Trump beholden to neocons leaves Syria policy floundering… Saudi regime shift motivated to protect 9/11 perps?… USS Fitzgerald struck by AIS hack off coast of Japan?… Was Capitol Hill targeted to spark civil war?… much, much more…

…among the many questions raised with our headlines of interest for June into July 2017…

[Editor’s note: we will update this timeline, but expect the next edition to publish in the late summer, barring any major developments]

If it seemed that the month began on a happy note regarding U.S./Russia coordination in Syria, the situation soon devolved…

Al Monitor (June 1) – US, Russia hold secret talks over south Syria safe zone

RT (June 6) – US-led coalition destroys pro-government forces within deconfliction zone in Syria – Pentagon

Syrian Arab News AgencyForeign Ministry: Coalition’s attack on Syrian army is act of supporting terrorism

ReutersPro-Assad alliance threatens to hit U.S. positions in Syria

(June 8) – U.S. downs pro-Syrian drone that fired at coalition forces: spokesman

There is some question (@vszyb) about the time-stamp of the drone video.

Washington Free BeaconIranian Drone Shadows U.S. Forces In Syria Day Before Attack

Al Masdar NewsSyrian Army overruns US-backed rebels, recaptures strategic hilltop

(June 10) – US warplanes bomb ISIS neighborhoods in Raqqa with incendiary airstrikes

(June 12) – Humongous ISIS convoy allowed to escape Raqqa to fight the Syrian Army instead

Tolo NewsUS-led Coalition Colluding With Daesh In Syria: Russia

RT (June 16) – ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi reportedly killed in Russia-led airstrike – MoD

SputnikIranian Revolutionary Guard Confirms Daesh Chief Baghdadi is Dead

Tehran Times (June 18, videos at Alert 5) – Iran fires missiles at ISIS in Syria for Tehran attacks

SANAArmy general command: international coalition air force targets an army’s warplane in Raqqa countryside

Zero Hedge (June 19) – Russia Slams US Downing Of Syrian Jet As “Act Of Aggression” And “Support For Terrorists”

Alert 5This F/A-18E fired a AIM-9 and AIM-120 to down the Syrian Su-22

ABC NewsRussia warns it will treat US-led coalition jets in parts of Syria as targets after US downed Syrian plane

Washington ExaminerUS pilots will defend themselves as Russia threatens aircraft over Syria, Pentagon says

GuardianAustralia suspends air missions over Syria amid US-Russia tensions

Blacklisted News (Eric Zuesse) – Russia Announces No-Fly Zone in Syria — War Against U.S. In Mid-East

FOX News (June 20) – US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria

Spiritual leader of Islamic State killed May 31, announced June 20…

U.S. Central CommandCoalition forces killed Turki-al-Bin’ ali

ReutersIslamic State blows up historic Mosul mosque where it declared ‘caliphate’: Iraqi military

Al Masdar NewsTurkish troops arrive at northern Aleppo to fight Kurds

The Saker (June 23) – Kalibr cruise missiles strikes on ISIS targets in Syria by the Russian Navy

June 25: The latest from Seymour Hersh, now publishing even further afield from his original home at the NYT, as the London Review of Books proved too timid to challenge the orthodoxy regarding Assad and chemical weapons…

Welt am SonntagTrump’s Red Line

In this account of the early days of April, a broad swath of U.S. military and intelligence was well appraised of the immanent Syrian decapitation attack against a meeting of jihadist leadership at Khan Sheikhoun. The Russians had provided the Syrians with a guided missile containing conventional explosives, and in keeping with deconfliction protocol, informed U.S. and allied forces of the planned flight path. The “chemical attack” was likely a case of collateral damage as a result of stored materials in the same facility being released in a toxic cloud with the explosion. Following the attack, Hersh’s sources say that Trump was well appraised of the facts, but was too strongly affected by the ghastly televised images (of unknown provenance) to heed the caution of his intelligence community officials.

As if on cue, days before the publication of the Hersh article, DCI Mike Pompeo assures the public in an MSNBC interview that Trump is an “avid consumer” of IC product. Anticipatory damage control? It is noteworthy that Welt am Sonntag independently confirmed Hersh’s source – whether directly or indirectly, this would involve communications originating from a foreign location, and these were in all likelihood intercepted by CIA and/or NSA.

Excerpts from a chat protocol between “a security advisor and an active American soldier on duty at a key base in the region” as provided to Hersh…

April 6, 2017

American Soldier: We got a fuckin‘ problem

Security-Adviser: What happened? Is it the Trump ignoring the Intel and going to try to hit the Syrians? And that we’re pissing on the Russians?

AS: This is bad…Things are spooling up.

SA: You may not have seen trumps press conference yesterday. He’s bought into the media story without asking to see the Intel. We are likely to get our asses kicked by the Russians. Fucking dangerous. Where are the godamn adults? The failure of the chain of command to tell the President the truth, whether he wants to hear it or not, will go down in history as one of our worst moments.

AS: I don’t know. None of this makes any sense. We KNOW that there was no chemical attack. The Syrians struck a weapons cache (a legitimate military target) and there was collateral damage. That’s it. They did not conduct any sort of a chemical attack.

AS: And now we’re shoving a shit load of TLAMs (tomahawks) up their ass.

SA: There has been a hidden agenda all along. This is about trying to ultimately go after Iran…

And there’s the rub. In the article, Hersh notes that an “allied nation” (our guess: Israel) provided intercepts of Syrian communications…

U.S. intelligence was tasked with establishing what had happened. Among the pieces of information received was an intercept of Syrian communications collected before the attack by an allied nation. The intercept, which had a particularly strong effect on some of Trump’s aides, did not mention nerve gas or sarin, but it did quote a Syrian general discussing a “special” weapon and the need for a highly skilled pilot to man the attack plane. The reference, as those in the American intelligence community understood, and many of the inexperienced aides and family members close to Trump may not have, was to a Russian-supplied bomb with its built-in guidance system.

Hersh does not name the aides and family members, but it has already been widely reported that Ivanka and Jared Kushner had strong emotional reactions to the images. There are other motivations at play, however; likely among those pushing for a false interpretation of the images and intercepts were two holdovers from Michael Flynn’s brief tenure on the National Security Council – Ezra Cohen-Watnik and Derek Harvey – who have been persistently advocating U.S. escalation against Iran backed forces in Syria as a pathway for an ever widening conflict…

Foreign PolicyWhite House Officials Push for Widening War in Syria Over Pentagon Objections

The FP article is somewhat reassuring that the Pentagon brass will not allow the White House neocons to get very far with their agenda, unlike in the G.W. Bush administration where chicken-hawk neocons  Perle and Wolfowitz and Feith did prevail. There is some confirmation of this with a June 23 Pentagon press conference (transcript) where U.S. coalition spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon virtually roots for Assad and Iran-backed forces in their efforts to defeat ISIS, quoted in…

Moon of AlabamaLocked Into Al-Tanf U.S. Military Concedes It Lost The Race To Occupy South-East Syria

We are here to fight ISIS as a coalition, but if others want to fight ISIS and defeat them, then we absolutely have no problem with that. And as they move eastward toward Abu Kamal and to Deir Ezzour, if we — as long as we can de-conflict and make sure that we can focus on what it is we’re there to do, without having any kind of strategic mishaps with the regime or with pro-regime forces or with Russians, then that is — we’re perfectly happy with that.

Our emphasis, since we can count on the neocons to game for those “strategic mishaps”… Lo and behold, the day after Hersh’s article…

APUS cites preparations for chemical weapons attack in Syria

Operative term: “it appeared” that Syria was going to launch another chemical attack. And then they didn’t. What if, however, as with what was reported by Hersh, another decapitation strike was being prepared with conventional weapons against the rebel leadership? Then IS and other jihadist forces get a little more breathing space, just as they were being suffocated…

ReutersU.S. says its warning appears to have averted Syrian chemical attack

ThereAreNoSunglasses (translation of RT France) – Predicted Chemical Weapons Provocation Materializes In East Ghouta…NOW WHAT?

