intestines of Rats

InterceptPoison Fruit Dow Chemical Wants Farmers to Keep Using a Pesticide Linked to Autism and ADHD

ENE NewsMassive die-off of sea creatures from California to Alaska — Animals starving as food chains continue to collapse — Mass starvation events plague West Coast — Scientist: “Felt like I was doing nothing but counting dead animals” — TV: Deaths really quite troubling

Truthout (Dahr Jamail) – “Unprecedented” Polar Melting Unfolds as Climate Disruption Denial Goes Wild

Business InsiderThe Arctic sea ice collapse is happening before our eyes — and it’s a worrisome sign of what’s to come

SeeSat-LOberg: reports on sightings of missile phenomena

Huddersfield Daily ExaminerBall of fire spotted in sky over Huddersfield

Comet WatchNew asteroid Earth flyby!

SputnikRussian Lunar Mission May Finally Put End to Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

The SunTHE FUTURE OF SPYING Earth’s atmosphere can be turned into massive surveillance system using LASERS, scientists discover

Washington Free Beacon (Reuters) – Israel Deploys ‘Star Wars’ Missile Killer System

UPIU.S. Air Force prepares SBIRS satellite for launch

Space.comLaunch Photos: SBIRS Geo-3 Missile-Warning Satellite

Air Force’s Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Wings by 600 Days in Orbit

Spaceflight.comMinotaur rocket launch for NRO expected at Wallops by end of 2018

Defense SystemsAir Force Chief Scientist confirms F-35 will include artificial intelligence

Phys.orgPentagon successfully tests micro-drone swarm

U.S. Army Research LaboratoryArmy researchers demonstrate 3-D printed drones

MassPrivateIFeds want facial biometrics that can idenitfy people based on facial hair, skin tone, weight and more

Amazon & Microsoft use appliances and toys to spy on families worldwide

InverseFacebook’s Secretive Lab Wants to Transmit Your Brain Waves

NatureQuantum computers ready to leap out of the lab in 2017

CERNBASE precisely measures antiproton’s magnetic moment

Of surrogates and communications, Assange and Stone’s claims and counterclaims

In our previous edition – Tracing the provenance of Pizzagate… – we had speculated that information concerning the odd expressions of culinary terminology in some of the WikiLeaks Podesta emails releases had been conveyed from Julian Assange at the Ecuadoran embassy in London via an intermediary to Roger Stone, who then proceeded to fabricate a pedophilia pizza code with which to besmirch the Clinton campaign. Recent statements of Julian Assange and Roger Stone, however, in mutually distancing from each another, would on the surface appear to dispute the speculation. In his interview broadcast January 3 on FOX News‘ Hannity – Julian Assange: Our source is not the Russian government – Assange confirms that an intermediary between he and Stone did travel to London, though they did not meet personally

HANNITY: Can I ask you this? Have you ever talked to Vladimir Putin?


HANNITY: Have you ever talked to any of his surrogates?


HANNITY: Have you ever talked to Donald Trump?


HANNITY: Any of his surrogates?


HANNITY: Not one?


HANNITY: There was a report that you might have talked to somebody who was not associated with the campaign, Roger Stone.

ASSANGE: No, that’s false. I think where this Roger Stone claim is coming from is there’s a — a radio guy on WBAI, which is a mutual friend, who was — who wanted to come and see me to see if I would set up a radio show on WBAI, but he didn’t. He did come to London, but he didn’t meet with me.

The radio host is not named but is probably Randy Credico, of WBAI: Can a Radical Firebrand and His Strange Bedfellows Strengthen WBAI’s Signal?

Stone, in hosting the fourth hour of the Jan. 4 Alex Jones Show, denies specific knowledge of the what, when, and who of the Podesta emails before their release.

Stone: I have never claimed to have met with Julian Assange… I did correctly say that we had a mutual acquaintance and that I had learned that Assange had unspecified political dynamite that he would release. That is not to say that I knew what Assange would deliver, when he would deliver it, where he got it, where it came from, I never made any such claims. Just for the historical record, my claim that Assange had unspecified political dynamite that would roil the race turned out to be exactly correct!

How does this stack up to what was previously reported? In the Roll Call of August 9, Stone is quoted: “I actually have communicated with Assange”. In the Guardian of November 2, Stone is interviewed and is reported to have said he “was briefed in general terms in advance about the sensitive and embarrassing leaked Democratic emails by an American libertarian who works in the media on the ‘opinion side'”. This is consistent with the above; however, the Guardian goes on to report: “Stone claims his American source, whom he declined to identify, has met with Assange,..” This is specifically denied by Assange in the Hannity interview. Stone perhaps was making a plausible assumption, based on the fact that the mutual acquaintance had in fact traveled to London. Why go all that distance and not actually meet with Assange?

If our assumption that Randy Credico is the mutual acquaintance is correct, the expense of the trip of a host working for a cash-strapped radio station would be exorbitant if the arrangements for an interview could be conducted over phone or email and the interview itself done via Skype. The obvious reason for making the trip to London would be to insure secure communication from NSA intercept – no amount of encryption can secure a communication like an in person meeting if all electronic devices are banished from the proximity of the parties communicating.

As for Assange’s statement that he did not meet with the intermediary; this does not rule out another intermediary conveying certain information to the visitor in London, perhaps without Assange’s knowledge, in which case he can confidently maintain that he had no knowing contact with a surrogate (official or unofficial, once, twice or nth times removed) from the Trump campaign.

The question remains, however, how was it that the spurious pizza code was connected to the Podesta email release #28 so soon after their publication? None of what Stone or Assange has said rules out what we have speculated, that the code was a deliberate insinuation of pedophilia upon Podesta and friends supplanted upon the language in the emails that was indeed code-like, but unspecific to readers not privy to its meaning.

Obama’s brinkmanship with Putin… Madsen on Brennan, the Wahhabist mole in the CIA… much, much more…

…among our headlines of interest for December 2016 [updated Dec. 31]…

NBC NewsWhat Obama Said to Putin on the Red Phone About the Election Hack

“International law, including the law for armed conflict, applies to actions in cyberspace,” said part of a message sent over the Red Phone on Oct. 31, according to a senior U.S. official. “We will hold Russia to those standards.”

The timing is significant, coming three days after the reopening of the FBI investigation, but also – perhaps by happenstance – on the day of the Black Box Voting video release Fraction Magic (Youtube) demonstrating the ease of an election hack.  In the end, however, it didn’t happen, according to the White House…

Did the message work? “Look at the results,” said an Obama administration official. “There was nothing done on Election Day, so it must have worked.”

