Headlines of interest for April 2021 [Editor’s note: check for updates as we catch up with our back-log of stories. See also our Minds page]…

The month progressed with an escalation of bellicosity between Russia and Ukraine – and by extension, NATO – with somewhat of a softening by April 30… The events as they unfolded in roughly chronological order:

Economic CollapseAs Russian Tanks Move Toward Ukraine, The Globe Braces For The Possibility That World War 3 Could Soon Erupt

TASS – – Kremlin says situation along engagement line in Donbass frightening

Pentagon urges Russia to clarify intents of troop movement on Ukrainian border

AxiosBiden holds first call with Ukraine’s Zelensky as Russia tensions escalate

Defense BlogRussia begins massive military exercise

UnianRussia pulling military hardware toward Ukraine border: Videos show trucks with covered license plates (Video)

Kiev PostUkraine raises southern territorial defense units to counter Russian threat

Antiwar (Rick Rosoff) – Ukraine’s Top Commander Invokes NATO’s Article 5 Military Assistance Clause as West Continues to Oversee Ukraine’s War in the Donbass

Donbass Insider (translation of Народная Милиция ДНР) – Donbass – Zelensky was on Ukrainian positions under Wehrmacht flag of Nazi Germany

Interfax-UkraineExtraordinary meeting of Ukraine-NATO to be held at Ukraine’s request to discuss aggravation on border with Russia – MFA

Zero HedgeUkraine’s Zelensky: “NATO Membership Is The Only Way To End War In Donbass”

RTFull-scale Ukrainian war would threaten Russian security Kremlin warns, pledging action to prevent ‘humanitarian catastrophe’

Anti-Bellum (Rick Rozoff) – Turkey demands return of Crimea, suppression of Donbass, NATO membership for Ukraine

U.S. Warships to Enter Black Sea in “Significant Signal” To Russia Over Ukraine

Radio Free Europe/Radio LibertyPentagon Chief To Visit Allies Amid Heightened Russia-Ukraine Tensions

Global Defense CorpUS Army Deploys HIMARS Near Crimea

ExpressRussia’s tanks painted with ‘invasion stripes’ as 100,000 soldiers mass at European border

TASSFSB detains Ukrainian diplomat in St. Petersburg for obtaining classified data

Kiev preparing response after consul detained in St. Petersburg

France 24Ukraine’s Zelensky says open to four-way talks with Putin to ease tensions with Russia

EuronewsBelarus: Lukashenko claims he foiled US-backed ‘coup’ as two people are arrested by Moscow

Sunday Times (archive.is) – British warships head for Black Sea as Russian troops mass on Ukrainian border

“Minsk: the coup failed, but it’s too early to relax”…

Ukraina.ruМинск: путч провалился, но расслабляться рано

The SakerThe deafening sound of silence in the West

Did the US just try to murder Lukashenko?

NewsweekUkraine President Zelensky Is Ready for War With Russia, Vows to ‘Stand to the Last Man’

RTPutin makes ‘State of the Union’-style annual address to Russian lawmakers amid diplomatic stand-off with West – transcript at the Kremlin: Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly

US Ambassador to Russia to return to America: Sullivan heads home after advice from Moscow to go to Washington for ‘consultations’

France 24Slovakia expels three Russian diplomats in solidarity with Czech Republic

Defense PostRussia Begins Drawdown of Troops From Ukraine’s Border

UNIANUkraine rules out direct talks on Donbas with Russian proxies – TCG delegation spox

UkrinformZelensky: Crimea has become source of danger for entire Black Sea region

Al Jazeera (Dimitar Bechev) – Ukraine-Turkey cooperation has its limits

TASSKremlin says Zelensky’s remarks about changes to Minsk Accords ‘alarming sign’

Sputnik (Dmitry Medvedev) – Unlearned History Lessons

AntiwarBiden’s First Trip Outside the Country Will Take Him to NATO Headquarters

DCDave (Mark H. Gaffney) – The Crisis in Ukraine and the Nordstream II Gas Pipeline