GuardianSarin used in April Syria attack, chemical weapons watchdog confirms

Fort Russ (translating Русской Весны) – OPCW report on sarin at Idlib based on terrorist sources — Syrian Foreign Ministry

(translating Al Mayadeen) – Israeli Air Force Raids Syria Right After the Syrian Forces Annihilate at Least 45 Al Nusra Front Terrorists

ISIS and the Coalition Forces Jointly Attack the Village in Syria, Coalition Forces Admit to Have Used White Phosphorous in Raqqah 

(translating SANA) – “We Have Evidence US and its Allies Are Secretly Providing Cover for Al Nusra/Tahrir Al Sham Terrorists” – Lavrov

Global Research (Stephen Lendman) – More Evidence of US Support for ISIS

Guardian (Seumas Milne) – Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq

Free Thought ProjectDeclassified Docs Prove US Gov’t Knowingly Armed ISIS, Claimed Weapons Were ‘Lost’

As for the moral outrage expressed over the atrocity exhibition du jour – as seen on TV – the pleas of humanity coming from a Bush, Obama, Clinton or Trump ring hollow in light of these things not seen so much on TV…

(AP) – They Were ‘Grilled Alive’: US Govt Exposed Running Nazi-Like Torture Program

IndependentUS-led coalition admits killing at least 484 civilians in air strikes against Isis in Syria and Iraq

AntiwarUS Airstrikes Hit Apartments in Raqqa, Kill 43 Civilians

Al Masdar NewsUS-backed forces cutoff water to over 1 million people in Aleppo City

NPRU.S.-Led Coalition Has Used White Phosphorus In Fight For Mosul, General Says

Middle East EyeAfter Mosul: The coming break-up of Iraq and end of the Middle East

Concurrent with the events in Syria, the “get Iran” crowd enjoyed shake-ups in the Gulf…

Another Day In The EmpireSaudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, UAE Sever Ties with Qatar Over Terrorism

Zero Hedge (FT) – The Shocking Trigger Behind Today’s Gulf Scandal: Qatar Paid Al-Qaeda, Iran $1BN In Hostage Deal

(June 6) – Terrorists Raid Iran Parliament, Mausoleum; Gunmen, Suicide Bombers Leave At Least 12 DeadISIS Releases A Video Of Iran Parliament Attack

Fars News AgencyIran’s IRGC Vows to Avenge Tehran Terrorist Attacks

Leader Plays Down Tehran Attacks as Fireworks, Says Incident Proves Preciseness of Iran’s Strategy

Mehr News AgencyFemale terrorist of Tehran terror attacks in custody

Middle East EyeIranian Revolutionary Guard blames Saudi Arabia for Tehran attack

BloombergTop Middle East Ports Shun Qatar as Saudis Tighten Isolation

Wayne Madsen ReportJune 7-8, 2017 — Adelson, Israel behind Gulf Arab split

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and Israeli interests he funds are behind a series of computer hacking incidents that have resulted in a serious split between Qatar, the home of the U.S. Central Command’s massive Al-Udeid airbase, and a bloc of Qatar’s erstwhile Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) allies that include Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.

WMR has learned from unimpeachable intelligence sources who monitor Adelson’s worldwide activities that the casino tycoon has used the neo-conservative and Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and like-minded groups, all with close propaganda links to the Israeli government, to spread falsehoods attributed to the Emir of Qatar and the UAE government. The reason for the propaganda operation is to drive a wedge between Arab states that take a strong stand against Iran and those who maintain cordial ties to Iran. …

InterceptHacked Emails Show Top UAE Diplomat Coordinating With Pro-Israel Think Tank Against Iran

Al MonitorSaudi foreign policy pushes Iran, Turkey closer

ReutersTurkey rejects call to shut military base in Qatar

The DuranTURKEY: new accusations against UAE for financing anti-Erdogan coup

Al JazeeraTurkish parliament approves troop deployment in Qatar

Middle East EyeRevealed: Secret details of Turkey’s new military pact with Qatar

The Trump effect: How the political offensive against Qatar started

Intelligence OnlineHow Washington allowed the anti-Qatar offensive to come into being

Thiel seeks to share Palantir and SpaceX with Gulf

Notwithstanding the now singled out “bad guy” on the block, there is still money to be made…

AntiwarUS and Qatar seal $12bn deal for F-15 fighter jets

BBCHow BAE sold cyber-surveillance tools to Arab states

Intelligence OnlineUNITED ARAB EMIRATES/ISRAEL 07/06/2017 Diplomatic row over arms contract negotiating protocol

The Times (June 17) – Trade talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia mark a historic first

TelegraphUAE warned US it could end intelligence cooperation over 9/11 victims claims

The Saudi royals are also liable to 9/11 claims; they could at the very least be asked to testify as material witnesses, which prospect perhaps was a factor in deposing Muhammad bin Nayef as Crown Prince. Though Nayef has been heralded as the “Prince of counterterrorism” (Brookings), he was an official in the interior ministry beginning two years before 9/11. His father, Nayef bin Abdul-Azziz, dubbed the Black Prince for his close alignment with the Wahhabi spiritual leaders, had supported Osama bin Laden’s alliance with the mujahedin in Afghanistan and was slow to recognize Al Qaeda as a threat; when 9/11 came, he said of the Saudi 15 out of 19 alleged hijackers, that they were simply “dupes in a Zionist plot”. The elder Nayef died before he could assume the throne, leaving Nayef the son in his place, until the usurpation by the much younger Mohammad bin Salman (who had only turned 16 on Aug. 31, 2001)…

GuardianMohammed bin Salman al-Saud: the hothead who would be king

Zero Hedge (June 21) – After Shocking Saudi Shakeup “Not A Question Of If But When New Escalation With Iran Starts”

(NYT, Reuters) – Saudi Deny Deposed Saudi Crown Prince Barred From Leaving Kingdom, “Confined To Palace”

AhlulBayt News Agency18 Israeli fighter jets landed in Saudi Arabia to prevent coup

Middle East Monitor ( – Saudi prince reveals ‘US conditions’ for Mohamed Bin Salman to be king

Consortium News (Alastair Crooke) – How Israeli/Saudi ‘Alliance’ Plays Trump

Similar motivations would seem to be driving policy in the UK as well…

RTTheresa May ‘sitting’ on UK terrorism funding report to protect Saudi allies

Mint Press News (IGA) – Report: Saudi Arabia Hid Knowledge Of Saudi Students In U.S. Who Joined ISIS

Fars News Agency (June 22) – Whistle-Blower: Saudi Arabia, UAE Plotting to Stage Coup in Qatar

Guardian (June 23) – Qatar given 10 days to meet 13 sweeping demands by Saudi Arabia

Middle East Eye‘An attack on free thought’: Middle East Eye responds to Saudi demands

UAE crown prince asked US to bomb Al Jazeera, says 2003 cable

Daily MailAttack on Grand Mosque in Mecca is foiled as suspect blows himself up after a gunfight with Saudi security forces as Ramadan nears climax

As the 10 day ultimatum expires…

Zero Hedge (July 3) – Saudi Grants Qatar 2-Day Ultimatum Extension As Saudi King Unexpectedly Skips G-20 Summit

Strategic-Culture (Peter Korzun) – NATO Launches Its Own Operation in the Middle East

Daily SabahGermany to start moving its planes from Incirlik in July

Penny for your thoughtsTurkey/US Relations Nosedive & Brett McGurk as Lawrence of Kurdistan?