Wayne Madsen ReportDecember 21-22, 2016 — Obama’s Halloween scare for America: he threatened Putin over the “Red Phone” with war

Obama, according to NBC News, warned Putin personally against hacking Democratic Party computers during the G-20 meeting in China in September. When Obama, obviously urged on by Brennan, felt the Russian hacking was continuing, he sent a stark message over the Red Phone to the Kremlin, in part stating, “International law, including the law for armed conflict, applies to actions in cyberspace.” While Obama and Brennan continue to refuse to present to the public the contents of the CIA’s Secret report alleging Russian hacking of the DNC, they had no problem revealing that Obama almost pushed the nuclear trigger on Russia. Only a madman would resort to such action based on the flimsiest of intelligence from an Irish Catholic director of the CIA who felt it necessary to convert in the mid-1990s to the most radical sect of Islam, Wahhabism.

Obama sent his war message to Russia over a special email channel to reduce the risk of nuclear war resulting from cyber-security threats. The cyber-security email link was installed in 2013 as part of the hot line network linking by satellite the Nuclear Risk Reduction Centers in Washington, DC and Moscow.

The White House insists that Obama’s message to Putin sunk in, since the hacking is claimed to have ceased on November 8, Election Day. However, DNC acting chair Donna Brazile claims the hacking continued on Election Day and thereafter. If Brennan and his fellow war-mongers had actual evidence that Russia had been behind the hacks, then why do they continue to insist that the hacking stopped on November 8, when Brazile clearly claims they had not? The easiest explanation is that the Russian government was not the source of the computer hacking events and they were being carried out by some other party. Perhaps that other party wanted an Election Day war to begin with Russia, which would mean a declaration by Obama of a national state of emergency and a postponement of the election, as had occurred in New York City on September 11, 2001, the previous time the Red Phone was used by the White House.

From Madsen’s pithy comments page…

Russian military plane crashes in Siberia. After Obama’s threat to strike Russia in a cyber-attack, any airplane crash, train derailment, factory explosion, or other SCADA failure from now until January 20, 2017 can be suspected first as U.S. sabotage.

Christmas day…

RT92 dead as Russian plane carrying military band crashes en route to Syria


Terrorist act could not be behind Tu-154 aircraft crash – State Duma defense committee’s first deputy head
Netanyahu in telephone conversation with Putin extends deep condolences over Tu-154 crash
Tu-154 aircraft was technically sound – Russian Armed Forces’ aviation flight security service’s head
Sokolov explains wide scattering of crashed Tu-154’s fragments in sea with strong current
Tu-154 disappeared from radars two minutes into flight – Russian Defense Ministry
Dear subscribers, Merry Christmas!


TASSAll possible causes of Tu-154 crash being considered by Russian investigators

Certainly the Kremlin is not discounting Obama/Brennan’s unspecified threats, but they have not been the only ones tossing threats around. Russia was among the nations voting for Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016)

Middle East EyeUS abstains as UN Security Council passes resolution against Israeli settlements

FOX NewsIsrael accuses Obama administration of helping craft, push UN censure

DEBKAfileNetanyahu: Supporters of UN anti-Israel motion will pay a heavy price

There is a better case to be made for the charge that Israel has been “hacking” our democratic republic for many years. Or, Saudi Arabia – Madsen:

WMRDecember 19-20, 2016 — Saudi intelligence tried to toss election to Clinton

The General Intelligence Directorate of Saudi Arabia — known in Arabic as Ri’asat Al-Istikhbarat Al-‘Amah and the best-funded spy agency in the Middle East — is not very large personnel-wise but that is offset by its close alliance with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. And it is through that alliance and the presence of a pro-Wahhabist “Fifth Column” within the top ranks of the CIA that Saudi Arabia sought to tip the scales in the U.S. presidential election to Hillary Clinton.

It took years for Saudi intelligence to place one of its assets in close proximity to a Democratic presidential hopeful. For years, the Saudi leadership benefited from the personal relationship between its long-serving ambassador in Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and the Bush family. Bandar was so close to Presidents George H. W. and George W. Bush that the nickname bestowed on him by the Bush family was “Bandar Bush.”

Saudi intelligence’s top asset: Huma Abedin

Although the Saudis maintained a cordial relationship with Barack Obama, owing to the fact that his Kenyan father and grandfather were Sunni Muslims, although not of the Wahhabi sect, it was Hillary Clinton the Saudis had their eyes set upon for increased influence in America. The Saudis pinned their hopes on Mrs. Clinton’s close aide Huma Abedin. Although Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, she grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where her parents moved when she was two years of age. Huma Abedin lived in Jeddah to the age of 18. Her father, the late Syed Zainul Abedi, graduated from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in Uttar Pradesh, India. In the early 1970s, he was a leader of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) at Western Michigan University. Since that time, a Saudi Students Association has branched off from the MSA.

Many Aligarh graduates had and continue to have important jobs in Saudi Arabia’s business, oil, and banking sectors. From Aligarh’s alumni association (known as the Aligarh Old Boy’s Association) chapters in Saudi Arabia, Saudi intelligence was able to select assets with close connections not only in India but also in Britain. Syed Zainul Abedin had another specialty of great need to Saudi intelligence: expertise in Iranian history, religion, and culture. Such a talent would have been of primary interest to the Wahhabist Saudi intelligence service, considering its long history of conflict with the rival Shi’a Muslims who governed Iran and the competition between Saudi Arabia and Iran for control of the Gulf region.

Saleha Mahmood Abedin, Huma Abedin’s Pakistan-born mother, continues to hold the position of dean of the Dar al-Hekma college for women in Jeddah. Ironically, Saleha Abedin has defended the Wahhabist practices of female submissiveness, marriage of underage girls to older men, marital rape, public floggings and stoning to death for adulterous women, the ­circumcision of prepubescent girls, and the right of Muslim women to equally fight alongside men in Muslim jihads, or “holy wars.”

Saleha Abedin is also the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, a Saudi-supported periodical focused on the expansion of Wahhabist influence in countries where Muslims remain minorities, albeit growing ones. Huma Abedin was listed as an assistant editor for the journal from 1996 to 2008, which included her time working within the Bill Clinton White House and as a Senate assistant to Senator Hillary Clinton…

Saudi intelligence and CAIR

Saleha Abedin has carried the water for Saudi intelligence around the world. For example, she founded the International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child (IICWC) in Cairo. The IICWC has been at the forefront of pushing Egypt and other secular-inclined Muslim majority countries, from Turkey to Indonesia, to adopt sharia law. Saleha Abedin has also worked closely with the Saudi-financed Muslim pressure and lobbying group in the United States, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Among various Saudi donors to CAIR, including institutions associated with the Saudi government, Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud kicked in $500,000 between 2002 and 2004. The United Arab Emirates, always cognizant of Saudi attempts to co-opt its own Wahhabist population, declared CAIR a foreign terrorist organization in 2014. The UAE move was to the chagrin of the CIA, which has acted as a close partner of CAIR under Langley’s Wahhabist sympathizer, director John O. Brennan, a former CIA station chief in Riyadh.