On other fronts…

Tasnim News AgencyIsraeli Spy Nabbed in Northwest Iran

New York TimesIsrael-Iran Sea Skirmishes Escalate as Mine Damages Iranian Military Ship

Wall Street JournalShip Thought to Be Spying for Iran Is Attacked in Red Sea

Times of IsraelMossad chief said heading to Washington in bid to block US return to Iran deal

HaaretzU.S. Defense Secretary Austin Lands in Israel, in First Visit by Biden Official

‘Accident’ Struck Iran’s Natanz Nuclear Site, After Advanced Enrichment Begins

Jerusalem Post‘Mossad behind cyber attack against Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility’

Aiming at Dimona: Did the Syrian regime purposely target Israel?

Times of IsraelIDF probing why air defenses didn’t intercept Syrian anti-aircraft missile

36 rockets fired at Israel overnight; IDF hits Gaza terror targets in response

ReutersScores injured in Jerusalem clashes; Israeli nationalists shout ‘Death to Arabs”

GuardianAt least three killed as Iranian fuel tanker attacked off Syria

Al MonitorIranian commander’s death sparks speculation

No plans for full US withdrawal from Iraq, top general says

Houthi forces claim drone attack on Saudi airbase

Middle East MonitorYemen’s Houthis: We attacked Saudi Aramco facilities

Defense PostHeavy Fighting Near Yemen’s Marib Leaves 96 Dead: Loyalists

Middle East EyeFighting in Yemen’s Marib escalates, as 53 killed in 24 hours

Jordan: Who are the people arrested over the alleged coup plot?

(Marco Carnelos) – Jordan coup allegations: The Israel and Saudi Arabia factor

Energy Intelligence (Scott Ritter) – Jordan’s Discord Points to Wider Crisis

Petra Jordan News AgencySSC releases 16 defendants in the ‘sedition’ case upon King’s directives

Amnesty InternationalLibya: Military courts sentence hundreds of civilians in sham, torture-tainted trials

SOS MediterraneeOcean Viking witnesses aftermath of deadly shipwreck off Libya

Al JazeeraChad’s Idriss Deby wins 6th term as army fends off rebel advance

Al Masdar NewsChadian president killed during clash with rebels

Antiwar (Maj. Danny Sjursen) – Our ‘Dear Friend’ Deby Is Dead – Yea, About That…

Africa IntelligenceChad tries to rush gunships back home from Tbilissi to counter rebel advance

The many questions raised by Idriss Déby’s death

Congo’s Freemasons shaken by Idriss Déby’s death

Sylvère Koyo appointed interim masonic lodge grand master after Bakayoko’s death

Ally Dorian Barak steps into Erik Prince’s shoes at Frontier Services Group

Institute for Public AccuracyThe U.S. Government Will Not Withdraw Forces from Afghanistan

Global Research (F. William Engdahl) – The Politics of Heroin and the Afghan US Pullout. Private Mercenary Occupation

Defense PostMozambique Army Says ‘Significant’ Number of Militants Killed in Palma Battle

NK NewsNorth Korean missile experts suspected of supporting Iran’s weapons programs: UN

IrrawaddyChinese Troops Gather on Myanmar’s Border to ‘Protect Pipelines’

ReutersPhilippines turns up heat on China over boats massing in South China Sea

Taiwan reports 11 Chinese aircraft in defence zone

Zero HedgeTaiwan Records Largest Ever Incursion By Chinese Air Force With 25 Planes Monday

Global TimesChina conducts test flight for airborne unmanned swarm carrier

Military.comChina Sends Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Near Okinawa in Message to US and Japan

Straits TimesUS, Japan stress peace and stability in Taiwan Strait in first Biden-Suga meeting amid China tensions

China Outraged At Joint US-Japan Statement Which Invokes ‘Nuclear Defense’

CBN News‘Neural Enhancement’: Is the U.S. Working on a Cyborg Soldier to Confront China’s Enhanced ‘Super Soldiers’?

