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After over a year of anticipation for the Trump/Russia collusion scandal…

Circa (Sara Carter) – A US consulting firm with ties to the Clintons lobbied on behalf of Russia’s nuclear giant

Sen. Charles Grassley: Let former FBI informant speak about Uranium One scheme

The Hill (John Soloman and Alison Spann) – FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow

Bill Clinton sought State’s permission to meet with Russian nuclear official during Obama uranium decision

FBI informant blocked from telling Congress about Russia nuclear corruption case, lawyer says

Meanwhile, Mueller fires his volleys…

Manafort indicted, surrenders to FBI

The DuranWas Papadopoulos the victim of a sting? Some evidence suggests it

NBC NewsMueller Now Investigating Democratic Lobbyist Tony Podesta

PoliticoTony Podesta stepping down from lobbying giant amid Mueller probe

Consortium News (Joe Lauria) – The Democratic Money Behind Russia-gate

Wall Street JournalRussia Probe Puts Focus on Washington Research Firm

Look in the mirror WSJ

Daily CallerCNN’s Undisclosed Ties To Fusion GPS

Washington Free BeaconFusion GPS and the Washington Free Beacon

Moon of AlabamaBritish Involvement In “Trump Dossier” Needs Further Investigation

Roll of the bullets in Vegas…

CryptogonLas Vegas: Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History

Wayne Madsen ReportOctober 9-11, 2017 — The politics surrounding a massacre

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo was surprisingly open to the press about where his initial investigation was leading in the wake of alleged gunman Stephen Paddock’s massacre of 58 people and wounding of some 489 others gathered at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas on October 1. At a press conference on October 4, Lombardo held out the possibility that Paddock may have had assistance in carrying out his deadly massacre from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas strip.

Lombardo said, “Do you think this was all accomplished on his own? . . . Self value, face value, you got to make the assumption that he had to have had some help at some point. And we want to ensure that that’s the answer. Maybe he’s a super guy … [he] was working out all of this on his own. But it’d be hard for me to believe that.”

Lombardo also revealed that Paddock booked an AirBnB room at the Ogden condominium in Las Vegas the prior weekend. That room overlooked another concert venue, the Life Is Beautiful music festival. Other factoids offered by Lombardo included the fact that Paddock, while firing his weapons, stood back from the hotel’s smashed-out windows to protect himself from return police sniper fire. Lombardo later revealed that a note with a list of numbers was found in one of the two adjoining suites comped to Paddock by the Mandalay because of his high-roller gambler status. The sheriff’s office was also the apparent source for a report that someone with a room key card and who was not hotel staff entered Paddock’s suite while he was away from the hotel.

Lombardo’s willingness to be open with the public hearkens back to the “Sagebrush Rebellion” of the 1980s, when elected sheriffs in the Rocky Mountain West demonstrated their fierce independence from dictates out of Washington. The more information Lombardo offered the press, the more Las Vegas FBI special agent-in-charge (SAC) Aaron Rouse pushed back against Lombardo’s revelations. The conflict between Western sheriffs and the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies are ingrained in federal-state relations extending from Arizona through Nevada and into the upper Rockies.

Lombardo, a Republican, was elected sheriff of Clark County in 2014. Lombardo spent 30 years as a Las Vegas police officer prior to being elected sheriff. His office also places him in charge of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Department. While Lombardo has police authority within the city limits of Las Vegas, the famed “Strip” lies outside the city limits but Lombardo still has ultimate police authority over the casino region as the sheriff of Clark County.

It was noteworthy that Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman pushed back against Lombardo’s statement that Paddock may have had help. Goodman brushed off additional parties being involved in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. She insisted that the word “may” was key and reiterated the investigation remained inconclusive, despite the earlier comments by Lombardo. Ms. Goodman succeeded her husband Oscar Goodman as mayor seven years ago.

Oscar Goodman, who owns a steakhouse in Las Vegas, is a former Philadelphia lawyer for mobsters like Nicky Scarfo and Phil Leonetti. While practicing law in Las Vegas, Goodman represented other mobsters, including Meyer Lansky, Herbert “Fat Herbie” Blitzstein, and Stardust “skim” boss Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal. Now an independent, Oscar Goodman ran for mayor in 1998 as a Democrat. Carolyn Goodman declined to endorse either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Some local Las Vegas journalists regard the Goodmans as part of the mob scene in Las Vegas. Oscar Goodman pushed hard for U.S. Congressional approval and budget earmarking for Las Vegas’s Mob Museum, located in the old U.S. Post Office Building and which honors the mob’s contributions to the founding of Las Vegas.

FBI agent Rouse only offered up the fact that the FBI’s investigation of the mass shooting extended “across the United States and all across the world.” Paddock is known to have traveled widely international, including booking cruises to Europe and the Middle East. Rouse was appointed Special Agent-in-Charge for Las Vegas in 2016 by then-FBI director James Comey. His previous job was section chief in the Counterintelligence Division at FBI Headquarters. Prior to that he served in the Tampa and San Antonio Divisions. In what may represent a first, Rouse announced that the FBI, Las Vegas Police, and Clear Channel Outdoors, a subsidiary of the right-wing iHeartMedia, Inc., were partnering in a Las Vegas area billboard information campaign to encourage people to contact the FBI if they have information on Paddock or anyone else with knowledge of the shooting. Borrowing from the Department of Homeland Security’s “If you see something, say something” campaign on counter-terrorism, the FBI is spearheading a campaign based on “If you know something, say something,” along with a 1-800-CallFBI tip line.

