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Headlines of interest for November 2019 [updated]…

Zero HedgePutin: Scientists Killed In “Mystery” Radiological Blast Were Developing “Unparalleled” Weapon

Shortwave CentralRussian OTH Radar Now Reported to be “Everywhere”

Al Masdar NewsUS B-52 bomber unexpectedly approached Russian airbase in Syria: media

21st Century WireSYRIA: Turkey Implicated in War Crimes, Systematically Targeting Medical Personnel, Aid Workers

GuardianCar bomb explodes in Syrian town captured by Turkey from Kurds

RTUS military convoy comes under fire from Turkish-backed militants in Syria, no casualties – Russian MoD

US ‘pullout’ from Syria looking more like permanent occupation with 800 troops reportedly tasked to ‘protect’ oil

Anadolu AgencyUS building new military bases in Syria’s oil-rich area

Common DreamsPentagon Claims US Authority to Shoot Any Syrian Govt Official Who Tries to Take Control of Syrian Oil

Zero HedgeTurkish-Backed Jihadists Filmed Using CIA-Supplied Missiles Against Syrian Kurds

Trump Freezes Lebanon Military Aid After Israel Voiced Concerns

ThereAreNoSunglassesArchitect of Mideast Conflagration, Jeffrey Feltman, Still Lighting Fuses In Lebanon

Times of IsraelAG announces Netanyahu to stand trial for bribery, fraud and breach of trust

Intelligence Online ISRAEL: Suspected Chinese cyber-attack could shift goalposts in $1.5 billion infrastructure tender

Times of IsraelRussia reportedly in possession of advanced Israeli interceptor missile

SputnikIDF Confirms Its Fighter Jets Attacked ‘Dozens of Military Targets’ in Syria

21st Century WireIsraeli Attack on Damascus, Killing 2, Injuring 9, But Misses Its Target

YnetAngry Russia exposes operational details of Israeli strikes in Syria

American Herald Tribune (Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich ) – Iran Unrest: Protests and Provocations

CGTNIran arrests 8 ‘linked to CIA’ during unrest: state media

ReutersIran adds to breaches of nuclear deal with enrichment push: IAEA report

Asia Times (Pepe Escobar) – Iran’s ‘only crime is we decided not to fold’

Gilad AtzmonIsrael’s Last War – commenting on Michael Oren in…

The AtlanticThe Coming Middle East Conflagration

Al MonitorPompeo confirms Israel’s nightmare scenario on Iranian nuke

US approves financial aid for White Helmets mission in Syria

21st Century WireFounder of White Helmets, James Le Mesurier, is Found Dead in Istanbul

Newsbud (Sibel Edmonds) – The Death of Le Mesurier -Report 1: Crucial Witness Statement & Facts Omitted from the Western Media – Pathologist-Forensic Expert Familiar with the Le Mesurier Case: Initial Evidence Point to Murder – Le Mesurier’s Death: Wife’s Israel Connection & Body Sent to UK Before Autopsy Completion

Counterpunch (Jonathan Steele) – The OPCW and Douma: Chemical Weapons Watchdog Accused of Evidence-Tampering by Its Own Inspectors

Daily MailNew sexed-up dossier furore: Explosive leaked email claims that UN watchdog’s report into alleged poison gas attack by Assad was doctored – so was it to justify British and American missile strikes on Syria?

Stalker ZoneThe US Has Opened Dozens of Genetics Laboratories on the Russian Border: What Are They Hiding?

A September 12 2018 Dilyana Gaytandzhieva report on one of those labs in Georgia…

DilyanaUS diplomats involved in trafficking of human blood and pathogens for secret military program

Mint Press News (Ahmed Abdulkareem ) – The Houthis Are Preparing for a Planned Israeli Attack on Yemen

RTAl-Baghdadi was US ‘spawn’, his death is still an open question – Lavrov

Wall Street JournalSaudi Aramco Launches Long-Awaited IPO

Zero HedgePerformers Stabbed On Saudi Stage Amid Controversy Over MbS’ Liberalization Initiative

Middle East EyeUS charges former Twitter employees with spying for Saudi Arabia

Twitter boss met Mohammed bin Salman months after Saudi spy discovered

IntelNewsSaudi king hosts CIA director a day after US charges two Saudis with espionage

