Headlines of interest for March 2021 [Mostly updated; see other odds and ends at Minds]

Wrong Kind of GreenThe Shapers of Slavery – A Global Project of the World Economic Forum [Winter Oak Series]

Left Lockdown ScepticsRally for Freedom 20/03 – Spring Equinox Politicking in Manchester

Wrench in the GearsWe stand for the children, the natural world, the not yet born-Union Square Park 3/20/21

Daily MailCovid third wave grips Europe: Police clash with demonstrators as huge anti-lockdown protests break out in Germany and Switzerland while streets of Paris lay empty on first day of new shutdown

RT‘Stop destroying our kids’ lives!’ Clashes, arrests as thousands protest against Covid lockdown in London (VIDEOS)

German police clash with protesters at Kassel demonstration against Covid-19 restrictions (VIDEO)

Riot police fire tear gas at protesters as Lebanon’s currency falls to new record low (PHOTOS)

Press TVChina, Iran sign 25-year comprehensive strategic partnership deal

The Saker (Zamir Awan) – Sino-US Dialogue in Alaska: Outcomes

Washington PostKamala Harris is playing an unusually large role in shaping Biden’s foreign policy

teleSURUS to Continue Using Guaido to Rob Venezuelan Assets Abroad

ReutersVenezuela gas pipeline tract explodes; oil minister blames attack

News.com.auCargo ship draws giant penis in Red Sea then becomes wedged in Suez CanalMarine TrafficEVER GIVEN

Anadolu AgencyBaby born from smuggled sperm of Palestinian prisoner

AntiwarKamala Harris Takes Lead, Affirms ‘Unwavering Commitment’ to Israel in Netanyahu Call

American Herald Tribune (Elijah J. Magnier) – Why Is the US Revealing Details of Iran’s Strike on Ayn al Assad a Year Later?

South FrontU.S. Flies Two B-52H Bombers Over Middle East To “Reassure Allies”

Oil Traffickers In Northern Syria Suffered Catastrophic Losses In Recent Missile Strike (Photos, Videos)

Syrian Observatory for Human RightsISIS resurgence | Nearly ten Iranian-backed militiamen killed and injured in new attack in Al-Mayadeen desert

Syrian Arab News AgencyUS occupation loots new batch of wheat, removes it to northern Iraq

Middle East MonitorIran-backed groups will stop attacks on US targets if Iraq demands full withdrawal, report says

Iran ship attacked in Mediterranean, company says

HaaretzIranian Missile Hits Israeli-owned Cargo Ship in Arabian Sea

FOX NewsIsrael updating plans to strike Iranian nuclear sites, Israeli defense minister tells Fox News

Times of IsraelIf Israel attacks, we’ll raze Tel Aviv and Haifa, warns Iranian defense minister

Iran to conduct initial testing of redesigned Arak nuclear reactor

Al MonitorIran operating new advanced centrifuges, nuclear watchdog finds

Syrian President Assad, wife test positive for COVID-19

Saudi official denies threatening UN investigator over Khashoggi killing

Saudi renews bombing of Yemen’s capital following Houthi attacks

Middle East MonitorYemen’s Houthis to strengthen attacks on Saudi Arabia

Al JazeeraFire at Saudi Arabia oil facility after drone attack

Mideast DiscourseYemen’s Houthis shot Down Saudi ‘Spy Plane’

AntiwarSaudi Arabia Bombs Grain Port in Yemen

GuardianTop Saudi official issued death threat against UN’s Khashoggi investigator

Strategic Culture (Martin Sieff) – Senior U.S. Official Acknowledges Washington Has Spent $143 Billion to Destroy Its Own Government in Afghanistan

Defense NewsThe Air Force has its first F-15EX

ICANUK to increase nuclear stockpile limit

TASSRussia to retaliate, if US brings intermediate-range missiles to Asia-Pacific — diplomat

SputnikRussian Foreign Ministry: US Has Rejected Putin’s Proposal for Video Talks With Biden

PravdaJoe Biden acts cowardly, hides his head in the sand

Veteran’s TodayNazi Riots in Ukraine on Jailing of Cult Leader

RT (Eva Bartlett) – Seven years after Maidan divided country, Ukraine intensifies shelling of Donbass to sound of deafening silence from Western media

Donetsk News AgencyDPR Foreign Ministry views missile strike at Donetsk as Kiev’s wish to start fighting in region

The SakerIs the Ukraine on the brink of war (again)?

