Headlines of interest, late summer 2018 [updated]…

And it will come to pass at the same time, when Gog comes against the land of Israel,” says the Lord GOD, “that My fury will show in My face…” Ezekiel 38:18  By the historiography of Christian Zionists, Gog = Russia…

ReutersRussia to deploy military police on Golan Heights

And it came to pass, twenty two hundred hours of September the seventeenth…

South FrontRussian IL-20 Disappears From Radars While Israeli Warplanes Strike Syria

Russian Defense Minister: Israel Bears Full Responsibility For Downing Of IL-20 Off Syrian Coast

ThereAreNoSunglasses (translation of Al Mayadeen Arabic) – Russia rejected the report of the Israeli delegation on the plane dropped

Putin shrinks regardless…

HaaretzPutin Says Israel Didn’t Down Russian Aircraft; Netanyahu Offers Condolences

The French did it…


Events preceding this moment…

South FrontIsraeli Warplanes Strike Damascus Airport, Air Defense Troops’ Positions

TASSRussian lawmaker suggests deploying nuclear weapons in Syria to respond to US sanctions

US preparing new strikes on Syrian government facilities – Russia’s Defense Ministry

AntiwarUS Marines Conduct Live-Fire Exercise in South Syria in Warning to Russia

Playing this canard again…

Wall Street JournalU.S. Says Syria Plans Gas Attack in Rebel Stronghold

SputnikStaged Filming of Mock ‘Chemical Attacks’ Has Begun in Idlib – Russian MoD

Eurasia Review (Eric Zuesse) – Proven US Is Protecting Al Qaeda In Syria

RTReport on IDF funding Syrian rebels pulled on request of ‘army’s censor’ – Jerusalem Post to RT

Voltairenet (Thierry Meyssan) – Who wants to relaunch the war in Syria?

Consortium News (Rania Khalek) – The Mystery Fixer Who Negotiated the End of the Syrian War

South FrontTurkish Strategy In Northern Syria: Military Operations, Turkish-backed Groups And Idlib Issue

TASSRussia, Turkey agree to establish demilitarized zone in Syria’s Idlib — Putin

Al MonitorWhat to do about 10,000 al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in Idlib?

US outsources Syria aid to Gulf

US game plan on Iran written in Tel Aviv, claim Israeli insiders

Iran 1, US 0: Iraq chooses a parliament speaker

Mortars hit Iraq’s Green Zone as violent protests continue

StripesAmerican servicemember killed in Iraq helicopter crash after raid on ISIS

Middle East EyeUS forces to stay in Iraq as long as needed to stabilise former Islamic State areas

US arrests two Iranians on spying charges

SputnikIran Says It Arrested Numerous Foreign Spies Who Infiltrated Government

Intelligence OnlineIslamabad poised to become Saudi-US anti-Iran offensive rear base

Al MonitorIran missile strike opens door to escalation with Kurdish armed groups

Is Israel’s Mossad expanding scope of secret assassinations?

Israel’s Nationality Law lays ground for West Bank annexation

HaaretzKushner Reportedly Worked to Strip Jordan’s Two Million Palestinians of Refugee Status

28 PagesFBI Told Former Agent Not to Help 9/11 Victims Build Case Against Saudi Arabia

NewsweekCIA and Saudi Arabia Conspired To Keep 9/11 Details Secret, New Book Says

Al JazeeraMalaysia shuts down Saudi-backed anti-terrorism centre

South FrontHouthis Attack Saudi-led Coalition Troops In Western Yemen With Ballistic Missiles And Armed Drones

APUS allies, al-Qaida battle rebels in Yemen

Al Masdar News22 children, 4 women killed in latest massacre in Yemen

Mint Press NewsSaudi Coalition Bombs Fish Market & Hospital in Hodeida Killing Scores of Civilians

PBS News HourAmerican-made bombs in Yemen are killing civilians, destroying infrastructure and fueling anger at the U.S.