CAIR acts as a virtual propaganda arm for Saudi intelligence from its two main offices in the United States, one on Capitol Hill, from which it lobbies the U.S. Congress, and the other at the Interchurch Center on Riverside Drive in Manhattan, from which it targets the U.S. news media and the United Nations…

When one understands the relationship between CAIR and groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the marriage of Huma Abedin to uber-Zionist former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner, makes a world of sense. Through the Abedin-Weiner marriage, Israel’s Mossad was able to maintain a close eye on the inner workings of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and, if Mrs. Clinton won the White House, into the Oval Office itself. Unfortunately, for the Saudis, Weiner’s prurient sexual interest for underage girls, while completely understandable to the wretched human beings in the Saudi hierarchy, helped sink their chance for an ace asset in the Oval Office.

In 1996, Huma Abedin began working as an intern in the Clinton White House. It was not long before she attracted the eyes of Mrs. Clinton faster than Monica Lewinsky attracted the groping hands of Bill Clinton. While Mrs. Clinton’s closest adviser at the State Department, Huma Abedin had a unique window on the most secret aspects of American diplomacy, information that would have been highly-valued by Saudi intelligence.

The CIA’s functioning Saudi cell

Huma Abedin also had a fellow traveler in the CIA’s Brennan, who moved from the White House National Security Council staff to lead his old agency in Langley after General David Petraeus resigned in November 2012 amid a sex scandal. In recent years and to the delight of Saudi intelligence, the CIA saw a number of converts to Islam move up the ranks. These included “Roger,” the cover name for the CIA’s director of counter-terrorism, in reality Michael A. D’Andrea, whose portfolio included the agency’s drone campaigns in countries ranging from Libya and Somalia to Pakistan and Afghanistan. The converts, according to former FBI agent John Guandalo, include Brennan himself. Guandalo maintains that Brennan converted to Wahhabi Islam while he was CIA station chief in Riyadh in the 1990s. Brennan made the hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, a requirement for observant Muslims…

Foreign intelligence interference in Election 2016 was Saudi not Russian

Trump has good reason to doubt the intelligence about “Russian hacking” of the U.S. presidential election. What comes from Brennan in the way of intelligence bears the imprimatur of Saudi intelligence. The Saudis, more than any other country in the Middle East, lost out big with Trump’s upset victory over Mrs. Clinton. It took years for the Saudi intelligence service to place an asset so close to a former First Lady, U.S. senator, and presidential candidate. All the Saudi investments crashed with Clinton’s surprise defeat.

There was no better way for the Saudis to recoup their political losses than by having their chief asset in the CIA, Brennan, concoct intelligence about Russian hacking of Democratic National Committee emails and computer systems to taint Trump’s legitimacy as president-elect. Brennan is known as a difficult, to put it nicely, adversary within the U.S. intelligence community.

There is little doubt that the FBI director James Comey and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper were pressured by Brennan into agreeing with the CIA’s very dubious assessment that not only Russia but President Vladimir Putin were involved in hacking Democratic Party computers to throw the election to Trump. There is also little doubt that Brennan has been behind spreading malicious insider “gossip” about Trump’s National Security Adviser-designate retired General Michael Flynn, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Flynn was fired by Obama on the advice of Brennan. The Saudis, Brennan, and the Wahhabist cell inside the CIA did not care much for Flynn claiming that Obama and the CIA were nurturing and supporting the Islamic State cadres fighting in Syria and Iraq.

[image] Obama and Brennan, two jihadist sympathizers, will soon be gone from office

Flynn as U.S. National Security Adviser represents a nightmare scenario for the Saudis and their jihadist allies in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, including the Islamic State and Al Qaeda. The Saudis, through their agents and assets in the CIA, CAIR, and other organizations, want to make Trump’s presidency as difficult as possible. That is why Saudi friends like Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are championing a U.S. commission, on the scale of the 9/11 Commission, to investigate Russian hacking of election-oriented computer systems during the campaign. Brennan, McCain, Graham, and other Saudi fellow travelers have one simple order from their Saudi intelligence masters in Riyadh: keep the investigation of election malfeasance focused completely on Russia…

December 20-21, 2016 — The CIA’s Saudi and Islamic State mole

There is a reason why Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan has done everything possible to interfere with President-elect Donald Trump taking the reins of the presidency on January 20, 2017. As a mole for the Saudi royal family and a convert to Wahhabist Islam, Brennan has no desire to see certain individuals, who are well aware of his Islamist beliefs, ascend to positions of power in the U.S. intelligence community. The greatest threat to Brennan comes from retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, tapped by Trump to become the National Security Adviser…

In 2014, Flynn was fired as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) by President Obama. Obama was advised by Brennan to dump Flynn because the DIA director was producing intelligence policy documents showing that it was a mistake and against U.S. security interests to support Syrian jihadists who were trying to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. For Brennan’s Saudi and Wahhabist controllers, this was tantamount to blasphemy.

Brennan blindsided the American people by claiming the Syrian rebel forces were “moderates.” Flynn countered Brennan in DIA intelligence reports by documenting how the majority of Syrian rebels were radical Islamists supported financially and militarily by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Moreover, Flynn maintained that “Turkey was looking the other way when it came to the growth of the Islamic State inside Syria.” Brennan was furious at his fellow Irish Catholic’s view of Syria and the Middle East.

The Saudis had carefully groomed Brennan ever since his days as CIA station chief in Riyadh in the mid-1990s. The Saudi King, as “Custodian of the Two Holy Shrines of Mecca and Medina,” arranged for Brennan, a convert to Wahhabi Islam while running the CIA’s Saudi station, to perform the “hajj” pilgrimage to Mecca. Only observant Muslims are permitted to visit the Al Kaaba Al Musharrafah (The Holy Kaaba) in Mecca.

Brennan tried to keep his conversion a secret. However, after 9/11, the FBI began investigating all Saudi links within the U.S. government. What FBI agents soon discovered was that the Saudis had key intelligence and religious assets salted throughout the U.S. government and, most troubling, within the CIA. One of the key Saudi assets was Brennan.

Brennan’s systematic “disposition” of his enemies

In March 2013, just prior to Brennan’s being confirmed by the U.S. Senate, former FBI agent John Guandolo confirmed that Brennan had indeed converted to Islam while he was the CIA chief in Riyadh. Brennan had previously served as Obama’s counter-terrorism adviser on the National Security Council. He was also in charge of the cleansing of the Obama/Dunham family passport files at the State Department in 2008 while CEO of The Analysis Corporation, a CIA contractor.

It was Brennan who helped cover up the Saudi government’s role in the Khobar Towers bombing in 1996, which killed 19 U.S. servicemen. As chief FBI investigator of the bombing, John O. Neill came across hard intelligence linking the Khobar bombings to the Saudi government. While not the only reason, it was a significant reason for Brennan to set O’Neill up in a briefcase theft caper before his retirement in 2001. O’Neill had just taken the job as head of security for the World Trade Center when the terrorist plot involving Saudi Arabia brought the towers down on September 11, 2001. O’Neill was killed in the collapse. Brennan fought strenuously against the release of the 28 classified pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.