The FBI did not seem interested in the fact that on the morning of October 2, the morning after the Las Vegas shooting, Nye County Sheriff’s deputies arrested wanted violent felon Duane Johnson, who may have been armed, run into Manse Elementary School in Pahrump, Nevada, which is about 62 miles to the west of Las Vegas. Johnson was not apprehended. Nye County Sheriff’s deputies also responded to reports of an armed man at both Floyd Elementary and Rosemary Clarke Middle Schools, both also in Pahrump.

In the past few days, Lombardo has apparently been sidelined at joint FBI-Las Vegas Sheriff’s Department press conferences by his Undersheriff Kevin McMahill, a graduate of the CIA-connected Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program. McMahill is a graduate of Columbia Southern University, a distance-learning and for-profit institution headquartered in Orange Beach, Alabama. Lombardo’s recent absence coincides with a tightening up on law enforcement information provided to the media concerning the mass shooting.

There is increasing evidence, based on Paddock’s life style, background — including being a private pilot — financial wealth, and international travel, that he may have served as an underworld hitman. Two Hollywood movies, “The Mechanic” and “The Accountant,” provide main characters — hit men — who mirror Paddock’s personality and background. Paddock’s fascination with numbers and weapons, as well as his previous job as an accountant for a Lockheed subsidiary and the Internal Revenue Service, closely match the persona of the Ben Affleck character, Christian Wolff, in “The Accountant.”…

Las Vegas is the capital city of contract hits. Adding credibility to the Paddock-as-a-professional-hitman theory is Lombardo’s stated belief that Paddock [pictured left] intended to survive the aftermath of the shooting. Paddock may have had a specific target in the concert crowd but some other party may have altered the scenario from a single hit to a mass shooting. Paddock appears to have specialized in sniper hits into large crowds at long ranges and from tall structures as evidenced by his interest in renting hotel rooms overlooking Chicago’s Grant Park during a major music festival there in the summer of 2016 and Boston’s Fenway Park, another popular venue for concerts…..

Mad Cow NewsThe Vegas shooter, general aviation, & CIA planespotting

MFA TV (Vimeo) – Key Tropicana Witness Bombshell Videos / Shooter on Roof of MB? / Multiple Shooters Proven

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Courier-Mail) – Aussie Witness Reports Multiple Shooters At Las Vegas Massacre

(New York News Day) – Las Vegas Shooting Victim Reports He Was Shot By Gunman On Ground Has Horizontal Bullet Entry Wounds

LiveLeakLas vegas PD radio shooting at Mandalay Bay

Black Pilled (Youtube) – Entire Vegas Shooting Continuous Synced from Different Angles rendered at 4k

Kip HerriageInsider Trading and Financial Anomalies Surrounding the Las Vegas Attack

Events in the Koreas…

September 2

FOX NewsTrump considers withdrawing from trade deal with South Korea amid tensions with North

Korean Central News AgencyRodong Sinmun Ridicules S. Korean Puppet Warmongers Going Reckless

Though the puppet forces kick off war hysteria, backed by the U.S., they are more than scabby sheep.

If we fire, they will die. This is the inescapable fate of the puppet warmongers.

The puppet military gangsters should always be mindful that if they pretend to be brave, they would not save their skins as they have neither measure nor capability to cope with the ensuing consequences.

It is as foolish an act as exposing the neck under straw cutter to dare counter the world-level military power equipped with powerful nuclear striking means.

If the south Korean puppet forces continue to go reckless, misjudging the surging resentment and will of our army and people, they would face a horrible disaster. -0-

Minju Joson on Unlimited Might of DPRK’s National Defence Industry

In the past period, the DPRK was unilaterally exposed to nuclear blackmail and threat by the U.S. as a non-nuclear state, but today it has tremendous capability of making nuclear attack on the U.S. mainland. The U.S. bluffing that not even a shell has been dropped in its mainland has already become a past thing.

The will of the Korean army and people to make the mainland of the U.S., not the Korean peninsula, the final and decisive battle-site, has been accepted as an established theory, not as a hypothesis…

[Comment: If the DPRK has dropped a shell on the U.S. mainland, that would be a KCNA exclusive.]

DPRK Nuclear Weapons Institute on Successful Test of H-bomb for ICBM

Pyongyang, September 3 (KCNA) — The Nuclear Weapons Institute of the DPRK gave the following statement in connection with the perfect success in the test of a hydrogen bomb for ICBM:

Scientists in the nuclear field of the DPRK successfully carried out a test of H-bomb for ICBM in the northern nuclear test ground of the DPRK at 12:00 on September 3, true to the Workers’ Party of Korea’s plan for building a strategic nuclear force.

The H-bomb test was carried out to examine and confirm the accuracy and credibility of the power control technology and internal structural design newly introduced into manufacturing H-bomb to be placed at the payload of the ICBM.

The result of the experimental measurements showed that the power specifications of nuclear warhead including total explosion power and fission to fusion power rate and all other physical specifications reflecting the qualitative level of two-stage thermo-nuclear weapon fully complied with design figures. It was also confirmed that even though the recent test was carried out with the bomb of unprecedentedly big power, there were neither emission through ground surface nor leakage of radioactive materials nor did it have any adverse impact on the surrounding ecological environment.

The test re-confirmed the precision of the compression technology and the fission chain reaction start control technology of the first system of the H-bomb and proved once again that the nuclear material utility rate in the first system and the second system reached the levels reflected in the design.

Symmetrical compression of nuclear charge, its fission detonation and high-temperature nuclear fusion ignition, and the ensuing rapidly boosting fission-fusion reactions, which are key technologies for enhancing the nuclear fusion power of the second-system of the H-bomb, were confirmed to have been realized on a high level. This helped prove that the directional combination structure and multi-layer radiation explosion-proof structural design of the first system and the second system used for the manufacture of the H-bomb were very accurate and the light thermal radiation-resisting materials and neutron-resisting materials were rationally selected.