Al JazeeraYemen war: More than eight million on verge of starvation

AFPUS threatens to arrest ICC judges who probe war crimes

AntiwarPentagon Cancels $300 Million in Pakistan Aid, Citing Lack of Support

True PublicaUS or Russia? The Mystery airstrikes against Tajikistan

Negotiations on the Korean peninsula come in fits and starts, but the outlook is generally optimistic…

NewsweekTrump Thanks North Korea’s Kim Jong Un for His ‘Nice Letter’ and Hopes to See Him Soon

Asahi ShimbunN. Korea blasts ‘double-dealing’ U.S. after Pompeo trip canceled

Asia TimesUS-led UN Command stops South Korean train entering North

NK NewsKim Jong Un to visit Seoul, close Tongchang-ri missile testing facility

Inter-Korean ties take center stage at Pyongyang mass games

North Korea’s foundation day military parade, in photos

While Kim sends Trump ‘nice’ letters, other quarters of the DPRK government continue to express reservations…

N. Korean foreign ministry hits out at U.S., continues public criticism

Peace deal must come before denuclearization, insists North Korean media

Which will come first? Chicken or the egg?…

HankyourehUS Ambassador remains noncommittal regarding end-of-war declaration

Kyodo NewsNorth Korea agrees to accept U.N. agency staff over missiles

BESAThe North Korean Foreign Minister Visits Tehran

38 North  (Morton Halperin) – Donald Trump’s Instincts Are Mostly Right on North Korea, His Advisors Are the Problem

More Progress on Dismantling Facilities at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station

North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center: Work Continues on 5 MWe Reactor’s Cooling System

Update on Yongbyon: More Dredging Around the Reactor Cooling System; Flooding Tests the Reservoir Dam’s Integrity

CNBCRussia is preparing to search for a nuclear-powered missile that was lost at sea months ago after a failed test

FOX BusinessRussian satellite showing ‘very abnormal behavior’ in space: State Department

APFrance says Russia satellite spied in ‘Star Wars’ hostility

ReutersRussia to hold its biggest war games since fall of Soviet Union

South China Morning PostChina’s elite troops head to Russia for massive Vostok 2018 war games

RTPutin & Xi cook pancakes, devour them with Russian caviar and vodka

Everyone piling on now…

Nikkei Asian ReviewJapanese submarine conducts drill in South China Sea

WWIII is just a hair trigger away…

Zero Hedge“Serious Incident” Unfolds As NATO Jet Accidentally Launches Secret Missile Near Russian Border

AviationistReport: Meteor Made 2.1 Kiloton Explosion Over Air Force Space Command Base Thule, Greenland.

ExpressDO NOT PROVOKE US: Russia issues dire WARNING after RAF jets scrambled

Strategic Culture (Brian Cloughley) – Britain Prepares for War Against Russia

Stars and StripesTwo Navy ships boost US presence in Black Sea

South FrontCIA Station Chief In Ukraine Accused Of Fueling And Supporting Corruption

BBCUkraine conflict: Blast kills top Donetsk rebel Zakharchenko

Global Research (Stephen Lendman) – Trump Regime Aiding Kiev Plot, Escalated War on Donbass?

Asia Times (Pepe Escobar) – Russia reveals the MH17 ‘smoking gun’

RTNATO training Latvian military to quell ‘civilian unrest’ during largest drills in decades

The HillAir Force secretary: More squadrons needed ‘to face the world as it is’

CNBCRussian submarine fleet capable of launching missiles armed with hypersonics and nukes will be ready for war by 2024

News.am (Armenia) – Vladimir Putin fires 15 Russian military generals

Strategic Culture (Philip Giraldi) – Sources Go Quiet in Moscow

Unz Review (Andrei Martyanov) – Grand Strategy Revisited

Asia Times (Pepe Escobar) – Oil and gas geopolitics: no shelter from the storm

GuardianLandmark Caspian Sea deal signed by five coastal nations

OilPrice.com (Olgu Okumus) – Is This The Most Important Geopolitical Deal Of 2018?

