Headlines of interest for late Summer 2022 [Editor’s note: per the usual, we have more to add – check for updates; and see other items on our Minds page]…

EugyppiusExhaustive study of German mortality data finds excess deaths tightly correlated with mass vaccination

Dr. John Campbell (Youtube) – Excess deaths, the data

Coronavirus NewsAutopsies Show Direct Causal Link Between Unexpected Deaths and COVID Vaccines

The ExposéPfizerGate: Official Government Reports prove Hundreds of Thousands of People are dying every single week due to Covid-19 Vaccination

EU forced to begin Europe-wide Investigation into 700% to 1600% increase in Excess Deaths among Children since EMA approved COVID Vaccine for Kids thanks to Exclusive Investigation carried out by The Exposé

Alex Berenson (Substack) – Deaths are soaring in one of the world’s most highly mRNA vaccinated areas

Steve Kirsch (Substack) – Exclusive: Proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines then deliberately covered it up

Vaccines are taking an average of 5 months to kill people

Young doctors in Canada are dying at a rate 23X normal after the second booster

Why doctors aren’t speaking out

Etana Hecht (Substack) – Turbo-Cancer

Global Research (John O’Looney) – A Letter to UK’s Chief Coroners Office on Disturbing COVID and COVID Vaccination Deaths

(Dr. Joseph Mercola) – “The Bad Batch” Phenomenon: Data Leak Reveals Disturbing Facts About mRNA Instability

Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Trial Hid Injuries, Maddie’s Story, “She was 12, Previously a Healthy Preteen”

Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases (Suyanee Mansanguan et al) – Cardiovascular Manifestation of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents

Igor Chudov (Substack) – Yes, Covid Vaccines UNSET and ERASE Natural Immunity

UK: Births in England Collapsed and are NOT Coming Back Up

Children’s Health Defense (Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.) – England Study Confirms 100 Myocarditis Deaths After COVID Shots

(Madhava Setty M.D.) – CDC Quietly Removes ‘Claim’ That Spike Protein Doesn’t ‘Last Long’ in Body After COVID Vaccine

Epoch Times (Enrico Trigiso) – Unusual Toxic Components Found in COVID Vaccines, ‘Without Exception’: German Scientists – report uploaded to Documentcloud

Gateway Pundit (Cristina Laila) – ‘Never Seen’ Before: Embalmers Finding Long, Rubbery Clots Inside Corpses Since Implementation of Covid Vaccines

TelegraphLockdown effects feared to be killing more people than Covid

Brownstone Institute (Jeffrey A. Tucker) – Jared Kushner and the Mystery of the First US Lockdown

PlandemicSeriesOfficial (Rumble) – Ivermectin: The Truth

CBS NewsCDC director Rochelle Walensky announces shake-up of the organization, citing COVID mistakes

C-SpanHearing on Virus Research Funding

Current AffairsWhy the Chair of the Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission Thinks The US Government Is Preventing a Real Investigation Into the Pandemic

TelegraphMajor Covid report suggests virus could have leaked from a US lab

The report: The Lancet Commission on lessons for the future from the COVID-19 pandemic

Lessons learned? Watch out for Uber-mouse escaping from a lab near you…

Phys.orgResearchers engineer first sustainable chromosome changes in mice

Science (Li-Bin Wang et al) – A sustainable mouse karyotype created by programmed chromosome fusion

Children’s Health Defense (Dr. Joseph Mercola) – Fauci’s Team Involved in Research to Create Deadly Version of Spanish Flu Virus

Paul D. Thacker (Substack) – Former CDC Director Robert Redfield On Inside Battles With Anthony Fauci, And Why Classified Information Will Point to a Lab Accident in Wuhan

We can only hope that the “next chapter” is penultimate to the final chapter, which concludes with he leaving planet Earth at the end of a rope…

New York TimesFauci Says He Will Step Down in December to Pursue His ‘Next Chapter’

Epoch TimesPfizer CEO Albert Bourla Tests Positive For COVID-19

US National Institutes Of Health Ending Subaward For Lab in Wuhan, China

U.S. Right To KnowCritic of congressional probe into gain-of-function research helped fund Wuhan gain-of-function study

Jesse Santiano M.D.The use of drugs on the Ukrainian soldiers and the medical experiments on the Ukrainians

The InsightAlarming Evidence Of US, Ukrainian Biological Lab Centres In Russian Liberated Donbass Regions