Although finally released with redactions and Brennan’s acquiescence, the 28 pages, although highly suggestive of Saudi government involvement, could not be used as prima facie evidence to implicate the House of Saud. There is no reason to believe that what was released constituted the original text contained in the 28 pages. Brennan had every reason to tamper with the original pages in order to protect the Saudis, and by extension, himself.

As CIA director, Brennan would possess most of the keys to the U.S. intelligence kingdom. And Brennan’s kingdom would make America’s most closely guarded secrets available to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the world’s chief supporter of Islamic jihadist terrorist networks, including the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and numerous others.

To placate his Saudi masters, the Jesuit-educated Brennan opted to take the oath of office as CIA director on a copy of the secular U.S. Constitution, not on the Bible, as every past CIA director, Christian and Jewish, had done. One of Brennan’s first acts as CIA director was to ban the term “jihadist” to describe Islamist terrorists, preferring instead the word “extremist.” As a Wahhabi Muslim, Brennan understood that “jihad” is a term used in the Koran compelling observant Muslims to maintain and spread what they consider to be the one true faith in Allah (God). For Brennan to use the term “jihad” in a negative or pejorative sense would constitute “haram” or a “forbidden act,” according to the Muslim Koran and Sunnah religious texts. Brennan stated that any suggestion that the U.S. was at war with the religion of Islam was an affront to the faith, a comment spoken as a true Wahhabist believer.

Brennan’s climb up the ladder

Brennan worked his way up the ladder at the CIA after his conversion to Islam. In 1999, Brennan was appointed chief of staff to CIA director George Tenet. In March 2001, as final implementation plans were being laid to carry out the 9/11 attacks, Brennan became deputy executive director of the CIA. After 9/11, Brennan was in charge of identifying, renditioning, and “terminating with extreme prejudice” anyone who could track 9/11 planning and implementation back to himself, the Saudi government, and the Israeli Mossad — a key intelligence partner of the House of Saud. But Brennan’s top mission was to ensure that a CIA asset, long groomed by Langley for the White House, was elected president in 2008. Barack Obama, who was schooled as a boy in Jakarta in the Muslim faith and whose Kenyan father was a Muslim, was the “chosen one.” Obama was propelled to the national stage after the political careers of a number of Illinois politicians — Blair Hull, Jack Ryan, and finally, Rod Blagojevich — were trashed in a series of CIA dirty tricks campaigns.

From 2003 to 2004, Brennan was the chief of the CIA’s Terrorist Threat Integration Center. While there, and later, while Obama’s counter-terrorism chief, Brennan called the shots on CIA drone targets as the custodian of the “Disposition Matrix.” Systematically, any jihadist who could have blown the whistle on Brennan was summarily liquidated. As CIA director, Brennan continued to use the “Disposition Matrix” to terminate potential witnesses to his selling out to the Saudis.

After Nigerian jihadist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab — the infamous “underwear bomber” — tried to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 during its final approach to Detroit International Airport from Amsterdam on Christmas Day 2009, Brennan said U.S. intelligence agencies “did not miss any signs” that could have prevented the attempt. Brennan, again, was lying in order to cover up the fact that U.S. intelligence agents had cleared the Nigerian to board the flight without a passport by claiming he was a Sudanese refugee traveling only with refugee documents.

Abdulmutallab, known as “Farouk1986” on various Internet websites as a jihadist sympathizer, was already known to be a follower of American citizen and Al Qaeda operative Anwar al-Awlaki, a one-time consultant to the Department of Defense. On November 19, 2009, Abdulmutallab’s wealthy Nigerian banker father had informed the CIA station in Abuja, Nigeria that his son had “extreme religious views” and that he was in Yemen. Brennan ignored the intelligence from Abuja and gave the green light for the young Nigerian’s trip to Detroit. The underwear bomber incident gave Brennan the justification to order another drone strike.

To clear the tracks away from Brennan back to Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda, the CIA’s chief judge and executioner ordered a drone hit on al-Awlaki in Yemen on September 30, 2011, and his teenage son in Yemen two weeks later. These drone hits eliminated problems with two potential witnesses to Brennan’s treasonous activities. As far as Abdulmutallab is concerned, he is permanently incommunicado as a result of a four consecutive lifetime sentence at the federal Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

Character assassination of Brennan’s opponents in the Intelligence Community

To protect his Muslim identity, Brennan also set about to destroy troublesome opponents. Former FBI agent Guandolo was the first to receive Brennan’s thuggish treatment. Information was leaked that Guandolo had, during 2005, maintained an intimate relationship with a confidential source, Lori Mody, in the federal prosecution of Louisiana U.S. Representative William Jefferson. Although trial judge T.S. Ellis III ruled the affair irrelevant to the case against Jefferson, Guandolo was forced to quit the FBI after the leak about his past sexual affairs somehow landed on the FBI director’s office from Guandolo’s therapist’s office. Guandolo resigned from the FBI in 2009 amid a furor over his extramarital affair with Mody.

Apparently, the CIA continued to believe that breaking into psychiatrists’ offices was justified even after CIA agents had been caught doing it in the case of Pentagon whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg. After Guandolo, like Flynn, began warning about the jihadist threat, Brennan went on the warpath. Guandolo was cashiered as a result of the leak of therapist files to the FBI and Flynn was fired after he was tagged by Brennan as an enemy of Islam. When asked how the psychiatrist’s files ended up with the FBI, Guandolo stated simply, “it’s a lot simpler than you think.”

A declassified version of the DIA’s Secret report on the Islamic State, dated August 12, 2012, was unambiguous about U.S. — CIA and Obama — support for ISIL in Syria:


As the originating classification authority, Flynn had final say on what to release pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act filed by Judicial Watch with the DIA. And the fact that the above paragraph was allowed to be released, in full, sent Brennan and Obama through the roof. On April 30, 2014, Flynn was forced to retire, a full year before the end of his tour, from the U.S. Army.

Brennan began circulating rumors to Washington officialdom that Flynn was guilty of developing his own facts, dubbed “Flynn facts,” in intelligence reports. Brennan’s goal was to discredit Flynn’s and the DIA’s intelligence pinning support for ISIL and other jihadists on the CIA. A tip from Flynn’s predecessor, Vincent Stewart, to former Secretary of State Colin Powell intimated that Flynn was “abusive with staff, didn’t listen, worked against policy, bad management, etc.” It was information that Brennan used to convince Obama to send Flynn packing.

It was no coincidence that Guandolo and Flynn both ended up being described as hate mongers by the Zionist-run Southern Poverty Law Center, an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” designed to stifle free speech in the United States and an organization that has served the interests of the CIA.