Al MonitorTurkey wary of NATO’s decision to join fight against IS

German troops poised to leave Turkey for Jordan

IDF prepares for future of war in region

Netanyahu dictates agenda in meeting with US envoys

USS George H. W. Bush arrives in Israeli port on July 1…

Ynet NewsUS aircraft carrier to dock in Haifa

AangirfanIsraeli Commandos in Cyprus

Wall Street JournalIsrael Gives Secret Aid to Syrian Rebels

Moon of AlabamaIsrael’s Fire Support For Its Al-Qaeda Mercenaries Started Three Years Ago

TasnimIsraeli Warplanes Hit Multiple Targets in Gaza Strip

Islamic Republic News AgencyIranian, Chinese joint military exercises kick off in Persian Gulf

Arab NewsSaudi navy has foiled terror attack on offshore oilfield — SPA

Middle East EyeTehran says Saudi coastguard killed Iranian fisherman

Alert 5 (Saudi Press Agency) – Missile attack on UAE vessel off Yemen

Abna24Four Saudi troops killed by Yemeni snipers in Asir

GeoPolitics AlertSaudi Arabia Conducts Over 50 Air Raids on Yemen in Just 24 Hours

Antiwar (N.Y.Times) – US Aid Coordinator in Yemen Also Oversaw Commando Shipments

NBC NewsPentagon Uses New Authority to Strike Somali Terrorist Outpost

Voice of AmericaUS Strike Targets Al-Shabab in Somalia

News24Jihadists kill two, kidnap others in Mali army camp attack

IntelNewsEmiratis, Saudis, secretly assisting Libyan rebels with air power, says UN

Intelligence OnlinePutin moves up a gear in his support for General Haftar

Africa IntelligenceLibyan Wings soars over anti-Belhadj blockade… for now

Battle for control of the BSIC, Gaddafi’s former nest egg in the Sahel

Maghreb ConfidentialLiberation of Saif sparks off tribal bidding war

Gaddafi’s supporters return home

Fort Russ (translating Mathaba Media) – Support for the return of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

(L’Antidiplomatico) – ICC calls for immediate arrest of Saif-al-Islam Gaddafi

The DuranThe mysterious fate of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

Newsbud (Bas Spliet) – The ‘Humanitarian’ Destruction of Libya – Part 2: Gaddafi and NATO, a History of DeceptionPart 3: The War on Africa

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Morocco World News) – Morocco Leads the Mavericks, Refusing To Bend To Saudies/Emiratis On Qatar

Al Bashir fires minister Taha Osman Ahmed al Hussein returning from Riyadh; accused as CIA asset…

Indian Ocean Newsletter  – Khartoum strictly neutral in Qatar dispute

Eritrea, everybody’s favorite enemy

Middle East MonitorReport: Saudi Arabia paid Egypt $25bn for Red Sea islands

Center for Public IntegrityTrump appointee is a Saudi government lobbyist

Wolf Street“Largest Single Arms Deal in US History” Turns into “Fake News”

ReutersLockheed nears $37 billion-plus deal to sell F-35 jet to 11 countries

‘Axis of love’: Saudi-Russia detente heralds new oil order


The DuranSaudi Arabia won’t “go soft” on Putin anymore, vows to destroy “Russian forces in Syria in 3 days”

Voltairenet (Thierry Meyssan) – A wind of secularism blows over the Muslim world

On the eastern front…

Yonhap News Agency (June 7) – Cheong Wa Dae says deployment of THAAD should be suspended for now

Hours later, as if making a sales pitch for the Pentagon…

N. Korea fires multiple ballistic missiles: S. Korean military

Yet it remains a hard sell…

Strategic-CultureSouth Korea Delays THAAD Deployment – What Next?

Alert 5 (Chosunilbo) – China wants to inspect THAAD battery in South Korea

(Reuters) – North Korean drone was spying on THAAD site before it crashed

Shades of the USS Liberty?…

Zero Hedge (June 17) – Seven Sailors Missing After US Navy Destroyer Collides With Merchant Vessel Off Japan

US Destroyer Nearly Sunk After Deadly Collision; Bodies Of Seven US Sailors Found

ReutersAn hour passed before Japan authorities were notified of Fitzgerald collision

U.S. likely to bar Japan investigators from interviewing warship crew, official says

U.S. warship stayed on deadly collision course despite warning-container ship captain

Washington Free BeaconFreighter Was On Autopilot When It Hit U.S. Destroyer

Wayne Madsen suggests AIS hacking involved (see our April 23, 2016 for other possible instances of AIS manipulation)…

WMRJune 26-27, 2017 — U.S. Navy heading into cover-up mode in collision of the USS Fitzgerald

U.S. Navy sources report to WMR that the Navy is heading into familiar cover-up mode in the official investigation of the collision of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62) with the ACX Crystal, a Philippines-flagged container ship manned by a Filipino crew of 20. The collision, which killed seven U.S. Navy sailors who drowned in a flooded below-water line berthing compartment, took place near Japan’s Izu Peninsula on June 17 at 2:20 am local time. The Crystal  was under charter to a Japanese firm, Nippon Yusen KK (NYK), and was en route from Nagoya to Tokyo. The Crystal’s registration holder is Sinbanali Shipping, Inc. based in Manila, and its actual owner is Dainichi-Invest Corporation of Kobe, Japan.

The Navy’s investigation of the incident is headed by Rear Admiral Brian Fort, a Navy nuclear power-trained surface warfare officer. The Fitzgerald is not nuclear powered but driven by four gas turbine engines.

Significant questions have been raised internally within the U.S. Navy about the Crystal’s pre-collision series of bizarre maneuvers, including “corkscrew” turns. Such maneuvers are practically unheard of for merchant vessels, particularly container ships, which follow direct routes in order to save time and money. After the odd series of turns, the Crystal struck the Fitzgerald amidship.

The Crystal waited for almost an entire hour before it reported the collision to the Japanese Coast Guard, a factor that may have led to the seven fatalities aboard the Fitzgerald. The Crystal, which was heading east toward Tokyo from Nagoya, turned around off the Izu Peninsula, completing a full circle, before making a sharp right turn and striking the Fitzgerald. Plainly put, the container ship, which is three times the size of the Fitzgerald, appears to have turned around purposely in order to collide with the Navy destroyer.

[jpg] Crystal made a circular course deviation prior to the one that resulted in the collision with the Fitzgerald

There is also the curious fact that the Crystal engaged in approximately the same circle pattern before making the same series of turns just prior to colliding with the Fitzgerald. It is as if the Crystal was making a dry run test some 45 nautical miles to the west of the impact point before making the actual fatal right turn into the Fitzgerald.

[jpg] The Crystal veered off course twice prior to colliding with the Fitzgerald

The Crystal’s charter company, NYK, reports the collision occurred at 1:30 am and the Japanese Coast Guard has come around to agree with that as the time of the incident. The commander of the 7th Fleet, Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin, has offered no explanation for the 50 minute time discrepancy for the collision between the Crystal’s crew, NYK, and the Japanese Coast Guard and the Navy. There is also the curious event of President Trump waiting two entire days before tweeting his condolences to the families of the drowned Navy sailors.

Several questions will dominate the Navy’s investigation. First, why was the Crystal navigating on unsupervised autopilot in one of the busiest shipping channels in the world? Why did the Fitzgerald’s state-of-the-art combat information center, in addition to the bridge watch section, not detect the presence of a ship three times the destroyer’s size? Why didn’t the starboard lookout on board the Fitzgerald detect that his ship was in extremis from the well-known danger signals of a vessel on a constant bearing with decreasing range? Why did the Fitzgerald not know of the Crystal’s close proximity via the container ship’s Automatic Identification System’s (AIS) repeated VHF radio transmissions? Although U.S. Navy ships have similar AIS systems, they often disable them when on sensitive missions. However, Navy ships routinely turn on their AIS systems when under the control systems of local vessel tracking services (VTS), such as the Tokyo Bay VTS. AIS systems are installed on some 400,000 ships, navigation buoys, lighthouses, and offshore oil drilling platforms around the world. If the Fitzgerald’s AIS was activated, there should have been a warning on both vessels of the Crystal’s close proximity. The Crystal’s AIS was squawking its location at the time of the collision, as evidenced by its track being transmitted to various websites, including

[jpg] Two U.S. Navy navigational incidents in five months in Tokyo Bay have Navy officials concerned about maritime cyber-hijacking. Left: USS Fitzgerald after collision with container vessel. Right: USS Antietam after running aground in Tokyo Bay in January 2017.

In January of this year, the Navy’s Ticonderoga-class cruiser USS Antietam (CG-54) ran aground in Tokyo harbor, near the Navy facility at Yokosuka. The cause of the incident, which resulted in a leak of 1100 gallons of hydraulic oil, but no injuries, remains as murky as the collision outside of Tokyo harbor between the Fitzgerald and Crystal.