Moscow TimesRussia Deploys All Black Sea Submarines as NATO Kicks Off Drills

Intelligence OnlineZelensky’s navy on fast track to NATO-compatibility

From media to oil, Medvedchuk-Kolomoisky rivalry rumbles on

The squad of investigators aiding Privat against Kolomoisky

Moscow pushes for electronic warfare comeback after Nagorno-Karabakh debacle

Al Monitor (Amberin Zaman) – Ukrainians held hostage by PKK militants in Iraqi Kurdistan over arms trafficking scam

Global Research (Andrew Korybko) – The Deep State Dynamics of Armenia’s Political Crisis. In the Throes of A “Color Revolution”

DAWNPakistan successfully test-fires Shaheen 1-A ballistic missile

Yonhap News AgencyNew KN-23 ballistic missile to boost N. Korea’s tactical nuclear capabilities: experts

38 NorthSinpho South Naval Shipyard: Drydock Movement Detected

North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Center: Additional Activity at the Radiochemical Laboratory and Uranium Enrichment Plant

NK NewsNorth Korea ignored backdoor US diplomatic outreach since mid-February

Timeline: From Blinken’s Seoul visit to North Korea’s ballistic missile tests – by NK Pro

IrrawaddyMyanmar Regime Seizes Bank Accounts of Soros’ Open Society Foundation

Myanmar NowCities terrorised as junta escalates lethal violence against public on Armed Forces Day

RTPhilippines accuses Beijing of ‘militarizing’ South China Sea with ‘provocative’ presence of 220 naval vessels

ReutersTaiwan reports largest ever incursion by Chinese air force

Ghana WebPresident Magufuli died of coronavirus – Tanzania opposition leader

Africa IntelligenceTANZANIA : Dodoma’s spymaster looks into leaks on Magufuli’s last days

Solari Report (Celia Farber) – John Magufuli: Death of an African Freedom Fighter

Off Guardian (Kit Knightly) – Tanzania – The second Covid coup?

Gumshoe NewsThe Desperados, Part 3: The Murdering of Magufuli and Bradstreet

Free West MediaVaccine wars: How a solution to end lockdowns is being ignored and criminalized

DryburghGlobal Coup d’État: Mapping the Corporate Takeover of Global Governance

Open Letter From The UK Medical Freedom Alliance [re: Covid-19 Vaccine-Related Deaths In The Elderly]

Unser MitteleuropaImpf-Tote plötzlich „Corona-Opfer“ – Nachdem 25% der Geimpften in Seniorenheim starben -English version at Great Reject

Great RejectInternational Criminal Court accepts complaint of violation of Nuremberg Code by Israeli government

ReutersOn the COVID-19 frontline but half of French care home workers don’t trust vaccine

Germany, Italy, France suspend AstraZeneca shots amid safety fears, disrupting EU vaccinations

APAstraZeneca accused of cherry-picking vaccine study data

RTDenmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia suspend AstraZeneca Covid vaccine after reports of potentially fatal blood clots

PravdaSputnik V to rebuild EU-Russia ties

The MainichiJapan sees comparatively high rate of anaphylaxis after taking Pfizer vaccine

Daily ExposeNumber of Women who have lost baby as a result of Covid jab doubles in just 7 days, MHRA data shows

CBCNew outbreak of COVID-19 in B.C. care home where 82% of residents were already vaccinated

ForbesCovid Spiking In Over A Dozen States—Most With High Vaccination Rates

Gateway PunditPer the CDC There Are Nearly Twice As Many Vaccine Related Deaths SO FAR in 2021 (1,755) Than All the Vaccine Deaths this Past Decade (994)

CryptogonGeert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM: Halt All Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Immediately

Global Research (Dr. Sadaf Gilani) – Synthetic mRNA COVID Vaccines: A Risk-Benefit Analysis

(Peter Koenig) – Beware of RNA-based Vaccines. Potentially Serious Injuries. The Risk of Prion Disease

Microbial Instincts (Medium) – Concerns of Lipid Nanoparticle Carrying mRNA Vaccine into the Brain: What to Make of It?