The recent assassination of Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov by an off-duty Turkish anti-riot police officer, who casually strolled into an art exhibit in Ankara, bears the markings of Brennan’s “Disposition Matrix.” Karlov served in Ankara since 2013 and his posting overlapped with Flynn’s term as DIA chief. It is known that Flynn, like Trump, sees Russia as an invaluable ally against the Islamic State and its major allies, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Brennan and his friends inside the Turkish dictatorship of Recep Tayyip Erdogan are trying to spin the story that the Islamist police assassin of Karlov, Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, worked for the Fethulleh Gulen organization. Gulen is a moderate Muslim businessman-cleric living in exile in Pennsylvania who has been a fierce critic of the Islamic State and Erdogan’s alliance with it in Syria.

Although a past CIA asset, Gulen would have no interest in ordering a hit on the Russian ambassador. As a Saudi intelligence mole, Brennan does have a keen interest in the killing of Karlov. By assassinating Karlov, Brennan has driven a wedge in an emerging Russian-Turkish agreement to consolidate Assad’s control of Aleppo and bring about the end of Brennan’s jihadist army in Syria.

Brennan’s CIA Secret report on Russia influencing the 2016 U.S. election through a cyber-offensive warfare program is another product of Brennan’s attempt to deny the White House to Trump. Brennan understands that his Saudi masters are fretting over Trump’s presidency and his antipathy toward to Saudi and Gulf Arab states. Guandolo, who has found a home with some problematic characters, including generic Muslim-haters like Frank Gaffney and Pamela Geller, has stated that the Obama administration “intentionally” aided terrorists and has committed treason.

It is clear that Guandolo saw FBI raw intelligence on Brennan that would lead anyone to conclude that the Saudis and their Wahhabist imams have benefited from a major mole inside the CIA for at least two decades. And there is no telling what Flynn was able to gather on Brennan, especially while enjoying “all-source” intelligence access to signals intelligence intercepts from the National Security Agency, FBI field agents’ reports, and even CIA counter-intelligence reports on suspected moles within Langley. There is one thing for certain, Brennan is already destroying incriminating documents at CIA headquarters that could land him in prison for a very long time.

Digging deep into the WMR archive, the following, published early in the Obama administration, may indicate other document securing and/or purging operations which served to solidify Brennan’s position within the administration – not just those relating to torture, but perhaps more importantly, those relating to Obama’s passport…

April 16-17, 2009 — UPDATE 1X. Obama mulling disclosure of CIA torture documents while his terrorism adviser was involved with the torture policy

…Brennan’s firm, The Analysis Corporation, was one of two State Department contractors involved in the rifling of Obama’s State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs passport file on March 14, 2008. Obama’s file was also looked at by contractors on January 9 and February 21, 2008. There were some reports that Obama’s file had been first examined by unauthorized parties as early as the summer of 2007.

The other contractor involved in the breach was Stanley Corporation of Arlington, Virginia. The Analysis Corporation admitted that one of its employees was involved in the passport file breach but stated: “This individual’s actions were taken without the knowledge or direction of anyone at The Analysis Corp. and are wholly inconsistent with our professional and ethical standards.”

Brennan was the head of The Analysis Corporation at the time of the passport file breach by one of its State Department employees. The file on Obama contained scans of passport applications, date and place of birth, passport renewal information, court orders, arrest warrants, information on parents and their marriages, including to foreign nationals as is Obama’s case, and more interestingly, citizenship information.

Brennan happens to head up one of two companies identified in the perusal of Obama’s passport file. Brennan is then considered by Obama for National Intelligence or CIA director but Brennan withdraws over his involvement in the Bush administration’s torture policy. Then, Obama appoints Brennan deputy national security adviser holding the counter-terrorism portfolio. Brennan then leans on Obama to withhold significant portions of the Justice Department memos on the very policy Brennan helped to create and carry out.

Might have Brennan’s employee at State discovered something of interest in Obama’s passport file that would give Brennan effective veto authority over Obama on decisions affecting the CIA? Of course, blackmail has never been a tactic found in the CIA’s ample bag of dirty tricks.

One interesting footnote: At the time of the passport file breach, Obama’s spokesman Bill Burton, speaking for the Obama campaign, voiced the feeling that political dirty tricks were at play. If Obama felt that way, why did he then turn around and want to put in charge of the CIA or DNI the very person who headed the company that employed the person who had rifled through his passport file and the person who is now pressuring him to hold back on releasing Justice Department torture memos? More interesting, why was the head of The Analysis Corporation kept on as a chief campaign adviser to Obama while one of his employees was peering at the presidential candidate’s passport file? Although Stanley fired its two employees who breached the passport files of Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain, The Analysis Corporation employee was conveniently suspended but retained pursuant to a special request from the State Department until a full investigation could be completed.

See also our WxxxNews articles The Enhanced Interrogation of John Brennan and Compromised by Birth, the latter of which came (then unawares of the 2009 WMR article) after the release of Obama’s birth certificate in the spring of 2011 (just prior to the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden – another charade in which Brennan played a starring role, ref. The Guardian 4 May, 2011). Now, as something of a footnote to Obama presidency…

InfowarsSheriff Arpaio: Obama’s Birth Certificate Proven To Be A Fake 9 Different Ways

Washington TimesObama blames U.S. intelligence for missing rise of the Islamic State

Trump looking for moles?…

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BloombergTrump Dissing Daily Intelligence Briefing Worsens Rift With CIA

Washington PostSecret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House

Zero HedgeA “Soft Coup” Attempt: Furious Trump Slams “Secret” CIA Report Russia Helped Him Win

Town Hall (Dec. 14) – Comey to Trump: The Russians Didn’t Influence the Election

What’s more, Comey told Trump that James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, agreed with this FBI assessment.

The only member of the U.S. intelligence community who was ready to assert that the Russians sanctioned the hacking was John Brennan, the director of the CIA, according to sources who were briefed on Comey’s conversations with Trump.

Brennan turns the screws (euphemized as “strong consensus”) on Comey and Clapper…

WaPo (Dec. 16) – FBI backs CIA view that Russia intervened to help Trump win election

“Earlier this week, I met separately with (Director) FBI James Comey and DNI Jim Clapper, and there is strong consensus among us on the scope, nature, and intent of Russian interference in our presidential election,” CIA Director John Brennan said in a message to the agency’s workforce, according to U.S. officials who have seen the message.

“The three of us also agree that our organizations, along with others, need to focus on completing the thorough review of this issue that has been directed by President Obama and which is being led by the DNI,” Brennan’s message read.

He certainly can talk like a Pollyanna when he needs to, i.e. after the failure of the constitutional coup attempt…

NPR (Dec. 22) – CIA Director Urges Caution In U.S. Response To Russia Hacking

“I don’t think we should resort to some of the tactics and techniques that our adversaries employ against us. I think we need to remember what we’re fighting for. We’re fighting for our country, our democracy, our way of life, and to engage. And the skulduggery that some of our opponents and adversaries engage in, I think is beneath this country’s greatness.”

