Roy Cohn Coup II

Déjà vu to the Wiener laptop leaks of 2016… Are we in for Pizzagate the sequel? Shall this precipitate another Roy Cohn coup? Similar elements are in play. Scandalous computer files of someone close to the candidate are discovered. FBI takes the computer, but puts the quash on the investigation. Dismayed with the lack of movement, a whistle blower gets the story into the press…

New York Post (Emma-Jo Morris and Gabrielle Fonrouge) – Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad

FOX NewsHunter Biden email story: Computer repair store owner describes handing over laptop to FBI

Rumored to be among the files: pedo-porn…

Business InsiderThe New York Post inadvertently revealed the original source of its dubious Hunter Biden story

It’s unclear whether the FBI employs more than one agent named Joshua Wilson. But the available evidence seems to show the Joshua Wilson who signed the subpoena for Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the Joshua Wilson who investigates child pornography for the FBI, are the same person.

RevolverBannon Speaks to Revolver News in Exclusive Interview on Hunter’s Hard Drive and What Comes Next

Mr. Bannon: The President must confront the director of the FBI on why the information housed on this hard drive was not moved on immediately. If the content of the hard drive had been released when received in November 2019, there would have been no impeachment of Trump, and Bernie Sanders would be the Democratic Party nominee. This confrontation should take place this weekend in the Oval Office. If Wray doesn’t have a bulletproof reason he should be fired in the room.

And so it begins…

Zero HedgeRudy Giuliani Turns Over Alleged Photos Of Underage Girls From Hunter’s Hard Drive To Delaware Police

Shall history repeat itself?

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