Obama bows to Saudis… Sabotage in Syria… Hillary death watch continues…

…among our headlines of interest, mid September 2016…

The HillObama vetoes 9/11 bill

Wayne Madsen ReportSeptember 16-18, 2016 — Neither Hillary nor Obama condemn Wahhabist “Horrorism”

After President Obama made it clear that he intends to veto the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) bill, which would lift the sovereign immunity of Saudi Arabia and, thus, allow the oil-rich kingdom to be sued in U.S. courts as a sponsor of the 9/11 attacks against the United States, the Hillary Clinton campaign went into silent mode.

It has been clear that neither Obama nor Clinton want to hold Saudi Arabia and other Wahhabist-ruled or -influenced regimes accountable for the jihadist rhetoric that emanates from the Wahhabist imams who call for “holy war” in their nations’ mosques and madrassa schools. The Wahhabist penchant for violence against non-Wahhabist Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and just about anyone who rejects their radical and inhuman religious beliefs has received a pass from Obama, Clinton, and their most fervent supporters…

Every time an horrorist attack occurs, Obama and Mrs. Clinton can be relied on to describe Islam as a religion of peace. But Islam is not a monolithic religion. While most Sunni and Shi’a, as well as Alawite, Alevi, Sufi, Ibadi, Quranist, Zikri Mahdavi, Zaidi, Ahmadiyyah, Ismaili, and Mu’tazili sects are moderate, the Wahhabis and their Salafist and Muslim Brotherhood associates are not. Wahhabism, Salafism, and the Muslim Brotherhood are practitioners of horrorism. The Christian Copts of Egypt, the Christians of Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, and Indonesia have seen this horrorism first hand.

WMR has learned from European intelligence sources that the Wahhabists and their like-minded horrorists are not finished in their new tactic of committing small scale attacks designed to put their enemies on edge.

INTERPOL and its European partner EUROPOL are warning local authorities, including those in the United States, that after suffering huge battlefield defeats in Syria and Iraq, ISIL is adopting a policy of localizing its attacks. Because local attacks do not grab the same huge headlines as major attacks like 9/11, Charlie Hebdo in Paris, Nice, and Brussels, future attacks, while smaller in scale, will be more horrific. Through the placement of new Muslim migrants in communities in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia, or the calling up of existing sleeper agents in Muslim communities, ISIL is planning on carrying out horrorist attacks, including beheadings, stabbings, as well as acid and fire attacks, against such “soft targets” as elementary schools, day care centers, private homes and apartments, shopping centers and stores, parks, rail and subway stations, convention centers and trade shows, sporting arenas, theme parks, movie theaters, hotels, restaurants, ferries, churches, hospitals and medical centers, marinas, nursing and funeral homes, country clubs, and social and veterans clubs. The ISIL warning was released in a communiqué titled “No Respite.”…

And then, as read on the free content page of WMR

A day after WMR’s article warned of small scale horririst attacks in U.S. —-> Muslim stabs 8 people at Minnesota shopping mall. STOP—-> Explosions on route of Marine Corps 5K charity run in Seaside Heights, NJ. STOP—->Terrorist explosion at 23rd and 6th Avenues in Manhattan injures 29. This follows Muslim man’s meat cleaver attack at Penn Station and stabbing of two nuns in Mississippi, for which a motive has yet to be announced. Some group is covering up these links to Sunni radical attacks and they smell like the present occupant of the White House and his Wahhabi-loving pick as his successor.

September 13-14, 2016 — SPECIAL 9/11 REPORT. GCC 9/11 perps unite against JASTA bill

President Barack Obama, in signaling that he will veto the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) bill, has the full support of the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The JASTA bill, passed on a unanimous voice vote by both houses of the U.S. Congress, would lift the sovereign immunity of any state that sponsors terrorist attacks that kill or injure American citizens. Families of the victims of the 9/11 attacks would be legally permitted to sue Saudi Arabia, which has proven by a Joint Congressional Inquiry into the attacks to have provided material assistance to the 9/11 terrorists, 15 of whom were Saudi nationals. And JASTA would leave open the possibility that other states proven to have been involved in aiding and abetting terrorists who attacked Americans could also see their sovereign immunity suspended, thus rendering them liable to law suits by Americans.

President Obama is currently strong arming certain key members of Congress to prevent a congressional override of his veto, something that would be a first in his eight years in office.