(Tsvetana Paraskova) – Why The U.S. Is Suddenly Buying A Lot More Saudi Oil

(Cyril Widdershoven) – Is A New Crisis Brewing In The Saudi Royal Family?

ReutersSaudi king tipped the scale against Aramco IPO plans

Al MonitorSaudi Arabia hires star lawyer to fight anti-oil cartel bill

ReutersGunmen attack headquarters of Libya’s state oil firm, two staff killed

Al JazeeraLibya: Armed groups vie for control in deadly Tripoli clashes

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Palmares Centrafrique) – Is France Playing “False Flag” Games Against Russia In Central Africa?

AtlanticRussia’s Favorite Mercenaries

N.Y. TimesAfter Deadly Raid, Pentagon Weighs Withdrawing Almost All Commandos From Niger

InterceptThe U.S. Is Building a Drone Base in Niger That Will Cost More Than $280 Million by 2024

Strategic Culture (Wayne Madsen) – Congress of Berlin: Act II

Among the innumerable theaters where the endless war is being waged, add another “unnamed country”…

Task and Purpose2 Marines Received Valor Awards For Secret Gunfight Against Al Qaeda In North Africa

Maghreb ConfidentialContainer ship Alexander Maersk arrested in Sfax

News24 (Cape Town) – Dispute after state authorised expropriation of farm

Planet Free WillWhite South African Farmers Selling Land Over Confiscation Fears

News.com.au – ‘Their throats were slit, they were tortured’: Foreign Correspondent investigates South Africa farm attacks – full Bloodland episode at ABC’s Foreign Correspondent

Eyewitness News‘We’re prepared to die for land expropriation without compensation’

Gunpowder MagazineSouth Africa Calls for 300,000 Gun Owners to Turn Over Their Weapons

Zero HedgeSweden Is Burning: Migrant Gangs Unleash Coordinated Fire-Bomb Rampage Across Multiple Cities

New York TimesTrump Administration Discussed Coup Plans With Rebel Venezuelan Officers

IndependentCIA chief hints agency is working to change Venezuelan government

SputnikMultiple Journalists Detained After Assault on Maduro in Venezuela – Reports

WATCH: Video of Assassination Drone that Targeted Maduro Exploding

teleSURVenezuela: Maduro Survives Drone Attack, Blames Colombia

Brazilian Indigenous Leader, Guardian of the Amazon Murdered

NBC NewsU.S. officials suspect Russia in mystery ‘attacks’ on diplomats in Cuba, China

Business InsiderSaudi Arabia appeared to threaten Canada with a 9/11-style attack in a feud over human rights

Moon of AlabamaCodename Acor Sycamore – The Saudi-U.S.-Al-Qaeda Plan To Reconquer Canada

Strategic Culture (James George Jatras) – Lenin Updated: ‘Turn the Globalist War into a Race War’

(Alastair Crooke) – The Metaphysics to Our Present Global Anguish

Craig MurrayA Gangster State


Daily MailHome of British nuclear expert who appears on Russia Today is raided by police – as several officers are taken ill with suspected chemical poisoning

Electronic IntifadaIsrael running campaign against Jeremy Corbyn

Domestic U.S. news…

August 21 was a happy day for Mueller’s devotees…

NBC NewsManafort convicted on 8 counts; mistrial declared on 10 other charges

CBS NewsEx-Trump attorney Michael Cohen pleads guilty to campaign finance violations

Wall Street JournalAllen Weisselberg, Longtime Trump Organization CFO, Testified and Was Granted Immunity in Cohen Probe

BloombergKushner’s Ties to Russia-Linked Group Began With Kissinger Lunch

Mad Cow ProductionsA Prime Minister, a Drug Pilot, an Oligarch, & RussiaGate

Oh those Russian oligarchs, they have a way of mucking up everyone…

The Hill (John Solomon) – Russian oligarch, Justice Department and a clear case of collusion

N.Y. TimesAgents Tried to Flip Russian Oligarchs. The Fallout Spread to Trump.

