Headlines of interest for early autumn 2018 [updated]…

As it is the U.S. Election Day, we begin with domestic news. What remains an issue is the previous federal election, and the push on the Democratic side to avenge its alleged fixer…

World Socialist Web SiteCIA Democrats call for aggression against Russia, run pro-war campaigns in 2018 congressional races

National Law ReviewDC Judge Tees Up Proof Questions in Mueller’s Russian Troll Farm Case

Disobedient MediaForensicator’s Analysis Supports Assange’s Statements On The DNC, Podesta Emails

Daily MailTwo bullets ‘were found in pilot’s body’ after helicopter crash which killed senior Putin prosecutor linked to lawyer who held Trump Tower meeting

GuardianRevealed: Russian billionaire set up US company before Trump Tower meeting

A topic at the meeting was the Magnitsy Act. The verboten documentary film on the Magnitsky affair (taken down from where we last linked it) can now be found here…

Evasionblogi (Bitchute) – The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes

The DuranThe Magnitsky affair: the confession of a hustled hack

New York PostFeds freeze Russian oligarch’s assets, Upper East Side mansion

Intelligence OnlineAt war with Washington, Deripaska cosies upto Moscow

The HillFBI’s 37 secret pages of memos about Russia, Clintons and Uranium One

Just a couple of weeks after John Brennan’s humiliating revocation, Hillary gets the courtesy of face-saving – “at her request” – headlines some weeks after the fact…

PoliticoState Department revokes Hillary Clinton’s security clearance at her request

Zero HedgeUK Begged Trump Not To Declassify Russia Docs; Cited “Grave Concerns” Over Steele Involvement

Daily CallerFBI Acknowledges Using Multiple Informants In Investigation Of Trump Campaign Aide

Gateway PunditRoger Stone Rebuts Latest Mueller Special Counsel Leaks

Future of Freedom Foundation (James Bovard) – James Comey and the Unending Bush Torture Scandal

Organic Prepper (Daisy Luther) – The People “Stopping Election Interference” Are the Ones Who Are Actually Rigging the Election

FOX NewsAbrams’ foe Kemp announces probe into Georgia Democratic Party for ‘possible cyber crimes’ days before election

WVNewsU.S. Attorney Powell in WV: His office & FBI will be investigating death of mobster Whitey Bulger

Daily MailREVEALED: Murdered wheelchair-bound mob boss Whitey Bulger, 89, was ‘wheeled away from security cameras by three inmates with mafia ties before they beat him to death with a lock in a sock and tried to gouge his eyes out’

Law enforcement sources tell DailyMail.com that Whitey had been talking about outing people in the top echelon of the controversial FBI informant program…

It may not be a coincidence that US Rep. Stephen Lynch is from Southie, Bulger’s old turf.

The Massachusetts Democrat last year introduced the Confidential Informant Accountability Act – which calls for congressional oversight into the selection and use of confidential informants. It’s possible that Bulger was set to open up to someone on Lynch’s team with claims of abuses in the program…

TMZKillers Tried to Remove His Tongue … Victim’s Fam Says Justice was Served

Revisiting a Dec. 2012 (post-Sandy Hook) story by Yoichi Shimatsu at Rense (scroll to the section “CIA Partners with Organized Crime in New England”), the question arises whether the killers’ attempt to remove Bulger’s tongue was simply revenge for past informing, or a preventative measure.

New AmericanWas Whitey Bulger’s Prison Murder a Deep State Hit to Protect Mueller?

Washington ExaminerFinally, the government has taken steps to stop releasing unaccompanied minors to criminals and traffickers

Democracy NowThe U.S. Helped Destabilize Honduras. Now Honduran Migrants Are Fleeing Political & Economic Crisis

Truthout“We Are Not Migrating, We Are Fleeing”: Hondurans Make the Perilous Journey North

Who created these conditions? It is bi-partisan effort, of course; but the 2009 coup in Honduras got the nod from the same party now vaunting to embrace these huddled masses…

Guardian (31 Aug 2016) – Did Hillary Clinton stand by as Honduras coup ushered in era of violence?

But a gauntlet awaits…

Town HallArmed Citizens Join the Front Lines to Help Prevent Caravan Riders From Entering the U.S.

The Kavanaugh hearings: a complete fiasco…

CharliePeach (Medium) – I Believe History: “WHITE WOMEN LIE”

Impious Digest (Sorcha Faal) – Daughter Of CIA Assassin Paymaster Tries To Bring Down Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh

Yes, it is known disinfo spinner Sorcha Faal; the story however managed to propagate through Zero Hedge to Infowars to Michael Savage…

NewswarsMichael Savage Asks: Is Dr. Ford Tied to the CIA?