Saudi Arabia was able to convince its fellow members of the GCC to support it and Obama’s planned veto because some GCC members also bear responsibility for the attacks by providing support to the terrorists. These countries, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait, have previously been the subject of WMR investigative reports into their respective roles in the attacks of 9/11.

The Obama administration reluctantly permitted the release of 28 redacted pages from the joint Senate-House joint congressional inquiry into the intelligence failures of 9/11 that was led by Senator Bob Graham, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Portions of the released 28 pages remained redacted and parts of those may have been altered before their release by the Central Intelligence Agency’s sycophantic pro-Saudi director John Brennan. Nevertheless, the released pages demonstrate contact between two of the Saudi hijackers and Abdullah bin Laden, the half-brother of accused 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden. Abdullah bin Laden was a diplomat assigned to the Saudi embassy and he reported to Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud. Bandar was and remains so close to the Bush family, he is called “Bandar Bush.”

In addition, the released pages describe Omar al-Bayoumi, a Saudi intelligence officer, of maintaining contact with two of the Saudi hijackers in San Diego. The pages also demonstrate a link between a senior Al Qaeda operative in Pakistan, Abu Zubaydah, to a Colorado business that oversaw the management of the Colorado residence of Prince Bandar.

In supporting their Saudi allies, the GCC countries are worried about contacts between their senior government and intelligence officials and Al Qaeda terrorists becoming known, thus resulting in them being named as defendants in 9/11-related law suits under JASTA.

On August 24, 2009, WMR reported: “WMR has learned from an intelligence source from a NATO country that elements of the CIA have coordinated their activities with top Gulf state officials who have been connected to ‘Al Qaeda’ networks that have planned and financed various terrorist attacks.

A number of the ‘Al Qaeda’-associated officials are veterans of the CIA’s war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, including a top prince of the Al Thani royal family of Qatar who also serves as a government minister. The prince, who was shot twice in the back while fighting with the Afghan mujaheddin against the Soviets in Afghanistan, maintains close relations with the Taliban in Afghanistan and serves as a conduit between the CIA and both the Taliban and “Al Qaeda.” The prince maintains contact with ‘Al Qaeda’s’ financial network through contacts in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The Regional Security Officer for the British embassy in Dubai, believed to be an MI-6 official cover, maintains contact with the Qatari prince and his ‘Jihadist’ financial and logistics network in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This network, allowed to operate with CIA and MI-6 knowledge and soft support, also, according to our source, involves a top official in the government of Abu Dhabi who is close to the Abu Dhabi royal family.”

Abu Dhabi is a member of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar is the host of a large U.S. military base.

WMR’s 2009 report continued: “In 2006, Qatar’s Interior Minister Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khalid Al-Thani rejected a civil judgment against him by a New York federal judge stating that he harbored Al Qaeda’s number three man Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and tipped off Mohammed before a CIA attempt to arrest him in 1996. In fact, WMR has learned that the CIA station at the U.S. embassy in Doha, Qatar has been a key link between the agency and the ‘Al Qaeda’ support network in recent years, even in late 2001 when Al-Thani was accused of harboring both Mohammed and another Al Qaeda operative, Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi, who was later allegedly killed by U.S. forces in Iraq. [Zarqawi was later reported by a U.S. Central Command public affairs officer as a fictional character created as part of a U.S. psychological warfare operation.]

Another individual with whom the CIA in the UAE maintains close contact is Osama Bin Laden’s former financial adviser, a British-Mozambican UK citizen, who once lived in Bin Laden’s home in Saudi Arabia where the ‘Al Qaeda’ leader received various diplomats from countries that included Britain and the United States. A cousin of Bin Laden’s financial adviser served at the British Consulate General in Chicago, from which financial support was given to ‘Al Qaeda operatives in the United States.

‘Al Qaeda’ has apparently extorted large sums of money from the governments of the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait as ‘protection insurance against ‘Al Qaeda’ terrorist attacks within their nations. One such scheme involved a threat to bomb the foundations of several new high rise skyscrapers on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.”