The State DumaIrina Yarovaya: we should not expect that the US reveal the truth about appearance of COVID, WHO should deal with secrets and the biological laboratories

Global Research (Dr. Binoy Kampmark) – Back Door Proliferation: The IAEA, AUKUS and Nuclear Submarine Technology

TASSRussia notifies US it is exempting its facilities from inspections under New START

Libertarian InstituteBritish PM Hopeful Says She’s ‘Ready’ to Launch Nuclear War

Zero HedgeUkraine’s Top General Doesn’t Rule Out “Limited” Nuclear War

Responsible Statecraft (Jasmine Owens) – How even a limited nuclear war would destroy the planet

Common Dreams‘Extremely Concerned’: Shelling of Europe’s Biggest Nuclear Power Plant More Worrying Than Chernobyl

Antiwar (Dave DeCamp) – Putin Warns Macron of ‘Large-Scale Catastrophe’ at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant

IAEA Arrives at Zaporizhzhia Power Plant, Establishes ‘Continued’ Presence

Ukrainian Officials Make Conflicting Claims About Blast at Russian Air Base in Crimea

Moscow TimesRussia Says Blasts at Military Site in Crimea ‘Sabotage’

Radio Free Europe/Radio LibertyDrone Strikes Headquarters Of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet In Ukraine’s Occupied Crimea Region

ReutersZelenskiy tells officials to stop discussing tactics, probe opens into leak

U.S. to Send Ukraine $5.5 Billion in New Fiscal, Military Aid

CNBCBiden marks Ukrainian Independence Day with nearly $3 billion in security assistance

The HillWhite House asks Congress for $13.7B in Ukraine-related funding

Zero HedgeNew $600M Arms Package For Ukraine Marks 21st Time US Draws From Own Stockpiles

Business InsiderCBS partially retracts documentary that outraged Ukraine by claiming that US weapon shipments were going missing

Intelligence OnlineKyiv strives to show Western donors it is monitoring weapons supplies

Kyiv reviews its intelligence services’ counter-intelligence capacities

Talks due on role for North Korean special forces in Ukraine

Belarus conducts KGB purge as armed opposition organises

POLAND Domestic intelligence expert Colonel Bartosz Jarmuszkiewicz takes over foreign intel

Washington plans to produce missiles for Ukraine in Poland

Anti-bellumJapan, Sweden join NATO war games in Georgia

Fortress Europe: All European nations but Austria, Hungary involved in Ukraine war – FM

ReMixCzechia has exhausted its arms reserves supporting Ukraine, Czech PM reveals

OneWorld (Andrew Korybko) – Counterproductive Policies, Not “Russian Propaganda”, Were Responsible For Prague’s Protests

PoliticoFirst of ‘hundreds’ of Iranian drones arrives in Russia

YleRussia moves missiles from St Petersburg to Ukraine

Moscow TimesRussia ‘Not Discussing’ Mass Military Mobilization, Kremlin Says

Putin Says ‘No Hurry’ to Finish Ukraine Military Campaign

South FrontSuccessful Offensive Of Ukrainian Army in Eastern Ukraine

Global Research (Dr. Leon Tressel – U.S. Marine Corps Gazette) – On the Nature of Russia’s Military Campaign in Ukraine. Analysis of Russian Military Strategy

(Kurt Nimmo) – CIA Helps Ukraine Compile “Death List” Website

RTCar blast kills daughter of Russian philosopher Dugin

Zero Hedge (TACC) – Russian FSB Identifies Alleged Dugina Assassin

Strategic Culture (Pepe Escobar) – Which Crime Syndicate Murdered Darya Dugina?

Consortium NewsSCOTT RITTER: The Death List

Executive Intelligence Review‘Global NATO’ Orders – A Hit on Advocates of Peace

The Wall Will Fall (Vanessa Beeley) – Journalists who challenge NATO narratives are now ‘information terrorists’

GrayzoneRoger Waters added to Ukrainian govt-sponsored hit list

(Kit Klarenburg) – BBC assault on antiwar academics was apparent product of UK intel plot

(Alexander Rubinstein) – Zelensky and NATO plan to transform post-war Ukraine into ‘a big Israel’

Donbass InsiderUkraine – When France 2 tries to re-edit Alyosha and ends up with the Hitler Youth

EurasianetKyrgyzstan, Tajikistan border clash resumes and spreads

APGreece warns allies of Turkey conflict danger amid tension

Public Radio of ArmeniaFootage shows Azerbaijan’s attempted advancement into Armenian territory

