Headlines of interest, late 2018 [Updated: see below for a section on the fallout and bad feelings at Infowars; also, a history of the late Whitey Bulger’s cultivation within the deep state]…

Cold War II news…

Telegraph – Russia detains American in Moscow on suspicion of spying

Zero Hedge – Pentagon “Panicking” After Successful Russian Hypersonic Missile Test According To Die Welt

Veterans TodayNo Measures Exist to Counter Russian, Chinese Hypersonic Weapons – US Watchdog

Breaking DefenseRussians Tried to Jam NATO Exercise; Swedes Say They’ve Seen This Before

DWFinland to probe reports of Russia disrupting GPS during NATO drill

TASSPeresvet combat lasers enter duty with Russia’s armed forces

RTCunning plan: Poland wants to set up a US military base right next to Russia’s Kaliningrad

TRT WorldKosovo approves new army despite Serb opposition and NATO criticism

Aviationist – USAF Confirms: The Chinese J-20 Spotted In Georgia Is a Mock-Up Used For Training by the U.S. Marine Corps

ReutersRussia warns Cyprus against allowing U.S. military to deploy there

Washington Free BeaconRussia Dispatching Blackjack Bombers to Venezuela

The SakerAbout the latest Ukronazi provocation in the Kerch strait

We are in a heightened state of infowar -may it remain only that- so do take all of the he-said/they-said noise for what it’s worth…

Euromaidan PressPutin has crossed a Rubicon – Will the West respond?

ThereAreNoSunglassesSea of Azov

Stalker ZoneRostislav Ishchenko: Kerch Provocation – Causes and Consequences

Defense OneRussia Launched Cyber Attacks Against Ukraine Before Ship Seizures, Firm Says

Zero HedgeCaptured Ukrainian Sailors Admit To “Provoking” Russian Navy, Interrogation Video Shows

Ukraine Deploys Reservists To 10 Border Provinces As President Warns Of “Russian Invasion”

Sky NewsRussian tanks massing on Ukraine’s border, president tells Sky News

UnianNATO sees biggest reinforcement of collective defence since end of Cold War – Stoltenberg

Ukraine to ask for shut-down of Bosphorus Strait amid Russia’s aggression – Navy Commander

Plymouth HeraldPlymouth Royal Navy ship sent to Black Sea amid Russia and Ukraine tensions

Defense BlogSatellite imagery shows hundreds of Russian tanks near the border with Ukraine

FOX NewsRussia deploys S-400 surface-to-air missile battery in Crimea, seen in new satellite images

South Front – UN General Assembly Approves Resolution On Militarization Of Crimea Sending Signal Of Support To Poroshenko Regime

– Poroshenko Government May Stage Chemical Attack To Provoke New Round Of Hostilities In Eastern Ukraine

– US Military Contractor Is Hiring Personnel To Support Classified ‘Contingency Operations’ In Ukraine

APTraining kids to kill at Ukrainian nationalist camp

Strategic Culture (Arkady Savitsky) – UK Commits Extra Military Forces to Ukraine: Irresponsible Policy, Dangerous Repercussions

(Federico Pieraccini) – Ukraine Wants Nuclear Weapons: Will the West Bow to the Regime in Kiev?

SputnikUkraine Can Create Its Own Nukes, Former Envoy to NATO Claims

Intelligence OnlineLondon and Moscow also face off over Kiev

Naftogaz hunt for compensation may block Gazprom’s Nord Stream II pipeline

True economicsRussian South Stream 2.0 Comes Out of the Shadows

Russia InsiderRussia Is Pressuring Western Commodity Traders to Pay for Russian Oil in Euros

Timeline of events leading to Trump’s announced withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria…

Dec. 6…

Al MonitorWhy was Turkey’s intel chief in Washington?

Dec. 8…

Al Masdar NewsUS Navy deploys super carrier to Middle East amid rising tensions with Iran, Syria

Dec. 10…

South Front (Federation of American Scientists) – Russian Mapping Service Accidentally Reveals Locations Of Israeli and Turkish ‘Secret’ Military Facilities

Dec. 12…

– Erdogan says Turkish troops to march into northeast Syria

Dec. 16…

NBC News – Trump working on extraditing Erdogan foe Gulen, Turkish foreign minister claims

Dec. 21…

APTrump call with Turkish leader led to US pullout from Syria

Defense PostUS to leave Syria-Turkey border observation posts in effort to buy withdrawal time

SputnikSmoke Over Rukban: Militants Possibly Burning Bodies to Hide Crimes – Source

News Corp Australia – Ominous Blackwater ‘is coming’ advert raises prospect Trump has privatised war

Penny for your thoughts – US Syrian Withdrawal- “You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.”

Anadolu AgencyCan Paris maintain support for YPG/PKK post-US pullout?

Réseau International (Valentin Vasilescu) – Pourquoi les Etats-Unis éprouvent-ils soudain la nécessité de déguerpir de la Syrie ?