In a September 11, 2005, special report on Kuwait’s role in funding Al Qaeda, WMR disclosed the following: “George H. W. Bush’s Operation Desert Storm made Kuwait safe for an important part of ‘Al Qaeda’s’ financing operations. Documents dating to 1993 and obtained from European intelligence sources by WMR indicate that after U.S. troops ran Saddam Hussein’s forces out of the oil rich emirate, Kuwait became a significant base of operations for Osama bin Laden and his ‘Al Qaeda’ support network. Kuwait was the headquarters for an Islamic ‘charity,’ Lajnat al Dawa al Islamiyah, a group designated by the Treasury Department as a ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT)’ organization. Lajnat gave financial support to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, ‘Al Qaeda’s’ chief planner of the 911 attacks, which occurred exactly four years ago. Mohammed’s brother ran Lajnat’s operations in Peshawar, Pakistan.”

Our report continued: “Lajnat has been linked to Chicago-based businessman Sulaiman al-Ali, an individual who the FBI said was a central money mover for such terrorist-funding front organizations as the International Islamic Relief Organization, Sana-Bell, Inc., Global Chemical Corporation, the Saar Foundation (which had close links with Karl Rove’s friend and adviser Grover Norquist), BMI, Inc. (an investment bank), the International Institute of Islamic Thought, Safa Trust, P-Tech (a Boston-based software company having active contracts with the FAA and NORAD on 9-11 and which was tied to ‘Al Qaeda’ via links between its director Yaqub Mirza and ‘Al Qaeda’ financier Yasin Kadi), and the Muslim World League. Although these groups primarily funneled Saudi money to terrorist organizations like ‘Al Qaeda’ and Hamas, it was Lajnat that transferred primarily Kuwaiti money from the emirate to ‘Al Qaeda’ operations in Pakistan. According to documents obtained by WMR [see below], Lajnat had the firm support of both the Kuwaiti and Pakistani governments.

The first document [image] is a letter, dated Aug. 3, 1993, from the Pakistani ambassador to Kuwait certifying Lajnat al Dawa al Islamiyah (LDI) as a charitable organization. The second [image] is a letter from the Kuwait embassy in Pakistan stating much the same. A third letter [image] is from the U.S. accounting firm of Ernst & Young giving LDI a clean bill of health from an audit.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, JASTA could also be applied to Kuwait, the nation that President George H. W. Bush “liberated” from Iraq in 1991. Obama is doing all he can to protect the undemocratic Muslim potentates in the GCC from 9/11 victims’ families’ law suits.

Even after 9/11, the Kuwait-based Lajnat al Dawa al Islamiyah, protected by the Al-Sabah royal family, was working with a French relief agency, Secours Populaire Francais [image], to provide assistance to Afghan refugees.

On February 21, 2006, WMR reported on additional ties between Al Qaeda and the government of Dubai, a member of the UAE: “UAE banking insiders have revealed that accounts used to fund the Taliban and Al Qaeda involved members of the Dubai royal family. Banking insiders in Dubai report that in March 2002, U.S. Secretary of Treasury Paul O’Neill visited Dubai and asked for documents on a $109,500 money transfer from Dubai to a joint account held by hijackers Mohammed Atta and Marwan al Shehhi at Sun Trust Bank in Florida . . . The UAE complained about O’Neill’s demands to the Bush administration. O’Neill’s pressure on the UAE and Saudis contributed to Bush firing him as Treasury Secretary in December 2002.”

Following a painstakingly negotiated U.S./Russia peace plan for Syria announced September 9 (U.S. Department of State), things quickly fall apart, beginning the Ides of September…

TheDuranRussian troops take up positions in Aleppo, Jihadis given ultimatum

Al MasdarIn Video: Syria’s rebels beg Israelis for help, ask for military support

In a phone call made by an Israeli reporter and a field commander from the Saudi-backed Jaish al-Islam, the later confirmed that they are not abiding by the ceasefire with the Syrian government, offering the reporter – who spoke fluent Arabic– to send him combat footage from the battlefield.

When asked to address the government of Israel, the rebel commander demanded a full support of arms, food and all kinds of aid.

“I call on our brothers the Israelis to support the revolution in Syria, and provide us with everything; weapons, food, aid…anything brother”.