There is one scenario that has some Navy officials extremely alarmed. They fear that the Crystal  may have fallen victim to maritime cyber-hijacking of its Automatic Identification System and Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS). Some “white hat” hackers have previously hacked AIS systems, causing them to cease broadcasting their locations. In one case, hackers corrupting an AIS system managed to have a tug boat disappear from the Mississippi River. Not only did the tug disappear, but the hackers manipulated the AIS data to have it reappear on a lake in downtown Dallas, Texas. ECDIS, which replaces paper nautical charts, can also be hacked because its components of AIS, Navtex (navigational telex), radar, and depth sounders are all vulnerable to data manipulation. The satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) has fallen victim to similar cyber-hacking attacks.

Although the U.S. intelligence community would rather not reveal the extent of the vulnerability of ships to cyber-hijacking on the high seas, it is believed that North Korea, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Iran, Israel, Australia, India, and the United Kingdom are among the nations that possess such a capability. Even pirates based in Somalia have shown an interest in cyber-hacking to support their plunder on the high seas.

The Crystal’s crew was reportedly asleep during the ship’s odd turning patterns and the autopilot’s warning system appears to have been disabled. However, the hacking of the Crystal’s navigation system does not explain the failure of the Fitzgerald to detect the container ship, unless the Fitzgerald’s combat information center, including navigation and radar systems, also came under a cyber-attack. If the vessels fell victim to a simultaneous cyber-attack and there was any intelligence pointing in that direction, it would explain why the White House waited two full days to comment on the incident and send condolences, albeit via Twitter, to the victims’ families.

A White House that thrives on a lack of transparency, coupled with the Navy’s long tradition of obfuscation and faulty investigations into such incidents as the June 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, the July flight deck fire on board the USS Forrestal, the sinking of the submarine USS Scorpion in 1968, the 1989 explosion of a gun turret on the USS Iowa, the 2000 terrorist attack in Aden harbor on the USS Cole, the January 2001 collision between the submarine USS Greenville and Japanese fishing trawler Ehime Maru, and countless others, will likely result in the real reason for the Fitzgerald-Crystal collision never being revealed.

FOX News (June 19) – Otto Warmbier dead: Trump condemns ‘brutal’ North Korea regime

WLWT (Cincinnati) – Coroner: Otto Warmbier’s family objects to autopsy

@realDonaldTrump (June 20) – While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!

Yonhap (June 21) – N. Korea is open to moratorium on nuclear, missile tests: report

(June 22) – N. Korea conducts rocket engine test in suspected ICBM development: report

Korea TimesMoon observes test-firing of new ROK ballistic missile

DPRK celebrates U.S. Independence Day…

RTPyongyang claims to have fired first ICBM

Korean Central News AgencyReport of DPRK Academy of Defence Science

Pyongyang, July 4 (KCNA) — The Academy of Defence Science of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea released the following report Tuesday:

Scientists and technicians of the DPRK Academy of Defence Science successfully carried out the test-fire of inter-continental ballistic rocket Hwasong-14, newly researched and developed by them under the strategic decision of Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army.

The rocket blasted off from the northwestern part of the DPRK at 9:00, July 4, Juche 106 (2017) to make 39 minute flight along its pre-set trajectory before accurately hitting the target waters in the open sea in the East Sea of Korea.

The test-launch was carried out at the maximum angle launch system and had no adverse effect on the security of neighboring countries.

The rocket flew 933km, reaching an altitude of 2, 802km.

Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of our party, state and the army, personally observed the process of the test-launch in field and solemnly declared before the world its shining success.

The success in the test-fire of inter-continental ballistic rocket Hwasong-14, final gate to rounding off the state nuclear force, at just one go is a powerful manifestation of the invincible state might and the tremendous capability of the self-reliant national defence industry of Juche Korea that has advanced at a remarkably rapid pace under the great Workers’ Party of Korea’s new line on the simultaneous development of the two fronts, and a great auspicious event to be specially recorded in the history of the DPRK which has long craved for powerful defence capabilities.

As a full-fledged nuclear power that has been possessed of the most powerful inter-continental ballistic rocket capable of hitting any part of the world, along with nuclear weapons, the DPRK will fundamentally put an end to the U.S. nuclear war threat and blackmail and reliably defend the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula and the region. -0-

Alert 5Hwasong-14 ICBM test-firing video from KCTV

If war should come, what is the principle motivating factor? This?…

38 NorthNorth Korea Nuclear EMP Attack: An Existential Threat

Or this?…

QuartzNorth Korea is sitting on trillions of dollars of untapped wealth, and its neighbors want in

Rense (Yoichi Shimatzu) – Israeli Lobby And Obama Served Up Warm Beer To Cold Korea

KTOO (Juneau, Alaska) – Kodiak to host test for Israeli interceptor missile

Intelligence OnlineGEOINT “Three Eyes” ready for take-off in the Pacific

Zero HedgeChina Sends Warships, Fighter Jets To Intercept US Destroyer In South China Sea

AntiwarUS Troops Are Inside ISIS-Held Philippines City of Marawi

SITEIS Operative Indicates IS Responsibility for Resorts World Manila Attack

InquirerDuterte: Resorts World attack work of ‘crazy man,’ not Islamic State

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Manila Bulletin) – Philippines Claims Maute Terrorists Nearly Mopped-Up

ReutersSeven U.S. soldiers wounded in insider attack at Afghan base: official

APTroop plan for Afghanistan seeks to regain battlefield edge

ThereAreNoSunglasses (June 3) – Mourners of Yesterday’s Kabul Protesters Deaths Attacked By Suicide-Bombers At Funeral

(June 23 Reuters) – TTP Terrorist Remnants Murder 40 In Parachinar and Quetta, Pakistan

(The Times of Islamabad) – Afghan Air Force mysteriously drops weapons supply to ISIS-Khorasan 2 days ahead of blasts in Pakistan: Russia

(The Times) – British SAS—Terrorists Or Storm-Troopers?

Pentagon/CIA Repackages Afghan Govt. Terrorist Force As “The Renouncers”

ReutersChina, Kyrgyzstan border forces hold exercises to stop arms smuggling

Труд350 diplomatic flights carry weapons for terrorists

New Eastern Outlook (Tony Cartalucci) – ISIS “Coincidentally” Appears Along China’s One Belt, One Road

Asia Times (Pepe Escobar) – Fear and loathing on the Afghan Silk Road

The DiplomatIndia and Pakistan to Join SCO, Is Iran Next?

Daily PakistanIran operating drones in Balochistan since March

India TimesSCO could give platform to India, Pakistan to resolve disputes: Chinese media

Strategic-Culture (Wayne Madsen) – Conflict Danger Atop the ‘Roof of the World’

On the western front…

Baltic TimesNATO to closely follow Russia, China, Belarus drills near Baltic borders

ReutersRussia scrambles jet fighter to intercept U.S. bomber over Baltics

FOX NewsArmed Russian jet comes within 5 feet of US recon jet

RTRussian Su-27 warns off NATO F-16 trying to approach defense minister’s plane over Baltic (VIDEO)

Daily MailUS deploys all its nuclear-capable strategic bombers to Britain for the first time amid growing tensions with Russia

TASSRussian submarine successfully test-fires Bulava intercontinental missile

Fort RussRussia Successfully Completes Tests of its Brand New Hypersonic Missile

(Русская весна) – Spy craft: US drone carries out an unprecedented flight along Russian border

The SakerUkraine escalates an armed conflict in Donbass

Novorossia TodayNazi Ukraine Junta Continues It’s Madness Of Bombing Civilian Areas Of Lugansk Republic As OSCE SMM Ignores The Ceasefire Violations Committed By The Poroshenko Regime ! (Report Lt. Col Marochko LPR)

Больше пострадавших от обстрела украинских боевиков. В Ясиноватском районе ранены 3 мирных – translated at Fort Russ: Children and civilians killed, wounded by Ukrainian shelling

Fort Russ translations…

Новости Донецкой РеспубликиUkraine resumes offensive against Donbass – 4 localities shelled in past day

Новости Донецкой РеспубликиUS advisers arrive in Donbass, offer further support to Ukraine

Новости Донецкой РеспубликиUkrainian intelligence Boss killed in car blast

Zero HedgeExplosion At US Embassy In Ukraine After Device Thrown Inside Compound In “Terrorist Act”

LiveLeak (June 17) – US Senate approves Russian sanctions over Russia’s actios in Ukraine