Moon of AlabamaWhy Trump Decided To Remove U.S. Troops From Syria

Jerusalem PostCaroline Glick: Trump’s decision to pull forces out of Syria has upsides

Christmas Day…

South FrontSyrian Air Defense Forces Repel Israeli Airstrikes In Western Damascus

Russian MoD: Israeli Air Force Used Landing Of Two Civilian Planes As Cover For Airstrikes

Al JazeeraRussia criticises Israel for ‘gross violation’ in Syria strikes

Factors weighing in on the decision…

AxiosNetanyahu rejected Russian plan to work with U.S. on Syria, Iran

Israel HayomIsrael, Jordan, Saudi Arabia join forces against Iran in Syria

TRT WorldSaudi Arabia in talks with SDF to form new force in northern Syria

Elijah J. MagnierNew Rules of engagement between Syria and Israel, as Russia changes its position

Stars & StripesIn America’s hidden war in Syria, troops face peril on many fronts

ThereAreNoSunglasses (U.S. News) – Pentagon Denies Resurgence of ISIS In US-Occupied Syrian Areas, Even Though Kurdish Allies Allegedly Killing 600/month

GuardianIraqi lawmakers demand US withdraw troops after surprise Trump visit

Funker 530US Embassy Attacked Shortly After President Trump Leaves Iraq

Financial Times (mirrored at TANS) – Britain, America and the battle for mastery of the Middle East

SputnikUS Accuses Iran of Launching Missile Capable of Reaching Europe

CBS News (Dec. 1) – U.S. Navy admiral Scott Stearney found dead in apparent suicide

Spook caveat…

Public Intelligence BlogRobert Steele: US Admiral Scott Stearney Assassinated in Bahrain? Related to False Flag (Fake Iranian Attack on US Naval Vessel)

Updates on the Khashoggi affair…

GlobesSnowden slams NSO over Khashoggi murder

NSO said in response, “NSO is the only company of its kind in the world that has an independent ethics committee, including outside experts with a background in law and international relations, to prevent its products from being used for bad purposes,”

-Incidentally, one of those ‘outside experts’ for a time had been Michael Flynn. See Intel Today and our June 1 2017 edition (towards the bottom).

HaaretzRevealed Israeli Cyber Firm Negotiated Advanced Attack Capabilities Sale With Saudis, Haaretz Reveals

Newsbud (Sibel Edmonds) – Khashoggi Case: A Massive PsyOp Concocted by CIA-MI6-Mossad – Introduction: Who, What, How & Why

Asia Times (Pepe Escobar) – Erdogan, MBS, Islamic leadership and the price of silence

New York TimesThe Wooing of Jared Kushner: How the Saudis Got a Friend in the White House

Saudis Close to Crown Prince Discussed Killing Other Enemies a Year Before Khashoggi’s Death

Wall Street JournalCIA Intercepts Underpin Assessment Saudi Crown Prince Targeted Khashoggi

Hürriyet Daily News‘I know how to cut well,’ Erdoğan quotes Saudi forensic expert as saying on Khashoggi murder

BloombergA ‘Smoking Saw’ Links Saudi Prince to Khashoggi’s Murder, Senator Says

ReutersTurkey gave Khashoggi tapes to European nations, Erdogan says

After Khashoggi murder, some Saudi royals turn against king’s favorite son

Saudi Arabia inks deal for Lockheed’s missile defense system

SputnikPentagon Accidentally Refueled Saudi Jets Over Yemen for Free

Intelligence OnlineZagzoug -The Capital Partnership duo close to Salman clan

Fars News AgencyArab Paper: S. Arabia, UAE Threatening Trump over Khashoggi’s Case

Moon of AlabamaKeeping Bin Salman In Place Will Hurt Trump’s Middle East Policies

Zero Hedge“Saudi Arabia Is Going Bankrupt” Taleb Exclaims After Seeing Kingdom’s Latest Budget

Like Hitler in the last days, conscripting the children of “untermenchen”…

N.Y. Times – On the Front Line of the Saudi War in Yemen: Child Soldiers From Darfur

TelegraphAide to Mohammed bin Salman ‘supervised torture of female prisoner’

Middle East MonitorSaudi journalist tortured to death in prison

Al ArabiyaSaudi Arabia reshuffles Council of Ministers

Shall a Bandar once again be the Saudi ambassador in Washington?…

Al MonitorSaudi ambassador again departs US amid Khashoggi controversy

USAID money diverted to Syrian terrorist group

Congress gives Rand Paul the run-around to pass Syria sanctions bill

Hamas, Israel in intelligence duel

Why is Israel forging secret ties with Sudan?

Israel destroys Hezbollah’s border tunnels but missile threat looms

Times of IsraelPolice recommend bribery charges against Netanyahu in telecom-media Case 4000

HaaretzAnalysis // Erdogan’s Latest Target: ‘Infamous Hungarian Jew’ George Soros

Al MonitorHow Soros turned from friend to foe for Erdogan

ReutersTurkish police arrest 13 in probe of rights activist over 2013 protests

If Trump’s dovish decision on Syria is encouraging, his hawkish stance towards Iran continues…

Intelligence OnlineDonald Trump places anti-Iran watchmen in Gulf embassies

His anti-Iran mania seems to know no bounds, reaching into Canada to grab a sanctions ‘violator’…

21st Century WireUS Crosses Red Line with Arrest of Huawei CEO for ‘Breaking Iran Sanctions’

Wall Street JournalChina Vows ‘Severe Consequences’ If Huawei Official Is Not Released

The HillKudlow: Trump did not know about plan to arrest Huawei executive

Who is in charge? Once again, the electoral rebuke of the people notwithstanding, the White House is beset with a chronic infestation of neocons…