Spectator (Cockburn) – ‘Seven whistleblowers’ And a story that — if true — could be deadly for Jared Kushner

Intelligence OnlineWahaj: BAE and Lockheed’s choice to win over the GAMI

Maghreb ConfidentialKhalifa Haftar brings the 12th brigade to Tripoli

Fathi Bachagha and the Misratis prepare for a Khalifa Haftar victory

Khalifa Haftar looks for a prime minister in Abu Dhabi

Africa IntelligenceWashington, Doha and Ankara wrestle for control of Central Bank of Libya

Washington wants to reunite the central banks before the end of 2019

Russia’s electoral “experts” aim to conquer Africa

Erdogan’s African roadshow to sell military cooperation

DWChagos islands: The fight over Africa’s last British colony

ReutersIndian court gives disputed religious site to Hindus in landmark ruling

Intelligence OnlineTension rises between CIA and ISI, which is under pressure internally and externally

Global Research (Omid Rahimi and Aveek Sen) – Did the US-funded Afghan Border Outpost Help Tajikistan in Neutralizing ISIS Terrorists?

NK NewsNorth Korea rejects “useless” summit with Trump until “hostile policy” dropped

Thursday test aimed at proving “combat application” of DPRK’s new MLRS: KCNA

Yonhap News AgencyN.K.’s latest weapons test intended to warn it can return to past behavior: Seoul

Trump pushed N.K. sanctions citing his ‘craziness’: ex-U.S. envoy

N. Korea says senior diplomat in New York received blackmail letter

Adam Schiff’s intelligence committee will soon be investigating whether Trump included the following in one of his “beautiful letters” to Kim, requesting him to reprint it in DPRK state media…

KCNA WatchRabid Dog Must Be Beaten to Death: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 14 (KCNA) — A rabid dog in the U.S. has another fit of spasm, being greedy for power. Baiden bereft of elementary appearance as a human being, much less a politician, again reeled off a string of rubbish against the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK. A crow is never whiter for often washing. Baiden, still going reckless, not coming to his senses though he was censured and rejected by all people, must be a rabid dog only keen on getting at others’ throats. Such rabid dogs are second to none in their craftiness in seeking their own interests. A typical example is in 2011 when he, as the then vice-president, categorically rejected the preparations being pushed forward in the U.S. to kill Osama Bin Laden. He reportedly called for reconsidering the operation, because in case the operation goes futile, Obama will not be able to come to power and he will also have to say goodbye to his comfortable life in the White House. Such a profiteer who ran for the two failed presidential elections has now gone zealous in another presidential election campaign, wandering about like a starving field dog. He even forgot the name of Obama, whom he had served, and called him his senior, a sign of the final stage of dementia. It seems time has come for him to depart his life. No wonder, even the Americans call him “1% Baiden” with low I.Q., “mad Baiden”, and “Baiden not awakened from a sleep”. Such a guy had the temerity to dare slander the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK. It was the last-ditch efforts of the rabid dog expediting his death. Baiden, listen carefully. Anyone who dare slanders the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK, can never spare the DPRK’s merciless punishment whoever and wherever. And he will be made to see even in a grave what horrible consequences will be brought about by his thoughtless utterances. Rabid dogs like Baiden can hurt lots of people if they are allowed to run about. They must be beaten to death with a stick, before it is too late. Doing so will be beneficial for the U.S. also. -0-

NK NewsNorth Korea’s nuclear activities still “cause for serious concern”: IAEA

38 NorthNorth Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Center: Minor Activity

Japan TimesSouth Korea developing its own nukes one solution to U.S. cost-sharing demands, ex-top diplomat says

Wall Street JournalChina Protests U.S. Law Supporting Hong Kong but Signals Hope for Trade Deal

South China Morning PostStudent shot and man set ablaze in one of the most violent days of Hong Kong anti-government unrest yet

As it happened: 16 hours of violence in Hong Kong continue with Mong Kok unrest, while Carrie Lam says ‘wishful thinking’ to believe government will yield to political demands

Sky NewsHong Kong: Protester fires bow and arrow at police

DimSum DailyChinese Central Committee’s official WeChat channel reveals reward scheme for rioters and confirms our speculation on Next Digital’s shares being sold to fund protests