(June 20) – President Trump Meets with President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine

Fort Russ (Политнавигатор) – Ex-Foreign Minister of Ukraine: Trump received Poroshenko as president of Banana Republic

(Русская весна) – “Putin restoring the world order that was violated by the US” – Oliver Stone

World Socialist Web SiteGermany issues stinging rebuke of US sanctions against Russia

ReutersWarning of U.S. desertion, EU chief calls for European defense

RT‘European army is inevitable’ – German defense commissioner

Gatestone InstituteGermany: Police Powerless Against Middle Eastern Crime Gangs

Skirmishes in the Clash of Civilizations on LiveLeak

Chaos at Brussels station as reported terror attack

Video Footage of the Hammer Attack in Paris

UK: Attacker arrested amid chaos outside Muslim Welfare House in Finsbury Park

The SunSECONDS FROM SLAUGHTER London Bridge attack – Moment sick terrorists stroll past pub mid-van and knife rampage – as PM declares war on extremism

Telegraph‘They shouted ‘this is for Allah’, as they stabbed indiscriminately’ – How the London terror attack unfolded

The DuranCNN BUSTED using crisis actors to stage “Muslim outrage” in London after terror attacks

Medium (Nafeez Ahmed) – ISIS recruiter who radicalised London Bridge attackers was protected by MI5

From Behind Enemy LinesSalman Abedi’s suitcase, and the far more interesting (but hidden) Libyan dimension

Mark CurtisA London attacker’s links to UK covert operations in Syria and Libya

Corbyn gains in UK elections…

LiberationReport from London: How Corbyn defied all odds

ReutersElection debacle leaves UK government in a minority on eve of Brexit talks

BBCConservatives agree pact with DUP to support May government

Daily MailFears of a Grenfell Tower cover-up as Labour MP who lost artist friend urges police to carry out raids to stop firms and councils from destroying evidence

Wolf Street“Bail-In” Era for Europe’s Banking Crisis Begins 

Unicorn Riot (July 4) – #NoG20 Protests: Live Updates from Germany

Truth and Shadows (review of J. Michael Springmann’s Goodbye Europe? Hello, Chaos?: Merkel’s Migrant Bomb) – Manufactured migrants are tools in U.S. Empire’s ‘grand chessboard’

Zero Hedge (RT, BBC) – Italy Furious After Austria Deploys Troops, Armored Vehicles To Border

GuardianBilderberg 2017: secret meeting of global leaders could prove a problem for Trump

Prison PlanetBilderberg Schemes to Overthrow Trump

BloombergTrump to Exit Climate Pact as Allies Deride Call for Do-Over

GuardianWorld leaders react after Trump rejects Paris climate deal

China and California sign deal to work on climate change without Trump

KING5 (Seattle) – Inslee forms ‘US Climate Alliance’ with New York, California governors

OPBOregon Will Join Climate Change Coalition To Meet Paris Goals

Boston GlobeMass. joins other states to fulfill U.S. pledges on carbon

David Y. IgeGOVERNOR’S OFFICE NEWS RELEASE: Hawai‘i becomes first state to enact law that aligns with Paris agreement

Front PageThe Treasonous Secession of Climate Confederacy States

Today in PoliticsCalifornia Takes the First Step Toward Secession

If it happens, the flag can remain the same…

NPRPuerto Rico Votes For U.S. Statehood In Non-Binding Referendum

Patrick J. BuchananAre We Nearing Civil War?

American EverymanWhat is this New McCarthyism Really About? What’s Old is New Again

Doug Wead, a long time friend of the Bush dynasty (see Feb. 20, 2005 N.Y. Times) openly proclaims the coup…

SHTFPlanDeep State Operatives Attempt A Coup d’état Of Donald Trump

Steve PieczenikSame Old CIA

Was the coup set to turn bloody on Capitol Hill?…

The Hill (June 13) – Senate Republicans crack down on press access

Did George Webb’s presence prompt the change? The day previous he was visiting Senators, including Rand Paul, there to alert them of his investigation of the Awan brothers (which he claims is a Pakistani ISI spy ring), then Youtube posting from the Senate office building “Bullpen” – Day 234.6. Hillary’s Leakers Hackers and Henchmen

Then on June 14, from another bullpen…

Zero HedgeMultiple People Shot, Including House Majority Whip, At Congressional Baseball Practice; Shooter Dead

SHTFPlanShocking Footage: The Terrifying Moment Crazed Gunman Opened Fire On GOP Lawmakers

ABC NewsJames Hodgkinson, man who opened fire on GOP congressmen, turned online rage into real-world violence

St. Louis DispatchShooter had long history of run-ins with police around Belleville, Ill.

Belleville News-DemocratJames Hodgkinson’s life from home inspector to congressional shooter

Belleville_Strange (Voat) – Something Strange- 51 botched cases and 53 children deaths reported by investigative journalist in Belleville (pizzagate) – Of special note, in the June 6 Belleville News-Democrat, following a tip from the wife of Jason Quate, who is charged with sex trafficking in Las Vegas, NV: Child’s body found in garage; Belleville Police conducting homicide investigation

Among the targets on the Del Ray practice field, including one of the Senators whom George Webb met with two days previously, discussing the Awan brothers spy ring…

Lexington Herald-Leader‘We had no weapons and no place to hide.’ Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul describes shooting.

Seriously injured, the House Majority Whip…

Rep. Steve Scalise (Youtube) – Fighting Human Trafficking

Rep. Brad Wenstrup, the physician and colleague who probably saved Scalise’s life, in a June 6 Op-Ed…

Cincinnati EnquirerHuman trafficking: As easy as ordering a pizza

Hagmann ReportThe Virginia Shooting is Tied to Sex Trafficking

A list found in his pocket included members of the Republican Freedom Caucus…

Daily CallerAssassination List Found On James Hodgkinson’s Body

George “Webb” Sweigert arrested Thursday morning, June 15, after warning of DU attack on Charleston, SC…

Times Recorder (Zanesville OH) – Man who allegedly reported dirty bomb in Charleston arrested in Zanesville

Post & CourierConspiracy theorist who posted videos about a ‘dirty bomb’ threat: ‘I never said shut the Port of Charleston down’

See thread at Lunatic Outpost for summary Webb’s claims: The Maersk Memphis Ship, shipments of nuclear waste to the US, smuggling of items & more.

This was the day after the assassination attempt against congressmen…

Belleville News-DemocratEdwardsville man charged with threatening to assassinate President Trump

Redshirts vs. brownshirts…

American MirrorMore left-wing terrorism: Trump supporter stabbed 9 times in parking lot

Al JazeeraMuslim girl killed after leaving mosque in Virginia

Gilad AtzmonPhysically Attacked by Antifa

ABC NewsDashcam video from police shooting of Philando Castile released

Star-Trubune (Minnesota) – Hours after officer Yanez is found not guilty in fatal shooting of Philando Castile, marchers close I-94

InterceptAs Standing Rock Camps Cleared Out, TigerSwan Expanded Surveillance to Array of Progressive Causes

Activist PostNew Video Emerges of #NoDAPL Provocateurs Setting Vehicles on Fire

Free Thought ProjectFBI Agent Indicted for Lying About the Killing of Lavoy Finicum

It’s Going Down!Oregon Republicans to Use Militia for Security

The Alt-Right Agrees: It’s Members Are Pizzagating Young Boys

Counter Propa (Caitlin Johnstone) – Want To Resist Trump Without Being A Corporate Tool? Focus On War Crimes

Civil war on 2D battlefield: with his Twitter cannon, Trump has been decrying the “failing” New York Times, which the NYT has denied, until reality caught up…

Zero HedgeRebellion At The NYTimes: Newsroom To Walk Out After “Decrying Direction Of Paper”

BuzzFeedThree CNN Employees Resign Over Retracted Russia Story – preserved at Wayback MachineCongress investigating Russian investment fund with ties to Trump officials

Project VeritasAmerican Pravda: CNN Part 1, Russia narrative is all about “ratings”Van Jones: Russia is “Nothing burger” — American Pravda: CNN Part II

N.Y. TimesTrump Tweets a Video of Him Wrestling ‘CNN’ to the Ground

There goes “Russiagate” as it has been pimped by the MSM for nearly a year. Yet, where the story may have legs, there has been relatively little coverage…

Wayne Madsen ReportJune 13-14, 2017 — As Mueller focused on Trump’s RICO crimes, special prosecutor Mueller became Trump’s latest target

Donald Trump may be a lot of things, but being a poker player is not one of them. Trump showed his hand when he began floating the idea through surrogates that he is considering firing Robert Mueller as special prosecutor in the investigation of the “Russia matter.” In fact, the investigation of Trump and his associates has never been about the James Bond-esque story line that Russian hackers flipped a U.S. presidential election with advanced software weapons.