Syrian Arab News AgencyArmy Command: Syrian air defense forces shoot down Israeli warplane and drone after attack in Quneitra

The denials are aplenty. Penny is on top of it…

ReutersIsraeli aircraft attack Syrian army position, Israel denies any shot down

Jerusalem PostIDF says Syria fired missiles at its jets, but denies claim aircraft was downed

In effect, the conflict is a proxy for testing the great powers weapons against each other…

Fort Russ (translating Русская весна) – Russian missiles massacre American-Israeli tanks in Syria

(Sept. 17, translating РИА Новости) – Putin: US is already violating Syria agreement, “regrouping” Al-Nusra

US Bombs Syrian Army Position at Deir Ezzor

(Sept. 20) – SAA and Russia Destroy Two Al-Nusra Offensives as Ceasefire Collapses

Ceasefire in ruins: Putin – the US can not separate “healthy” opposition in Syria from terrorists

(Sept. 22) – LAVROV MAKES HISTORY: ‘Ceasefires’ were bogus, nixes future ‘unilateral measures’

Sputnik (Sept. 17) – US Central Command Says Airstrike on Syrian Army Killing 80 Was an Accident

Russia Wants Emergency UN Security Council Session on US Bombing of Syrian Army

(Sept. 20) – Attack on Humanitarian Convoy in Syria Leaves ‘Many People’ Dead

Zero Hedge (Sept. 21) – US Accuses Kremlin Of Lying, Says Russia Bombed Syrian Aid Convoy

Penny for your thoughtsUS “believes” Russia Bombed Aid Convoy: Russia Releases Video & Report

(Sept. 16) – Rebels Force US Special Ops To Flee Al Rai. US Retaliates by Bombing Same Rebels

Al Masdar News (Sept. 22) – ISIS recaptures several villages from Turkish-backed rebels

Consortium News (Gareth Porter) – Al Qaeda’s Ties to US-Backed Syrian Rebels

The Times (mirrored at Mad World News) – The man who shot me now works for the CIA

AntiwarUS Admits Supplying Saudis With White Phosphorus Munitions

RTUS-made bombs used in Saudi strikes on Yemen – Amnesty

Al Masdar NewsUS Senate approves $1.15 billion arms sale deal to Saudi Arabia

Indian Ocean NewsletterChina-US cold war in Red Sea

West Africa NewsletterThe quiet return of Mossad

Maghreb ConfidentialHaftar is new top dog in oil and political power stakes

New LIA head fights it out in London and Tripoli

Strategika51 (translation at Fort Russ) – Libye: Syrte sous les bombes de l’Otan

The freeing of Seif Al-Islam Gaddafi and his departure for Moscow foreshadows the political return of the partisans of the old regime, who have never been more numerous nor better equipped. The Islamists and the pro-Atlantists look askance at this, but they hardly have any choice: Entire regions are in the hands of those who are nostalgic for Jamahirya. And while waiting for the cards to be dealt, everything is on course to make a fortune under the din f some combat planes of a NATO, that no longer even knows where to point its nose.

Saif Gaddafi’s whereabouts since his release earlier this summer is otherwise a mystery. If he is in Moscow, it is a quieter return since his exhibit The Desert is Not Silent in June 2010 (All Art News).

Middle East EyeUAE pilots flying sorties for Haftar in skies over Libya

Cameron savaged by MPs for ‘opportunistic’ regime change in Libya

ABC NewsRussian Fighter Comes Within 10 Feet of US Navy Plane

Alert 5The Russian Su-27s that intercepted the P-8A

F-15Cs in the first joint NATO air policing mission in Bulgaria

TASSUkrainian president to be soon questioned over Euromaidan crimes – prosecutor general

Fort Russ – (translating Интерфакс) – Russia and Turkey restart Turkish Stream construction

(translating ФСК) – US forces IMF to change the rules over Ukraine, setting a time bomb under global financial system

The Economic CollapseThe Bank For International Settlements Warns That A Major Debt Meltdown In China Is Imminent

Inquirer.netChinese, Russian navies hold joint war games in South China Sea

South China Morning PostTaiwan’s new facilities on Taiping Island may have military use

Manila TimesDuterte orders US advisers out of southern Philippines

Zero HedgeSoros Is “Investing” $500 Million In Europe’s Refugees And Migrants: He Explains Why

Daily MailGermany torn apart: Mob of 100 neo-Nazis in vicious brawl with 20 asylum seekers who goaded them into violence in latest example of how Merkel’s open-door policy is dividing the country

IntelNews  – FBI arrests two more members of hacker group that targeted CIA director

Al MonitorIs Bibi a secret Trump supporter?

