Headlines of interest for July 2019 [updated]…

Independent (Открытых медиа) – Russian servicemen ‘averted planetary catastrophe’ during nuclear submarine accident, military official claims at funeral

DEBKAfileUrgent consultations in Washington, Moscow on reported US-Russian submarines in firefight

Fort RussShoigu’s Assessment: Secret Weapon Nuclear Sub to Be Repaired and Relaunched

Asia Times (Pepe Escobar) – The un-submersible US-Iran stalemate

Middle East Eye (Seyed Mohammad Marandi) – Iran faces US aggression and European hypocrisy, but this time it’s ready

Merco PressMore Iranian bulk carriers stranded in Brazil, since Petrobras refuses to refuel them fearing US sanctions

BloombergMillions of Barrels of Iranian Oil Are Piled Up in China’s Ports

Iran Threatens to Enrich Uranium to 20% Purity as Tensions Rise

Elijah J. MagnierKhamenei’s three commandments for the Iranians: the Middle East is heading towards “maximum danger”

What makes Iran strong enough to stand against a superpower like the USA?

Why did the UK commander of HM Montrose refrain from firing on the IRGC? Who in Iran gave orders to capture the “Stena Impero”?

Al Masdar NewsIranian military official warns US bases are within range of their missiles

FOX NewsIran test-fires medium-range ballistic missile, US official says

Times of IsraelIsrael, US say they’ve conducted successful test of Arrow 3 in Alaska

USNIUSS Boxer Downs Iranian Drone in ‘Defensive Action’

Al MonitorUS drone shootdown sparks more Gulf tension

Press TVIRGC releases drone footage, belying US claim of downing

Tru News‘We Were a Few Minutes Away From a War’

21st Century Wire (Tony Cartalucci) – Pirate Nation: Why Britain Hijacked Iranian Ship on Behalf of Washington

UK Defense JournalBritish flagged tanker seized by Iran

Iran stop second British tanker in one day

Sky News‘Hostile act’: UK says ship seized by Iran was in Omani waters

Al ArabiyaIranian forces say they seized British-flagged oil tanker in Gulf

Second tanker in Gulf turns sharply towards Iran, Refinitiv data shows

BBCUK warship HMS Duncan arrives in Gulf

American ConservativeDid John Bolton Light the Fuse of the UK-Iranian Tanker Crisis?

Atlantic The Woman at the Center of Trump’s Iran Policy

APUK: Europe-led mission will protect vital shipping in Gulf

RTBritain and France will send forces to Syria …but Americans will pay for it, report suggests

Strategic Culture (Tom Luongo) – As Trump Backs Down, the Pips Squeak

Jerusalem PostU.S. intel: IRGC forced UAE tanker into Iranian waters – report

ReutersIran says it came to help of disabled foreign oil tanker in the Gulf

Three members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards shot dead: Tasnim

Al MonitorIran shells Iraqi Kurdistan Region

US forced to mull sanctions against Turkey after S-400 purchase

Source: Iran FM met Rand Paul to feel out possible US-Iran talks

Israel’s Mossad chief spearheads campaign against Iran in Syria

Israel, US, Iran prepare for out-of-the-atmosphere battle

Unz Review (The Saker) – Debunking the Rumors About Russia Caving in to Israel

TASSUS private military companies plunder Syrian oil facilities — Russia’s General Staff

Penny for your thoughtsU.S Forces Staying in Northern Syria INDEFINITELY

HaaretzIn Major Shift, Israel Twice Struck Iranian Targets in Iraq ‘Using F-35’

Press TVUS mission in Baghdad serves as Mossad, Daesh headquarters: Iraqi MP

21st Century Wire (Hossein Askari) – Without Reform, Trump’s Embrace of MBS Will Haunt the United States

Remember, the presence of infidel soldiers in the Saudi kingdom was Osama bin Laden’s stated reason for jihad against the U.S…

NewsbudDeveloping- Operation Iran: The Pentagon is Deploying Troops to Saudi Arabia

ReutersSaudi king approves hosting U.S. troops to enhance regional security: SPA

Saudi-led forces, Israel among states rapped by U.N. for killing children

New York TimesU.A.E. Pulls Most Forces From Yemen in Blow to Saudi War Effort

South FrontHouthis Claim More Than 40 Saudi-Backed Fighters Killed In New Ballistic Missile Strike

En route to the bunker?…

Intelligence OnlineMohamed bin Salman only trusts personal guard

OpEdNewsBlack Jews riot in Israel following the “neutralizing” of 18 yo Solomon Tekah

Arutz ShevaAre the ‘Ethiopian protests’ really led by Ethiopians?

