Headlines of interest, November 2017…


We begin with an extraordinary case in point of a reporter becoming the story. With the buzz about (NYT) that Mueller is preparing indictments against Michael Flynn, the story – with Wayne Madsen’s role in it as a potential witness? – may yet to come to full fruition…

Wayne Madsen ReportNovember 20-21, 2017 — Flynn and Turkey’s self-coup

The Russian-Israeli mob was not the only foreign entity colluding with the Donald Trump presidential campaign. In April 2016, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, then Trump’s national security adviser, was involved in a series of meetings with Turkish government and private individuals, as well as Americans who constitute the CIA’s off-the-books “deep black” operations, to help Turkish authoritarian President Recep Tayyip Erdogan plan a self-coup in Turkey. Flynn and his partners’ involvement centered around a series of high-level meetings in Washington and Turkey.

The editor is aware of this operation because he was invited to be a part of it. An interlocutor for both Flynn and the Erdogan government told me that my participation in a Turkish “project,” without specifying details, was requested by his Turkish “partners.” The Turkish side let it be known to the U.S. partners that the Turks valued my knowledge and wanted to solicit my contribution to the “project.” This interest likely stemmed from two visits I made to Turkey in 2010. The first was in April of that year and it was sponsored by the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), whose secretary-general happened to be Turkish and an ally of Erdogan. During the April trip, our delegation of American journalists met with top Turkish officials, including President Abdullah Gul, a member of Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) and political ally of Erdogan. [Pictured right, editor with President Gul in Ankara after presenting him with a copy of the editor’s book, “Jaded Tasks,” which examines the Bush family’s Deep State in America]. A meeting with Erdogan, then the prime minister, was canceled due to a scheduling conflict. We also had a meeting with officials of an Ankara foreign policy think tank that was linked to then-Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and members of the AKP. The AKP was touting its Islamist-oriented but democratic credentials.

These meetings took place before the Turkish constitutional change that saw Erdogan elected president and the nation becoming a strong presidential, rather than a parliamentary, republic.

In meetings with those close to the Erdogan government, as well as pro-Erdogan media like the Anatolia News Agency, our hosts seemed happy with my longtime views, which stood opposed to American world dominance and foolish military adventures abroad. This was prior to the Arab Spring that saw rebellions by Islamists, secretly supported by Erdogan’s government, in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen.

Alarmed that a group of American journalists had been subjected to Erdogan propaganda, the religious group headed by exiled Turkish cleric and businessman Fethulleh Gulen arranged for a journalist trip to Turkey in June 2010, one in which I also participated. This trip involved meeting individuals and organizations that were either part of or partly financed by Gulen, who lives in exile in Pennsylvania. We visited Gulen schools and think tanks in Istanbul and Ankara. Little did any of us realize that Erdogan and Gulen, once political allies, had become bitter enemies over Erdogan’s plans to transform Turkey into a de facto Islamic state. Gulen’s brand of Islam is much different than that of the Muslim Brotherhood, which supports Erdogan’s agenda. Gulen stresses moderation and business acumen over such concepts as jihad and rejection of Western ideals.

As I am always suspicious of any religious figures, especially those with billions of dollars at their disposal, I was on guard against the Gulenists’ propaganda. The sponsorship by Gulen high schools of “mini-Davos” summits, in which students play the roles of international financiers and politicians, was more than unsettling. However, given the close ties between Gulen and the Central Intelligence Agency, which has successfully fought against attempts to extradite Gulen to Turkey, the fascination with Davos and similar international conclaves is understandable.

In WMR articles and interviews with Turkish media, I expressed concern over reports that Gulen operatives had infiltrated the Turkish police force and Ministry of the Interior. That was until it became apparent that Erdogan was trying to become a strongman president, which, occurred in 2014. The only faction that made any sense in Turkey was the Republican People’s Party (CHP), the heirs to the strong secular policies of Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the modern Turkish state. However, the CHP had its own set of problems, having tolerated the Turkish military to seize control of the Turkish government on more than one occasion, the last being in 1996. During my April 2010 visit to Turkey, one parliamentary member representing the CHP first agreed to meet with our delegation and then became belligerent with our interlocutor when he discovered the trip was sponsored by Erdogan’s friends at the OIC. The CHP official abruptly canceled the planned meeting.