Zero HedgeBolton Was Aware Huawei CFO Was Arrested While Having Dinner With Xi

VoltairenetFive Eyes Against Huawei

Evening StandardNigerian president Muhammadu Buhari denies dying and being replaced by a clone

La StampaPalermo conference on Libya in disarray

Maghreb ConfidentialSaif al Islam Gaddafi’s envoys in Europe

Fayez Sarraj and Fathi Bachagha woo the “Gaddafists”

Funker 530US Has Dropped More Bombs On Afghanistan In 2018 Than Any Other Year

ThereAreNoSunglasses (BBC) – US Airstrike Kills Leader of Anti-Taliban Faction, Brother of Taliban Founder, Mullah Omar

(Tolo News) – Anti-Taliban Faction 2nd In Command, Who Called Afghan Peace Talks “A Lie”, Assassinated By Drone Strike Today

(Voice of America) – Afghanistan Peace Talks Stick on Bases–US Wants 2, Taliban None


Global Research (Masud Wadan) – U.S. Forces Withdraw From Afghanistan. Secret Negotiations with the Taliban. “Huge Political Change on the Horizon”

Al MonitorAfter US-Taliban talks, Iran also confirms dialogue

More yellow-cake journalism from the NYT…

N.Y. TimesIn North Korea, Missile Bases Suggest a Great Deception

The NationHow ‘The New York Times’ Deceived the Public on North Korea

CounterpunchThe NYT’s David Sanger, the Boy Who Cried “Nukes”!

Forbes – North Korea Implicated In Attack That Stops Wall Street Journal And New York Times Presses

NK NewsCSIS report on DPRK missile bases “full of lies and errors,” says state media

Who’s deceiving whom? Open source North Korea under the microscope

NK media denounces Seoul for increasing defense budget, warns of consequence

No denuclearization until U.S. removes “nuclear threat” from the region: KCNA

USA TodayPence, Abe agree on North Korea sanctions, new trade talks

ChosunilboN.Korea’s Elite Trembles Amid Massive Purge

Korea HeraldControversy erupts over US suspension of bomber missions over peninsula

The flights over the Korean Peninsula are part of the US’ continuous bomber presence aimed at supporting deterrence and regional security. According to military officials here, the US Air Force suspended the bomber flights after North Korea launched ballistic missiles in November last year.

Channel NewsAsiaSouth Korea denies radar lock on Japanese plane as diplomats meet

Wall Street JournalChinese Hackers Breach U.S. Navy Contractors

Malaysia Files Criminal Charges Against Goldman Sachs

Channel NewsAsiaGoldman Sachs bankers ‘cheated’ Malaysia over 1MDB: PM Mahathir

Military Times (AP) – Mattis pushes closer ties to Vietnam amid tension with China

Intelligence OnlineISRAEL : IAI drones will take to Vietnam’s skies

ReutersAPEC fails to reach consensus as U.S.-China divide deepens

Straits TimesApec summit: Pence says US to partner in Papua New Guinea military base

Telegraph – Britain to become ‘true global player’ post-Brexit with military bases in South East Asia and Caribbean, says Defence Secretary

As China moves into former British colonies…

Africa StandChina to take over Kenya’s main port over unpaid huge Chinese Loan

Asian Times (Pepe Escobar) – How the New Silk Roads are merging into Greater Eurasia

RTChina’s CNPC takes over Iranian mega gas project from France’s Total

Macron wants ‘real European army’ to combat Russian threat & end reliance on US

‘Good for multipolar world’: Putin positive on Macron’s ‘European army’ plan bashed by Trump (VIDEO)

Europe 1“Fracture” de l’Europe : “Non, je n’exagère en rien”, affirme Emmanuel Macron

The Unz ReviewFrance: The Incredible Shrinking President Macron’s Popularity Collapses While Interior Minister Predicts Civil War

His prediction would be borne out within weeks…

ReutersStunned Parisians clean up posh central district after worst riots since 1968

AFPTear gas, mass arrests as new ‘yellow vest’ protests hit Paris

France 24Outcry as French police round up protesting high-school students

21st Century Wire‘Macron Regime’ Storm Troopers’ Brutal Beating of Yellow Vest Protesters


TheLocal.frBare-breasted ‘Mariannes’ confront police at Paris protest

The Mariannes not to be confused with FEMEN…

SputnikTopless Femen Activists Protest Against “War Criminals” in Paris (PHOTOS)

Signs of the TimesWhat do the protesters in France want? Check out the ‘official’ Yellow Vest manifesto

VoltairenetWho does Emmanuel Macron owe?

Consortium News (Diana Johnstone) – Yellow Vests Rise Against Neo-Liberal ‘King’ Macron

Gaurdian (interview with Daniel Cohn-Bendit) – ‘May 1968 was a revolution – now the violence is just frightening’

He thinks it is a military coup, and indeed it does have support from elements within the military…

Fawkes NewsUne douzaine de généraux accusent Macron de “trahison à l’égard de la nation”

But consider that the ’68 revolt had a common foe with the CIA/Atlanticist deep state: Charles de Gaulle, who had pulled France out of NATO’s military command, and had already become an assassination target, as noted by Neil Clark in this op-ed on the occasion of the 50th anniversary…

RT – Remembering May ’68: Why France needs a new de Gaulle more than ever

And so the Russians made them do it…

BloombergFrance to Probe Possible Russian Influence on Yellow Vest Riots

Activist PostPlease President Assad, Arm The Protesters In France To End This “Brutal Crackdown” (Satire)

Not a satire, but a Gladio op – per the modus operandi, the terrorist (the patsy at least) was on the intelligence watch list, and evidently was triggered into action when an arrest had been attempted at his home, though he wasn’t there…

ReutersGunman kills three people in French Christmas market, flees

The Strasbourg prefecture said the gunman was on an intelligence services watchlist.