What we get is a display of petulance…

RT96 Russians forced to leave US over diplomat expulsion – FM spokeswoman

And a measured response in the spirit of the season. Citing the Kremlin: Заявление Президента Российской Федерации

ZeroHedgePutin Stunner: “We Will Not Expel Anyone; We Refuse To Sink To ‘Kitchen’ Diplomacy”

Was it the Kremlin? Or its ousted allies in Kiev, remembering the U.S. sponsored coup of February 2014? Saying: what goes around comes around…

Wall Street JournalCyber Experts Cite Link Between DNC Hacks and Aggression Against Ukraine

Zero HedgeRussian Hackers Said To “Penetrate US Electricity Grid” Using Outdated Ukrainian Malware

The charges against Russia are however not undisputed from within the intelligence community…

Consortium NewsUS Intel Vets Dispute Russia Hacking Claims

Craig MurrayThe CIA’s Absence of Conviction

Talk Nation Radio (Soundcloud) – Craig Murray: Russia Didn’t Do It

Daily MailEx-British ambassador who is now a WikiLeaks operative claims Russia did NOT provide Clinton emails – they were handed over to him at a D.C. park by an intermediary for ‘disgusted’ Democratic whistleblowers

RTFBI sent planeload of agents to frame Assange in Iceland, got snubbed by minister


Global GuerrillasWARNING: An Electoral Coup is Underway

PoliticoClinton campaign backs call for intelligence briefing before Electoral College vote

Lessig: 20 Trump electors could flip

The HillElectors want briefing on Russian interference

Electors won’t get intelligence briefing: report

Zero HedgeReport: House Intelligence Committee Abruptly Cancels Briefing After CIA Declined to Attend

Another Day in the EmpireCongressman calls out CIA on its refusal to provide evidence on Russia election hack

Paul Craig RobertsA CIA-led Coup Against American Democracy Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes

N.Y. PostElectors are being harassed, threatened in bid to stop Trump

Nice try, but no cigar – as of 4:17 PM CST, December 19, Texas made it official: Trump received the necessary votes to assume the presidency on January 20, 2017, as 36 of the 38 Texas Electors cast their votes for Trump…

Texas TribuneTexas electors cast 36 votes for Trump, 1 for Kasich, 1 for Ron Paul

Voting for Kasich…

N.Y. Times (Christopher Suprun, Op-Ed) – Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump

Blackmail? – Looks like somebody called the bluff for him…

GotNewsEXPOSED: Anti-Trump Faithless Elector @TheChrisSuprun Paid For Ashley Madison While Bankrupt & Married w/ 3 Kids

In the end, however, there were more “faithless” to Clinton, leaving Colin Powell, who wasn’t in the running, to come in third with 3 Electoral votes…

The Olympian4 Washington electors pick candidate other than Clinton

And in a first for a Native American…

Seattle TimesMeet Faith Spotted Eagle, who received one Washington elector’s presidential vote

The attempted Electoral College coup was then as much a failure for Clinton and her allies as the recounts. The talking point among Trump supporters has been that Jill Stein, in challenging the results, must be an agent for Clinton; but there is nothing nefarious in the desire to audit and confirm the election process – see interview of Bob Fitrakis in the Columbus Free Press. Had the Trump camp not attempted to block it – with some success in doing so in Michigan and Pennsylvania – more irregularities may have been exposed. Though anomalies cut both ways – see Black Box Voting News Briefs – the net 131 gained for Trump in Wisconsin may have been supplemented elsewhere…

PoliticoTrump allies try to freeze recount efforts

Detroit NewsHalf of Detroit votes may be ineligible for recount

Records: Too many votes in 37% of Detroit’s precincts

The numbers coming from Pennsylvania have been unclear – initially Clinton was reported to have gained over 20,000 votes, though it has been claimed that most of these were due to an exorbitant percentage of the absentee ballots suspiciously coming in her favor (Gateway Pundit). As the recounts were incomplete, however, this issue is left unresolved. In any event, where gains for Clinton might have been expected, there was little…

Billy PennThe Philly recount is done, and it didn’t help Hillary much at all

Higgins News NetworkMilwaukee Wisconsin Recount Hillary Clinton Vote Fraud Anomalies?

Wisconsin State JournalCompleted Wisconsin recount widens Donald Trump’s lead by 131 votes

Lakeland Times (Minoqua, WI) – After the recount, the open-record requests begin

WSB-TV (Atlanta) – Georgia secretary of state says cyberattacks traced to DHS addresses

HNNGeorgia Finds 9 More DHS Attempts To Hack State Election System

On the dyslexia of history: in 1963 Louisiana was a hub of activities for the CIA’s Operation Mongoose, approved by President John F. Kennedy and supervised by his brother, Robert, whose object was the overthrow of Fidel Castro – by assassination if necessary. Castro survived the numerous attempts to kill him; Jack Kennedy however perished in a hail of bullets fired by Mongoose operative suspects in late November of that year. In late November 2016, Fidel Castro passed away from natural causes at the age of 90, subsequent to which a new Jack Kennedy defeated an opponent whose initials are F.C. to become the junior U.S. Senator for the State of Louisiana…

Times-PicayuneJohn Kennedy defeats Foster Campbell for Louisiana’s open U.S. Senate seat

N.Y. PostStudent arrested after bringing weapons into Trump Tower

TwitterCircling military plane leaves New Yorkers asking questions

DNAinfoMysterious Manhattan Military Flyover Was Trump Rescue Exercise: Sources

WISN (Milwaukee) – Black Panthers hold ‘human rights tribunal’ in Sherman Park

InfowarsTrumpocalypse? Suddenly Liberals Are The Ones Stockpiling Food, Guns And Emergency Supplies

It’s looking like 1920’s Wiemar Germany again: but instead of brown-shirts vs red-shirts, it is MAGA-heads vs snowflakes…


The_Donald (Reddit) – 4chan called it a day BEFORE it happened… “PIZZAGATE FALSEFLAG INCOMING” — “someone is going to attack either Alefantis or a podesta brother. The media will use this as a means to justify censorship. Screencap this post” – In case it goes away: WayBackMachine – The original but now 404’d 4chan post archived at 4plebs


Another lead in tracing the “Roy Cohn coup” (see our previous editions of Nov. 7, Nov. 18, Dec. 8). In the following (at time-stamp 39:50) Ed Opperman comments on Trump’s personal security chief Keith Schiller and his history with the NYPD and Blackwater…

Opperman Report (Spreaker) – PizzaGate Child Trafficking Allegations: William Ramsey & Kurt Richard Haskell

Rense (Yoichi Shimatsu) – PizzaGate Is A Giant Step For Investigative Journalism

In spring 2007 immediately before departing to Portugal to fetch a prize, Tony Podesta had purchased a 7-bath house with swimming pool in the Kalorama area of Washington D.C. for a mere $3.9 million. At exactly the same moment, for a cool $1.7 million, James Achilles Alefantis (the owner-operator of Comet Ping Pong Pizza) and his partner James Brock, the anti-Trump editor of Media Matters attack site, bought a 6-bedroom rowhouse in the same neighborhood as Podesta..