In April 2016, the stage was set for a confrontation between Erdogan and the Gulenists. Erdogan required an event that would justify his banning all Gulenist organizations, seizing Gulen-owned property, including newspapers and television stations, and arresting Gulenists holding positions throughout Turkish government and society.

Based on various news reports and the focus of Justice Department special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation of Flynn and other senior Trump campaign and administration officials, it is now apparent that Flynn’s consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group, was involved in a $15 million venture with Erdogan officials to arrange for the kidnapping of Gulen from his home in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, and returning him to Turkey and into the hands of Erdogan. The “project” as Flynn’s interlocutors called it, also involved having the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, drop criminal charges against Turkish-Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab, an ally of Erdogan. Zarrab, who has been linked to corruption involving members of Erdogan’s family and government ministers, is now reportedly cooperating with Mueller’s investigators in their probe of Flynn and other Trump officials.

However, “the project’s” major goal was to carry out the July 15, 2016 military “coup” against Erdogan, a coup that would be blamed on Gulen and result in his immediate extradition to Turkey. It is not known how much Trump knew about the Turkish “project,” but Flynn signed on as Trump’s national security adviser in February 2016. In April, there were reports that Trump briefly considered Flynn as his vice presidential running mate, a prospect that undoubtedly pleased the Turkish government.

However, “the project’s” major goal was to carry out the July 15, 2016 military “coup” against Erdogan, a coup that would be blamed on Gulen and result in his immediate extradition to Turkey. It is not known how much Trump knew about the Turkish “project,” but Flynn signed on as Trump’s national security adviser in February 2016. In April, there were reports that Trump briefly considered Flynn as his vice presidential running mate, a prospect that undoubtedly pleased the Turkish government.

My participation with unnamed third parties at a meeting in Washington, DC, followed by meetings in Turkey, was being requested in April 2016 and, when I was unable to attend certain meetings in Washington, the requests resumed in May. The May requests entailed flying to Turkey to meet with unidentified Turkish individuals. Based on the U.S. interlocutor, I had reason to be suspicious and feigned too busy a schedule to attend meetings in DC or Turkey. The individual had family ties to a major CIA contractor, one that has been involved in all sorts of deep state activities, including setting the stage for the 2001 anthrax attacks on Congress, U.S. Postal Service, and the media. The first contact by the American go-between, in April, came after he said he had just attended a meeting with Flynn in Washington.

Flynn’s statement in support of the military coup, which was actually carried out by Erdogan in order to justify rounding up all Gulenists as members of a non-existent “Fethulleh Terrorist Organization (FETO), (Fethullahçı Terör Örgütü), masked his dealings with Erdogan and his allies. The coup attempt was highly unprofessional and collapsed after troops moved on strategic targets in Istanbul and Ankara, including the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul. [pictured, left] Flynn was rewarded for his support for the “false flag” Erdogan coup on August 9, 2016, when Flynn Intel Group received a lucrative contract from the Dutch company, Inovo BV, related to “improving U.S. business organizations” confidence regarding doing business in Turkey.” Inovo BV is the Dutch arm of Inovo Turkije, a firm owned by Turkish businessman Ekim Alptekin, a close associate of Erdogan. Alptekin also heads the U.S.-Turkey Business Council, a Turkish government-financed lobbying organization in the United States that holds an annual joint meeting in Washington with the American-Turkish Council (ATC), the latter patterned after the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The last meeting of the two Turkish organizations was held at the Trump International Hotel in Washington. Inovo BV was also involved with an Israeli firm, Ratio Oil Exploration, to import natural gas from Israeli-controlled eastern Mediterranean blocks to Turkey.

After the July coup attempt against Erdogan and the round-up of Gulenists and other members of Turkey’s opposition to Erdogan’s policies, the requests for my attendance at meetings in both Washington and Turkey involving the Turkish “project” ceased.

On September 19, 2016, Flynn met with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and Erdogan’s son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, who also serves as Turkey’s Energy Minister. In April 2010, I sat next to Cavusoglu at a dinner held at AKP headquarters in Ankara. We discussed Gladio, a deep state paramilitary group that the late Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit was the first to publicly disclose, and the presence of “deep states,” not only in Turkey, but also in Jordan, Egypt, and, most interestingly, Syria. At the time, Erdogan and Gulen appeared to have joined forces to undermine the Turkish deep state, commonly known as Ergenekon.