Consortium News (Giorgio Cafiero) – Israel’s Involvement in Libya’s Civil War

West Africa NewsletterIvory Coast: Trump moves in to counter Moscow and Beijing

Veteran of the non-alignment movement, Mahathir Mohamad tells the war pigs to take their contracts and shove it…

Intelligence OnlineDefence contracts: Malaysian gold rush tentatively halted

USA-Taliban deal: Ghani gets active

Asia Times (Pepe Escobar) – How to kill 10 million Afghans and not win

The Dragon lays out its road map, denies seeking hegemony

AAP (via Yahoo) – US approves possible arms sale to Taiwan

ThereAreNoSunglassesChina Defense Policy Foresees War w/US To End Interference In Taiwanese Reunification Effort

South China Morning PostUS state department worried by Beijing’s hints it could use troops to put down Hong Kong protests

CIA provocation of the protests?…

Moon of AlabamaThe U.S. Stunt In Hong Kong Will Make Other Issues More Difficult

And/or Beijing’s false flag agitation amongst the protesters?…

Epoch TimesHongkongers Suspect Police-Triad Collusion in Violent Metro Station Attack

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Asia One) – Hong Kong Police and News Media Release Avalanche of Fake News

NK NewsNorth Korea tested new “guided weapon” in warning to South, state media says

ArirangU.S. Navy nuclear submarine in South Korea in a possible show of force

Yonhap News AgencyN. Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles off east coast

Times of IndiaEye on China, India set to kickstart 1st space war drill

South FrontSatellite Images: Russia Strengthening Military Infrastructure In Kuril Islands

Wall Street JournalRussia-China Air Patrol Draws Fire From South Korean Jets

The SakerSergey Lavrov’s interview with the newspaper Argumenty i Fakty

SputnikBelgian Politicians Insist US Secret Nukes Should Be Out as Report on NATO Disclosed Their Location

Strategic Culture (Brian Cloughley) – The US-NATO Military Alliance Continues Confrontation Along Russia’s Borders

Breaking DefenseUS Upgrades Ukrainian Ports To Fit American Warships

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Global News)- Tanker War Expands To Black Sea, Ukrainian Navy Seizes Russian Tanker From Kerch Straits Incident

BBCItaly seizes ‘combat-ready’ missile in raids on far right

Ursula, She-Wolf of the EU…

Gatestone InstituteEuropean Union: A Massive Expansion of Top-down Powers

Zero HedgeRenTech Pulls Cash From Deutsche Bank As Insider Warns Of “Lehman-Style” Scene

Bank Run: Deutsche Bank Clients Are Pulling $1 Billion A Day

Economic CollapseA Bank With 49 Trillion Dollars In Exposure To Derivatives Is Melting Down Right In Front Of Our Eyes

Daily MailUAE Emir’s son found dead in Knightsbridge penthouse ‘threw drug-fuelled orgies attended by high-class prostitutes, took meth so sex lasted longer and turned into a “monster” after a heavy weekend of partying’

Merco Press“Electromagnetic attack” behind massive power cut, Venezuelan minister explains

New York TimesDan Coats to Step Down as Intelligence Chief; Trump Picks Loyalist for Job

NewsweekFederal Sex Trafficking Prosecutions Plummet Under Trump Administration: Analysis

The fall of the House of Epstein time-line, beginning in June with an uptick of arrests…

The Center SquareThousands indicted, arrested for human trafficking in nation-wide sweep