TASSArmenian Defense Ministry reports that Azerbaijani forces shelling Armenian cities

Armenian Prime Minister calls Putin due to escalation on border with Azerbaijan — Cabinet

MediamaxArmenia faction expects Iran’s “active involvement”

The CradleDetails on new nuclear deal approved by Iran

Jerusalem PostMossad Chief Barnea: New nuclear deal will not block us from acting against Iran

Times of IsraelUS hints to Gantz it’s preparing military option against Iran, Israeli official says

Intelligence OnlineUNITED STATES/LEBANON Spymaster Abbas Ibrahim suffers further setback in US over Fakhoury affair

NewsweekPentagon Confirms Russian Strike Targeting Syria Rebels With Ties to U.S.

Global Research (Steven Sahiounie) – Putin’s Syrian Peace Plan with Erdogan

Al MonitorUS strikes Iran-backed militias in Syria for third day

Israel airstrikes kill Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza

Middle East EyeBaghdad rocked by deadly clashes as Sadrist protests spread to south Iraq

Indian Punchline (M. K. Bhadrakumar) – US commits a perfect murder in Kabul

FOX NewsU.S. military left over $7 billion of military equipment to Taliban, IG report confirms

DWAfghanistan is starving and the West is partly to blame

ReutersIn Poland, where coal is king, homeowners queue for days to buy fuel

Analysis: Forget showering, it’s eat or heat for shocked Europeans hit by energy crisis

Le Monde diplomatique (Mathias Reymond und Pierre Rimbert) – Energiekrieg – Die Sieger stehen schon fest

Global Research (Dr. Binoy Kampmark) – Europe Dries Up

(F. William Engdahl) – Whose Grain Is Being Shipped from Ukraine? America’s GMO Agribusiness Giants to Take Control of Ukraine Farmland

Colossal Financial Pyramid: BlackRock and The WEF “Great Reset”

Berliner GazetteEuropas Energiebedürfnisse: Grüner Kolonialismus und Green Grabbing in Nordafrika

Europe’s Energy Needs: Green Colonialism and Green Grabbing in North Africa

Europe’s leaders are using the climate crisis as an opportunity to expand their colonial influence on Africa. Under the pretext that “we all” are fighting against a “common enemy”, they are promoting “clean technology” projects that not only reproduce the inequalities between North and South, but also fuel the climate crisis, argues the scientist, activist and journalist Hamza Hamouchene in his contribution to the BG text series “After Extractivism”.

Africa IntelligenceExxonMobil, Chevron, Marathon… US giants start mass exodus from the continent

Intelligence OnlineEGYPT/RUSSIA Cairo poised to adopt alternative Russian payment system to sidestep sanctions

Zero HedgePutin & Kim As Leaders Of World’s “Most Sanctioned Countries” Pledge Deeper Ties Against “Hostile” US

NK NewsNorth Korea keeps aid groups in the dark about its COVID vaccine campaign

Antiwar (Dave DeCamp) – US to Participate in Military Drills Near India’s Disputed Border With China

PoliticoU.S. sails warships through Taiwan Strait

RTChina reveals why it thinks US sent Pelosi to Taiwan

US congressional delegation arrives in Taiwan

South China Morning PostBeijing starts more live drills around Taiwan as Tsai Ing-wen meets another US delegation

AxiosSen. Blackburn calls Taiwan a “country” during meeting with President Tsai

Common Dreams (Brett Wilkins) – Anti-War Voices Warn US Bill on Taiwan ‘Will Make War Much More Likely’

Daily MailLiz Truss to declare China a ‘threat’ to national security as PM and give Beijing a similar status to Vladimir Putin’s Russia

Nancy Pelosi’s son – who secretly joined mom on her controversial trip to Taiwan – is a top investor in Chinese telecoms company, despite House Speaker’s campaign to tackle China’s corporate influence in the US

ReutersU.S. officials order Nvidia to halt sales of top AI chips to China

International Business TimesNancy Pelosi Under Scrutiny as Husband Paul Sold Nvidia Shares Before Stock Crash Caused by Government Order

Sludge (Donald Shaw) – Pelosi Fortune Growing Rapidly, Per New Disclosure

Economic CollapseViolence In California Reaches “Epidemic” Levels As Our Society Rapidly Deteriorates All Around Us

Dark Journalist (Youtube) – Constitutional Crisis Classified UFO File FBI Raid!