The test helped draw the conclusion that the Korean-style analytic method and calculation programs for the complicated physical processes occurring in the first and second systems were put on the high level and that the engineering structure of the H-bomb as a nuclear warhead designed on the Juche basis including the structure of the nuclear charge of the second system was creditable.

The test once again confirmed the reliability of the concentration-type nuke detonation control system fully verified through a nuclear warhead detonation test and test-launches of various ballistic rockets.

The perfect success in the test of the H-bomb for ICBM clearly proved that the Juche-based nukes of the DPRK have been put on a highly precise basis, the creditability of the operation of the nuclear warhead is fully guaranteed and the design and production technology of nuclear weapons of the DPRK has been put on a high level to adjust its destructive power in consideration of the targets and purposes. It also marked a very significant occasion in attaining the final goal of completing the state nuclear force.

The Central Committee the WPK extended warm congratulations to the scientists and technicians in the nuclear field in the northern nuclear test ground on their successful H-bomb test for ICBM. -0-

Intel TodayNORTH KOREA Claims to Have Successfully Tested H-Bomb [First estimate of the Yield]

ReutersNorth Korea says it conducts hydrogen bomb test; Trump issues trade threat

North Korea warns U.S. of ‘greatest pain’, rejects sanctions

China’s military practices for ‘surprise attack’ over sea near Korea

Organization of Asia Pacific News AgenciesU.S. Administration Will Have to Pay Dearly for Haley’s Tongue-lashing: KCNA Commentary

The DuranKim Jong-Un delivers rare personal address to Donald Trump

South Korean President Moon calls for peace – endorses Putin style economic cooperation

Zero HedgeBannon Held Secret Meeting With China’s Second Most Powerful Man

“Tired Mountain Syndrome” – North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site Is Headed For A Deadly Collapse

38 NorthNorth Korea’s Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site: Satellite Imagery Shows Post-Test Effects and New Activity in Alternate Tunnel Portal Areas

South China Morning PostLandslides detected at North Korea’s nuclear test site after Chinese expert warns blast zone at risk of imploding

It went on Oct. 31…

Korea Herald (Asahi) – As many as 200 N. Koreans killed in tunnel collapse at nuclear test site: report

NK DailyQuanhe Customs closes following nuclear test

The SunLOCK AND LOADED North Korea ‘secretly moving ballistic missile towards west coast’ and threatens America with the ‘final miserable end’ after US warns Kim Jong-un is begging for war

Global ResearchStatements of Russia’s President Putin and South Korea’s President Moon Regarding Economic Cooperation and North Korea

Yonhap News AgencyS. Koreans clash with police over U.S. missile system

Alert 5Additional THAAD launchers being deployed in Seongjun, South Korea

AntiwarUS Bombers Fly Over Korean Peninsula in Show of Force

Reuters – U.S. warship sails near islands Beijing claims in South China Sea – U.S. officials

A North Korea nuclear test over the Pacific? Logical, terrifying

NASA SpaceflightSpaceX launches first X-37B launch with a Falcon 9

Business InsiderThe Air Force’s ‘rods from god’ could hit with the force a nuclear weapon — but with no fallout

RTRussia to help Japan clean up Fukushima disaster – Putin

McClatchy DCChina speeds ahead of U.S. as quantum race escalates, worrying scientists

The Duran (Adam Garrie) – BRICS in talks to create own cryptocurrency in another blow to US Dollar

Asia Times (Pepe Escobar) – The real BRICS bombshell

OilPrice.comChina Readies Yuan-Priced Crude Oil Benchmark Backed By Gold

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Pajhwok) – Hekmatyar has links with Daesh

CIA Fake News About Taliban/ISIS Deal Falls Flat On Its Face In Nangarhar

Zero HedgeRussia Accuses US Of “State Hooliganism”

Wayne Madsen ReportSeptember 5-6, 2017 — Closing Russian mission in San Francisco slaps a rich cultural history

The decision by the Trump administration to order the Russian Consulate-General closed within 48-hours is not only a violation of the 1964 Soviet-American Consular Convention but a slap at the rich Russian cultural history of San Francisco and northern California. For the Trump administration to give a fully-functioning consulate-general, busy issuing Russian visas to U.S. citizens and permanent residents and renewing Russian passports of Russian citizen permanent residents and dual citizens in the United States, is as much an act of a tin pot dictatorship as was the U.S. visa ban imposed against seven predominantly Muslim nations and the decision to deport from the United States some 850,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) registrants after they were promised a road to permanent residency and citizenship.

The 48-hour notice given to the Russian government before FBI and CIA agents rummaged through the consulate-general forced consular staff to initiate an emergency destruction protocol. Consular officials had to burn sensitive blank visas, files containing personal data on U.S. and Russian nationals, and other sensitive material, including Russian coding documents, as San Francisco thermometers reached triple-digit temperatures. While Russian crews in San Francisco were hastily packing to meet the 48-hour notice, the staffs of Russian trade offices in New York and Washington were also busy emptying their buildings. However, in New York and Washington, Russian diplomats had the luxury of moving some of the more critical files and equipment to the Russian Mission to the United Nations and the Russian embassy. The San Francisco mission did not have that choice. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the U.S. move “boorish.”

Even after the U.S. severed diplomatic relations with Nazi Germany subsequent to the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack, the U.S. never entered the grounds of the German embassy on Massachusetts Avenue. Moreover, the German staff was given enough time to burn classified coding material before they turned themselves in to American authorities for internment at White Sulphur Springs in West Virginia. The Swiss government, not the FBI, took possession of the German embassy as the protecting power for Germany in the United States. The literal storming of the Russian missions by FBI and CIA personnel during a period of full diplomatic relations with Moscow is without precedence in modern U.S. diplomatic history. The actions are more of those of a Third World banana republic than a functioning democracy.