There were genuine reasons however for both the left and the right to reject him…

InterceptObama’s Resistance to Investigating the Bush Administration Allowed Brett Kavanaugh to Skate Onto the Supreme Court

Telegraph (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard) – My sinister battle with Brett Kavanaugh over the truth

eddie clever (Youtube) – Brett Kavanaugh and Vince Foster

Perhaps these will be revisited…

ForbesChief Justice Roberts Requests Tenth Circuit To Investigate Kavanaugh Ethics Questions

SpectatorIan Buruma and the age of sexual McCarthyism

Civil War II still in low boil phase for now…

SHTFPlanVideo: Huge Brawl On The Streets Of America As Antifa Goes Head To Head With Proud Boys: Portland Cops Open Fire With Less-Lethal Rounds

Unicorn RiotFeds Arrest 4 Neo-Nazis Over Charlottesville Violence

Zero Hedge – “He Was Crazed”: What We Know About Suspected Mail Bomber Cesar Sayoc

“Screw Your Optics, I’m Going In” – Trump-Hating Gunman ‘Tweeted’ Before Killing 11 In Pittsburgh Synagogue Attack

Who wants their glyphosate infused soybeans anyway!…

Something’s Rotting In The State Of North Dakota: Panicked Farmers Hope Trade War Ends As Soybeans Pile Up

People’s WorldWelcome the new NAFTA—Same as the old NAFTA?

TruthdigTrump’s War on the Fed

The bigger picture: we would like to share in Theirry Meyssan’s optimistic outlook for a peaceful transition to a post-colonial, sovereign world order…

VoltairenetUNO : birth of the post-Western world

But world war lurks on the horizon…

Express‘They WON’T get away with it!’ – US threatens Iran with WAR if Americans attacked

ReutersU.S. would destroy banned Russian warheads if necessary: NATO envoy

GuardianJohn Bolton pushing Trump to withdraw from Russian nuclear arms treaty

APTrump says US will pull out of intermediate range nuke pact

Common DreamsGorbachev: Trump Ditching Nuclear Treaty With Russia Poses ‘Dire Threat to Peace’

With the end of WWII, Truman had the presidential seal altered so that the eagle was facing the olive branches, indicating a change of policy orientation towards peace. Yet the history of post world war U.S. foreign policy has been anything but “peaceful”… Thus Putin observes…

South Front‘Not Olives But Arrows’. Putin-Bolton Meeting Shows Deep Contradictions Over INF Treaty, Other Issues

Vesti News (Youtube) – Lavrov on Bolton Visit:What Was Discussed During Secretive Trip to Moscow? How Bad Does US Want War?

Earlier, in September…

TASSRussia’s Lavrov meets with Henry Kissinger at UN

US naval blockade possible for disrupting Russian oil, gas supplies — Interior Secretary

Putin has typically been the level headed adult showing the utmost of patience in dealing with the reckless, petulant lunatics of the U.S. diplomatic ranks. This statement however is quite alarming…

RTAfter nuclear holocaust, we’ll go to heaven as martyrs; attackers will die as sinners – Putin

War Preparations: US Air Force In Europe Receives Largest Ammo Shipment Since Bombing Of Yugoslavia

SputnikMoscow Suspects US of Testing Bio Weapons on Russian Border, Warns Washington

Zero HedgeRussian Diplomat: “Yes, Russia Is Preparing For War, I Can Confirm It”

France 24Ukraine launches large-scale air exercises with NATO countries

AviationistHere’s The Video Of The Russian Su-27 That Performed An Unsafe Intercept On A U.S. EP-3E Aircraft Earlier Today

Fox NewsAmerican pilot killed in Ukrainian Air Force fighter jet crash



Russia Insider (Off Guardian) – Senior French Intel: Head of Donetsk, Zakharchenko, Was Assassinated by Ukraine Intelligence, with Support from US, UK

Stalker ZoneUSAID Claimed Responsibility for the Introduction of Language Quotas in Ukraine

World Socialist Web SiteHitler’s resurrection in Germany

TASSBlasts resume at north Ukrainian ammo depot on fifth day of firefighting effort

South FrontHuge Explosions At Weapons Depot In Northern Ukraine. Some Say It Contained Surface-To-Air Missiles