The September 2016 meeting was also attended by former CIA director James Woolsey, who had also signed on to the Trump campaign as an adviser. Woolsey later claimed that he became alarmed when the subject of kidnapping Gulen and renditioning the cleric back to Turkey came up in conversation. On October 16, 2016, a mere few weeks before the election, Flynn held talks with Turkish community leaders in New York who were allied with Erdogan.

On November 8, 2016, Election Day, Flynn penned an op-ed in The Hill newspaper that referred to Gulen as “Turkey’s Osama bin-Laden.” This occurred at a time when Flynn failed to register as an agent of Turkey pursuant to the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA). In any case, Flynn’s charge against Gulen was as ludicrous, as it was libelous. It is now known that Flynn’s information on Gulen and the cleric’s sponsorship of “madrassas” masked as charter schools, was originating from conspiracy fringe websites like Breitbart and Infowars.

On November 9, 2016, Trump received a phone call from Erdogan congratulating him for his upset victory over Hillary Clinton, an ally of Erdogan’s in his jihadist campaigns against Bashar al Assad in Syria and Muammar Qaddafi in Libya.

On November 10, 2016, President Obama, in a meeting with Trump at the White House, warned Trump not to hire Flynn as his national security adviser. Intelligence reports on Flynn showed that he worked with Erdogan to help stage the July 15, 2016 coup attempt in Turkey, a move that placed the U.S.-NATO airbase at Incirlik in extreme danger. Rejecting Obama’s advice, Trump named Flynn his national security adviser on November 18, 2016.

On January 18, 2017, Flynn met over breakfast at the Trump International Hotel in Washington with Foreign Minister Cavusolglu and House Intelligence Committee chairman and Trump transition team member Devin Nunes. In February 2017, acting Attorney General Sally Yates notified White House Counsel Don McGahn that Flynn was a national security risk due to his unreported contacts with foreign intelligence officials. Flynn resigned as national security adviser on February 13, 2017 over reportedly “lying” to Vice President Mike Pence over Flynn’s contacts with Russian government officials. While the corporate media swarmed all over the Flynn-Russia contacts, they all-but-ignored Flynn’s contacts with Turkey and his involvement in April-June meetings involving Erdogan’s July self-coup in Turkey and the plot to kidnap Gulen from Pennsylvania. On February 15, 2017, Trump said Flynn was a “wonderful man,” adding, “it’s very, very unfair what’s happened to General Flynn.”

If Flynn had had his way, what would have happened to Fethulleh Gulen would not have only been unfair, but illegal and likely fatal to Gulen. As for this editor, ignoring the proposed “project” in Turkey in 2016 was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It smelled from the outset and turned out to be rotten, after all.

Intel TodayFormer National Security Advisor Mike Flynn under FBI investigation for kidnapping plot

Another former spook become reporter, with another perspective, who over the years has had an interested role in the Gulen story…

NewsbudGulen Movement Retaliates Against Sibel Edmonds For Exposing $50 Billion Criminal Network

The Coming Two Coups: The Mysterious Zarrab Case, Mueller, Trump & Erdogan

Events of the weekend of Nov. 4 et seq. in Saudi Arabia…

HaaretzLebanese PM Hariri Resigns Over Tensions With Hezbollah, Vows Iran’s Arms ‘Will Be Cut Off’

Zero HedgeIn Shocking Purge, Saudi King Arrests Billionaire Prince Bin Talal, Dozens Of Others In Cabinet Crackdown

SputnikHelicopter With Saudi Prince, Government Officials Crashes Near Yemen Border

The DuranSaudi Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd, a business partner of former Lebanese PM Hariri, dies during arrest

Daily Mail‘American mercenaries are torturing’ Saudi elite rounded up by new crown prince – and billionaire Prince Alwaleed was hung upside down ‘just to send a message’

The kind of treatment he could have received in Guantanamo? From Feb. 2015…

TelegraphSaudi princes ‘supported al-Qaeda before 9/11’ claims twentieth hijacker

Senior members of the Saudi royal family were major al-Qaeda donors and were intimately involved with Osama bin Laden’s terror network in the 1990s, one of the group’s former members has testified to a New York court…

Among those listed were Prince Turki al-Faisal, then the Saudi intelligence chief; Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, the longtime Saudi ambassador to the United States and Prince al-Waleed bin Talal, a prominent billionaire investor.