The last time a country gave a 48-hour notice to a diplomatic mission to pack up and leave was in January 2016, when Saudi Arabia gave Iran two days to evacuate its embassy in Riyadh. The move followed the Saudi severance of diplomatic ties with Iran.

In 1961, when the U.S. shut down its embassy in Havana following the severance of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, U.S. ambassador Philip W. Bonsal was faced with the problem of having to destroy or transfer some 50,000 visa applications that were on file from Cubans wanting to come to the U.S. Had these files fallen into Cuban government hands, the repercussions for the visa applicants may have been swift and severe. Yet, the Trump administration showed no regard for the thousands of visa applications and U.S. and other passports that were in the hands of the Russian Consulate-General when it issued its Third World-style 48-hour closure notice.

In 1973, the U.S. embassy in Kampala, Uganda was closed within a 48-hour window as a result of threats to the embassy staff from the cannibalistic Ugandan dictator General Idi Amin. The evacuation of the embassy came after Amin sent President Richard Nixon a message that wished him “a speedy recovery from Watergate.” The Deputy Chief of Mission had to contend with many issues in the two-day window provided for evacuation: the breaking of leases; transferring U.S. diplomatic property to the protecting power, West Germany; and providing local employees with normal and severance pay. In the case of the Russian Consulate-General in San Francisco, there is no protecting power to assume control of the property since diplomatic relations with Russia have not been severed. The missions in San Francisco, New York, and Washington have been placed under U.S. State Department custodianship. In any event, Donald Trump’s 48-hour notice is more in keeping with the diplomatic protocol recognized by Idi Amin than any rational world leader.

The Russian Consulate-General, with the exception of a few intervening years, was the oldest foreign consulate in San Francisco. The consular office, located at 2790 Green Street in the Cow Hollow neighborhood, has served as a cultural center for San Francisco’s Russian-American and Russian community in San Francisco. The decision by Washington to close the Russian consular office in San Francisco was as much a cultural slap for an American ethnic group as would have been the expulsion of the Irish consulate in Boston, the Israeli Consulate-General in New York, the Mexican Consulate-General in Los Angeles, or the French Consulate-General in New Orleans…

The history of the Russian diplomatic presence in San Francisco goes back to 1852. The first Russian diplomatic envoy in the Bay Area, Vice Consul Peter Kostromitinov, also served as the chief administrator for Russian settlers in Alta California, who were the original inhabitants of the first Russian-American Company colony at Fort Ross, established in 1812. Fort Ross was located on what is now Bodega Bay, previously known to the Russians as the Gulf of Rumyantsev. Fort Ross — Ross being the shortened word for “Rossiya” — was the hub for Russian settlements along the northern California and Oregon coasts and which extended inland along the banks of the Russian River to towns like Sebastopol. Fort Ross was also linked to the Russian community in the Russian Hill district of San Francisco…

There is some question about the legality of the sale of the Russian-American colony to the agent for a Mexican citizen originally from Switzerland named John Sutter, of California Gold Rush infamy. Sutter’s agent, a pro-slavery former Comptroller of the U.S. Treasury named William Montgomery Steuart, may have swindled the Russians in the sale by the Russians of their California land holdings sometime between 1841 and 1849. There is no record of the agreed-to price of between $20,000 and $30,000 in gold and U.S. currency being paid to the Russian government by either Steuart or Sutter, both known to be notorious grifters of their time. Historians cannot agree on the actual year of the alleged sale and accounts claim it was in 1841, 1842, and 1849. Lacking is any legitimate documentation proving the date of the sale or its overall legality. What is known is that in 1848 gold was discovered in California and Sutter presided over an onrush of schemers and ne’er-do-wells who flooded into the region, mostly from points east.

Under business law, the lack of a consideration in a contract, in this case money, would result in a null contract. However, under English civil law, which permits adverse possession of property by usurpers, invaders, or squatters, there is little legal recourse for the Russians today. However, in a purely legal world, without arcane feudalistic laws that permitted the ownership of humans as chattel and occupation of native American lands by white invaders, instead of the U.S. ordering Russian Consul-General Sergey Petrov from the Russian compound in San Francisco, the Russians could have ordered the U.S. government out of Russian-claimed lands from Point Arena to Tomales Bay and Sebastopol and Santa Rosa to Healdsburg and Forestville. Unlike the Americans, Spaniards, and Mexicans, the Russian-American Company agents who first set shore upon the Alta California coast and the banks of the Russian River negotiated the sale of lands from the local native American tribes. In fact, the Russians treated the local native peoples as equals and not as savages, as was the method of the Americans…

From 1863 to 1864, the Russian Consulate in San Francisco served as an important liaison between the Union forces and the Russian Far East Fleet. Tsar Alexander II, in response to a request from President Abraham Lincoln for Russian help in defending the two critical American ports of San Francisco and New York, dispatched his Far East and Baltic Fleets to San Francisco and New York, respectively. The Far East Fleet that arrived from Vladivostok consisted of the Finnish-built corvette Kalevala, three other corvettes, Bogatyr, Rynda and Novik, and two Finnish-built clippers, the sister-ships Abrek and Vsadnik.