Zero HedgeNew Emails Reveal Steele Had “Extensive” 2016 Contacts With #4 DOJ Official While Compiling Dossier

Meadows: “We’ve Learned NEW Information” Suggesting FBI/DOJ Leaked To Press, Used Articles To Obtain FISA Warrants

Sara CarterNew Texts Reveal FBI Leaked Information to the Press to Damage Trump

Judicial WatchNew FBI Records Reveal Strzok Authored Initial Draft of Comey Letter to Congress about Clinton Emails on Weiner Laptop

Followup of a story that originally appeared at Brass Balls in June…

IntellihubStrzok fired by FBI but still works for the CIA

It’s about time…

USA TodayDonald Trump revokes former CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance

Black Agenda ReportWe Love the CIA!—Or How the Left Lost its Mind

JacobinFrom Criminals to Heroes

Ron Paul InstituteTrump vs. His Own Administration?

White HouseStatement from the Press Secretary

At the request of a number of committees of Congress, and for reasons of transparency, the President has directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to provide for the immediate declassification of the following materials: (1) pages 10-12 and 17-34 of the June 2017 application to the FISA court in the matter of Carter W. Page; (2) all FBI reports of interviews with Bruce G. Ohr prepared in connection with the Russia investigation; and (3) all FBI reports of interviews prepared in connection with all Carter Page FISA applications.

In addition, President Donald J. Trump has directed the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to publicly release all text messages relating to the Russia investigation, without redaction, of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr.

This however could prove embarrassing to the intelligence services of certain “allies,” so cancel that thought…

Washington PostTrump walks back his plan to declassify Russia probe documents

James Howard KunstlerMeanwhile, Out in Left Field

The following story, ostensibly Trump-sympathetic coming from such a seemingly unlikely outlet as the “failing NYT,” is essentially a psychological operation with the design of inducing a Saturday Night Massacre…

N.Y. TimesRod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment

Coming after this PSYOP on POTUS…

I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration

American Digital NewsWHO IS FIONA HILL and Could She be THE Mystery Writer??

The Saker (Pepe Escobar) – ‘Resistance’ runs amok in the US Deep Throat War

Neon NettleComey & Mueller Caught Funneling Billions in FBI Contracts to Lockheed Martin

Daily CallerSOURCES: China Hacked Clinton’s Private Email Server

Disobedient MediaRecusal Of Mystery Judge Stalls DNC Fraud Lawsuit Appeal

Consortium News (Gareth Porter) – How the Department of Homeland Security Created a Deceptive Tale of Russia Hacking US Voter Sites

Black Agenda ReportFreedom Rider: Prison Strike 2018

Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina is one of the very few laudable congressmen…

NewsweekPresidents Will Be Impeached For Starting Wars Without Congressional Approval If This Republican Gets His Way

Zero HedgeTrump Announces US-Mexico Trade Agreement As He Terminates NAFTA; Canada Left Out

“Canada Just Got Played”: How Mexico Stabbed Canada In The Back

“Terrorist Attack” Manual Targeting Atlanta Hospital Found At New Mexico Jihad Compound

CBS NewsMan at filthy New Mexico compound was training kids to commit school shootings, prosecutors say

A new mass shooter psychological profile currently being hyped is that of the media menacer; like the Annapolis shooter Jarrod Ramos, Cincinnati shooter Omar Santa Perez was obsessed against media organizations, pursuing his vendetta through the courts before going “postal”; Perez did not end up targeting the media, however, but a bank…

Cincinnati EnquirerCincinnati shooter filed ‘delusional’ suit against CNBC, TD Ameritrade months before spree

Another mysterious death proximate to George Webb…

True PunditInvestigative Journalist Found Dead in D.C. Hotel Room Weeks After Reporting Bill Clinton to FBI & DHS for Allegedly Raping Boy

One America NewsFBI Whistleblower shares her memories of reporter Jenny ‘Task Force’ Moore