Children’s Health Defense (BMJ) – Data Leak Shows Regulators Had Major Concerns About Pfizer’s mRNA Vaccine

(Nakim) – Israeli Health Ministry: Pfizer Vaccine Killed ‘About 40 Times More Elderly Than the Disease Itself Would Have Killed’

(FOX News) – Investigation Links Fauci to Controversial Experiments That May Have Led to Pandemic

Now the MSM takes a fresh look at the Wuhan virology lab; but with the exception of the Steve Hilton report cited above, and a Newsweek report of April 28 2020, the Fauci connection is notably downplayed…

Politico (Josh Rogin) – In 2018, Diplomats Warned of Risky Coronavirus Experiments in a Wuhan Lab. No One Listened.

Peter Daszak -whom we’ve already indicated to be a person of interest: see the entries for Oct. 13, 2013, June 1, 2014, June 21, 2017, and May 31, 2019 in our Covid 19 timeline– is put on the defensive by Leslie Stahl (though not to the degree he should have been put, had she consulted our timeline!)…

CBS News (60 Minutes) – What happened in Wuhan? Why questions still linger on the origin of the coronavirus

FOX NewsFormer top State Dept investigator says COVID-19 outbreak may have resulted from bioweapons research accident

Judicial WatchNew Emails Detail WHO/NIH Accommodations to Chinese Confidentiality ‘Terms’

SilviewTriple-bombshell on #Wuhan: #Fauci, #WHO and #CCP involved in heavy #Coronavirus lab activity just prior to “pandemic”


American Institute for Economic ResearchFauci and the Communists

The MainichiJapan asks China to stop anal COVID-19 tests on Japanese citizens

National Pulse (Natalie Winters) – Bill Gates Foundation Funded Genomics Firm ‘Mining’ DNA Data Through COVID Tests.

James FetzerInternational Criminal Court, The Hague, accepted covid-19 complaint of violation of Nuremberg Code by Israeli government

MercolaIBM Partners With Moderna for COVID Reset

Bureau of Investigative Journalism‘Held to ransom’: Pfizer demands governments gamble with state assets to secure vaccine deal

FTCovid-19 and the business of vaccines

USA TodayCOVID vaccine motivation: Krispy Kreme giving away free donuts for showing vaccination card through end of 2021

Ron Paul InstituteGovernor Andrew Cuomo Imposes Vaccination Passports in New York

Wall Street JournalCuomo Advisers Altered Report on Covid-19 Nursing-Home Deaths

The HillFirst case against mandatory vaccination filed in New Mexico: report

FOX NewsBorder Patrol in Rio Grande Valley releasing illegal crossers into US without court date

ReutersNumber of migrant children in U.S. border facilities soars amid growing crisis

APChildren packed into Border Patrol tent for days on end

Project VeritasProject Veritas Obtains Never-Before-Seen Images Inside Texas Detention Facility … Illegal Immigrants are Cornered in Tight Spaces and Wrapped in Space Blankets on the Floor

Grayzone (Max Blumenthal) – Biden Iran envoy boasted of depriving civilians of food, driving up Iranian inequality in sadistic sanctions manual

Responsible StatecraftStates are moving to end National Guard role in unauthorized wars

Wirepoints (Mark Glennon) – Mass Federalization: How Washington is Bailing Out Failed States, Decapitating Competitive Ones and Ending America As You Knew It

ITEPZoom Pays $0 in Federal Income Taxes on Pandemic Profits

Center for Responsive Politics‘Dark money’ topped $1 billion in 2020, largely boosting Democrats

SheerpostRalph Nader: Democrats Ushered in an Era of Corporate Fascism

TK News (Matt Taibbi) – A Biden Appointee’s Troubling Views On The First Amendment

Glenn Greenwald (Substack) – Congress, in a Five-Hour Hearing, Demands Tech CEOs Censor the Internet Even More Aggressively

Gentle RestartTotal Information Awareness

ForbesBiden Administration Urges Supreme Court To Let Cops Enter Homes And Seize Guns Without A Warrant

The HillGun control groups focus all efforts on Senate

Made to order?…

Zero Hedge10 Killed, Including 1 Cop In Boulder Grocery Store Shooting; Suspect In Custody

Daily WireSyrian-Born Boulder Shooting Suspect ‘Known To The FBI,’ Suffered From Paranoia, Mental Illness