With the defense of New York and San Francisco in the hands of the Russians, the U.S. Navy was free to attack Confederate ports, as well as Confederate merchant ships and raiders. One such raider, the CSS Shenandoah, transferred to the Confederacy by the British Navy, was planning to attack San Francisco. However, when Confederate spies in the city reported to the Shenandoah that the Russian fleet commander, Rear Admiral A. A. Popov, ordered his ships to fire on and sink the Shenandoah upon first sight, the Confederate ship decided to head for southern waters to prey on unarmed American whaling fleets…

In 1867, the deal whereby Russia sold its Alaska Territory to the United States was partly enabled by the ethnc Finnish consul for Russia in San Francisco, Gustave Niebaum. Finland was then an autonomous Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire. In 1879, Niebaum established the Inglenook Winery in Rutherford, California…

After the Russian Consulate closed in 1924 when the new Soviet government failed to pay for its operational costs, the last consul-general of the Russian Empire, Artemy M. Vyvodtsev, voluntarily maintained consular services at the consulate on California Street at his own expense until 1933, when the United States and Soviet Union established diplomatic relations. The consulate reopened at a building on Divisadero Street. In 1948, the consulate was closed during the “Red scare-mongering” days of the Cold War and would not reopen until 1973 at the Green Street location…

IndependentRussia was the target of Nato’s own fake news

US ‘to put nuclear bombers on 24-hour alert’ for first time since Cold War

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ReutersJews around world alarmed by far-right breakthrough in Germany

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Kiev to provide SIGINT materiel to Abu Dhabi

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“Sabotage”: Will the Kalinovka Explosion reach Kiev?

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(Новороссия) – Pravy Sektor unit comes under Ukrainian mortar fire

Video has surfaced of the knockout in the Kiev Oblast Council

US praises Kiev’s new law undermining Minsk Agreements

(FreiPresse) – Railfan captures pictures of US tanks crossing Germany by the trainload: officials are saying nothing

(Breakingnews.sy) – Syria urges UN to put an end to the illegal Israeli violations of its airspace and bombing its military positions

ABC NewsIsrael strikes deep in Syria, said to hit military facility

Al MonitorRussian defense minister arrives in Tel Aviv as Israel strikes Syria

SputnikIsrael Destroys Syrian Air Defence Battery After Alleged ‘Shelling’

US Aircraft Evacuates Over 20 Daesh Commanders From Deir ez-Zor – Source

Al Masdar NewsISIS fighter admits that ISIS is forbidden to attack Kurdish forces in Deir Ezzor

RTSyrian rebel defector says his US-trained unit sold arms to ISIS

Zero HedgeMore Than 100 Turkish Soldiers, 30 Armored Vehicles Cross Into Syria

Fort RussHay’at Tahrir Al Sham terrorists escort Erdogan regime officers to Idleb to discuss the deployment of the Turkish forces

Joulani, the supreme leader of Tahrir Al Sham (ex-Al Nusra Front) seriously injured in a Russian air strike, loses an arm

Al-Nusra claims leader is in good health contradicting Russian claims following devastating airstrike

Hezbollah fighters get killed by US Air Force amid their anti-ISIS campaign in Palmyra countryside

(Вести) – Pentagon in bed with terrorists – Investigative Report

Moon of AlabamaSyria – U.S. CentCom Declares War On Russia

ThereAreNoSunglasses Syrian/Russian Counter-Offensive Stops CIA-Coordinated Al-Nusra Terrorist Advance

Pentagon’s War Crimes Grow, They Just Laid Claim To Central Syria, Where Syria’s Oil Is

(Arab News) – Trump Forces Reversal of Saudi-Qatari Spat In Yemen, Al-QAP Is Screwed

(Nakhel News Iraq) – The Real Reason For Donald Trump’s Anti-Iran Vendetta Losing A Nightclub To Anti-Shah Revolution?

Al Monitor (Fars) – Iran: Trump requested Rouhani meeting in New York

Wayne Madsen ReportSeptember 15-17, 2017 — New threat emerges in the Middle East: the MBZ-MBS axis

A new and dangerous political duo has emerged on the Arabian peninsula, one that threatens to further radicalize Sunni Islam and engage in aggression against smaller countries in the region. Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ), who secretly met with members of the Donald Trump transition team in New York in December 2016, and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), have created an alliance dubbed the “MBZ-MBS” team.

To date, MBZ-MBS have destabilized the Middle East by concocting a false story and planting it on the web site of the Qatar News Agency (QNA). The false story claimed that Qatar’s emir was consorting with Iran against Saudi Arabia. The Saudis and the United Arab Emirates, of which Abu Dhabi is the dominant emirate, also accused Qatar of harboring Islamist terrorists, namely the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Hezbollah. It was MBZ and MBS who led international sanctions against Qatar, convincing Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, and other Muslim countries to join in.

The false story inserted into the QNA computers was reportedly the brain child of Yousef al-Otaiba, the UAE ambassador to the United States. Otaiba enjoys warm relations with the Israeli Mossad, as well as with Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, the pro-Israeli Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD), and Israeli agent-of-influence in Washington, Elliott Abrams. Kushner began inserting himself into Persian Gulf politics after Qatar’s former prime minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani, a.k.a. H.B.J., refused Kushner’s request for a $500 million investment in Kushner’s money-losing building at 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Otaiba is believed by some intelligence circles of being a key intermediary in the sale of Israeli missile technology to North Korea, using the UAE as a go-between.

Breaking with diplomatic protocol, MBZ flew to New York last December to meet with senior Trump transition officials, including Kushner, Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon, and Trump’s designated national security adviser Lt. General Michael Flynn. What eventually emerged was a Donald Trump who was quick to embrace the Saudis and Abu Dhabi and criticize Qatar and Iran as “supporters of terrorism.”