Far from choosing a team of prosecutors familiar with Russian espionage, Mueller chose for his team largely those with experience in uncovering major corporate fraud and criminal political chicanery. Mueller tapped as one of his chief investigators Justice Department’s Criminal Division chief of the fraud section Andrew Weissmann, who headed the Enron Task Force and prosecuted mafia gangsters while working for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn. Weissmann’s knowledge of the criminal syndicates based in Brooklyn, especially in Brighton Beach, provides a clue as to Mueller’s interest in Trump’s and Jared Kushner’s business associates who call Brooklyn their home.

Mueller’s choice of assistant Watergate prosecutor James Quarles also provides some insight as to where Mueller is focusing his probe of the Trump administration: the cover-up in addition to the underlying possible criminal offenses. Based on the Trump Organization’s myriad of dubious business links, these underlying crimes include money laundering, tax evasion, witness intimidation, smuggling, bribery, extortion, insider trading, forgery, perjury, illegal gambling, wire fraud, extortion, and last, but not least, murder-for-hire.

In other words, prosecutors specializing in Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) matters are more beneficial to Mueller than those with backgrounds in prosecuting national security cases. Mueller, himself, cut his teeth as a RICO prosecutor in going after the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) while serving as Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division of DOJ.

Trump is clearly worried about anyone in Justice or the FBI familiar with New York criminal mob operations, especially those linked to what the FBI calls “Eurasian” organized crime syndicates based in Brooklyn. All of the DOJ and FBI officials fired after being pressured into some form of “cooperation” by Trump — FBI director James Comey; U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara; and Acting Attorney General Sally Yates — were knowledgeable about the “Eurasian” syndicates. Eurasian is the politically-correct term for the Jewish mafia, which has its roots in the former Soviet Union but which has extended its business influence and multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise to the United States.

It is Mueller’s focus on Trump’s past and current business activities that has made the former FBI director the latest target of Trump for possible firing. While he was still president-elect, Trump attempted to work out quid pro quos with Bharara and Comey, offering to let them remain in their jobs in return for their “cooperation” with the new administration. In fact, in March, just two days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions held a DOJ team effort “pep talk” conference call with Bharara and 45 other Obama-appointed U.S. Attorneys who had not yet submitted their resignations, he fired Bharara and all the other conference call participants. Trump had previously told Bharara he wanted to keep him in his job. The fired U.S. Attorneys thought it odd that they would be fired so soon after Sessions’s morale-boosting conference call, one in which he gave no hint that their jobs in the immediate future were in jeopardy. Bharara has indicated that he believes that Trump wanted to clean house of anyone in DOJ who might pose a threat to him and his close associates.

Trump had particular reason to fear Bharara. The chief federal prosecutor in Manhattan had indicted several members of the “Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization,” a “Eurasian” syndicate that had operated from several condominiums located in the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue and right under the nose of Trump and the Trump Organization hierarchy. Trump’s personal attorney Marc Kasowitz, someone who gives new meaning to the term “shyster,” is being quoted as telling Trump, “This guy is going to get you,” a reference to Bharara. Kasowitz’s warning helped convince Trump to sack Bharara.

In addition to the Taiwanchik-Trincher syndicate, other suspicious elements, including the criminal “Kazakhstan Trio” and close Trump assistant Felix Sater, an ex-con, all operated from the Trump Tower. Add Paul Manafort, who is linked to criminally-suspect oligarchs Dmytro Firtash and Oleg Deripaska, to the other dubious characters having residences in Trump Tower, there is little wonder why the FBI and the National Security Agency had a full-court electronic surveillance net over the building during the 2016 presidential campaign. This surveillance of criminal activity by the FBI and NSA is what prompted Trump to accuse President Obama of “wiretapping” him during the campaign. During his recent public testimony, Comey asked the Senate Intelligence Committee to go into a private session so that he could fully describe the FBI’s reasons for implementing specific Title III and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court orders for surveillance of the Trump Tower.

Trump’s reason for wanting to sack Mueller may also have something to do with the recent arrest by U.S. Marshals near Miami of former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, a Trump friend who is wanted for corruption while serving as president of native Panama. Martinelli was indicated for insider trading, embezzlement, and illegal wiretapping of his political opponents.

Although Panama has issued an extradition request to the United States for Martinelli to be returned to Panama, Trump’s friend is claiming political asylum in the United States. Martinelli and his associates were involved in the building of the Trump International Hotel and Ocean Club in Panama City. There are so many similarities between Martinelli, who was a well-known billionaire tycoon before becoming president, Panamanians call Trump “the American Martinelli.” One stark similarity between Trump and Martinelli is that Martinelli is a constant user of Twitter, which he uses to protest his innocence in tweets intended for his supporters in Panama. The U.S. Attorney for Southern Florida, Wilfredo Ferrer, whose brief would have included the extradition request for Martinelli and questionable Trump real estate links in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Hollywood, and Palm Beach to known Colombian drug cartel interlocutors, resigned in February, before Trump fired the remaining Obama-appointed U.S. Attorneys in March.

Trump may be in a real quandary with Martinelli. If he grants his friend political asylum, the ex-president could be questioned by Mueller’s prosecutors on past dealings with the Trump Organization. If Trump extradites Martinelli to Panama, he would be out of the grasp of Mueller but in the hands of Panamanian prosecutors who might grill him about Trump’s Panamanian offshore companies found in the files of the Panamanian law firm Mossack-Fonseca. The firm’s files, dubbed the “Panama Papers,” were leaked and became the subject of dozens of criminal probes around the world…

Madsen and Gordon Duff, though by no means friends, are perhaps converging on Trump…

Veterans TodayISIS, the Mob and Trump, More History than we knew

Trump’s octogenarian body count?…

Raw StoryWSJ reporter: No one will tell me how GOP source who tried to get Hillary’s emails from Russia died

BBCAdnan Khashoggi: Saudi billionaire arms dealer dies aged 82

Mad Cow NewsTrump, Khashoggi, & Germany’s Criminal Deutsche Bank

PoliticoWhite House lawyers face a Clinton-era legal trap in Russia probe

Like Roy Cohn, Marc Kasowitz is an attorney who ‘brutalizes for you’…

N.Y. TimesMarc Kasowitz, ‘Toughest of the Tough Guys,’ Stands Beside Trump

Washington’s BlogSpecial Prosecutor Mueller Is a Political Hack

CounterpunchComey and Mueller: Russiagate’s Mythical Heroes

IntellihubHillary Clinton requested FBI Dir. Mueller deliver highly enriched uranium to the Russians in 2009 in secret ‘plane-side tarmac meeting’

Daily CallerSoros, Clinton-Linked Teneo Among Donors to McCain Institute

BloombergKushners Hunting Hard for a Loan to Pay Back Chinese Investors

Zero HedgeChinese Workers “Disappeared” While Investigating Ivanka Trump Brands

L.A. TimesSome of China’s richest and most powerful men have mysteriously vanished

Spook news…

WikiLeaksPandemicCherry Blossom – Brutal KangarooElsaOutlawCountry

Ars TechnicaAdvanced CIA firmware has been infecting Wi-Fi routers for years

The Century FoundationSurveillance without Borders: The “Traffic Shaping” Loophole and Why It Matters

The RegisterAustralian govt promises to push Five Eyes nations to break encryption

ElectrospacesDutch-Russian cyber crime case reveals how the police taps the internet

SpiegelGerman Intelligence Also Snooped on White House

QuartzUS intelligence agencies are beginning to build AI spies

BloombergQuantum Computing Might Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Follow-up to the top of our August 31 2016 edition…