Project VeritasDHS Whistleblower Leaks New Joint Intelligence Bulletin on ‘Domestic Violent Extremists’ Sent in Wake of Mar-A-Lago Raid

Wall Street JournalTrump Files Lawsuit Challenging Mar-a-Lago Search by FBI

CBS NewsJudge agrees to name “special master” to review items seized in Trump search

FOX NewsTrump medical records, tax documents seized in FBI raid: judge

Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan FBI warned Facebook of ‘Russian propaganda’ before Hunter Biden laptop story

N.Y. Post (Miranda Devine) – Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election

Zero HedgeMentor Of Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In Connecticut Apartment

The DissenterCIA, Pompeo Sued For Allegedly Spying On US Attorneys And Journalists Who Met With Assange

Just the NewsCredit card firms to code gun, ammunition purchases, making them easier to track

(Natalia Mittlestadt) – Twitter beefs up tweet policing ahead of midterms amid debunking of secure 2020 election narrative

Epoch TimesOver 50 Biden Administration Employees, 12 US Agencies Involved In Social Media Censorship Push: Documents

Add to the list of speech which must be muzzled and/or besmirched, in this case, as anti-Semitic: criticism of the State of Israel…

e-fluxWe are angry, we are sad, we are tired, we are united: Letter from lumbung community

NachDenkSeiten„Gelöscht, weil wir stören“ – YouTube schaltet ohne Begründung alle YouTube-Kanäle von OVALmedia ab

“Deleted because we disturb” – YouTube shuts down all OVALmedia YouTube channels without justification

OVALmedia is a production company of German filmmaker Robert Cibis that maintained YouTube channels in German, French, English and Italian. Documentaries, reports and interviews such as with Julian Assange’s father, Eugen Drewermann and Hannes Hofbauer were published on them. On July 27, all four channels were deleted in one fell swoop, and according to the operators without any prior notice…

CJ Hopkins (Substack) – The Rise of the New Normal Reich, Consent Factory Essays, Vol. III, banned in Germany!

Children’s Health DefenseWithout Warning, Facebook, Instagram De-Platform Children’s Health Defense Accounts

(Michael Nevradakis) – WEF Proposes Globalized Plan to Police Online Content Using Artificial Intelligence

Summit NewsUN Recruited Over 100,000 ‘Digital First Responders’ to Push Establishment COVID Narrative

Zero HedgeRockefeller Foundation Wants Behavioral Scientists To Come Up With More Convincing COVID Vaxx Narratives

One way of shaping narrative is through “cognitive infiltration”…

Lee Merritt MD (Rumble) – Dr. Lee Merritt and Poornima Wagh

Like “No planes on 9/11” and “Nobody died at Sandy Hook” etc. etc. “No virus” would appear to be another effort to disrupt a “Truth movement”. Note that if accepted, ‘No virus’ conveniently gets Anthony Fauci, Peter Dazsak, Ralph Baric, Zhengli Shi, and gain-of-function research generally off the hook… How could they have mutated and released a deadly virus upon the world, if no such virus exists?

Planet Waves FM (Substack) – Charlatan’s Web

Apocalyptic Yoga (Substack) – The Sad Tale of Poornima Wagh

Toby Rogers (Substack) – Why I’m an abolitionist

Leo HohmannBiden signs executive order designed to unleash transhumanist hell on America and the world

Children’s Health Defense (Michael Nevradakis) – WEF: ‘Solid, Rational Reasons’ to Implant Microchips in Kids

Jordan Schachtel (Substack) – The WEF King ascends to the British throne

Updates on old news…

She died on Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday…

NewsBeezer (Danas) – The Cult That Considers Queen Elizabeth the No. 1 Drug Dealer in the World – Society

Unlimited Hangout (Johnny Vedmore) – The Kissinger Continuum: The Unauthorized History of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program

DDX Libertairan (Odysee) – David Sheen: the 1985 El Nakam Bombing of Alex Odeh

Declassified UK (John McEvoy) – How Shell and BP financed Britain’s Cold War propaganda machine

Mint Press News (Kit Klarenberg) – New Research Finds CIA Used Black Americans as Drugs Experiment Guinea Pigs

Al MonitorArchaeologist claims Prophet Muhammad had Egyptian roots

Institute of Art and Ideas (Eric J. Lerner) – The Big Bang didn’t happen

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