Shortly after the MBZ-Trump team meeting in New York, another Trump national security adviser, Erik Prince, the founder of the Blackwater mercenary firm, met with a Russian government envoy in Seychelles. The meeting was arranged under the auspices of MBZ, who owns a large mansion near the capital of Victoria. Prince and MBZ are close business partners in the Abu Dhabi-based mercenary firm, Reflex Responses (R2). MBZ’s government owns 51 percent of the shares in the company, which maintains a massive training and logistics support base outside the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi at a military base called Zayed Military City.

It is believed now that the Seychelles meeting involved MBZ and entailed assigning areas of responsibility to R2, on behalf of the Trump administration, to engage in military operations in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Somalia and its semi-autonomous State of Puntland, and Afghanistan. Prince and MBZ met with the Russian envoy to urge Russia to pull its support for Iran and the Bashar al Assad government in Syria. The Seychelles meeting may have also involved discussions about a Flynn operation for the Trump administration to work with the Russians to provide nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Flynn and Prince are suspected of being in cahoots in providing military equipment to UAE mercenary and regular forces in Yemen and other countries. Flynn’s four companies, Flynn Intel Group, LLC., Flynn Intel, Inc., FIG Cyber Inc., and FIG Aviation, all headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, are in close proximity to Knowledge International, LLC, a firm that includes such retired brass as General Bryan Brown, former head of the U.S. Special Operations Command; General James Conway, former commandant of the Marine Corps; and General Stanley McChrystal, former U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan. Knowledge International LLC, also based in Alexandria, provides over $500 million in military equipment sales to the UAE per annum. Some of that assistance ends up in the hands of Prince’s R2. Flynn Intel Group used McChrystal’s Alexandria townhouse as its corporate address…

One of the reasons why current national security adviser Lt. General H. R. McMaster, White House chief of staff John Kelly, and Defense Secretary James Mattis wanted Bannon fired from the White House was Bannon’s support for R2 and Prince taking over responsibility for fighting the Taliban and other Islamist groups in Afghanistan from the U.S. military. Bannon had some support for his proposal from within the Trump cabinet. Secretary of Education Betsy De Vos is Prince’s sister.

The MBZ meeting at the Trump Tower was considered such a threat to U.S. national security that Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national security adviser, ordered the National Security Agency to lift minimization controls imposed on intercepts of the communications of “U.S. persons” to discover who was present at the clandestine meeting with MBZ.

R2 employs no Muslim mercenaries. Its force is primarily composed of former special forces personnel from Colombia, Chile, South Africa, Australia, United States, Honduras, Panama, El Salvadoran, Romania, Britain, and France.

MBS recently ordered the arrest of relatively “moderate” Wahhabi Sunni clerics in Saudi Arabia who urged reconciliation with Qatar. Several Saudi intellectuals were also arrested. MBS is known to be close to a number of radical Salafists who dominate Saudi religious institutions. In February of this year, MBS ordered the arrest of the UAE chairman of the UAE Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani, for planning a coup in the country. Al Thani was reportedly colluding with Dubai’s Emir, sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who also serves as Vice President of the UAE. Dubai has not been happy with MBZ’s and MBS’s sanctions against Qatar and Iran, two countries with which Dubai has maintained close relations. The son of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd, has also weighed in against MBZ, calling him a “deceiver.”

MBS and MBZ have supported a Qatari royal faction suspected of planning a “bloodless coup” to overthrow Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. In June of this year, MBS took power as heir apparent of Saudi Arabia after his father, King Salman, deposed his nephew, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, as crown prince. The royal palace’s internal coup resulted in several of Nayef’s supporters, especially in the Interior Ministry, which was previously headed by Nayef, being purged and Nayef being confined to house arrest.

MBZ has reportedly engaged in a program of colonizing various islands and regions for the UAE. Abu Dhabi has established a colonial-like presence on the Yemeni islands of Socotra and Abd al Kuri in the Gulf of Aden, Perim island in the Red Sea, large swaths of South Yemen, and the port of Berbera in the self-declared Republic of Somaliland. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, in a deal approved by Israel, is gaining control of the Egyptian islands of Tiran and Sanafir in the strategic Strait of Tiran. The UAE has also shown an interest in the Caribbean island of Barbuda, now totally devoid of its population in the wake of Hurricane Irma. The Saudis are known to be shopping for islands in the Maldives and Seychelles. The Seychelles and Comoros have also attracted the attention of the UAE.

Trump claims to be fighting “radical Islamic terrorism.” However, Trump’s attendance at a Sunni-only Muslim summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; his coddling of MBS and MBZ; and his bellicose statement directed against U.S. ally Qatar have all served the interests of “radical Wahhabist Islam” and have made the Middle East a more dangerous place.

RTState Dept. approves $15bn sale of THAAD missile defense to Saudi Arabia – Pentagon

IndependentRussia and Saudi Arabia ‘sign $3bn arms deal’ as King Salman visit shows how much relations have changed

Al MonitorHow Salman’s Moscow visit will impact regional agenda

Intelligence OnlineSaudi Arabia: Major interior ministry purge destabilises contracts

Washington and London come to Beirut’s aid

Middle East Eye (ABC España) – UAE planned to invade Qatar with Blackwater-linked mercenaries: Report

Intelligence OnlineVerint poised to land major Emirates interceptions contract

Salman ready to allow Bashar to remain (a turnabout from what MBS/Prince reportedly urged of the Russian envoy in the Seychelles meeting, per the WMR article above)

Trump launches Hezbollah hunt to put pressure on Iran with old Intel

ReutersIran fulfilling nuclear deal commitments: IAEA chief

Al MonitorExplosions, heartbreak rock ancient Turkish site as dam moves forward

Zero HedgeUS-Backed Syrian Kurds Transfer Key Gas Field To Russians After Secret Talks