Physics-Astronomy (Science) – Quantum Breakthrough: Quantum Satellite Communication Has Been Achieved By Chinese Researchers


Activist PostLow-Cost Micro Satellites are Spawning a Global Surveillance Arms Race

Fort Russ (Известия) – Spy or runaway? FSB detains US hacker crossing Chinese – Russian border

CNBCBooz Allen stock plummets on word of federal government probe

Intelligence OnlineNSA, GCHQ look to private sector for cyber-offensive firepower

The HillAlleged NSA leakers capitalize on ransomware scare based on their wares

ReutersCyber attack sweeps globe, researchers see ‘WannaCry’ link

Maersk brings major IT systems back online after cyber attack

IndependentUkraine cyber attack: Chaos as national bank, state power provider and airport hit by hackers

Russia was behind global cyber attack, Ukraine says

TelegraphBritain prepared to use air strikes or send in troops as retaliation against future cyber attack

Daily Mail (NYT) – Inside what Trump leaked to the Russians: He told them details of how Israeli cyberspies got inside ISIS bombmaking cell and discovered their plans for laptop battery bombs

IntelNews (Haaretz) – Israeli spy agency to launch anonymous technology investment fund

American spies use US Federal Reserve to monitor foreign banks

Empty wheelIn Opinion Mostly Rejecting Jeffrey Sterling Appeal, Fourth Circuit Criminalizes Unclassified Tips

SputnikFrance Finds No Traces of Russian Hackers in Attack on Macron’s Campaign

Blacklisted NewsObama Ordered Cyberweapons Implanted Into Russia’s Infrastructure

(Reuters) – U.S. senators seek military ban on Kaspersky Lab products amid FBI probe

N.Y. PostSketchy firm behind Trump dossier is stalling investigators

GuardianNigel Farage is ‘person of interest’ in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia

ABC NewsTrump’s longtime bodyguard-turned-White House aide Keith Schiller eyed in House’s Russia probe, sources say

CircaDid the FBI retaliate against Michael Flynn by launching Russia probe?

Flynn’s connection to NSO Group gets a mention here…

N.Y. TimesUsing Texts as Lures, Government Spyware Targets Mexican Journalists and Their Families

Increasingly, governments have found that the only way to monitor mobile phones is by using private businesses like the NSO Group that exploit little-known vulnerabilities in smartphone software. The company has, at times, operated its businesses under different names. One of them, OSY Technologies, paid Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, more than $40,000 to be an advisory board member from May 2016 until January, according to his public financial disclosures.

HuffPostMichael Flynn Worked With Foreign Cyberweapons Group That Sold Spyware Used Against Political Dissidents

PoliticoThe ‘international man of mystery’ linked to Flynn’s lobbying deal

Robert Mueller’s investigation appears to be focusing on Flynn’s lobbying for Turkey via Bijan Kian…

ReutersU.S. investigators in Russia probe look at role of Flynn partner

On Sept. 19 [2016], Kian and Flynn met in New York with Turkey’s foreign minister and energy minister, who is Erdogan’s son-in-law, according to a person with knowledge of the meeting.

In late October Kian invited staff of the House Homeland Security Committee to Flynn Intel Group’s headquarters in Virginia. The meeting was called to show off new mobile phone security technology, but Kian also used the opportunity to try to get a congressional hearing on [Fethullah] Gulen, according to a person at the meeting.

What is curious here, and unmentioned by Reuters, is the fact that Flynn had been advising the Israeli firm NSO Group which specializes in hacking mobile phones. There is also the matter of the fired congressional IT staffers Imran Awan, his wife and brothers, who worked for Democratic members of the House Homeland Security Committee (May 22 Daily Caller). The staffers were fired on Feb. 2 and Flynn was fired as National Security Advisor on Feb. 13. Though working for opposing political teams, the question might be raised whether beneath the surface the firings were connected via the deep state skullduggery of Turkish MIT, Pakistani ISI, Israeli Mossad and Unit 8200, et cetera.

Are any of the above or other IC agencies the answer to these questions posed in the wee hours of June 22?…

@realDonaldTrump…Why did Democratic National Committee turn down the DHS offer to protect against hacks (long prior to election). It’s all a big Dem HOAX!

…Why did the DNC REFUSE to turn over its Server to the FBI, and still hasn’t? It’s all a big Dem scam and excuse for losing the election!

ReutersCOVFEFE Act would preserve Trump’s tweets as official statements

BloombergPodesta Meets With House Intelligence Panel Behind Closed Doors

Leaks of NationsUS Seize Dotcom’s Assets, Despite Him Never Stepping Foot in the US

Disobedient MediaDid Guccifer 2.0 Fake “Russian Fingerprints?”

DNC Lawsuit Attorneys Report Receiving New Ominous Phone Calls

Questions Linger About Seth Rich Murder Details

WJLA (DC) – Independent group releases new report on Seth Rich murder investigation

Gateway PunditAlleged Eyewitness to Seth Rich Murder: ‘He Didn’t Even Know He Was Shot’

World Net DailyBurglar stole guns off nearby FBI vehicle hours before Seth Rich shooting

Miami HeraldA month later, mystery shrouds case of federal prosecutor found dead on Hollywood beach

As always, take unvetted anons with a grain of salt, but among the “unfounded political conspiracies” mentioned…

Voat (paulf) – Bombshell: original FBIAnon connects Seth Rich, Pizzagate, Awan brothers and Beranton Whisenant’s murder

IntellihubJoint FBI/DOJ/NYPD raid Dearborn residence may yield evidence in Clinton probe

FOX NewsState Department probes Clinton handling of government emails, could pull her security clearance

Washington TimesSenate announces probe of Loretta Lynch behavior in 2016 election

Judicial WatchObama NSC Advisor Susan Rice’s Unmasking Material is at Obama Library

As Sheriff Arpaio prepares for trial (AP), the Dennis Montgomery story is getting legs, courtesy Sara Carter and John Solomon at…

CircaDid the FBI have evidence of a breach larger than Snowden? A lawsuit says yes.

Pierre Omidyar’s toy would rather go full WaPo

InterceptTop-Secret NSA Report Details Russian Hacking Effort Days Before 2016 Election

…with the obligatory caveats…

While the document provides a rare window into the NSA’s understanding of the mechanics of Russian hacking, it does not show the underlying “raw” intelligence on which the analysis is based. A U.S. intelligence officer who declined to be identified cautioned against drawing too big a conclusion from the document because a single analysis is not necessarily definitive.

Washington’s BlogHow Serious Was Russia’s “Probing” of U.S. Election Systems?

Sloppily betraying its source…

Errata SecurityHow The Intercept Outed Reality Winner

U.S. Department of JusticeFederal Government Contractor in Georgia Charged With Removing and Mailing Classified Materials to a News Outlet

Empty wheelThe Complexities of Reality Winner’s Case


American EverymanReality Winner “Leak” DOES NOT Prove Russian Hacking: it’s COVER for DNC Purging of Voter Rolls/Promotes Omidyar’s Turbo Vote Project

Atlanta Journal ConstitutionAlleged NSA leaker met with Perdue staff months before arrest

Recalling a December 8 WSB-TV story, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp charged that attempted hacks had traced back to a DHS IP address…

Blacklisted NewsGeorgia says it has traced a voter hacking attempt back to the DHS, Not Russia

Or is the trouble with vote-rigging simply home grown?…

Columbus Free PressJim Crow GOP Steals Another Election As Brain Dead Democrats and Media Say Nothing

Police state news…

Tech DirtDEA Deploying Powerful Spyware Without Required Privacy Impact Assessments

Compare to NSO Group’s Pegasus system…

SoftpediaApple Could Spy on iPhone Users and Provide Real-Time Reports to the Police

Blacklisted News (The Jurist) – Supreme court rules that police can break into your house without a warrant and shoot you

Rutherford InstituteExecution by Firing Squad: The Militarized Police State Opens Fire

SAGE journalsMilitarization and police violence: The case of the 1033 program

Not being shared with police forces yet, but in time…

Daily MailUS Army fires high-energy LASER from an Apache attack helicopter for the first time – destroying a target almost a mile away

Infowars (Providence Journal) – Military Training Exercises Freak Out Residents, Helicopters Buzz Treetops, Simulated Explosions