Defense PostMaoist Rebels Kill 22 Indian Security Forces in Gun Battle: Police

The LaRouche OrganizationIndia Helps Crush the Great Reset and `Green New Deal’

RTBelfast protests: Burning car rams into police line as nightly rioting continues (VIDEO)

Zero Hedge“Far Left Antifa Extremists” Set Fire To Portland ICE Building

KMSPOfficials: 2 National Guard members suffer minor injuries after being shot in Minneapolis

If not for the guilty on all charges verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, this ongoing low-boil civil war in the U.S. may have gone white hot…

GIVEMEBASS.COMMN National Guardsmen Have Benn Shot: NG Can Slaughter Them Now

Of two mindsIs a Cultural Revolution Brewing in America?

Glenn Greenwald (Substack) – Big Corporations Now Deploying Woke Ideology the Way Intelligence Agencies Do: As a Disguise

It’s Going Down (Evan Greer) – While You’re Listening to Spotify, It Wants to Listen to You: Video and Campaign Targets Surveillance Capitalism

Zero Hedge“Noah X”: Capitol Stabber Identified As Indiana Man Who Followed Nation Of Islam

RT‘Finish him’: Liberals celebrate with glee as Supreme Court REFUSES to hear Alex Jones’ appeal in Sandy Hook case

One America News Network (Rumble) – Ga. counties fail to provide required chain of custody records for 400K mail-in ballots

Just the News (Natalia Mittelstadt and John Solomon) – Zuckerberg group gave Detroit $7.4 million to ‘dramatically’ expand vote in city key to Biden win

Conservative World NewsEmails Confirm: Democrat Operative Given ‘Hidden’ Internet Connection Where Ballots were Counted

Let’s Fix StuffModem Chips Embedded in Voting System Computer Motherboards

Gateway Pundit“I Was Offered $10 Million Not to Do This!” – Jovan Pulitzer on Offer to Walk Away from His Scanning the Ballots Work on 2020 Election Results

Defending the RepublicWisconsin Governor Evers Meets Kraken

Sidney PowellSidney Powell Responds to The Fake News

My Patriot’s NetworkGeneral Flynn & General McInerney Warn The American People About Irregular Warfare Happening Now In America!

Organic Prepper (Robert Wheeler) – Is 2021’s Fictional Cyberattack Simulation Prepping Us For a Cyber Pandemic?

Dr. Rath Health Foundation (Paul Anthony Taylor) – European Plans For ‘Vaccine Passports’ Were In Place 20 Months Prior To The Pandemic. Coincidence?

DWECHR rules obligatory vaccination may be necessary

TelegraphVaccine passports: Covid status checks to become ‘part of our lives’

Humans Are FreeNY Senate Just Passed a Concentration Camp Bill to Forcibly Throw People in Camps

Daily MailVaccine squads will go door-to-door to offer Covid-19 jabs to ethnic-minority families in large households amid low uptake after pilot inoculated hundreds

Vancouver SunCOVID-19: More than 100 passengers arriving at YVR refuse government’s ‘mandatory’ hotel quarantine

21st Century WireNew Data: 40% of US Marines Decline the Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine

LifeSite NewsEminent doc: Media censored COVID-19 early treatment options that could have reduced fatalities by 85%

NK NewsNorth Korea doesn’t want its people to know that COVID-19 vaccines were invented

Detroit News246 vaccinated residents diagnosed with COVID; 3 dead, Michigan reports

MTO NewsDMX Received Covid Vaccine Days Before Heart Attack – Family Says NO DRUGS! (EXCLUSIVE)

WLOX‘Young, healthy’ South Mississippi man suffers stroke hours after receiving J&J vaccine

WXIXUniversity of Cincinnati student’s death after J&J vaccine under investigation

TelegramCovid Vaccine Victims

Natural NewsTwo-year-old baby DIES during Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine experiments on children

Children’s Health DefenseCould mRNA Vaccines Permanently Alter DNA? Recent Science Suggests They Might