HurriyetWe don’t need you: Erdoğan warns US

“A junta within the American bureaucracy that is related to the previous administration aims to sabotage relations between the new administration and Turkey”

AntiwarTurkey, Iraq, and Iran Consider Joint Military Action Against Kurds

ThereAreNoSunglasses Iraqi Kurds Vote For Independence Today…US Warns of Consequences…Israel Welcomes the Coming Chaos

Breitbart (AFP) – Erdogan Claims Mossad Played a Role in Iraqi Kurdistan’s Independence Vote

Consortium News (Joe Lauria) – Iraqi Kurds Suffer Major Setback

Penny for your thoughtsPt.1: Reports of Kurdistan’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated: Intra Kurdish ConflictPt.2: All Eggs Not Exclusive to Barzani

Leak of NationsIsrael use social media crawler to detain 400 Palestinians without charge.

Al MonitorArabs and Jews unite against Netanyahu’s divide and rule tactics

Israel, US coordinated on settlement construction

Senate panel slashes military aid to Egypt

L.A. TimesPentagon investigating troubling questions after deadly Niger ambush

ABC NewsNew details from Niger ambush: when US troops sensed something wrong

Two Navy SEALs under investigation in death of Green Beret in Mali

SputnikUS Ambassador Nikki Haley Evacuated from South Sudan After Violence Breaks Out

ReutersDeath toll from Somalia bomb attacks tops 300

FOX NewsUS captures key militant in Benghazi attack

AntiwarUS Kills Several in Central Libya Airstrikes

La Tribune AfriqueLibye : une plainte contre Nicolas Sarkozy à la CPI

Morning StarGadaffi Son Returns To Politics After Five Years In Captivity

Maghreb ConfidentialDieudonne and friends press for Saif’s return

Libya: Ukraine Air Alliance swoops on air cargo market

Indian Ocean NewsletterKenya: General election organised by Morpho annulled!

On the eve of the election, Kenyatta places the polling stations under armed guard

Odinga calls for boycott of Kenyan companies

How Museveni is supporting American GMOs

Great Game IndiaRohingya Crisis, George Soros, Oil & Lessons For India

Moon of AlabamaThe Rohingya Of Myanmar – Pawns In An Anglo-Chinese Proxy War Fought By Saudi Jihadists

IndependentCatalan independence referendum: Hundreds injured by Spanish riot police as voters go to polls

Zero Hedge“It’s A Coup”: Catalan President Slams “Worst Attack” By Spain “Since Franco Dictatorship”

VoltairenetGeorge Soros is funding the independence of Catalonia

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Times of Malta) – Journalist Behind Panama Papers Leak, Blown Up in Her Car In Malta

Al MonitorThe story behind first permanent US base in Israel

Philip Giraldi must have wanted an early retirement…

The Unz ReviewAmerica’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars

It shows, particularly with the sway of a certain son-in-law in international affairs. Seeds of the next war were evident in Trump’s address to the UN General Assembly. We do applaud the first part of the speech, a declaration of one of the core principle of sovereigntism, the right and duty of every nation to pursue the interest of its people to the utmost; apparently however certain nations are more equal (Israel) than others (Iran) in doing so…

White HousePresident Trump Gives an Address to the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly

In other stateside news…

BuzzFeedUS Intelligence Unit Accused Of Illegally Spying On Americans’ Financial Records

Wall Street JournalTrump Sets Nafta Goals: Dilute Pact’s Force, Loosen Regional Bonds

BloombergTrump Risks GOP Civil War in Pushing Congress for ‘Dreamer’ Bill

Tech DirtMultiple Legislators Looking To Neutralize AG Sessions’ Rollback Of Federal Forfeiture Reforms

RT80 arrests as riots grip St. Louis for 3rd day after ex-cop’s acquittal in fatal shooting

GuardianFBI terrorism unit says ‘black identity extremists’ pose a violent threat

ReutersU.S. widens surveillance to include ‘homegrown violent extremists’ – documents

Puerto Rico moves to cancel Whitefish power contract after uproar

ThereAreNoSunglassesHow Did Fracked American Shale Gas Become the Solution To Puerto Rico’s Electrical Nightmare?

The DriveUSAF Has Dispatched Its Air Sprayer C-130s To Texas In Response To Hurricane Harvey

American EverymanExploiting Harvey: Sessions Cites “Superficial Concerns” to Justify End of Posse Comitatus

Daily CallerVirgin Islands Allows National Guard To Seize Guns, Ammo Ahead Of Hurricane Irma

Awan Asks Judge To Remove GPS, Citing Possible Emergency With Kids In Pakistan

Police Report Indicates Wasserman Schultz IT Aide Planted Computer For Investigators To Find

CircaThe Awan breach on Capitol Hill gets murkier and leads to more questions

Disobedient MediaRohrabacher, Whitehouse Call On Assange Leaked To Press

FOX NewsSamantha Power sought to unmask Americans on almost daily basis, sources say

DC Whispers (N.Y.Post) – REPORT: NSA Offered To Give FBI All Of Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails. Comey Said NO.

The Department of State throws us a view bones at its Virtual Reading Room

RTMystery dump: State Department releases thousands of Hillary Clinton documents

Judicial WatchRetired FBI Supervisory Special Agent Sues Justice Department for Records About Top FBI Official Ties to Top Clinton Ally

Gateway PunditWhy is the DOJ Blocking the Extradition of a Clinton-Soros Money Man?