On the Syrian front…

– Syrian War Report – October 19, 2018: ISIS Captures 700 Hostages Including US, EU Citizens

– October 24, 2018: US Troops Clash With Turkish-backed Militants Near Manbij

NBC NewsSecret deal with Turkey paves way for American pastor’s release

TASSUS reconnaissance plane operated drones that attacked Hmeymim — defense official

Al MonitorPentagon looks to thwart Russian tech attacks in Syria

HaaretzRussia to Provide Assad With Up to Eight S-300 Systems to Defend All of Syria, Report Says

Al Masdar News ( Уралинформбюро) – Leaked photos show Russian military likely delivered S-300 to Syria already

The SakerPutin, Israel and the downed Il-20

Moon of AlabamaRussian MoD Presents IL-20 Investigation Results – Israel “Crossed The Line Of Civilized Relations”

Netanyahu finds someone else to bomb…

Al MonitorAre Gaza rockets a first taste of next Israel-Hamas war?

Israel pays price for refusing peace talks

Consortium News (Dan Steinbock) – Israel’s 50-Year Time Bomb

HaaretzA Golden Age for the Mossad: More Targets, More Ops, More Money

Buzzfeed (Aram Roston) – American Mercenaries Were Hired To Assassinate Politicians In The Middle East

Moon of AlabamaIran Sanctions – U.S. Responds To Court Order By Canceling Treaty That Gave The Court Jurisdiction

Elijah J Magnier The Global US Squeeze on Iran has started: Europe is looking for alternatives

Zero HedgeEurope Unveils “Special Purpose Vehicle” To Bypass SWIFT, Jeopardizing Dollar’s Reserve Status

Iran “Finalizing” Mechanism To Bypass SWIFT In Trade With Europe

Asia Times (Pepe Escobar) – EU finally stands up to US ‘bullying’ over Iran sanctions

Al Monitor Zarif: US ‘obsession’ with Iran is backfiring everywhere

Economic TimesWe will take care of countries that will continue to buy oil from Iran after Nov 4: Donald Trump

SputnikIran Reportedly Turns Off Oil Tanker Tracking Systems as US Sanctions Loom

Defense NewsTwo Iranian fast boats approach US warship while CENTCOM commander is on board

The SunWAR OF WORDS Iran threatens the US with chilling warning that its ballistic missiles can now hit ‘ANY ship at any time’

Mint Press NewsWikileaks: To Weaken Iran, US Undermined Democratic Elements of Syrian Opposition to Empower Radical Groups

SputnikTehran: Iran’s Missile Strike Near US Troops in Syria Sent Washington a ‘Signal’

ThereAreNoSunglassesTerrorist Attack On Iran In Ahwaz Is Smoking Gun Linking Arab-Iranian Terror Group To Bandar bin Sultan

(translation of Sepahnews.com) – Iranian Missile attack On the headquarters of the Ahwaz terrorist crime squad in eastern Euphrates

Al Masdar NewsRussia accuses US inaction of allowing ISIS to grow east of Euphrates

South FrontUS-led Coalition Evacuates ISIS Commanders From Euphrates Valley – Reports

National InterestAmerica Is Quietly Expanding Its War in Tunisia

Metro.co.ukYemen on verge of worst famine in 100 years as civil war rages on

GrayzoneSaudi Arabia Kills Yemeni Civilians with Another US-Made Raytheon Bomb

ABC NewsUK to introduce UN resolution to spur Yemen peace push

Al MonitorSaudi Arabia ignores Trump administration on Yemen

InterceptState Department Team Led by Former Raytheon Lobbyist Pushed Mike Pompeo to Support Yemen War Because of Arms Sales

Statistica (YouGov) – Only 4% Of Americans Consider Saudi Arabia An Ally

Asia Times (Pepe Escobar) – Summit in Istanbul as ramifications of the Khashoggi debacle roll on

Followup to our previous edition: the Khashoggi mystery as it developed. October 2nd is when the alleged killing occurred…

RT (Oct. 3) – Trump told Saudi King he wouldn’t last ‘2 weeks’ without US support

His heinous hubris was then peaking…

South FrontSaudi Arabia Can Survive ‘2,000 years’ Without US Help, ‘Will Pay Nothing’ To Trump For Its Security: MBS – citing…

Bloomberg (Oct. 5) – Saudi Crown Prince Discusses Trump, Aramco, Arrests: Transcript

It took several days before Khashogi’s disappearance seemed to matter…

Washington Post (Oct. 6) – Turkey concludes Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi killed by ‘murder’ team, sources say

(Oct. 8) – Missing journalist’s fiancee demands to know: ‘Where is Jamal?’