Revolts all over the place. How many are organic, manufactured, or opportunistically hijacked to serve ulterior geopolitical agendas? Here is a list, though our question will not be answered by…

Le MondeDu déclencheur local à la révolte globale : la convergence des luttes dans le monde

ReutersBolivia’s Morales resigns after protests, lashes out at ‘coup’

teleSURJeanine Añez Appoints Herself President of Bolivia: No Quorum

OneWorld (Andrew Korybko) – Here’s How The Hybrid War On Bolivia Succeeded In Carrying Out Regime Change

Common DreamsBolivian Coup Comes Less Than a Week After Morales Stopped Multinational Firm’s Lithium Deal

GrayzoneBolivia coup led by Christian fascist paramilitary leader and millionaire – with foreign support

Wayne Madsen Report (mirrored at Strategic Culture) – Cocaine Christians: the Latin American far-right

Mint Press News (Alan Macleod) – Bolivia’s Coup Gov’t Targets Alternative Media as Crackdown Turns Increasingly Violent

Another Failed US-Backed Coup Attempt in Venezuela Goes Unnoticed

The Saker (Pepe Escobar) – Released Lula in for greatest fight of his life

Global Research (Paul Antonopoulos) – Lula’s Release Will Only Reinvigorate the Pink Tide Against U.S. Hegemony in Latin America

RT‘Europe is dying!’ Tens of thousands of far-righters march in ‘independence’ parade calling for ‘Polish Intifada’ (VIDEO)

Strategic Culture (Tom Luongo) – Thuringia Foretells the Fracturing of Germany

IndependentNazis created ‘basic plan’ for European Union, Ukip MEP Gerard Batten says

Gatestone InstituteThe Court of Justice of the European Union Limits Free Speech

Intelligence OnlineBND told to reveal its relationships with journalists

Indian Ocean NewsletterLondon denounces Oslo’s double oil dealings

Zero HedgeHow $5 Billion In Physical Gold Was Secretly Moved From London To Poland

Off GuardianLondon Bridge “Terror Attack”

DawnLondon Bridge attacker identified as Usman Khan, UK national of Pakistani origin

TelegraphLondon Bridge attack: Suspect penned letter seeking ‘deradicalisation’ while in jail

France24Prison conditions for Julian Assange are putting his life ‘at risk’: UN expert

RepubblicaA massive scandal: how Assange, his doctors, lawyers and visitors were all spied on for the U.S.

Daily MaverickThe son of Julian Assange’s judge is linked to an anti-data leak company created by the UK intelligence establishment

Consortium NewsArbuthnot Out as Assange’s Judge, Says WikiLeaks Lawyer Jen Robinson

TelegraphSweden drops rape investigation into Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

New York PostGiuliani crony Igor Fruman was arrested getting on Vienna-bound flight

Curiously, three days after this was revealed, the deputy chief of Austrian military intelligence was found dead at his desk…

Intelligence OnlineAUSTRIA: Spymaster Iby put spotlight on intelligence weaknesses

A possibly relevant reminder: Jeffery Epstein had an Austrian passport: Zero Hedge 7/17/19

APUkrainian gas executive cooperating in US probe of Giuliani

Another Vienna connection?

CNNGiuliani associate willing to tell Congress Nunes met with ex-Ukrainian official to get dirt on Biden

Daily BeastLev Parnas Helped Rep. Devin Nunes’ Investigations

Nunes denies and moves to sue the living daylights out of ’em…

Washington TimesNunes to sue CNN, Daily Beast over ‘demonstrably false’ stories he sought dirt on Biden

American OversightState Department Releases Ukraine Documents to American Oversight

Zero HedgeState Department Releases Detailed Accounts Of Biden-Ukraine Corruption

(Eric Zuesse) – Ukraine, Trump, & Biden – The Real Story Behind “Ukrainegate”

Antiwar (David Stockman) – The Ukrainian Influence Peddling Rings – A Microcosm of How Imperial Washington Rolls

Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky threatens to switch sides…

New York TimesA Ukrainian Billionaire Fought Russia. Now He’s Ready to Embrace It

“Russian tanks will be stationed near Krakow and Warsaw,” he said. “Your NATO will be soiling its pants and buying Pampers.”