Health Impact News (Bitchute) – URGENT! 5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It

MIT Technology Review (Cat Ferguson) – US covid contract details are a “trade secret”—according to the contractors

Fierce PharmaJust how much COVID-19 vaccine money is on the table? A whopping $157B through 2025, report says

Daily Caller (Andrew Kerr) – US Grant To Wuhan Lab To Enhance Bat-Based Coronaviruses Was Never Scrutinized By HHS Review Board, NIH Says

U.S. Right to KnowChinese-linked journal editor sought help to rebut Covid-19 lab origin hypothesis

New Roundup cancer trials loom despite Bayer settlement efforts

Move to consolidate U.S. paraquat litigation as cases mount against Syngenta

Global Research (Colin Todhunter) – The Agri-Food Model, Unregulated Gene Editing Technologies

Common DreamsSix Months to Prevent a Hostile Takeover of Food Systems, and 25 Years to Transform Them

80 Groups Blast US Interference in Mexico’s Phaseout of Glyphosate and GM Corn

Times of Israel (Paul Ben Ishai) – The Green Dilemma of 5G Densification

Children’s Health DefenseFamily Sues Telecom Giants, Alleging They Hid Risks of Cell Phone Radiation That Caused Man’s Brain Cancer

Technofog (Substack) – Declassified FISA Opinion Shows More FBI Abuses

APThe big Pentagon internet mystery now partially solved

Covert Action (Jeremy Kuzmarov) – Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin—Former Member of Raytheon Board of Directors—Has Awarded Over $2.36 Billion in Contracts to Raytheon Since His Confirmation in January

Mint Press News (Raul Diego) – US, Lobbyists and Arm Dealers Scramble to Reposition Amid Impending Saudi Defeat in Yemen

(Alan Macleod) – How Bellingcat Launders National Security State Talking Points into the Press

American Thinker (Leo Goldstein) – Executive Order Canceling the Constitution

One of the consequences of the April 15 executive order is that Wayne Madsen (and presumably other U.S. authors) can no longer publish at the Russia based Strategic Culture Foundation website, as Madsen announced in his April 16 edition at WMR. This April 11 article may be his last, then -until the First Amendment is restored- at…

Strategic CultureBlinken’s Winking and Nodding to the Neocons

RT (Scott Ritter) – US’ new Foreign Malign Influence Center is just official cover for American intelligence interference in domestic politics

The StreetNancy Pelosi’s Husband Buys Microsoft Ahead of Big Govt Contract

LaRouchePACJoeBama’s Jobs Bill: Brought to You by BlackRock

Bruce Kushnick (Medium) – Monopoly: Communications ‘Harvesting’ as an Antitrust Case

Daily MailHigh living Hunter Biden blew tens of thousands on prostitutes, drugs and luxury cars, was desperate to avoid jail for $320k in unpaid taxes and threatened to take money from his daughter’s college fund

Punchy billboard appears overnight in Matt Gaetz’s home state of Florida as he denies sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl

Al MonitorMan admits asking Gaetz’s father for $25M to find FBI agent in Iran, denies extortion

Japan TimesSuga says time ripe to decide fate of treated Fukushima No.1 water

New Energy TimesITER, The Grand Illusion: A Forensic Investigation of Power Claims — $65 Billion for a Zero-Watt Reactor

BBCHuman cells grown in monkey embryos spark ethical debate

Cell (Tao Tan et al) – Chimeric contribution of human extended pluripotent stem cells to monkey embryos ex vivo

Perhaps he shall reincarnate as a chimeric monkey instead…

News PunchPrince Philip Who Said He Wanted To Reincarnate As A ‘Deadly Virus’ Has Died


LaRouchePACHow Not to Live One’s Life – Philip Mountbatten (1921-2021)

Updates on old news…

Daily MailBrother of 9/11 victim claim the US orchestrated the atrocity as new study shows it was impossible that the third tower collapsed from fire

Zero HedgeWhat Was The Vatican Searching For When They Built Secret Tunnel Under Jerusalem Church?

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