The Hill (July 2) – House bill targets use of Pentagon networks for child pornography

Breitbart (July 4) – Dershowitz, Miami Herald, Cernovich Win Unsealing of Lawsuit in Epstein Sex Offense Saga

Zero Hedge (July 6) – Jeffrey Epstein Has Been Arrested For Sex Trafficking of Minors

Miami HeraldWith Jeffrey Epstein locked up, these are nervous times for his friends, enablers

Tore SaysEpstein Flights, Photos,Who Fought Case Unseal & Mar-a-Lago Ban

Washington Times (July 8) – AG Barr says he’s recused himself from Epstein case: Report – for a day

Zero HedgeEpstein Claims Immunity; Prosecutors Say “Extremely Concerning” Images Seized

Law & CrimeJeffrey Epstein Child Sex Trafficking Indictment Unsealed

(July 9) – Plot Twist: Barr Says He Isn’t Recused from Jeffrey Epstein’s Federal Case

Guess Whose Daughter Is Reportedly a Prosecutor in Jeffrey Epstein Case – Comey’s

N.Y. PostNYPD let convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein skip judge-ordered check-ins

Opperman Report (Spreaker) – My Professional Involvement in Trump/Epstein Katie Doe Rape Lawsuit 2016

Vanity FairJust “Him and Epstein” and “28 Girls”: Florida Man Drops a Dime on Trump

Gateway PunditProsecutor in 2009 Epstein Case Said Donald Trump Was the ONLY ONE Who Helped Him

Blacklisted NewsJeffrey Epstein Shared a Plane With Dyncorp, State Department, and the CIA

Liberty BlitzkriegAlex Acosta Reportedly Claimed Jeffrey Epstein ‘Belonged to Intelligence’

N. Y. Times (July 12) – Acosta to Resign as Labor Secretary Over Jeffrey Epstein Plea Deal

TruNews (Youtube) – Exclusive Video of Epstein’s Zorro Ranch Breeder Farm

AP (July 13) – Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico ranch linked to investigation

Zero Hedge (July 15) – Epstein Safe Had ‘Piles Of Cash’, Diamonds And Expired Passport Claiming Saudi Residency

Wayne Madsen ReportJuly 18-19, 2019 — Epstein’s intelligence operation becoming clearer

…In the 1980s, Epstein was tapped by Mossad to serve as a financial and “other” link to the House of Saud. It is that “other” relationship, currying favor with Saudi royals by supplying them with underage white girls and boys, that brought us to the present state of Saudi-Israeli relations, one that has seen the relationship between Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) and Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, cement a de facto military and economic alliance between Jerusalem and Riyadh….

In February 1992, Epstein rented the former Iranian consulate located at 34 East 69th Street, between Madison and Park Avenues, in Manhattan. The building had been seized by the U.S. State Department after the severance of U.S.-Iranian diplomatic relations in 1979. However, in such cases, the State Department’s Office of Foreign Missions is merely to act as the custodian, not the rental landlord, for the diplomatic property of nations during the period of a break in relations. That protocol was not adhered to in the case of Iran, especially in 1992 when the empty Iranian embassy in Washington was allowed to be used for a rowdy going-away party for a National Security Council official in the Bush 41 administration. Epstein was later sued by the U.S. government for missing a rent payment on the former Iranian consulate. He also, without permission from the State Department and in violation of the lease, sub-leased the building to Ivan Fisher, a New York mob lawyer. It is alleged in government lawsuits that Fisher sub-leased parts of the building to other tenants. The tenants and sub-tenants were formally evicted from the Iranian building on July 16, 1998…

Mint Press News (Whitney Webb) – Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case

Government by Blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era

He is shocked, SHOCKED!…

BloombergWexner Slams Former Confidant Epstein’s ‘Sickening Behavior’

Bob Fitrakis republication of a Jan. 2001 column…

Free PressWexner’s royal connection

Before Les Wexner was Steven Hoffenberg…

QuartzJeffrey Epstein’s fortune is built on fraud, a former mentor says

PoliticoMeet the woman who ties Jeffrey Epstein to Trump and the Clintons

ObserverJeffrey Epstein’s Former Mentor Says His Bill Clinton Relationship ‘Destroyed’ Him