ReutersNATO experiencing ‘brain death’, France’s Macron says

Grayzone (Aaron Maté interview of Stephen Cohen) – Ukrainegate impeachment saga worsens US-Russia Cold War

The Nation (Stephen F. Cohen) – Inconvenient Truths

CD MediaHere Are The Payments To Hunter Biden, Leaked From Ukraine

Washington ExaminerHunter Biden-linked company received $130M in special federal loans while Joe Biden was vice president

ReutersUkraine widens probe against Burisma founder to embezzlement of state funds

Interfax-UkraineMPs demand Zelensky, Trump investigate suspicion of U.S.-Ukraine corruption involving $7.4 bln

FederalistVindman Was Asked Three Times To Be Defense Minister Of Ukraine

Consortium NewsRAY McGOVERN: The Pitfalls of a Pit Bull Russophobe

BreitbartAlleged ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Worked Closely with Anti-Trump Dossier Hoaxer

Ciamarella’s name first came up on October 10th as among the leading candidates…

American ThinkerWho is the whistleblower?

Meaning in HistoryWho Is Eric Ciaramella?

Sara CarterWhistleblower and DNC Contractor Visited Obama WH. It Must Be Investigated.

Zero HedgeNunes Demands Schiff Testify After Lying; Also Wants Whistleblower And Hunter Biden To Appear

NYT Names FBI “Resistance” Lawyer Under Criminal Investigation For Fabricating FISA Docs

Brennan’s Spy? New Theories Emerge About Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower

Real Clear Investigations (Aaron Maté) – The Brennan Dossier: All About a Prime Mover of Russiagate

National Public RadioIn ‘Crime In Progress,’ Fusion GPS Chiefs Tell The Inside Story Of The Steele Dossier

FOX News‘Coup has started,’ whistleblower’s attorney said in 2017 posts calling for impeachment

Horowitz reportedly finds FBI lawyer falsified FISA doc; WaPo stealth-deletes Strzok connection

Town HallGraham Announces Date for DOJ Inspector General Testimony on FISA Abuse, Russia Probe

APFormer Trump adviser John Bolton has a book deal

Intelligence OnlineJohn Bolton returns to private sector

NBC NewsIn private speech, Bolton suggests some of Trump’s foreign policy decisions are guided by personal interest

The HillBolton’s lawyer says his client knows about ‘many relevant meetings on Ukraine’

Steve Pieczenik (Youtube) – OPUS 189 John Bolton Today’s Benedict Arnold

John Solomon ReportsThe real Ukraine controversy: an activist U.S. embassy and its adherence to the Geneva Convention

It would seem that Yovanovitch was emulating Victoria Nuland in telling the Ukrainians how they should run their government, which indeed is ample cause for her firing. There may be a more convincing charge of politicized firing however in the case of Sahar Nowrouzzadeh…

Al MonitorProbe claims State Department sidelined Iran expert in politicized smear campaign

A Trump body count?…

Zero HedgeSenior Ex-Deutsche Bank Exec Linked To Millions In Donald Trump Loans Commits Suicide

The SummitReport: Steve Bannon Set to Testify Against Roger Stone

Washington TimesAlex Jones pushes Donald Trump to pardon Roger Stone as jury weighs presidential confidant’s fate

Randy Credico seals Stone’s fate…

Daily CallerStar Witness At Roger Stone Trial Says He Feels ‘Horrible’ About Guilty Verdict

InfowarsExclusive: Prosecutor of Roger Stone Calls For Immediate Arrest, Indictment of Alex Jones

Report: Roger Stone Fears He’ll Be “Epstein’d” in Jail

White House Source: Trump Made Unexpected Hospital Visit to Test For Intentional Poisoning

The SunPAEDO’S PARADISE New Epstein victim says he raped her and bragged about Prince Andrew as first pics of his ‘Paedo Island’ emerge

COLLECTING KOMPROMAT Jeffrey Epstein’s A-list guests were secretly filmed in every bedroom and TOILET in his home, accuser claims

N.Y. TimesJeffrey Epstein, Blackmail and a Lucrative ‘Hot List’

FOX NewsFBI investigating possibility of ‘criminal enterprise’ in Jeffrey Epstein death, prisons chief admits

BBCPrince Andrew interview: Jeffrey Epstein stay was ‘wrong thing to do’

GuardianTop lawyer calls Prince Andrew BBC interview ‘a catastrophic error’

Project VeritasABC Insider: Why I, alone, released the Amy Robach Epstein tape.