Oregon Public BroadcastingProud Boys clash with anti-fascists in Salem

CryptogonLobbyist in $60 Million Ohio Bribery Probe Found Dead in Florida

Daily MailDonald Trump and Rudy Giuliani have been served in lawsuit that accuses them of inciting the January 6 MAGA riot using anti-KKK legislation

Epoch TimesSupreme Court Rejects Sidney Powell’s Lawsuits Challenging Election Results in Wisconsin, Arizona

Forbidden Knowledge TVMike Pence and Others Exposed

david_sancheezy (Rumble) – Breaking: Lin Wood MAKES big move to take over South Carolina Republican Party

Intel HubBattered senator to press: “I took a fall, knocked me unconscious”

Silview (Youtube) – The Biden Optical Illusion: “Darling, it’s not what it looks like!” (and this video is about plants)

The hi-jinQs have been hijacked? Whatever…

Great Game IndiaThe Sword Of Shawunuwaz – How QAnon Is Being Hijacked By The Mysterious Sabmyk Network

New Hampshire Union LeaderNJ man accused of QAnon vandalism at America’s Stonehenge

N.Y PostGhislaine Maxwell case details too ‘sensational and impure’ for public, judge says

N. Y. PostGhislaine Maxwell hit with new sex trafficking charges from fourth accuser

SlateConservatives Are Enraged at Lil Nas X and His “Satan Shoes”

Jonathan TurleyFather Arrested After Continuing To Call His Child “She” After Court-Ordered Gender Transition Treatments

Law and Liberty (Michael Anton) – The Weather Underground’s Lasting Victory

Vice MotherboardCars Have Your Location. This Spy Firm Wants to Sell It to the U.S. Military

Rutherford Institute (John Whitehead) – Digital Trails: How the FBI Is Identifying, Tracking and Rounding Up Dissidents

ForbesDrones With ‘Most Advanced AI Ever’ Coming Soon To Your Local Police Department

Las Vegas Review JournalCrime-fighting robot patrols Las Vegas apartment complex

Wall Street JournalChina-Linked Hack Hits Tens of Thousands of U.S. Microsoft Customers

Non Zero NewsletterDavid Sanger, cybermenace

Sky NewsAustralia cyber attacks hit television channel and parliament

australianvoice (LiveJournal) – IS THIS THE ENDGAME: Use Financial Collapse to Force Vaccination, Digital ID and Cashless Society?


Children’s Health DefenseCHD Files Emergency Injunction to Stop Rule Allowing 5G Antennas on Homes

Electromagnetic Radiation SafetyNew review study finds that heavier cell phone use increases tumor risk

Expert Report by Former U.S. Government Official Concludes High Probability Radio Frequency Radiation Causes Brain Tumors

FuturismDARPA Is Funding Nanoparticles That Permeate Brain to Read Neural Signals

Blacklisted NewsSwiss Researchers Develop Wearable Microchip that Eliminates Bodily Privacy Once and for All

Metro.co.ukHyper-realistic skin for humanoid robots is being sculpted in Russia

Activist Post (Peter A. Kirby) – Chemtrails Exposed: A Convenient Lie

Science AlertMicrobes Unknown to Science Discovered on The International Space Station

Center for Biological DiversityElephants in Africa Face Grave Extinction Threat, New Expert Assessment Finds

Great Game IndiaScientists Want To Shoot Sperm Into Space In A Moon Ark To Save Earth

Updates on old news…

Strategic CultureNuclear Energy in the World 10 Years After Fukushima

Rense (Yoichi Shimatzu) – 10 Years After Fukushima The Official Deception Is Discredited

Global ResearchThe Ides of March 2011: NATO’s ‘Humanitarian’ War on Libya

CovertAction (Jeremy Kuzmarov) – On 10th Anniversary of the U.S.-NATO Attack on Libya: Powerful Perpetrators Have Yet To Face Justice

Grey Zone (Alexander Rubinstein) – Did the CIA pressure Yemen to release al-Qaeda propagandist Anwar al-Awlaki?

Yahoo News (Michael Isikoff) – Khashoggi report spurs 9/11 families to push Biden for more Saudi disclosures

EuronewsIrony as Saharan dust returns radiation from French nuclear tests in the 1960s

NK NewsBodacious bikini babes: South Korean propaganda leaflets in the 1980s

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