NBC 4 (July 24) – Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in NYC Jail Cell After Possible Suicide Attempt: Sources

The Sun (July 25) – ‘SPRAWLED ON FLOOR’ Jeffrey Epstein found ‘injured and blue in the face’ in jail cell in ‘suicide bid or assault’ ahead of child sex ring trial

‘IN DANGER’ Jeffrey Epstein’s life ‘in jeopardy’ as powerful pals ‘don’t want their secrets out’, victim’s lawyer claims

CNBCJeffrey Epstein got court documents claiming he raped 15-year-old girl day before he was injured in jail cell

Wayne Madsen ReportJuly 26-28, 2019 — Epstein’s unit mate had an illegal burner phone in his possession

Officials of the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Manhattan are being mum about how Nicholas Tartaglione, Jeffrey Epstein’s  unit mate who is charged with a quadruple homicide and faces the death penalty, obtained in the highly-secure facility a voice only “mini phone,” commonly known as a “burner phone.” Corrections officers discovered Epstein nearly unconscious in his cell during the night of July 23. There were marks around Epstein’s neck that authorities claimed were consistent with attempted suicide. However, they could have also been the result of an attempted strangulation.

At the very same time that it was learned that Tartaglione smuggled a phone into the MCC earlier this month, Attorney General William Barr ordered the resumption of executions of federal felons on death row.

Tartaglione was discovered on July 3 with the illegal mobile phone. Tartaglione claimed that it was not his phone but that his cellmate tossed it to him as guards were approaching their cell. Epstein was arrested in New Jersey on July 6 and transferred to the MCC. Tartaglione’s lawyer requested Tartaglione’s trial judge, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Karas, to deny federal prosecutors access to the phone because it contains “privileged information.”

The claim that the phone contains possible communications between Tartaglione and his attorney and wife is also a tacit admission by Tartaglione that the phone was his and that he made up the story about his cellmate passing it to him. Correction center officials were not very clear about whether the mini-phone could also send and receive text messages. Also not clear is how the phone came into Tartaglione’s possession in what is supposed to be a maximum security prison that, up until recently, held Mexican drug cartel leader Joaquín Guzmán Loera, also known as “El Chapo.”…

New York Times (July 18) – El Chapo Disappeared for Two Days. Now He’s at the Supermax.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Deep Ties to Top Wall Street Figures

Wall Street on ParadeJeffrey Epstein Chaired a $6.7 Billion Company that Documents Suggest May Have Received a Secret Federal Reserve Bailout

Tax Filing Suggests Child Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Made His Wealth Flipping Hot IPOs on Wall Street

Palm Beach PostJeffrey Epstein case: The ‘open secret’ at Royal Palm High

Busy.orgEpstein Connection to CIA and DynCorp

Law & CrimeThe Epstein-Linked Russian ‘Matchmaker’ Who Allegedly Hooked Up Foreign Girls with Powerful Men

SwampThe Epstein Associate Nobody’s Talking About: The IDF-Linked Bond Girl Infiltrating the UK NHS

Times of IsraelEpstein case oozes into Israeli political mud as Netanyahu, Barak trade barbs

American Herald Tribune (Philip Giraldi) – Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work for Mossad?

Forbidden KnowledgeSteve Pieczenik: The Mossad-Epstein Connection

VisupMaxwell’s Silver Hammer – Epstein’s Little Black Book

Rusty Shackleford (Youtube) – Epstein’s Pedophile Island, Little St. James USVI Drone July 2019 3 (1/2) (2/2)

Underground facilities on Lil St. James?… Image posted by @TheParanormQ on Twitter suggests a subterranean ventilation system.