Washington ExaminerCBS News fires staffer who leaked ABC News video about Epstein story

Lori Handrahan (Medium) – Humanitarian Predators Like Sohail Ayaz

WTNH (New Haven, CT) – Ellington man accused of running ‘sex dungeon’ arrested in human trafficking investigation

IntelNewsMassive data dump identifies users of influential far-right website

Strategika51Comment la main des techniques d’espionnage israéliennes pénètre profondément dans nos vies

After a period of relative silence (after Cloudfare pulled 8chan following August shooting sprees), Q activates on Veteran’s Day (two days before Schiff goes public)…

QMAPRogue Elements in the Intel Agencies Ran a Clandestine Black Op to Infiltrate the US Government

11 Nov 2019 – 8:02:56 PM
Once C_A always C_A?
Former C_A elected to Congress?
Former C_A running for Congress?
Former C_A running for Senate?
Former C_A elected to Senate?
Former C_A elected to Presidency?
Define ‘black op’ [clandestine]
Once C_A always C_A?
@Snowden pre_NSA?
@Snowden base of ops [geo location]?
Whistleblower(s) vs. POTUS?
Former C_A?
Define ‘black op’ [clandestine]
What happens if rogue elements of US AB[C] intel agency target [to insert] US political system [President, VP, House, Senate, NSC, US Amb., etc.] in ‘black op’ designated to control friend vs. foe targeting [self-preservation]?

It isn’t particularly news however that Snowden’s whistle blowing was allegedly itself a CIA operation. Wayne Madsen had reported this, as had Yasha Levine in his Surveillance Valley, the latter arguing that in effect Snowden was a marketing campaign for TOR, which the intelligence community wished to promote for a variety of reasons.

Also of interest, regarding the Durham investigations. Q unearthed this story from the Obama era…

TimeCIA Abuse Investigator John Durham

CBS NewsOusted Navy Secretary Richard Spencer defends handling of Navy SEAL case

Pentagon chief fires Navy secretary over SEAL controversy

Mad Cow ProductionsCartel behind 20-ton drug move in Philadelphia to skate on charges

Unicorn RiotMassive Hack Strikes Offshore Cayman National Bank and Trust

Common Dreams‘Enormous Victory’: US Judge Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Electronic Devices Unconstitutional

One step forward… innumerable steps backward…

New RepublicWhy the Hell Did Democrats Just Extend the Patriot Act?

Unz Review (James Kirkpatrick) – The Rise of Tech Totalitarianism: Michael Rectenwald’s GOOGLE ARCHIPELAGO

Duncan CampbellFacebook Leaks

N.Y. TimesA Pennsylvania County’s Election Day Nightmare Underscores Voting Machine Concerns

National Public RadioTrump Floating Terrorist Label For Mexican Cartels Brings Fears Of Drone Strikes

WBURMass. State Police Tested Out Boston Dynamics’ Spot The Robot Dog. Civil Liberties Advocates Want To Know More

Real News AustraliaRevealed: 5G Tower Installer Shocking Statements

Global Research (Claire Edwards and Lucas Alexander) – The 5G Space Weapon, Mind Control Agenda & Kill Grid

The Madness of Putting 53,000 5G Satellites in Space

Daily StarSpace travel barrier removed as docs freeze and revive human for first time

Activist PostFDA Shocking Study: Cells Used In Vaccines Contaminated With Serious Viruses Including Cancer

BBCDR Congo measles: Nearly 5,000 dead in major outbreak

Ashai ShimbunCitizens’ group in Fukushima puts out radiation map in English

Where is the guerilla graffiti artist who will give Gretazilla a toothbrush mustache…

SFGateGiant Greta Thunberg mural going up in Union Square

Updates on old news…

VisupThe Secret History of Special Operations Forces

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Brian T. Brown) – 9 Reasons to Thank the USSR: How We Got the Cold War Wrong

Global Research (Michel Chossudovsky) – Sleeping With The Third Reich: America’s Unspoken “Alliance” with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union

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