George Webb (Youtube) – Day 49.3. Jenny Moore Was Researching NRO in Chantilly, VA

r/greatawakening (reddit) – Insignia Project DIG: A Tale of CIA Financial Crimes (Vatican, Rothschild, Kennedy, DOJ connections)

ThereAreNoSunglasses (KSL.com) – Forced Oral Sodomy Absolved w/Holy Water Rinse?–boys and girls Servicing Catholic “Men of God”

ReutersChilean prosecutors say Church abuse investigations triple

InquisitrFormer Vatican Official Calls For Pope Francis’ Resignation, Claims He Knew About Abuse

The testament, in PDF: TESTIMONY by His Excellency Carlo Maria Viganò Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana Apostolic Nuncio

Ahuwah ZeusTrump

Activist Post (Matt Agorist) – Deadly Fire Exposes Millionaire’s Network of Secret Tunnels Under Washington D.C. Suburb

New Yorker  – As Leslie Moonves Negotiates His Exit from CBS, Six Women Raise New Assault and Harassment Claims

AtlanticHow the CIA Hoodwinked Hollywood

MotherboardThe Internet Is Crowdfunding the Release of 4,358 Secret CIA Mind Control Documents Here: The Black Vault – CIA MKULTRA Collection

Times of IsraelCambridge Analytica-linked businessman helped start Black Cube, lawsuit claims

American Herald Tribune (Philip Giraldi) – Israeli Spying on Trump

Global Research (Kevin Ryan) – 9/11 Put Options and “Insider Trade”: Evidence for “Informed Trading” on the Attacks of September 11, 2001

C-SpanNational Security Agency and September 11, 2001

Common DreamsRevealed: The Justice Dept’s Secret Rules for Targeting Journalists With FISA Court Orders

Ars Technica“Bulk interception” by GCHQ (and NSA) violated human rights charter, European court rules

What hypocrisy. Here is a rare occasion for us to whole-heartedly quote Victoria Nuland: FUCK THE EU… Following the killing of the disastrous copyright laws just weeks ago, the damned krauts revived the monster and passed it. The days of this blog may very well be numbered…

ZDNetEU smacks internet in the face with link tax and upload filter laws

Electronic Frontier FoundationNew Copyright Powers, New “Terrorist Content” Regulations: A Grim Day For Digital Rights in Europe

Google opposed it, but Google prefers other forms of tyranny…

Intercept (Ryan Gallagher) – Google China Prototype Links Searches to Phone Numbers

Old-Thinker NewsFree Speech Under Fire: Globalists Bet On Chinese Dominating the Internet’s Future

Axios20 ways Democrats could crack down on Big Tech

ReasonSenate Democrats Are Circulating Plans for Government Takeover of the Internet

World Net DailyMemo reveals Soros-funded social-media censorship plan

AntiwarTwitter Suspends Peter Van Buren Forever

InfowarsPurged: Facebook Permanently Bans Infowars For “Hate Speech”

ReutersPayPal ends business dealings with Alex Jones’s Infowars

Wall Street JournalFacebook to Banks: Give Us Your Data, We’ll Give You Our Users

The Real NewsFacebook Taps Militarist Think Tank Atlantic Council to Police its Content (Pt 1/2)

Russiagate Frenzy Targets Leftist Sites (Pt 2/2)

Phillip SchneiderFacebook Purges Over 80 Accounts in Sweeping Attack on the Alternative Media

Moon of AlabamaFacebook Allies With U.S. Regime-Change Orgs For ‘Fact Checking’ In Foreign Countries

VenezuelanalysisOfficial Statement on Facebook’s Removal of Our Page

Haiti AnalysisOn Facebook’s Removal of the HaitiAnalysis Page

Caitlin Johnstone (Medium) – Twitter Shut Down My Account For “Abusing” John McCain

Government SlavesBookmark This: Over 400 Links Google Doesn’t Want You To Visit

GuardianDecentralisation: the next big step for the world wide web

Speculation over fate of missing Dutchman linked to WikiLeaks

USA TodayCybersecurity: Donald Trump’s new strategy allows more offensive operations

Business InsiderNASA just gave $44 million to 6 private companies — including Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin — to develop ‘tipping point’ space technologies

Vanity Fair (May Jeong) – “Everybody Immediately Knew That It Was for Amazon”: Has Bezos Become More Powerful in D.C. Than Trump?