A few years later, in early 2012, while the British police were starting to trace the Maddie McCann kidnapping to America, David Brock paid an out-of-court settlement of $850,000 to an ex-lover named William Grey, who threatened to tell all to law enforcement authorities. To raise the money to silence what he called “blackmail”, Brock sold his house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, at huge profit for more than $1 million to a realtor in McLean, Virginia, where coincidentally the CIA Langley headquarters is located. Oddly, the new owner tore down the valuable house but did not erect another structure, leaving the expensive lot empty. So that raises the obvious question: Were their little bodies buried below the basement?

See FOX News of February 27, 2012 on the 850G settlement.

Voat (redberries) – Max Maccoby represented James Alefantis and David Brock for the $850,000 blackmail case

We have connected James Alefantis with wanted child-trafficker Laura Silsby

(ShockDoctrine101) – Clinton’s State Department Cover-up of Pedophilia

(LordFucker) – James Alefantis / Scott Driscoll – What. The. Fuck.

(redditsuckz) – Alefantis Kill Room Found – The Pajama Factory Same Brick Walls as Instagram Photos – Womans Body was found 2013

(spoor) – Alefantis’ project PEGASUS, summary and many new details including a pizzagate reaction by a PEGASUS employee and a voat site video report

(dontkillmehillary) – I know this might be obvious… but holy crap, they are moving them by BOAT

For continuous updates on human trafficking stories: Global Incident Map

(DominicTesla) – I Think I found the connection between the Norway Pedophile Network and the Clinton Foundation via HEAL AFRICA!!!

Nordic PagePedophile Abuse Network Operation “Darkroom” Shakes Norway

ExpressPolice fly to Falklands to help with historical ‘child abuse’ investigation

Daily CallerFBI New York Field Office Told To Continue Clinton Foundation Probe

Your one stop shop for all docs relating to Clinton Foundation: CF-GATE

FOX NewsFBI warrant released in Clinton email case

Washington TimesFBI feared Abedin’s laptop had been hacked, contained secret emails: warrant

A missing link found in a Sept. 5 Townhall story?…

Voat (doubletake) – Is Weiner’s Laptop the same laptop as Hillary’s Lost CF Laptop? Breaking News: Sept. 5.

WaPo (John Podesta) – Something is deeply broken at the FBI

Law NewzJohn Podesta: FBI Didn’t Tell Him About Hack Until After Emails Leaked

Who really cares what this doddering old creep thinks, but perhaps this is his last word…

The Bedford Pound Ridge Record ReviewMr. President, one more question

If the Democratic Party wants a future, here it is…

Congresswoman Tulsi GabbardRep. Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Legislation to Stop Arming Terrorists

Black Agenda ReportGabbard’s Law: To End War on Terror, Stop Arming Terrorists

And into the dustbin of history…

World Net DailyHillary pleads to dismiss Benghazi lawsuit

The often overlooked back story of Benghazi has been the arming of terrorists via a weapons pipeline from Libya to Syria, as facilitated by the CIA and Hillary’s State department. Only now is the mess they created being rolled back…

Middle East EyeAleppo fighting stops; residents prepared for evacuation

Fort Russ (translating Русская весна) – ALEPPO LIBERATED: Syria claims final victory, Assad congratulates troops

Moon of AlabamaMSM Create #Fakenews Storm As Rebel Aleppo Vanishes

Syria – Killing Journos Enabled “Media Activist” Domination – Intended Effect?

IndependentEgyptian police arrest five people for using children to stage fake ‘Aleppo’ footage

Fars NewsSo-Called ‘Aleppo Twitter Girl’ Has Nothing to Do with Her Tweets

21st Century Wire‘President’ Raed Saleh’s Terrorist Connections within White Helmet Leadership

At Least 14 US Coalition Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in East Aleppo Bunker

SeemorerocksThree intrepid heroines bring you the truth about Syria

The SakerThe second fall of Palmyra: what happened and how will the Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance respond?

AntiwarUS Admits to Possible Civilian Casualties; 263 Killed in IraqFighting Resumes in Mosul; 106 Killed in Iraq – Triple Bombing in Mosul Suburb; 118 Killed in IraqBombers Targeting Baghdad; 41 Killed in IraqArtillery Fire Strikes Civilians in Mosul; 154 Killed in Iraq

Daily SabahTurkey seeks to end NATO patrols in Aegean Sea

The SunTERROR IN TURKEY At least 38 killed including 30 police officers by two bombs in ‘inhuman terror attack’ at Besiktas football stadium in Istanbul

Penny for your thoughtsIstanbul Bomb Blasts- TAK/PKK Takes Ownership

Centcom: US Backed SDF (90%+ Kurds) Initiate Next Phase of Raqqa Isolation (Annexation?)

AINATurkey Bus Blast Kills 13 Soldiers, Leaves Dozens Injured

Newsbud (Filip Kovacevic) – Russia-Turkey Work on Reconciliation, While Chinese & Syrian Nationals Acquire Real Estate in Moscow

ReutersRussia, Iran and Turkey to hold Syria talks in Moscow on Tuesday


Fort RussRussian Ambassador to Turkey shot dead in Ankara

Daily Sabah (via Twitter) – A gunman tried to enter the US Embassy in Ankara, police neutralised the attacker and took him into custody

Erdoğan says attack on Russian envoy provocation to harm Turkey-Russia normalization

Turkish MinutePro-gov’t media blame US, Gülen for assassination of Russian ambassador

Al MonitorErdogan accuses US, West of supporting terrorists in Syria

DEBKAfileRussian ambassador killed by Nusra jihadist

Jerusalem PostDoes the Arab world view Russian ambassador’s assassination as a trigger to a 3rd world war?