(Oct. 9) – Saudis are said to have lain in wait for Jamal Khashoggi

N.Y. Times (Oct. 15) – In Shifting Story, Saudi Arabia May Admit Dissident Journalist Was Killed

Al JazeeraJamal Khashoggi case: All the latest updates

Zero Hedge“They Cut Him Up While He Was Still Alive”: Grisly Details Of Saudi Journalist Killing Emerge

(Yeni Şafak) – Saudi Crown Prince Spoke To Khashoggi By Phone Moments Before He Was Killed: Report

Khashoggi Murder Suspect Dies In “Suspicious Car Accident”

After Brother’s Sudden Release From Detention, Alwaleed Says MbS Will Be “100% Vindicated” In Khashoggi Murder

SputnikKhashoggi’s Body Dismembered, Transported in Five Suitcases – Turkish Media

Sibel Edmonds (currently in Turkey setting up a bureau for Newsbud) has a lengthy pinned Twitter feed – @sibeledmonds – beginning on Oct. 7 but abruptly ending on Oct. 22, the date of Erdogan’s much anticipated but anticlimactic speech -as short circuited by DCI Gina Haspel?

The Saudi spin -this is all a Qatari disinfo campaign- must be taken with a grain of salt. Yet it remains a point worth noting…

Al ArabiyaThe link between 3 figures behind the Jamal Khashoggi mystery

While Edmonds very excitedly connects the fiance to Gülen: Important Development!!!! Is #Khashoggi’s “Fiancé” Linked Closely to Terrorist Fethullah #Gülen????!!!! One of my sources has sent the following twitter post by this “Fiancé” communicating with a “Wanted” operative in support of #Gülen!!!Pls Check it out & let me know!!

Strategic Culture (Finian Cunningham) – Did Saudis, CIA Fear Khashoggi 9/11 Bombshell?

This case was pending at the time…

Courthouse NewsFBI Declassification Underway in 9/11 Saudi Suit

A simple suicide? Or another hit?…

CBS NewsSaudi sisters found in NYC river were alive when they entered the water, officials say

A source with the New York Police Department tells CBS News the mother, who lives in Virginia, told police she received a call from the Saudi government in October telling the family they all had to go back to Saudi Arabia because the sisters had applied for immigration asylum.

The Saker (Ghassan and Itbah Kadi) – The Khashoggi Extortion Fiasco

Strategic Culture (Alastair Crooke) – Khashoggi’s Murder – At the Complex Intersection of Three Points of Inflection

Consortium News (As`ad AbuKhalil) – Khashoggi Was No Critic of Saudi Regime

Indeed, he embraced neocon policies favoring the break-up of the Arab secular states and otherwise advancing the Oded Yinon plan (for a summary of which, see Israel Shahak at Global Research). Don’t let Khashoggi’s cuddly by-line photo fool you, then – with the scruffy beard and baseball cap, going for the Michael Moore look?…

WaPo (July 3) – It’s time to divide Syria

George Webb (Youtube) – Day 12.1 Jamal Khashoggi – Saudi Intel Since 1979, Flight Operations For Mujahadeen

Reader Supported NewsTrump Admin Announced $1 Million Weapons Order to Saudi Arabia Just Days After Murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Intelligence OnlineJamal Khashoggi: Mohamed bin Salman’s clan called to explain

Tribes protest against MBS’ anti-National Guard crusade

Jordan and UAE court Damascus under Riyadh’s watchful eye

HaaretzJordan Canceling Annexes of Peace Treaty With Israel, King Abdullah Says

Daily BeastHow the Secret Service Foiled an Assassination Plot Against Trump by ISIS

Maghreb ConfidentialAbderraouf Kara grabs control of Libyan Foreign Bank

How Khartoum sold out Al-Shabaab to Washington

ThereAreNoSunglassesPakistan Army To Submit To Saudi Anti-Iranian Warfare Plans?

(Al Jazeera) – Afghanistan’s Rogue General Raziq Killed In Terror Attack

Long War JournalUS military continues to spin a Taliban victory against Islamic State as its own

South Front (Al Jazeera) – US Officials Meet With Taliban In Doha As US Appears Unable To Achieve Military Victory In Afghan Conflict

TASSRussia, India seal deal on supply of S-400 air defense systems

IndependentMissing Interpol chief’s wife reveals he sent photo of knife before his disappearance

South China Morning PostUS navy plans major show of strength in South China Sea as warning to Beijing

China denies request for Hong Kong port call by American warship

ReutersU.S. carrier leads warships in biggest ever Japan defense war game

MetroChinese hypersonic nuclear aircraft creates plumes of light during secret test flight

Kyodo NewsJapan, North Korea intelligence officials held secret meeting in Oct.