FOX NewsGeorge Soros battles $10B lawsuit, familiar charges of wielding political influence

Washington Free BeaconSouthern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities

NBC 5 (Chicago) – Blagojevich Breaks Silence From Prison

BloombergThe Trump-Loving Lawyer Who Won’t Stop Suing Fox News

Palm Beach PostCould U.S. case against billionaire sex offender Epstein be reopened?

Zero HedgeProsecutors Unveil Full Details Of Anthony Weiner’s Pedophilia

Cruz Blames Staff For Liking Porn

N.Y.PostHackers could program sex robots to kill

ReutersChaos and hackers stalk investors on cryptocurrency exchanges

The HillFTC launches investigation into Equifax breach

CNBCFormer Facebook executive says Google, Facebook are ‘surveillance states’ and risk more regulation

InterceptThe FBI’s Hunt for Two Missing Piglets Reveals the Federal Cover-Up of Barbaric Factory Farms

Baum Hedlund Aristei GoldmanThe Monsanto Papers

Newsbud (Bas Spliet) – GMOs Kill – Not Save – The Hungry of the World

Alliance for Human Research ProtectionFormer FDA Commissioner Charged in RICO Lawsuit

Activist PostThe CDC’s Strange Case Of Poul Thorsen, MD, PhD, Vaccine Data Manipulator “Extraordinaire”

Ars TechnicaDOJ: Billionaire pharma owner fueled the opioid epidemic with bribery scheme

Science AlertOver 30,000 Published Studies Could Be Wrong Due to Contaminated Cells


PLOS ONEThe ghosts of HeLa: How cell line misidentification contaminates the scientific literature

Science DailyBrain-controlled drones are here: What’s coming in the next five years?

Innovative control system paves the way for large scale universal quantum computing

‘The dark side’ of quantum computers

Constant ContactU.S. Authorizes Electronic Warfare Testing in National Forest

Natural News (Environmental Health Perspectives) – The big 2010 oil spill killed aquatic life and ecosystems; now it’s killing the cleanup crew

Agencia EFEJapan approves reactivation of TEPCO nuclear reactors

The weather, by H.I.M…

National Hurricane CenterHARVEY Graphics ArchiveIRMA Graphics Archive – MARIA Graphics Archive

Washington PostHarvey. Irma. Maria. Why is this hurricane season so bad?

Or who?…

State of the NationWEATHER WARFARE: Globalists Order Geoengineers to “Shock & Awe” America with Superstorms

Ars TechnicaIrma reaches 185 mph, trailing only Allen as strongest Atlantic storm

Zero HedgeSeptembergeddon? 27 Major Disasters Have Already Happened So Far This Month

Earth BlogThree hurricanes seen by Suomi NPP satellite

Smoke over the United States seen by Suomi NPP satellite

Spook news…

ReutersKaspersky says it obtained suspected NSA hacking code from U.S. computer

(NYT) – Israeli spies found Russians using Kaspersky software for hacks: media

WikiLeaksSpy Files Russia
KCNAS. Korean Authorities’ Moves to Extend Intelligence Sharing Agreement under Fire

…The said agreement, which the Park Geun Hye group of traitors concluded with Japan in November last year under the pressure and backstage manipulation of the U.S., aims at the bilateral exchange of information on surveillance and espionage on the northern half of the Republic under the pretext of coping with the “nuclear threat from the north” and contingency. But it serves as a prelude for tightening a military nexus between south Korea and Japan and accelerating in real earnest the tripartite military alliance led by the U.S. in the main…

The farce staged by the puppet regime to extend the agreement in the wake of the additional deployment of THAAD more vividly reveals their deep-rooted slavish submission and the shabby plight of the poor colonial stooges…

The puppet authorities will face strong anti-Japanese resistance of the south Korean public for their such foolish deed as pricking their own eyes with their fingers. -0-

Intelligence OnlineAI to the rescue of US intelligence in North Korea

SputnikChina Claims to Have Arrested Japanese Spy

Voltairenet (Manlio Dinucci) – The new Nato intelligence headquarter

IntelNews – More facts revealed about mystery sonic attacks on US embassy in Cuba

McClatchyDCU.S. does not believe Cuba is behind sonic attacks on American diplomats

Who then? He (or his CIA) that doth protest too much?…

L.A. TimesTrump blames Cuba for attacks on U.S. diplomats

Activist PostSPIDER: DARPA’s Program to Create a Web of Miniaturized Spy Satellites

High Ranking CIA Agent Blows Whistle On The Deep State And Shadow Government

Newsbud (Kurt Nimmo) – Pompeo Promises a “Much More Vicious” CIA.

Counterpunch (Douglas Valentine – Lars Schall) – The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime

Collective EvolutionDocument Surfaces Showing CIA’s Plans To Infiltrate Academia & Change University/College Curriculums

True PublicaMeet Le Cercle – Making Bilderberg Look Like Amateurs

New York TimesInside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded

CNBC (Youtube) – Interview With The Lifelike Hot Robot Named Sophia (Full)

Updates on old news…

Free Thought ProjectEntire Volume of CIA Files On Lee Harvey Oswald, Set to Be Released in October, Has ‘Gone Missing’

Zero HedgeTrump Confirms “All JFK Files Are Released” After Latest Clash With Spy Agencies

Not so fast…

Consortium News (Ray McGovern) – The Deep State’s JFK Triumph Over Trump

National ArchivesNational Archives Releases JFK Assassination Records

Evening StandardJFK files: Local UK newspaper warned of ‘big news’ by mystery caller 25 minutes before president shot dead

Mad Cow NewsThe JFK assassination and ‘Barry & ‘the boys’

University of Alaska FairbanksCollapse of World Trade Center Building 7

RT‘I was just doing my job’: Soviet officer who averted nuclear war dies at age 77

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