NTDKatie Couric, Woody Allen, and George Stephanopoulos Attended Party With Epstein After 2008 Conviction


Russia-gate still chugging along, but hitting the back-burner…

Consortium News (Joe Lauria) – Democrats Blowing on Embers With a Politicized Mueller

SalonShades of the Cold War: How the DNC fabricated a Russian hacker conspiracy to deflect blame for its email scandal

Real Clear Investigations (Aaron Maté) – CrowdStrikeOut: Mueller’s Own Report Undercuts Its Core Russia-Meddling Claims

(Paul Sperry) – Justice Dept. Watchdog Has Evidence Comey Probed Trump, on the Sly

World Socialist Web Site – US federal court exposes Democratic Party conspiracy against Assange and WikiLeaks

Judicial WatchNew Clinton Email Scandal Testimony!

Purportedly the initiation of declass…


Q linked, on the eve of Ratcliffe’s short-lived appointment as DNI, (and following his celebrated tongue lashing of Mueller)…

Washington ExaminerJohn Ratcliffe: AG William Barr will deliver justice to any Obama officials who committed crimes

FOX NewsDOJ’s Russia probe review focusing on ‘smoking gun’ tapes of meeting with Trump aide: sources

The Hill (John Solomon) – How Mueller deputy Andrew Weissmann’s offer to an oligarch could boomerang on DOJ

Sara CarterRussia Probe Twist: A Billion Dollar CEO, A Convicted Russian Agent And The FBI

PoliticoTrump dossier author Steele gets 16-hour DOJ grilling

GuardianSecret texts cast light on UK’s early role in Trump-Russia inquiry

Daily MailBritain’s man in the US says Trump is ‘inept’: Leaked secret cables from ambassador say the President is ‘uniquely dysfunctional and his career could end in disgrace’

Consortium News (Craig Murray) – The Simple Explanation for the Betrayal of Britain’s Envoy

Moon of AlabamaPutin Confirms: Sergei Skripal Wanted To Go Back To Russia

Markets InsiderUS Customs just seized a ship owned by JPMorgan after authorities found $1 billion worth of drugs on it


BloombergArmy Lets Slip That It’s Conducting Secret Operation Around D.C.

Consortium News (William D. Hartung) – Merger Mania in the Military Industry

Wall Street JournalPentagon’s Cloud Project Under Fire as Award Nears

Smart Cities DiveEvery major US carrier has launched 5G service

21st Century WireDigital Wonderland: AI, Transhumanism and Faux Telekinesis

SHTFPlanSatellites Have Already Started Watching Your Every Movement

Washington PostFBI, ICE find state driver’s license photos are a gold mine for facial-recognition searches

Committee on the JudiciaryGoogle and Censorship through Search Engines

SputnikTwitter Blocks Major Iran News Agency Accounts After IRGC Oil Tanker Seizure

The censorship epidemic is not only occurring at the big sites, but even here at WordPress (which brings us to ponder how much longer we want to remain here)…

Frauds, Crooks and CriminalsWordPress Did Shut Down Refugee Resettlement Watch Because They Disapproved of the Content

Revolution DispatchMedium Has Begun Banning Its Users For Disputing Pro-War Narratives

NewsTargetVimeo is purging ALL vaccine awareness channels as part of coordinated tech censorship sweep

Haaretz (DeWereldMorgen) – Belgian Trade Union Boss Says Israel Kills Palestinian Kids for Their Organs

GizmodoJapan Approves Scientist’s Plan to Create World’s First Humanimals

N. Y. TimesJeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA

BBC (Nature) – Drug-resistant superbug spreading in Europe’s hospitals

GuardianA trail of toxicity: the US military bases making people sick

RT‘Unprecedented’ wildfires blazing across the Arctic are visible from SPACE

River of radiation: Life in the area of the world’s 3rd-worst nuclear disaster

New ScientistGigantic, mysterious radiation leak traced to facility in Russia

Updates on old news…

Wall Street JournalAlleged 9/11 Mastermind Open to Helping Victims’ Lawsuit if U.S. Spares Him Death Penalty

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 TruthNew York Area Fire Commissioners Make History, Call for New 9/11 Investigation


Russia Insider (John Helmer) – How Christine Lagarde, Clinton and Nuland Funded a Massive Ukrainian Ponzi Scheme

Michael Isikoff reaches greater depths of journalistic ineptness -to be charitable, as if he isn’t simply an out and out mockingbird- in linking Sorcha Faal’s (WhatDoesItMean.Com) “SVR sourced” yarns to the ever diminishing returns of Russia-gate…

Yahoo NewsExclusive: The true origins of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory. A Yahoo News investigation.