Democracy NowTrump Names Pro-Iraq War Fmr. CIA Head James Woolsey to Be Adviser

Mother JonesSenator Intensifies Calls for Federal Investigation Into Donald Trump’s Modeling Agency

BBCBriton pleads guilty on Trump gun charges

Hillary death watch continues…

Lame CherryDead Hillary’s Faces in a Crowd

World Net DailyFriends of Hillary say she has Parkinson’s

Zero HedgeLeaked Emails Show Colin Powell Was Worried About Hillary’s Health Over A Year Ago

N.Y. PostClinton team avoided ER to conceal details of her medical treatment

Daily MailDid Clinton bring her personal DOCTOR to 9/11 memorial where she collapsed? Woman seen ‘checking Hillary’s pulse’ may be her physician

Or not – she is Clinton’s aid Christine Falvo…

Hillary has BACTERIAL pneumonia, says her doctor – who reveals candidate had ANOTHER secret medical treatment in January

InfowarsPneumonia? Hillary Received Neurological Test Before She Collapsed

Memory HoleA Look Inside the Clinton Campaign’s “Hospital On Wheels”

VidZetteAnalysis of Hillary’s 9/11 “Event” – see our comments and Dr. Noel’s reply.

The HillClinton’s eyes — a window into her health issues

MishTalkLate Stage Lying: Pneumonia Theory vs. Parkinson’s Disease Theory; Doctors Chime In

Mediaite (CBS News) – CBS News Edits Out Embarrassing Verbal Slip in Bill Clinton Interview

Asked if there was any chance her faintness on Sunday could be a sign of some more “serious” illness, Clinton said he did not believe that was the case.

“Well if it is, it’s a mystery to me and all of her doctors,” he said, “because frequently—well not frequently, rarely—but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing happened to her when she got severely dehydrated.”

HaaretzCould Videos Kill Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy?

Moon of AlabamaWashington Post – Mocking Conspiracy Theories While Creating Their Own

Indeed the WaPo should leave the conspiracy theorizing to professionals like us. The Russians are quite amused…

Fort Russ (translating POLITRUSSIA) – And now Putin’s poisoned Hillary Clinton!

And yet, as a good conspiracy theorist should always ask, are things as they seem? So does the question arise concerning Hillary’s evident seizure on 9/11 – was she faking it? TruthStreamMedia for one broaches the question on Youtube. What of the Twitter account of the videographer, Zdenek Gazda, who was uniquely positioned for shooting not just the stumbling embarkment to the van, but also of the phalanx of VIPs from Hillary to the Donald at the memorial, as well as the supposed ‘pulse taking’ photo. Was he commissioned to shoot the event? And by whom? If so, why was he allowed to follow Hillary to the van when no other press did so, especially under the unusual circumstance of her departure while the ceremony was still underway? Gazda was contacted by BuzzFeed

The man who filmed the video, New Jersey resident Zdenek Gazda, 50, told BuzzFeed News he was at the memorial when he spotted Clinton being led away.

“I take two pictures before she passed me,” said Gazda, who said he moved to the US 24 years ago from what was then Czechoslovakia and is a Clinton supporter. “She looked like everything was fine and everything was good.”

“I just saw the secretary waiting for the van and the van came and she can’t walk inside and she gets helped,” he said. “She lost her shoe and everything.”

There is also the anomaly of the time-stamps of Gazda’s Twitter posts – around 8:30 AM – when Clinton is said to have left the event 90 minutes after arriving at 8:18 AM.

In any event, the payoff for Gazda will be substantial…

RecodeCzech man who shot the Hillary Clinton fainting video will make more than $100,000 from licensing

If the health event was staged, perhaps it was a ploy to lure Trump and his supporters into mocking and insensitive gaffes. Trump for his part is taking the high road (Bloomberg), but certain of his supporters are not (e.g. Infowars panel of Sept. 12 on Youtube) by seeing poetic justice and divine intervention in her collapse on the fifteenth anniversary of the WTC collapse at the site thereof; and moreover, to have occurred on the fifth anniversary of the Benghazi attack, all this makes the incident very auspicious for headline grabbers. Former Clinton bagman Larry Nichols predicted – based on his familiarity with Clintonian strategy and tactics – that all of the questions about Hillary’s illness will be exploited for the sympathy vote, i.e. to make the opposition (the “alt-right media”) look mean spirited in its coverage, and to paint Trump as a heartless bully should he take the gloves off in the debates, beating up on a poor, sickly woman (see Alex Jones Show of Aug. 18 on Youtube).