BloombergSaudi Prince Who Wooed West Finds Few Friends in Tough Times

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Middle East Eye) – Even Prince Bandar Gets Caught In Prince’s Net

The SakerThe MBS – Blackwater marriage of convenience

Intelligence OnlineUniting internal opposition to Mohammed bin Salman

Ahram OnlineArab League to meet on Iran at Saudi request: Diplomats

Daily StarSaudi Arabia ‘scrambles fighter jets’ amid fears of WAR in Middle East

Baghdad PostSaudi aeroplanes to shell terrorist Hezbollah positions

WMRNovember 10-12, 2017 — Saudis ask Egypt for overflight permission to hit Lebanon

According to WMR’s sources in Lebanon and France, Saudi Arabia has further inflamed tensions in the Middle East by requesting from its ally, Egypt, permission for Saudi warplanes to overfly Egyptian territory to bomb Lebanon. The de facto new Saudi regime led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) considers Saudi Arabia to be in a state of war with Lebanon.

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was called to Riyadh from Lebanon and was forced to read a resignation statement on Saudi television. WMR and other media outlets have reported that Hariri is being held against his will in Riyadh, news that prompted a hasty unscheduled visit to the Saudi capital by French President Emmanuel Macron. Macron was expected to ask MbS to allow Hariri to travel to France, where the ex-prime minister has a home. Lebanese President Michel Aoun, a Maronite Christian, has stated that he will not recognize Hariri’s resignation until he has a chance to meet him face-to-face in Beirut. In an ambiguously-phrased statement, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said, “As far as we know, yes. We think he [Hariri] is free of his movements and it’s important he makes his own choices.”

The International Support Group for Lebanon, which includes the United States, Russia, the European Union, China, and the Arab League supported Aoun’s call for Hariri’s immediate return to Lebanon. Hariri, a Sunni Muslim, is a dual Lebanese-Saudi national. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, traveling with Donald Trump in Asia, parroted denials from Saudi Arabia’s chief liar and propagandist Adel al-Jubeir that Hariri is not being held hostage in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait have warned their citizens not to travel to Lebanon.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said he opposes any Saudi war with Lebanon and the Shi’a-led Lebanese Hezbollah, which is represented in the rump government formerly headed by Hariri. However, some observers dismiss El-Sisi’s remarks about a Saudi-Lebanese war and point to the fact that he has strongly backed MbS’s coup in Saudi Arabia. El-Sisi said of MbS, “I have confidence in the kingdom’s leadership” and called the situation in Saudi Arabia an “internal issue.”

A Saudi request for overflight of Egyptian territory to launch air attacks on Lebanon would specifically require both Egyptian and Israeli approval for the nearest air corridor — one over the Sinai Peninsula — to be used. The 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty established a series of demilitarized zones in Sinai that may only be breached with the approval of Cairo and Jerusalem. Saudi overflight of Jordan would entail flying over Syria or Israel. Syria would view any Saudi use of Syrian airspace for an attack on Lebanon as an act of war and Saudi planes would be easy prey for Russian S-300 and S-400 air defense systems deployed in Syria. Saudi overflight of Israeli airspace to hit an Arab country like Lebanon would inflame Arabs and Muslims around the world and likely lead to MbS’s ouster and execution for apostasy by rival Saudi princes.

A Saudi attack on Lebanon using Egyptian Sinai airspace would probably originate from King Faisal Airbase, co-located with Tabuk Regional Airport, the headquarters of Royal Saudi Air Force Wing 7 and home of the “Saudi Hawks” aerobatic display team. [pictured right] The airbase is home to Saudi advanced F-15s and F-16s, as well as E-3A AWACS aircraft that would be used for command, control, and communications for a Saudi attack on Lebanon. A U.S. Air Force cyber-warfare “training unit” is believed to be assigned to the airbase. Israeli Air Force planes have also been sighted at the base delivering military equipment as part of a secret Saudi-Israeli agreement that allows King Faisal Airbase to be used by Israel as a forward support base for an Israeli air attack on Iran. During Israeli flight operations at the airport, civilian flights are canceled and stranded passengers are accommodated, at Saudi government expense, at four-star hotels in Tabuk.

It is ironic that King Faisal Air Base is being used as a hub for Israeli-backed military operations by the Saudis. King Faisal was shot in the face and killed in 1975 by a half-nephew who had just returned from a visit to the United States. Faisal, out of all the Saudi kings, was the most pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli. King Faisal was known to present as gifts to official visitors to the kingdom, which included U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, beautifully-bound and gold-embossed copies of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

Intelligence OnlineMansour Hadi practically under house arrest

Saudi concern grows over Hezbollah’s support for Houthi

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Daily Star) – Hariri Back In Beirut, Withdraws Resignation

Al MonitorHow Riyadh orchestrated its own downfall in Lebanon

Can Lebanon handle truth about Hariri, Saudi Arabia?