HurriyetRussia, Turkey and Iran agree on joint Syria action

IndependentSenior Russian diplomat shot dead in flat in Moscow hours before assassination of ambassador in Turkey

Middle East EyeRussia and Turkey’s future ties: Background of ambassador’s killer is crucial

Mosque attack: Zurich gunman wounds three

Truck ploughs into Berlin Christmas market, killing at least 12

Berlin Christmas market attacker ‘still armed and at large’ after suspect released

Die WeltLkw rast in Weihnachtsmarkt – Neun Tote – Polizei spricht von Anschlag

TelegraphBerlin terror attack: Tunisian suspect was investigated over earlier terror plot

The SunPATH TO JIHAD? Extraordinary picture shows ‘Berlin terror trucker arriving with other migrants on Italian island in 2011’ – as he is gunned down in Milan street shootout by rookie cop

IndependentSaudi Arabia and Gulf states ‘support Islamic extremism in Germany,’ intelligence report finds

IntelNewsGerman and British spy services in ‘biggest rift’ since World War II, claim sources

AFP (via Yahoo) – Putin urges Russian nuclear weapons boost

Donald J. Trump (Twitter) – The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes

The HillTrump shares letter from Putin: ‘His thoughts are so correct’

Strategic CultureUS Army Deploys Tanks to Europe Ratcheting Up Tensions with Russia

APRussia arms Serbia amid tensions with NATO

Baltic TimesEstonian embassy in Minsk becomes NATO Contact Point Embassy

TASSUkrainian forces prepare for launching offensive in Debaltsevo ― LPR

Alert 5Cockpit video of Ukrainian Su-25s firing Kh-25 air-to-surface missiles

Fort RussSudden Ukrainian offensive in Lugansk ends in heavy losses, retreat

(translating Новороссия) – Ukrainian troops shoot civilians at Gorlovka checkpoint, shell DPR positions

Novorossia TodayUkrainian hostile army shelled DPR territory 224 times

Caucasian KnotSix people killed in shootout in Grozny

Fars news AgencyCivil Defense Official Warns of New US Cyber Attack against Iran

Washington Free BeaconIran Stages Massive War Drills In Show of ‘Supremacy’

Intelligence OnlineSaudi Arabia tries to sideline Oman from GCC

Middle East EyeYemen on verge of ‘absolute collapse’ suggests report

Zero HedgeDid Satellites Expose A Secret American Drone Hangar In A Saudi Desert?

Indicating a continuity of the shift from “Gladio A” to “Gladio B” (as revealed by Sibel Edmonds in 2013 on the Corbett Report)…

N.Y. Times (AP) – Ex-Death Squad Hit Man in Spain Arrested in Jihadi Probe

For a more thorough treatment, see the Spanish language communist blog…

Odio de ClaseUn pistolero ultraderechista de los GAL detenido en Segovia por enrolarse en el ISIS

Japan Times (AFP/JIJI) – U.S. forces wrap up operations against Islamic State in Sirte

Malta IndependentHijackers surrender – PM; hijackers had identical ‘replica’ weapons – government

ReutersMalta hijack ends peacefully as Gaddafi loyalists surrender

Maghreb ConfidentialHaftar uses Moldavian airbridge

BloombergRussia Urges Libya Leadership Role for UN-Defying Military Chief

African AgendaFake Famine and Humanitarian Intervention in Nigeria

Le MondeBritish spying: tentacles reach across Africa’s heads of states and business leaders

West Africa NewsletterFrance trains African troops

TruthoutCommandos Without Borders: The US’s Elite Troops Partner With African Forces but Pursue US Aims

War is BoringHere’s a Snapshot of Some of the Pentagon’s Shadowy Wars

ThereAreNoSunglasses (citing Pakistan’s Express Tribune) – Russia Reports More Incidents of Outside Helicopters Rescuing Besieged Taliban

IntelNewsNew director appointed to head Pakistan’s all-powerful intelligence agency

Defense NewsDeal Breathes New Life Into France’s Space-Surveillance Radar

China.orgJapan covets PLA jets’ radar frequency amid harassment

RTPutin, Abe agree on joint Russia-Japan activities on Kuril Islands

US ‘ready to confront’ Beijing over South China Sea, as satellite photos show ‘militarization’

Alert 5 (translating 81.cn) – China says defense weapons on artificial islands are just slingshots

IndependentChina seizes US Navy underwater drone in international waters of South China Sea

ThereAreNoSunglassesChinese Navy Grabs Underwater Drone From USNS Bowditch, Caught Mapping S. China Sea “Battle Space”

ReutersChina returns underwater drone, U.S. condemns ‘unlawful’ seizure

China holds first live-fire drills with aircraft carrier, warships

FOX NewsChina flies nuclear-capable bomber in South China Sea after Trump Taiwan call, US officials say

Japan TimesMSDF spots China’s first aircraft carrier sailing into the Pacific

Press TVMinivan plows into market in Chinese capital, killing 4

South Korea’s Park Geun-hye goes down…

Yonhap News AgencyPassage of impeachment motion heralds another period of political turbulence

S. Korea checking report on Park’s letter to ex-N.K. leader

USFK commander says no delay in THAAD deployment

ReutersNorth Korea still struggling with nuclear missile re-entry: U.S. official

UPIReport: North Korea tested a sub-launched missile in December

Strategic Culture (Wayne Madsen) – The War Between Globalists and Populists

DWMacedonia: Ex-PM threatens foreign ambassadors, NGOs

teleSURWhy Are Venezuela 100-Bolivar Bills Accumulating in Colombia?

Venezuela to Close Colombia Border for 72 Hours to Combat Currency Smuggling

Trump Meets Mexico Foe Slim Over Dinner, Calls Him ‘Great Guy’

LiveLeakMassive fireworks explosion in Mexican market.

Fort Russ (translating РИА Новости) – Trump’s ExxonMobil CEO Secretary of State Pick Received “Order of Friendship” from Putin

N.Y. TimesI.M.F. Stands by Christine Lagarde, Convicted of Negligence

ReutersUkraine’s largest bank rescued by state, Poroshenko urges depositors to stay calm

Dutch court rules Crimean gold treasures must be returned to Kiev

ExpressMystery as NATO Auditor General is found shot dead in suspicious circumstances

Zero HedgeWall Street Reacts To The OPEC/NOPEC Deal: “Saudis Are Wrong To Think US Shale Won’t Respond”

Saudis Threaten To Move Aramco IPO Elsewhere Due To “Concerns” Over Trump, Sept 11 Law

AFP (via Yahoo) – Saudi Arabia lobbies US over 9/11 law

Florida BulldogNew FBI document shows active probe of support network for 9/11 hijackers in 2012

RTObama orders full Senate Torture Report kept secret for 12 years

ShadowproofObama’s Legacy: Institutionalizing Assassination Complex For Any President To Play Judge, Jury, And Executioner

Strategy PageSpecial Operations: More Mystery Options For JSOC

Capital GazetteFormer NSA head: Employees leaving agency for private sector

ReutersThyssenKrupp secrets stolen in ‘massive’ cyber attack

Zero HedgeBilderberg Website Taken Over By Anonymous Hackers

Another billion hacked…

Yahoo!Important Security Information for Yahoo Users

ReutersYahoo email scan shows U.S. spy push to recast constitutional privacy

GoogleSharing National Security Letters with the Public

Zero HedgeObama Quietly Signs The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” Into Law

Daily CallerHuman Tracking Bill Passes House

FOX13‘MormonWikileaks’ website launched, seeking transparency in LDS Church

SputnikNewest Theory Says Lost City of Atlantis Located in Antarctica

Statesman Journal (Salem, OR) – Fukushima radiation has reached U.S. shores

APUN: Threat of a hacking attack on nuclear plants is growing

CERNALPHA observes light spectrum of antimatter for first time