Sources familiar with the police operation said the suspect’s home had been raided earlier in the day in connection with a robbery during the summer, but he was not found there.

Telegraph – Strasbourg shooting: Terror suspect ‘may have crossed into Germany’ after Christmas market shooting

RTParis warns radicals are trying to exploit Yellow Vests & overthrow the government

But the protests would not be deterred…

Tear gas fired as Yellow Vests and police clash in French city of Rouen (VIDEOS)

Turmoil in other parts of Europe…

Molotovs & tear gas: Greek protesters march on US embassy on anti-junta uprising anniversary

ReutersBlast smashes windows, wrecks offices at Greece’s SKAI TV in ‘attack on democracy’

Strategic Culture (Alastair Crooke) – Italy, the EU, and the Fall of the Roman Empire

Daily MailArmy’s secret plans to put troops on the streets to deal with potential chaos in the wake of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit

Here we go…

The Sun‘BREXIT NOW!’ Pro-Brexit ‘yellow vest’ protesters storm Westminster and Tower Bridge as Theresa May’s shambolic deal collapses

BBCUAE prosecutors say Matthew Hedges admitted spy charges

She’s probably a spook too…

MirrorMatthew Hedges’ wife ‘knows in her heart he’s not spy’ as she celebrates UAE pardon

Julian Assange still in limbo…

NewsweekWhat Is Julian Assange Charged With? Prosecutors Accidentally Reveal Charges Against Wikileaks Founder

Truthdig (Gareth Porter) – U.K. and Ecuador Conspire to Deliver Julian Assange to U.S. Authorities

WikiLeaksUS Embassy Shopping List


GuardianManafort held secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian embassy, sources say

Information Clearing HouseThe Guardian Publishes More Blatant MI6 Lies About Julian Assange

Zero HedgeThe Guardian Caught Backpedaling On Assange-Manafort Story After WikiLeaks Denial – The before and after is at NewsSniffer

The CanaryFormer diplomat challenges ‘fake’ Guardian claims about Julian Assange meeting Paul Manafort

Insider reveals likely players behind the Guardian’s ‘fake’ Assange-Manafort story

The NYT has its own problems of course (e.g. the NK story above), but perhaps it is much closer to the mark than what the Guardian confused…

N.Y. TimesManafort Discussed Deal With Ecuador to Hand Assange Over to U.S.

Oriental Review (Andrew Korybko) – MI6’s Spymaster Revealed How The UK Is Conducting “Fourth Generation Espionage”

Which brings us to “Spygate” – Dan Bongino here provides a cogent timeline of what was indeed a bewildering sequence of events…

Logos and LibertyObama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History

TelegraphMI6 battling to stop Donald Trump releasing classified Russia probe documents

George Papadopoulos (Twitter) – Big development: Joseph Mifsud is tied directly to Christopher Steele and Alexander Downer’s former chief of staff. He was also on Jamal Khashoogi’s payroll.

BuzzfeedJoseph Mifsud Wants To Testify Before The Senate, A Lawyer Claims

The Epoch Times4 Investigations Share a Common Thread

LaRouchePACRobert Mueller and His Ilk Are About to Commit a Massive Crime; Will You Let Them Get Away With It?

Moon of AlabamaBritish Spies Infiltrated Bernie Sanders’ Campaign?

Sara CarterFinancial Bounty Hunters Testify: Clinton Foundation Operated As Foreign Agent

The Hill (John Solomon) – Feds received whistleblower evidence in 2017 alleging Clinton Foundation wrongdoing

Daily CallerFBI Raids Home Of Whistleblower On Clinton Foundation, Lawyer Says

The HillFederal judge: Clinton emails are ‘one of the gravest modern offenses’ to transparency

Judicial WatchFederal Court Orders Hillary Clinton to Answer Additional Email Questions Under Oath

The ForensicatorGuccifer 2’s Russian Breadcrumbs

RT – Moscow ready to release correspondence with US on alleged Russian election meddling

Intelligence OnlineOleg Deripaska hires team of SVR veterans to save EN+ and RusAl

The SakerTrue Lies: Poroshenko Sells His Business to Dmitry Firtash, the “Party of Regions”, and Vice Presidents of the United States

Bloomberg (Leonid Bershidsky op-ed) – The Maria Butina Case Is Not About Spying

The NationMaria Butina and the Criminalization of Citizen Diplomacy

The ProgressiveWhy Democrats Don’t Want to Talk about Flynn’s First Meeting with the Russians

Al MonitorFlynn business partner, client charged as secret foreign agents for Turkey

The FederalistThe Federal Judge Overseeing Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Just Dropped A Major Bombshell

ReutersJudge excoriates Trump ex-adviser Flynn, delays Russia probe sentencing

Law & CrimeJudge Quickly Backtracks, Apologizes After Floating Crazy Idea Michael Flynn Committed Treason