And what perfect timing on the “pneumonia” diagnosis…

WaPoHillary Clinton may not recover from her pneumonia until late October

James FetzerWill the real “Hillary Clinton” please stand up?

ThereAreNoSunglasses (Sept. 1) – The Coming Metamorphosis of Hillary’s Brain Slug

Russia InsiderTop Russian Pol CRUSHES Hillary: ‘Has a Major Illness – She’s a Witch, a Vicious Snake’

Gateway PunditCoptic Filmmaker Blamed for Benghazi Attack Now Broke, Living in Homeless Shelter

Zero Hedge“It’s An Inside Job” Oliver Stone Says DNC Hack Is A “Disguise From What’s Really Going On”

Cryptogon (AP) – More than 800 Immigrants “Mistakenly” Granted Citizenship

Washington TimesIllegal immigration surged in August, illegal families set for worst year on record

Final CallState Of Emergency – Black skins, White minds and false promises

The BlazeFarrakhan: Obama Chose Gay People, Israel Over Black Americans

Cop BlockRiots Erupt in North Carolina After Man Holding Book Killed By Police While Picking Up Son From School

Charlotte ObserverPolice chief: Video provides no ‘definitive’ evidence that victim pointed gun before officer shot him

WBTV (Charlotte) – Residents clash with police after fatal officer-involved shooting

ReutersOklahoma police release video of officer shooting unarmed black man

White Ohio policeman kills black teen armed with BB gun

Free Thought ProjectCops Steal Man’s Phone, Accidentally Record Themselves Conspiring to Falsely Charge Him

ProPublicaDNA Dragnet: In Some Cities, Police Go From Stop-and-Frisk to Stop-and-Spit

IndependentNorth Dakota becomes first US state to legalise use of armed drones by police

The VergeFacebook censored a live stream video posted by Dakota pipeline protesters

Zero HedgeYouTube Has Quietly Begun “Censoring” Journalists Who Criticize Government

BreitbartGoogle Developing Tools to Suppress Online Speech, Protect Elites’ Feelings

SputnikResearch Proves Google Manipulates Millions to Favor Clinton

‘Unlimited and Unbridled’: Inside Google’s ‘Massive Control’ Over US Elections

God help us…

Wall Street JournalCongress Can Save the Internet

New Eastern Outlook (Tony Cartalucci) – Facebook, Internet.org, and the End of Net Neutrality

Lawfare (Bruce Schneier) – Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet

DataBreaches.netHacking America: U.S. teen claims he had access to all state domains registered on .us TLD

Wired (link to Project on Crowdsourced Imagery Analysis) – DoS Attack Crashes Website Monitoring North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site

Looking at the selection of sites examined – Iran’s Shahrud Missile Test Facility, Russian Nuclear Test Site at Novaya Zemlya, North Korea’s Sinpo Naval Shipyard, Myanmar DDI Facilities, North Korean Nuclear Test Site at Punggye-ri – we wonder if contributors to the P. on C.I.A. are not peons of that other CIA. Is anyone on this ostensibly non-proliferation site looking for instance at the Dimona facility of the reputedly two hundred warhead strong but officially unrecognized nuclear power Israel? – See Armagedon.org. The PCIA may however be a front of the NGA (National Geospatial Intelligence Agency), which addresses crowd sourcing on the partially redacted page 2, under Definitions, of Legal Considerations on the Proper Collection and Use of Social Media Information , 2012, available at Governmentattic.org.

Blacklisted News (Kurt Nimmo) – State Department and Establishment Media Silent on Israel’s 200 Nukes

Consortium News (James DiEugenio) – How Israel Stole the Bomb

HaaretzIsrael Suspects System Trouble With Newly Launched Spy Satellite

XinhuaChina’s Tiangong-1 to fall to Earth late 2017

N.Y.TimesA Mysterious Boom Rattles New Yorkers

BloombergLeak From Biggest U.S. Gasoline Pipe Sparks ‘Red Alert’

Natural Society215 Million Gallons of Radioactive Water Threaten Drinking Water in Florida

ReutersBayer clinches Monsanto with improved $66 billion bid

Miami HeraldTempers flare as public protests spraying for Zika mosquitoes in South Beach

Nature (Insoo Hyun) – Illusory fears must not stifle chimaera research

Illusory fear?

BeforeitsnewsBizarre! ‘Mutant Pig’ With Human Face and Penis on Head Filmed in China


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