KCNA WatchJoint Press Release of DPRK-Russia-China Negotiations Made Public

Yonhap News AgencyU.S. to decide on Punggye-ri inspection, war-ending declaration in talks with N.K.: official

Reunification, the rubber meets the road…

Eurasia Future (Adam Garrie) – North and South Korea Agree to Re-Connect Railways and Roads

NK NewsDe facto peace treaty? Unpacking the inter-Korean military agreement

Kim Jong Un says Pope welcome to visit Pyongyang: Blue House

North Korea unveils likely first official Kim Jong Un portrait at Cuba summit

Gateway PunditLEAKED: Here Are the Demands Ecuador Has Given Julian Assange in Order to End His Isolation

World Socialist Web SiteJulian Assange takes legal action against Ecuadorian government

Consortium NewsBreak-in Attempted at Assange’s Residence in Ecuador Embassy

Consortium News (Pepe Escobar) – Future of Western Democracy Being Played Out in Brazil

Welcome to the Jungle

Intercept (Glenn Greenwald) – Brazil’s Bolsonaro-Led Far Right Wins a Victory Far More Sweeping and Dangerous Than Anyone Predicted. Its Lessons Are Global.

ThereAreNoSunglasses (translation of Infodefensa.com -since removed) – Venezuela, China, Russia and Cuba are deployed in an exercise on the border with Colombia

VenezuelanalysisPuerto Rico Governor Calls for ‘Elimination’ of Venezuelan Government, Offers to Host ‘Transition’ Logistics

South FrontVenezuela: Recent developments and opinions concerning the possibility of an open military ‘intervention’ by the United States & Co

Defense NewsMattis orders fighter jet readiness to jump to 80 percent — in one year

BBCF-35 jets: US military grounds entire fleet

N.Y. TimesTyndall Air Force Base a ‘Complete Loss’ Amid Questions About Stealth Fighters

Zero HedgeUS Navy Investigating Two Mysterious Helicopter Crashes Amid Rash Of Suspicious Incidents

The ongoing crack-down of independent media on the Internet…

(The Verge) – Facebook’s New Troll-Crushing “War Room” Confirms Surveillance By Corporation Is The New America

Gray ZoneFacebook Censorship of Alternative Media “Just the Beginning,” Says Top Neocon Insider

True PublicaThe Coming Military Vision Of State Censorship

End-runs around it?… Isegoria and New Samizdat

Breitbart‘THE GOOD CENSOR’: Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for ‘Safety And Civility’

Hackers retaliate? Schadenfreude of a creepy clown…

christopherstokes1970 (Bitchute) – ANTI #QAnon / CIA CLOWN / YOUTUBE SHUT DOWN OPERATION COMMENCE

Press for TruthGOOGLE HUB And FACEBOOK PORTAL Make Orwell’s 1984 A REALITY!

Two days later…

The FACEBOOK PURGE Is On – Independent Media Outlet PRESS FOR TRUTH Memory Holed!

Free Thought ProjectFirst They Came for Alex Jones — We Told You We Were Next — We Were

Caitlin Johnstone (Medium) – Facebook, Twitter Purge More Dissident Media Pages In Latest Escalation

WiredTwitter has purged left-wing accounts with no explanation

Epoch TimesSurveillance Capitalism: Monetizing the Smartphone User

ReutersFather of Web says tech giants may have to be split up

Intelligence OnlineAmazon Web Services hires former CIA security chief

Vice MotherboardThey Got ‘Everything’: Inside a Demo of NSO Group’s Powerful iPhone Malware

Scientific AmericanAntiwar Movement Spreads among Tech Workers

BBCEx-Google employee warns of ‘disturbing’ China plans

InterceptLeaked Transcript of Private Meeting Contradicts Google’s Official Story on China

BloombergThe Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom

CNBCSpy agency chief addresses ban on Chinese telecoms in Australia’s 5G rollout

WaPoU.S. charges Chinese spies and their recruited hackers in conspiracy to steal trade secrets

Science news…

Intelligence OnlineBooz Allen and D-Wave boost space intelligence with quantum computing

Weather.comResearchers Find 50,000-Year-Old Organisms Living Inside Extremely Hot ‘Fairyland’ Mexican Cave

PNASGlyphosate perturbs the gut microbiota of honey bees

GuardianThe man who beat Monsanto: ‘They have to pay for not being honest’

Monsanto trial: judge rejects bid to overturn landmark cancer verdict

Organic and Non-GMO ReportNew GMO technologies represent major challenges to non-GMO supply chain, certification

ScienceAgricultural research, or a new bioweapon system?