Real Clear Investigations (Paul Sperry) – For Trump, Cohen Plea Deal’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Exoneration

Zero HedgeNo Jail Time For Flynn; Mueller Says Former Trump Official Provided “Substantial” Assistance

Mueller Destroyed Messages From Peter Strzok’s iPhone; OIG Recovers 19,000 New “FBI Lovebird” Texts

“I’m Not Going To Agree That I Lied”: Corsi Rejects Mueller’s Plea Deal, Plans To Sue

ABC NewsSpecial counsel witness says he expects to be charged in Mueller probe

InfowarsExplosive! Roger Stone Responds to Corsi’s Claim That He Worked With Assange

Stone Cold TruthRoger Stone: Corsi Statement Devoid Of Logic

AxiosThe case against Mueller target Roger Stone

Stone again confirms what we had by inference reported prior to the Trump inauguration; from his social media…

Statement of Roger Stone on Credico Texts

The text messages released yesterday prove that, as I testified under oath, Randy Credico was the source of both the explosive nature and October release date for the Clinton material that Julian Assange told CNN he had in June of 2016. They also prove that Credico’s repeated claim that he could not have been my source in late July because he did not meet and interview the Wikileaks publisher until late August is irrelevant as Credico says the source of his tip is a Wikileaks lawyer who is “ one of my closest friends.

The texts also show that when the Assange held a Press event on October 2 but did not release any material Credico urged me to be patient as the material would be released shortly and it was. In all fairness POLITICO had reported “Assange said the organization would publish documents on various subjects every week for the next 10 weeks, and vowed that the U.S. election-related documents would all come out before Election Day.”

If Credico testified contrary to any of this he committed perjury. Additionally it debunks the absurd claim that I sought to intimidate Credico to lie. I was and am angry at Randy, a friend of almost 20 years for his failure to tell the truth.

Additionally I would point out that two witnesses, Tyler Nixon and David Lugo testified to the Grand Jury that Credico confirmed to them directly that he was my source.

Consistent with my testimony nothing in these text exchanges suggests that I knew of the source or content of any of the allegedly stolen or hacked material released by Wikileaks .

Despite the best efforts of some in the media to spin this otherwise, these text messages are nothing but exculpatory.

Daily CallerBombshell Text Messages Support Roger Stone’s Claims About WikiLeaks Backchannel

Report: Mueller Will Meet Again With Roger Stone’s Alleged Link To Wikileaks

Stone draws from the Murray Humphries playbook…

New York PostRoger Stone pleads the Fifth to Senate inquiry

The only thing he wants from the Donald in exchange for his silence?…

Gateway PunditRoger Stone Reaffirms Pardon Push For Black Nationalist Marcus Garvey

Why we have a growing appreciation for this character. Another for which our appreciation has regrettably been shrinking of late…

Wayne Madsen Report – November 13-14, 2018 — Indictments coming for Stone and Corsi; others may follow

If there was a criminal conspiracy by the Trump campaign to traffic in e-mails stolen from hacked servers at the Clinton presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller appears to be training his sights on two key individuals. They are longtime Republican dirty trickster Roger Stone and right-wing conspiracy confabulator Jerome Corsi. In the interest of full disclosure, this editor knows both individuals — Stone since 1997 and Corsi since 2008.

While covering the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, under press credentials accredited to Infowars — the Alex Jones operation — I was aware of a number of meetings involving not only Stone and Corsi, but also Jones and Fox News personality Tucker Carlson. I was, specifically, not invited to any of these meetings, which, as far as I could ascertain, had little to do with news coverage but everything to do with Trump campaign strategy.

On July 18, 2016, by happenstance, I discovered Corsi leaving a sky box reception at the Quicken Loans arena — the convention’s venue — hosted by deep-pocketed Republican billionaire donor and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. The previous evening, July 17, Jones and his closest assistants attended a private dinner hosted by Carlson. On the evening of July 20, while at a fairly late-night gathering, where Jones and his Infowars crew were present, all but one of them quickly left the Barrio Mexican restaurant after Jones received a phone call. I was left to talk to a very inebriated girlfriend of Jones (now his wife). I attempted to inquire about the nature of the meeting but I was only able to ascertain that it was with some “important people.” Earlier that day, Trump had flown into Cleveland’s Burke Lakefront Airport in his private Boeing 757. Trump accepted the Republican nomination on July 21.

I later discovered that Stone was Jones’s main interlocutor with senior officials of the Trump campaign, including Stone’s former political consultancy and lobbying partner, Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager. Manafort was convicted on multiple federal criminal charges involving fraud and other financial crimes and has, since, cooperated with Mueller. Manafort is the only cooperative witness for Mueller who attended the June 9, 2016 meeting between Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, and other individuals, including agents of Russian oligarchs and Russian state agencies. In addition to Corsi, Donald Trump, Jr. has reportedly told confidantes that he expects to be indicted soon.

Corsi recently told NBC News that he expects to be indicted soon by Mueller for perjury. He testified this past summer to FBI agents working for the Special Counsel and/or a grand jury in Washington, DC empaneled by Mueller. A Stone assistant, Andrew Miller, has been charged with contempt of court for failing to respond to a Mueller subpoena to testify before the grand jury. Miller was present in Cleveland with Stone and Corsi, the latter two also being employees of Infowars…

Although Jones and Stone were overtly involved in a number of media attention-grabbing stunts in Cleveland, including egging on physical confrontations with anti-Trump protesters, they, in addition to Corsi and Carlson, were involved in high-level strategy meetings with senior Trump campaign officials, possibly including Trump, himself. It is noteworthy that some of the same provocateurs in Jones’s orbit who were engaged in provocations in Cleveland are now in Broward County, Florida trying to disrupt the election recounts.