It’s Going Down!The Dawn of 21st Century American Paramilitarism

Medium (Tom Secker) – Documents expose how Hollywood promotes war on behalf of the Pentagon, CIA and NSA

TheVergeFacial recognition is coming to US airports, fast-tracked by Trump

MassPrivateICities across the country are using street lights equipped with microphones and surveillance cameras to spy on everyone

Miami New TimesMDPD Wants to Record Entire County From the Sky Using Iraq War Technology – MDPD Scraps Plan for Aerial Spy Planes After Public Outcry

Mother JonesLawsuit Accuses Private Prison Company of Illegally Funding a Trump Super-PAC

South of the border…

Prensa LatinaI Do Not Regret Expelling the DEA from Bolivia, Says Evo Morales

DEA leak to los Zetas led to March 2011 massacre in Allende, Mexico…

ProPublicaHow the U.S. Triggered a Massacre in Mexico

teleSURPolice Investigated after Clashes with Students in Mexico

Brazil’s Attorney General Formally Accuses Temer of Corruption

Business Insider (AFP) – Venezuela condemns US-led efforts to resolve crisis, dares Washington to ‘send in your Marines’

RT‘Terrorist attack’: Hijacked military helicopter strikes Venezuela court, ministry

ReutersVenezuela movie actor behind helicopter attack on government buildings

It was one of the few good moves of the Obama administration, but now…

Radio HavanaTrump Turns Back Clock on Rapprochement with Cuba, Announces New Measures


APTrump travel ban partly reinstated; fall court arguments set

CBS NewsSenate delays health care vote until after July 4 recess

Kansas City StarAbout half of all U.S. retail jobs could vanish due to computerization, analysis finds

Wolf StreetAmazon to Slash Jobs at Whole Foods, Dump Cashiers, Switch to Cheaper Products in Price War with Wal-Mart

Institute for Local Self RelianceReport: How Amazon’s Tightening Grip on the Economy Is Stifling Competition, Eroding Jobs, and Threatening Communities

Farm WarsTrump to Force Toxic GMOs on other Countries

Palm Beach PostFeds explain sweet deal for billionaire sex offender Epstein

TRT WorldAustralian police charge Vatican Cardinal Pell over child sex abuse

Catholic HeraldPope Francis grants Cardinal Pell leave of absence to ‘clear his name’ over historic abuse allegations

Sydney Morning Herald (March 1, 2014) – Is ‘Pell Pot’ the Pope’s perfect prefect?

Tzipi Livni, porno honey pot “Belle of the Knesset” (WxxxNews) is now wanted for war crimes…

Swiss InfoWar crimes suit filed in Switzerland against former Israeli minister

Antiwar (AP) – Wall Street Journal Fires Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Over Arms Dealer Links

Fort RussSHOCKING! Under the Cover of “Diplomatic Flights”, Azerbaijani Regime has been Shipping Weapons to Terrorists Worldwide, Leaked Documents Claim [Video]

RTFeds probe Los Alamos lab for mislabeling & shipping nuclear materials by air

Free Thought Project (CBS News, Task & Purpose) – CIA Agent Busted Running a Massive Drug Smuggling Operation

teleSURAfghan Opium Production 40 Times Higher Since US-NATO Invasion

Fort Apache the Bronx goes to rural Ohio…

WCPOPike County sheriff warns of laced heroin ‘hotshots’

Zero Hedge (WaPo) – One Ohio Politician Has A Simple Solution To The Overdose Problem: Let Addicts Die

Business InsiderThe killer drug at the heart of the opioid crisis is being cut into cocaine and killing users

Is this a depopulation effort?…

Natural NewsDrug overdose is now the LEADING cause of death for Americans under 50… Big Pharma’s opioid death machine marches on

Natural SocietyMore Wildlife Fish are Experiencing ‘Intersex’ – What Could be Causing This?

IndependentMale fish mutating into females because of waste chemicals, expert warns

Daily MailStudy finds ‘gender bending’ chemical BPA still in 40% of canned foods

IEEEDraper’s Genetically Modified Cyborg DragonflEye Takes Flight

GEN NewsCrack in CRISPR Facade after Unanticipated In Vivo Mutations Arise

International Business TimesIn Pictures: Fukushima Is A Nuclear Radiation Nightmare

Waking TimesRadioactive Waste Flowing Freely into Columbia River Because There’s No Money to Stop It

ENENewsHuge number of sea creatures washing up dead along West Coast — “It’s a crisis all along Southern California… large numbers getting sick and dying”

Record radiation detected at Fukushima nuclear plant — Multiple locations register highest levels ever measured — “Radioactive materials in groundwater toward the ocean”

Follow-up to the top of our April 8, 2016 edition – Elites planning extra-dimensional exodus in the event they make this planet uninhabitable?…

Prison PlanetCERN Director Visits Bilderberg, Fueling Fears Collider Opens Doors to “Extra Dimensions”

Physics-Astronomy (Nature) – Scientists Create Black Hole Inside Lab Using World’s Strongest Ever Laser

HuffPost (60 Minutes) – Aerospace Executive ‘Absolutely Convinced’ There Are Aliens On Earth

WaPoNo, NASA is not hiding kidnapped children on Mars

Public Intelligence BlogRobert Steele with Peter Holley: NASA, Kidnapped Children, Mars — Open Letter

IndependentNasa speaks out over ‘Anonymous’ video claiming it is about to reveal alien discovery

Federal News RadioHouse panel votes to split Air Force, create new U.S. Space Corps

Breaking DefenseSpaceX ‘Kicking Major Butt’ To Launch X-37B For First Time, Not ULA’s Atlas V 

Astra 2 SatSES Transfers Capacity from AMC-9 Satellite Following Significant Anomaly

Updates on old news…

Foreign Policy64 Years Later, CIA Finally Releases Details of Iranian Coup

Why Don’t You Try ThisWhat Happened When The CIA Sprayed A French Town With LSD…

Open CultureRare Footage Shows US and British Soldiers Getting Dosed with LSD in Government-Sponsored Tests (1958 + 1964)

Free Thought ProjectReal Life Air America: CIA Exposed Running a Covert Drug Smuggling Airline

June 8 marked the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest acts of treachery in history of an “ally” upon the United States. And yet, for a commemoration of the event that does justice to its significance, among the domestic MSM we must go to where?…

West Volusia BeaconThe USS Liberty: A test for Americans

N.Y. Times‘Last Secret’ of 1967 War: Israel’s Doomsday Plan for Nuclear Display

NewsbudThe Confessions of Spy Masters: CIA’s Tennent Pete Bagley & KGB’s Sergei Kondrashev

Fort Russ (Русская весна) – New research shows Communist Party won 1996 election – Yeltsin implanted by Clinton

RT (Balkan Insight) – ‘Up to 15 tons of depleted uranium used in 1999 Serbia bombing’ – lead lawyer in suit against NATO

ReutersCourt confirms Dutch U.N. peacekeepers partly liable for Srebrenica massacre

Poland finds other body parts in coffin of president killed in 2010 crash: prosecutors

A Sheep No MoreHillary Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency

APEx-spy says NSA did mass surveillance during Utah Olympics

Privacy SOSACLU sues over secret warrantless surveillance documents related to Occupy Boston

If the hacks at NBC and LAT did basic due diligence, they would correct the record and note that it is James Fetzer who claims that Sandy Hook was a complete hoax, whereas Jones, while acknowledging that there were many anomalies in the event, remains non-committal as to what did or did not happen…

L.A. TimesNBC presses ahead with Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones interview despite backlash

James FetzerSandy Hook: Neil Heslin CONTRADICTS Official Narrative

Where were the Sandy Hook children in the Newtown schools?

Sandy Hook “Collateral Damage”? Lawyer found in overturned car, bullet in head, declared “sucide”

House Oversight and Government Reform CommitteeCommittee Releases Fast & Furious Report: Obstruction of Congress by the Department of Justice

2 responses to “Trump beholden to neocons leaves Syria policy floundering… Saudi regime shift motivated to protect 9/11 perps?… USS Fitzgerald struck by AIS hack off coast of Japan?… Was Capitol Hill targeted to spark civil war?… much, much more…

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