CosmosResearchers fear US agricultural project masks bioweapons development

SputnikPentagon Research on Insects Could Yield Biological Weapon, Scientists Warn

Zero HedgeScientists Freak Out Over Pandemic Potential Of Genetically Engineered Smallpox

GlobeNewswireCRISPR Therapeutics and Vertex Announce FDA Has Lifted the Clinical Hold on the Investigational New Drug Application for CTX001 for the Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease

LabiotechScientists Warn CRISPR Therapy Could Cause Cancer as First Human Trials Take Place

NatureRepair of double-strand breaks induced by CRISPR–Cas9 leads to large deletions and complex rearrangements

The TimesStephen Hawking’s last fear was rise of the superhuman

James FetzerPreston James, Ph.D.: Secret and Silent Frequency Wars

Sheila Aliens (Youtube) – Hallucination Weapons, 25th Frame Effect, Russian Virus 666 + DARPA/DoD

MainichiNext stop space: Researchers to carry out ‘cosmic elevator’ experiment

If congressman Jim Traficant were still alive, there is now a nation to answer his call: “Beam me up!”…

Asgardia – The Space KingdomAsgardia Takes First Steps To Self-sufficiency

In what is becoming an increasingly militarized firmament, Agardia is ostensibly a pacifist nation. However…

Intelligence OnlineAsgardia, the space project of a key player in Russian security

Is someone already up there?…


ESA Mars ExpressKeeps An Eye on Curious Cloud

Updates on old news…

Roger Stone more involved with Watergate than previously known…

The AtlanticWas Gary Hart Set Up?

Comments on social media… Peter Dale Scott: “A personal note: In 2005 I was able to tell Gary Hart that I had read that Donna Rice, the woman who may have been a honeypot here, had previously been part of Adnan Khashoggi’s harem on his notorious yacht.” -the yacht that Donald Trump bought and then sold to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal

Robert Tosh Plumlee: “Yes, I’ve known all about that and have known for years. Gary knows I know and he knows I’ve been very QT about it other than to say he was set up from the get-go. I promised him, one night at his downtown Denver office, I would not mention what I knew or suspected about the Rice matter and the set up that I believed was launched on him and his campaign. We were working on the JFK matter and I was testifying about the drugs and guns (Iran-Contra) to Senator Kerry’s committee, 1986 and 1991. (That testimony was classified Top Secret Committee Sensitive. Gary and me, and Bill Holden had been investigating the drug and gun running in the contra matter from 1983-1990. I respected Gary’s wishes and I did protect his family at the time in reference to Turnberry and Rice. Old friends, but that time is gone. In 1980 my house in Grant Colorado was firebombed (arson) and a manuscript was burned in that fire. (That Day with JFK. At the time of the fire in Grant, I was in Evergreen Colo at the Little Bear some forty miles away. I was beat up and a friend drove me to the doctor at Baily Colorado where I was stitched up- old story… yes I know all about the setup and the ones who set Gary up and Gary knows I know. Tosh

Also from Plumlee:

(note; The background documentation and information is still classified “Top Secret- Committee Sensitive” by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:
I just received word from Saint John HUNT, the son of E Howard Hunt, (Everette Howard Hunt Jr.) that it was O.K. for me to release the information I have been withholding for decades. I promised Howard Hunt and his family, I would keep this secret until it was OK’ed by a family member or until he (Howard) died.
Saint John Hunt just texted me that it was O.K. for me to now release that information. Saint John said he would confirm how his father got to Dallas on the day of the “Big Event”, the day JFK was assassinated. His father had told him about that day. Howard is in the photo shortly after the shots were fired.
(see the previously posted photo of Dealy Plaza)
“E Howard Hunt was on the November 21-23, 1963 flight to Dallas from Florida, as well as Johnny Roselli, Sergio, Gator, Rojas. and me, Tosh Plumlee, the co-pilot of the flight………documented”…
The claim is problematic, however, as Roselli is on record saying he was fast asleep in Las Vegas when he was awoken by phone with the news of Kennedy’s assassination.

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