With indictments looming on two of Jones’s cohorts — Stone and Corsi — how long might it be before Jones is also facing an indictment for criminal racketeering involving the 2016 election? I always wondered why a fluent Russian speaker worked and continues to work behind the scenes at Infowars on such matters as financial accounting. Jones, who has ranted and raved about government conspiracies to cause frogs to turn gay, conduct the moon landings on Hollywood sets, and conduct phony mass shootings with crisis actors, may finally have something to rail on about: his role with two individuals now targeted by the Special Counsel and the subject of his meeting with Carlson and senior members of the Trump campaign.


Madsen’s effort to distance himself from Jones and co. through slander belies the fact that he too was on the Infowars team, and his reporting -particularly the exposés on Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz during the primaries- may have been a decisive factor contributing towards Trump winning the Republican nomination. (See our May 3 2016 edition). We can attest that Madsen was quite supportive of the Trump candidacy early in the primaries – to the astonishing point of suggesting that he would consider voting for Trump over Bernie Sanders, if the contest came to that- though as the general election approached, his coverage of Trump gradually grew negative. His reporting during the primaries was incidentally supportive of the strategy that the Clinton campaign had adopted early on – as revealed by WikilLeaks

Observer (10/10/16) – WikiLeaks Reveals DNC Elevated Trump to Help Clinton

By now, however, Madsen is convinced that Donald J. Trump is the Second Coming of Adolf Hitler. Madsen’s radical change of heart is perhaps a recoiling at the monster – the Trump presidency – that he helped to create. It has become an obsession for him, but one not without fruits, particularly in the form of a massive one page PDF diagram placing Trump in the center of the vast worldwide organized criminal conspiracy of the “Kosher Nostra,” which he has already submitted to Robert Mueller’s office, and which he now has released to the general public…

– November 8-9, 2018 — General release of Trump-Mafia collusion Road Map

If Mueller has indeed availed himself of Madsen’s road map, is this where his investigation is going? (Don’t hold your breath)…

Jerusalem Post (May 24, 2018)- A Chabad house in Long Island becomes fulcrum in Mueller probe

Washington Post – Miriam Adelson gave the GOP millions. Trump is giving her the Medal of Freedom.

Incidentally, Madsen of late (in the Nov. 21 WMR) has made intimations of his own legal jeopardy – coming not from Mueller but from the DOJ under acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker – concerning his foreign travels and reporting from Iran and China, the latter perhaps being reports (such as September 28-30, 2012 — Beijing, China — Hong Kong banks facilitate Romney casino skim as GOP funders meet in Hong Kong) on Sheldon Adelson’s casinos in Macao.

One matter in which Madsen could fall into Mueller’s purview concerns the provenance of the Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald story which the National Enquirer ran after Madsen had scooped it in April 2016. Given the allegation of early coordination between the Trump campaign and the Enquirer’s publisher David Pecker, the question may be raised whether the tabloid covered the story with the design of helping to secure the Republican nomination for Trump – as noted in our May 3, 2016 edition, Cruz suspended his campaign upon losing the Indiana primary just after the Enquirer ran the story, with Trump making a stir about it, whilst the source (according to Madsen) of both the Rubio and Cruz stories – Indiana blogger Gary Welsh – allegedly committed suicide. Thus far however attention has only been drawn to the stories that were suppressed by the Enquirer…

Bloomberg – Tabloid Company’s Admission Shows New Peril for Trump’s Circle

Note that Madsen’s above characterization of Manafort as a “cooperative witness” is doubtful…

WaPo – Mueller says Manafort lied after pleading guilty, should be sentenced immediately

New York TimesManafort’s Lawyer Said to Brief Trump Attorneys on What He Told Mueller

Mueller’s frustration: the ones he wanted to sing (or compose) – Flynn, Corsi, Stone, Manafort – wouldn’t; but one who might have sung about skeletons in Mueller’s own closet… had to be silenced?

Boston 25 NewsWhy was Whitey Bulger moved into another prison where he was murdered?

There is a seemingly innocuous answer to the question of why the transfer, but still a few questions are begged. For one, wouldn’t the prison administration have known that Bulger’s mob foes were inmates?…

Boston GlobeMedical classification change led to ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s prison transfer

A Bureau of Prisons official who is familiar with Bulger’s treatment said the Florida prison considered Bulger a nuisance and wanted to transfer him.

“They lowered his care level to get rid of him,” said the official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the case…

But beyond Bulger’s classification being changed to allow his transfer to Hazelton, questions remain about why officials at Hazelton allowed Bulger to be placed in the prison’s general population, which included several organized crime figures from Massachusetts who would have been familiar with Bulger and might pose a danger to him.

As the Globe reported last week, two of those figures, Fotios “Freddy” Geas, a Mafia hit man from West Springfield serving life for two gangland murders, and Paul J. DeCologero, who was part of a Mafia-aligned group who murdered and dismembered a 19-year-old Medford woman, are now suspects in Bulger’s murder.