On account of the Faal by-line saying “SVR sourced,” dimwit (again, to be charitable) Isikoff takes it as in fact originating from the Kremlin. For those of us out here in “conspiracyland,” however, long recognizing the Sorcha Faal modus operandi of synthesizing disjointed stories with a surprising twist, usually sourced to some scuttlebutt allegedly making the rounds of the Kremlin, we generally read these articles for their pure entertainment value. The ideas as to the true identity of Sorcha Faal are entertaining in their own right (and we note that currently “her” site features links some of the more bizarre, such as A. True Ott, but none to the site that exhaustively points to one David Booth: Bibliotecapleyades). Most likely, Faal is a by-line for CIA eyewash.

Joe Lauria and Elizabeth Vos do a good job piecing apart Isikoff’s story in this interview on CN Live (Youtube cued).

In any case, while it may be flogging a dead horse, the Seth Rich murder investigation is still ongoing…

The Post & EmailWhat Does the FBI Know about the Murder of Seth Rich?

@RealMattCouch (Twitter) – For those asking questions, the brother of Seth Rich is suing us. He couldn’t afford a Private Investigator in the beginning, now they have the most powerful Democrat Law Firm in the Country behind them. Michael Gottlieb and Joshua Riley. Boies Schiller Flexner, LLP

In our previous edition, we noted Bill Binney’s claim that Donald Trump had been under illegal surveillance long before the launching of his presidential campaign; we hypothesized that this likely had to do with his involvement in the birther movement – being the most prominent celebrity to raise such questions. Q reminds (Qmap) of something which @realDonaldTrump noticed, 12 Dec. 2013 on Twitter…. How amazing, the State Health Director who verified copies of Obama’s “birth certificate” died in plane crash today. All others lived

L.A. TimesWhat really happened in the Manson murders? ‘Chaos’ casts doubt on Helter Skelter theory

Peter Dale Scott observes on his social media…

This review of the new book Chaos by Tom O’Neill omits findings I consider important. Manson’s parole officer at the time had a research grant to study the effects of LSD, as did Dr. Louis Jolyon West, who maintained an office at the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic where Manson was being treated, and was also being funded as part of he CIA’s Operation MKCHAOS, O’Neill also discovered a relevant witness, Reeve Whirson, whose existence was covered up by prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi at the Manson trial). Whitson’s Swedish ex-wife told O’Neill Whitson “was working for the CIA.” — possibly to penetrate and beak up radical movements in the 1960s.
The book was written under pressure and contains some silly errors. Nevertheless, I recommend it. Joan Didion once wrote that “The sixties ended abruptly on August 9, 1969,” when Sharon Tate was found murdered. Perhaps that that death was not finalized until the SLA and kidnapping of Patty Hearst in 1974; but then Louis Jolyon West has also been connected, both publicly and (albeit dubiously) sinisterly , to that story as well.
(Full disclosure: I am not disinterested in this condemnation of Vince Bugliosi’s cover-up at the Manson trial. In his bad book on the JFK assassination, Bugliosi lied outrageously about me. And on further reading in Chaos I see that I am thanked in the acknowledgments, though I have no memory of contact with Tom O’Neill.)

Turkish NXIVM-like cults aplenty…

Al MonitorTurkish journalist describes murky world of sheikhs, lies and video tape

HaaretzBurying the Nakba: How Israel Systematically Hides Evidence of 1948 Expulsion of Arabs

“Dr. P” takes credit for one of the Carter administration’s worst blunders, the admittance of the Shaw of Iran to the U.S. following his overthrow. Pieczenik so advised, which precipitated the hostage crisis and the hostile relationship between our two nations ever since…

Steve Pieczenik (Youtube) – OPUS 166 Iran’s problem w: England

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