Naked Capitalism (Michael Hudson) – The Lehman 10th Anniversary Spin as a Teachable Moment

Dilyana.bgUS diplomats involved in trafficking of human blood and pathogens for secret military program

It isn’t that people are having more sex -in an era of sexual self-mutilation, more and more sex organs are being rendered “non-binary,” i.e. dysfunctional- and yet…

Centers for Disease ControlNew CDC analysis shows steep and sustained increases in STDs in recent years

N.Y. TimesChina Has Withheld Samples of a Dangerous Flu Virus

Rense (Yoichi Shimatsu) – Bill Gates’ Slaughter Of Innocents Linked To Tainted Vaccines In China

Is the tide finally turning against the Leviathan of St. Louis?…

Phys OrgDying groundskeeper battles chemical giant Monsanto

US jury orders Monsanto to pay $290mn to cancer patient over weed killer

Journal of Public Health Policy (Sheldon Krimsky) – Roundup litigation discovery documents: implications for public health and journal ethics

Common DreamsEyeing Landmark Verdict in Roundup Cancer Case, Vietnam Demands Monsanto Be Held Liable Over Agent Orange

The Garden Island (citing PLOS One) – Roundup found in 1/3 of Kauai honey on store shelves

ReutersBrazil judge suspends use of agrochemical glyphosate

Or not…

L.A. TimesBrazilian lawmakers seek to deregulate pesticide use and ban sale of organic produce in major supermarkets

GMO NewsWhy is the Trump administration using billions in taxpayer dollars to subsidize GMO agriculture?

GMO “gold rush” underway after USDA refuses to regulate Crispr gene editing of foods

Tech CrunchBay Area city blocks 5G deployments over cancer concerns

ReutersDimming sunlight to slow global warming may harm crop yields: study

NatureEstimating global agricultural effects of geoengineering using volcanic eruptions

Geoengineering WatchHurricane Florence, Geoengineering Mass Destruction And Distraction

WSJPuerto Rico Governor Raises Hurricane Maria Death Toll to Nearly 3,000

Trump says baloney (on Twitter), and he has a point; the increase in the death toll did not result from an actual body count, but from a comparative statistical analysis; there were thousands more deaths post-Maria in comparison to pre-Maria counts. It is inevitable that causally down-stream consequences of the hurricane will bring with it an uptick in the mortality rate, as will be the case with all natural disasters, whose official counts are attributable directly to the storm, earthquake, etc. Life-imperiling consequences of disasters result from destruction of infrastructure, strain on emergency services, and the like. The same methodology could be applied to the aftermath of any storm and likewise see a significant uptick in mortality counts, though perhaps not as severe as in Puerto Rico…


DutchSinse (Youtube) – 8/02/2018 — HUGE NEWS in seismology world — Earthquakes can cause OTHER Earthquakes far away

Science DailyEarthquakes can systematically trigger other ones on opposite side of Earth

Nature Scientific ReportsEvidence of Systematic Triggering at Teleseismic Distances Following Large Earthquakes

KVIA (El Paso) – Closure of National Solar Observatory remains shrouded in secrecy

Zero Hedge“They Just Evacuated Us”: Conspiracy Theories Run Wild After FBI Shuts Down Solar Observatory

Evacuated Solar Observatory Set To Re-Open; Officials Offer Unbelievable Explanation

Alas, not Planet X but kiddie XXX…

KRQE (Albuquerque) – Federal search warrant debunks theories behind Sunspot Observatory closure

Live SciencePhysicists Think They’ve Spotted the Ghosts of Black Holes from Another Universe

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