At Whitey Bulger’s funeral, a coda: ‘It is finished’

Zero HedgeWhitey Bulger’s Lawyer Sues Federal Government For Wrongful Death, Negligence In Gangster’s Killing

Boston.com10 photos from outside ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s South Boston funeral

Present is brother William, the disgraced former Massachusetts Senate president, who with the assistance of the disgraced former Speaker of the U.S. House, John McCormack, had ushered his brother into the criminal arm of the American deep state. The term “Deep State” has become something of a cliche in the current political climate, but its use – usually in reference to the unelected bureaucracy, particularly that of the intelligence agencies – obscures its original sense, which has its roots in an automobile accident in Turkey in the 1990s. The so-called Susurluk incident, and the occupants of the wreck, revealed the collusion of the political, intelligence, and organized crime (see “The left attacks the government over mysterious accident” in the June 11, 1996 edition of the Hürriyet Daily at archive.is). In the U.S., such symbiosis, particularly in the post WWII era, can be found with the rise of Harry Truman, a creation of the Chicago Outfit connected Kansas City Pendergast Machine, or with Joe Kennedy’s recruitment of Outfit assistance in the fixing of his son’s 1960 election, the double-cross of which led to JFK’s assassination.  In the case of Whitey Bulger, his own brother assumed the political side of the symbiosis, while among those on the intelligence side, we find Robert Mueller…

Intel Today – The Dark Past of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller — The Bulger Gang, Lockerbie, Anthrax… An Exceptional Failure All Round. [UPDATE III]

Long before Mueller, or John Connolly (whose relationship with the Bulgers is the subject of the 2015 film Black Mass), Bulger’s psychedelic, deep state initiation began in 1957, when he signed up for over 50 LSD experiments at the Atlanta Penitentiary under the supervision of MK Ultra researcher Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer. Earlier the same year, U.S. House Democratic majority leader John McCormack began correspondence with prison officials at the behest of William, generally to request better visitation conditions for the inmate, and his eventual transfer to Lewisburg Penitentiary. In January 1965, now Speaker of the House McCormack and now representative of the Massachusetts House William Bulger successfully petitioned the parole board for Whitey’s early release. Shortly after parole, Whitey would run into future FBI agent, and informant on his behalf, John Connolly. With a reference from Speaker McCormack, Connolly was hired into the FBI in 1968. In late ’69, however, McCormack would announce his retirement after a series of Jack Anderson columns exposing his adviser’s involvement in fixing organized crime cases. With Connolly in the FBI at his recommendation, the fixing would continue, of course. (Most of these details come from Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill’s Whitey)


Global ResearchWar is Good for Business and Organized Crime: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Opium Trade. Rising Heroin Addiction in the US

Judicial WatchObama’s Mexican Gunrunning Op Could Help Sinaloa Drug Lord’s Defense

Neon NettleDetective, Who Exposed Elite Pedophile Ring, Found Dead

Jim Rothstein adds more details on the Trump/Cohn relationship (see The Roy Cohn coup…)

Opperman Report (Spreaker) – Jim Rothstein Secret Grand Jury?

Miami HeraldHow a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime

Disobedient MediaCanova Contests The Results Of Congressional Race Against Wasserman-Schultz, Calls For Revote

FOX NewsAccusations fly over Broward County ballot shenanigans: Mystery truck deliveries, slow counting and more

N.Y. TimesSecret Experiment in Alabama Senate Race Imitated Russian Tactics

On the above Moon of Alabama notes that “One of the two companies who wrote the Senate reports was caught running a fake “Russian influence” campaign”… – Senate Reports On ‘Russian Influence Campaign’ Fail To Discuss Its Only Known Motive

PoliticoEmails of top NRCC officials stolen in major 2018 hack

Zero HedgeLeaked Memo Touts UK-Funded Firm’s Ability To Create “Untraceable” News Sites For “Infowar Campaign”

Rand Paul Rages: “The Deep State Is Trying To Run Congress”

Washington ExaminerRand Paul undecided on Trump’s attorney general pick William Barr, citing ‘disturbing’ views on surveillance

Jewish News SyndicateSen. Paul places hold on US security assistance to Israel

PoliticoRand Paul under fire for blocking Israel bills


Poppy croaks…

Consortium News (Robert Parry, posthumous) – Taking a Bush Secret to the Grave

(Ray McGovern) – The Bushes: Fathers and Sons ( With Apologies to Turgenev)

According to the Q devotees, Poppy was executed following his conviction for treason at a military tribunal in Gitmo, and there are more to come… No, we don’t believe it (as much as we’d like to); this is strictly for entertainment value…

David Zublick Channel (Youtube) – Yes, Those Were Indictments Served At Bush Funeral

Like the flat Earth videos flourishing on Youtube, we suspect the Q-anon genre to be some kind of cognitive infiltration operation, implementing MKUltra techniques to mesmerize its followers…

The SunSPY SECRETS Truth about CIA’s illegal MKUltra mind-control experiments – using drugs, hypnosis and electronic devices- revealed in sensational new documents officials hid for decades

Fiscal TimesAmazing Facts and Figures from the Pentagon’s Failed Audit

Ron Paul InstitutePentagon Fails First Audit, Neocons Demand More Spending!