Details of Abbas’ mysterious Saudi trip still scarce

Middle East EyeSaudi Prince Miteb and brother released after three weeks in detention

BloombergCitigroup, UBS Are Among the Banks Most Exposed to Wealthy Saudi

ReutersSaudi Arabia agrees to buy $7 billion in precision munitions from U.S. firms: sources

Intelligence OnlineDefence industry channels in disarray

Real NewsAs US Fuels War Crimes in Yemen, House Says US Involvement is Unauthorized

21st Century WireIndia’s Secret Involvement in the War Against Yemen

Al MonitorSinai massacre forebodes more violence

Pentagon reports troop surge in Middle East

Iran Front PageGen. Soleimani to Iran Leader: ISIS Completely Defeated in Iraq, Syria

Jerusalem PostReport: Israel vows to destroy Iranian positions within 40 km of Syrian border

HaaretzIsrael May Demand Iran Leave Syria, but Russia Sets the Rules of the Game

American Herald Tribune (Philip Giraldi) – Saudi Arabia and Israel Know They Cannot Defeat Iran, Want to Drag the US into an Uncontainable War

Renegade Inc (Daniel Margrain) – How Western imperial power set out to destroy Syria

SputnikWarehouses Full of US-Made ‘Lethal Weapons’ Found by Syrian Army

ThereAreNoSunglasses (The National) – UK Cab. Min. Fired For Visiting Golan Hospital That Also Treats Al-Nusra Wounded

Turkish MinuteTurkish intelligence agency MİT leased busses to transport jihadist to Syria

Zero HedgeIn Shocking, Viral Interview, Qatar Confesses Secrets Behind Syrian War

Putin Is Mediating A Secret Deal Between Assad And Netanyahu, Bombshell Report Reveals

IndependentVladimir Putin says all big Russian businesses should be ready for war production

Asharq al-AwsatBashir Discusses with Russia Setting up Military Base on Red Sea

Middle East MonitorUAE violates UN arm embargo in Somalia

INTERNATIONALIST 360°CNN breaks story on Slave Trade in Libya; French Government voices concern for African Migrants

USA TodayOutrage across Africa after report exposes slave trade in Libya

North Africa Post‘Italy is trying to recolonize Libya,’ Saif al-Islam

National InterestLibya: The Forgotten Reason North Korea Desperately Wants Nuclear Weapons

Intel TodayLibyan Nuke Program Was CIA-MI6 Sting Op

Zero HedgeNorth Korea Says “Completed State Nuclear Program”; Warns “The Whole US Is In Range”

NBC NewsNorth Korea missile went 10 times higher than space station

ReutersU.S. warns North Korean leadership will be ‘utterly destroyed’ in case of war

Intelligence OnlinePyongyang turns to Raul Castro

BloombergRussia Suggests North Korea Taking Step Toward Denuclearization

Wall Street JournalTrump, Xi Push Opposing Views on Trade

WSAZ 3 (Huntington WV) – Delegation from China in West Virginia, governor says

il GiornaleLa versione dei cecchini sulla strage di Kiev: «Ordini dall’opposizione» – translation at Washington’s Blog

BloombergSoros Says Hungarian Campaign Against Him Is Based on Lies

RTIt flies, and it snoops: Norway’s pricey F-35s caught sending ‘sensitive data’ to US

Intel TodayBarcelona Terror Attacks — Imam was CNI Informant

ReutersZimbabwe’s army seizes power, Mugabe confined but “safe”

Black Agenda Report (Netfa Freeman) – Clearing the Smoke and Mirrors Around Zimbabwe

(Yash Tandon) – Robert Mugabe: A Political Epitaph

teleSURVenezuela Reaches Deal with Russia on Debt Restructuring

BloombergTrump Administration Restricts Cuba Travel and Business Dealings

RTWashington orders RT America to register as foreign agent by Monday

International Consortium of Investigative JournalistsParadise Papers: Offshore Trove Exposes Trump-Russia links and Piggy Banks of the Wealthiest 1 Percent

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Tolo News) – Does Pentagon Have CIA Permission To Wage War On Its Afghan Opium?