Did the above have more to do with Mattis’s resignation than the ostensible reason?…

WaPoMattis resigns after clash with Trump over troop withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan

American ConservativeMattis Marks End of the Global War on Terror

Mint Press News (Max Blumenthal) – Blowback: An Inside Look at How US-Funded Fascists in Ukraine Mentor US White Supremacists

Huffington PostDC Neo-Nazi Who Said Pittsburgh Victims ‘Deserved’ It Arrested; Has Deep Ties To ‘Alt-Right’

Organic PrepperThis Anti-Gun Bill Would Require the Social Media History and Internet Search History of Prospective Buyers

Daily CallerA Mob Showed Up Outside Tucker Carlson’s House And Ordered Him To ‘Leave Town’

Trump Warns Antifa — You Could Be In Big Trouble

Intercept (Glenn Greenwald) – A Texas Elementary School Speech Pathologist Refused to Sign a Pro-Israel Oath, Now Mandatory in Many States — so She Lost Her Job

Hechinger ReportWhen schools use child protective services as a weapon against parents

PJ MediaGoogle Reveals Plans to Monitor Our Moods, Our Movements, and Our Children’s Behavior at Home

National Vaccine Information CenterThe New Internet Police Protecting You From Freedom of Thought and Speech

GEFIRAACTA 2.0 – the end of freedom on the Internet

ZDNetSensored to death: How machine learning in the cloud will destroy all privacy

Vice NoiseyWe Are Drowning in a Devolved World: An Open Letter from Devo

Michael Marczewski (Instagram) – Part of the Machine

Caitlin JohnstoneTwitter Locks @WikiLeaks And Multiple WikiLeaks Staff Accounts

PoliticoFrance and Facebook announce partnership against online hate speech

N.Y. TimesDelay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis

TelegraphFacebook investors call on Mark Zuckerberg to resign as chairman following damaging report

Zero HedgeMnuchin Called Bank CEOs To Check Liquidity, Calm Markets; Has Monday Call With Plunge Protection Team

A Horrified Wall Street Reacts To The Mnuchin Massacre

ReutersFederal judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional

WhoWhatWhy (Doug Vaughan) – Just in Time for Supreme Court, Kavanaugh’s Cancer Powder Keg Blows Up

Mother JonesTrump’s Nominee to Replace Kavanaugh Is a Staunch Defender of Dwarf-Tossing

Reader Supported NewsOhio Republicans Declare Motherhood “Necessary,” Want to Make It Mandatory

ACLUSecret CIA Document Shows Plan to Test Drugs on Prisoners

NBC NewsTrump backs sentencing reform, hits Bill Clinton for 1994 crime bill

Cannabis Business TimesPresident Trump Signs 2018 Farm Bill, Legalizing Hemp

Human Rights WatchThe Coal Mine Next Door – How the US Government’s Deregulation of Mountaintop Removal Threatens Public Health

BreitbartUSMCA Entrenches Tech Companies’ Right To Censor

White HousePresidential Proclamation Addressing Mass Migration Through the Southern Border of the United States

Democracy Now“It Is Not a Natural Disaster”: Dana Frank on How U.S.-Backed Coup in Honduras Fueled Migrant Crisis

Prenza LatinaNicaragua Insists it was Submitted to an Attempted Coup d’Etat

Washington TimesTrump targets Venezuela’s gold in bid to end Maduro’s authoritarian regime

Science news…

South China Morning PostChinese scientists turn copper into ‘gold’

MIT Technology ReviewChinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies

N.Y. TimesChinese Scientist Who Claimed to Make Genetically Edited Babies Is Kept Under Guard

Unz ReviewWho Will Dominate the CRISPR Arms Race?

NatureQuantum computers put blockchain security at risk

Science NewsSilent and Simple Ion Engine Powers a Plane with No Moving Parts

APIAEA urges quick plan on Fukushima radioactive water cleanup

IndependentStrange seismic waves that rippled around world leave scientists bewildered

Defense OneThe US Military’s Drone Swarm Strategy Just Passed a Key Test

The DriveHuge Chaff Cloud That Lit Up Radars As It Drifted Across The Midwest Remains A Mystery

A West Virginia Air Guard C-130H Was Responsible For Massive Chaff Cloud Over Midwest

NewsTargetAfter mocking “chemtrails” for over a decade, global elites suddenly announce geoengineering plan to “dim the sun” with aerial spraying

Environmental Research Letters (Wake Smith and Gernot Wagner) – Stratospheric aerosol injection tactics and costs in the first 15 years of deployment

Prepare for ChangeChemtrail Pilot Blows the Cover Off of OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD

Activist PostChemtrails Exposed: Dresser Industries and the New Manhattan Project

Truthstream Media (Youtube) – Tesla Technology Has Been Revived

Strange SoundsNew normal? Severe hailstorms cover desert in white in Saudi Arabia, kill cows in South Africa and destroy crops in Australia

GeoEngineering WatchGeoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes

Public Intelligence BlogCalifornia Fires, DEW Weapons, High-Speed Rail?

Christopher BollynAre the California Fires Cyber Terrorism?

Brutal Proof – Is Rothschild Owned PG & E to Blame For California Wildfires? State Officials Say So

SHTFplanNASA Expert: Alien Life May Have Already Visited The Earth

MIT NewsE.T., we’re home

TelegraphHistoric British UFO mystery was ‘prank played on US air force by SAS’

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