New York Times – Justice Dept. to Weigh Inquiry Into Clinton Foundation

While the NYT does not have the best record when it comes to uranium stories (as in Judith Miller’s yellow-cake uranium fabrications which abetted G.W. Bush’s planned invasion of Iraq), credit must be given however to the NYT for braking the Uranium One story over two years ago, April 24, 2015, via Wayback MachineCash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

And it found new life with the Malheur standoff in Oregon…

Intellihub (Wayback Machine Jan. 23, 2016) – Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russian’s along with one-fifth of our uranium ore

Redoubt NewsAlternative Media Vindicated in Uranium One Reports

Steemit (libertyranger)  – Hammond and Bundy Ranch Standoffs tied directly to.. wait for it.. wait.. wait .. URANIUM ONE!…


Free Thought ProjectJudge Protects Fmr House Speaker and Admitted Child Rapist, Telling His Victim He Can’t Sue

America’s Freedom FightersMAJOR Player In Hillary’s INNER CIRCLE ‘Suddenly’ ‘COMMITS SUICIDE,’ LOOK What He Knew

Arkansas Democrat-GazetteJudge to look at files in 1987 deaths of 2 boys found on central Arkansas railroad tracks

FOX News‘Blowback’: Clinton campaign planned to fire me over email probe, Obama intel watchdog says

Politico (Donna Brazile) – Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC

Daily CallerDonna Brazile Has A Theory About Who Killed Seth Rich

The DuranWhen Donna Brazile begged Hillary Clinton to find Seth Rich’s killer, Hillary “blew her off”

Judicial WatchNew FBI Records Show FBI Leadership’s Conflicts of Interest Discussions on Clinton Email Investigation

Foreign PolicyRussian Billionaire Files Application Seeking Testimony of British Spy Behind Trump Dossier

SputnikWikiLeaks: CIA Wrote Code to ‘Impersonate’ Russia-Based Kaspersky Lab

From April, but timely to revisit…

American SpectatorConfirmed: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump

InfowarsRoger Stone’s Statement on His WikiLeaks Contact Randy Credico

Zero Hedge (Eric Zuesse) – Why Robert Mueller Was Selected To Be The Special Prosecutor

HuffPo Yanks Article On Russiagate Hysteria By Award Winning Journalist Joe Lauria – So Here It Is

These are the memes that elected Trump?

The Memory Hole 230+ Russian Stealth Social Media Ads

The tin-foiling of Bill Binney…

InterceptCIA Director Met Advocate of Disputed DNC Hack Theory — at Trump’s Request

Strategic Culture (Wayne Madsen) – NBC Pushes an Unfounded Conspiracy Theory on Behalf of CIA

IntelNews (Vanity Fair) – Israeli armed raid in Syria reportedly led to US banning laptops on some flights

Intelligence OnlineJenovice invents automatic WiFi interceptor

New YorkerHarvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies

Middle East MonitorThe Israeli spy company which protected Weinstein operates in London; Britain must investigate its activities

Washington ExaminerTime Inc. will be sold to Meredith Corporation for $2.8 billion in deal partly funded by Koch brothers

Medium (David Huerta) – Why the NSA Can’t Listen to My Mixtape …and why I mailed it to them as a reminder.

Physics-Astronomy.comChinese Researchers Have Achieved The Impossible: They Have Actually Created An EM Drive

IndependentUS military to develop genetically modified plants to spy in environments ‘unsuitable for traditional sensors’

Farm Wars (ENSSER) – New research finds common herbicides cause antibiotic resistance

RTMexico revokes Monsanto’s permit to market GMO soy

Japan TimesJapan still at a stalemate as Fukushima’s radioactive water grows by 150 tons a day

ENENews“Fears of a major nuclear accident” — Reuters: Radioactivity levels surged to 1,000 times normal in Russia — AP: “Extremely high contamination” — Concerns over gov’t cover-up

AP: “Japan poised to flood Pacific with 1 Million tons of nuclear water contaminated by Fukushima” — Newsweek: “Experts want Japan to push a Million tons of radioactive water Into ocean” — Release could kill fishing industry

SeemorerocksSigns of an accelerating increase in methane concentration in the atmosphere after 2014: satellite data for the Arctic

GeoEngineering WatchOzone Layer Collapse, A Former NASA Contract Engineer Warns Of Planetary Omnicide

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