Headlines of interest, November into December 2015…

Global ResearchTurkey’s Blockade of Russian Naval Vessels’ Access to the Mediterranean, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Completely Cut Off

New Eastern Outlook (William Engdahl) – Erdogan’s Russian Roulette–Was It Only About Oily Revenge?

Strategic-Culture (Wayne Madsen) – Erdogan’s Close Ties to ISIL

Zero HedgeErdogan Says Will Resign If Oil Purchases From ISIS Proven After Putin Says Has “More Proof”

Russia Presents Detailed Evidence Of ISIS-Turkey Oil Trade

WillylomanErdoğan Calls Putin’s Bluff: Russia Backs Down

al-ArabyRaqqa’s Rockefellers: How Islamic State oil flows to Israel

Also flowing to Ukraine? Examination of AIS (Automatic Identification System) port of call data of ships belonging to BMZ Group (the maritime company of the accused, Bilal Erdoğan) finds discrepancies in times at sea before arriving at ports in Ukraine…

Novorossia TodayPétrole Clandestin : l’axe RAK : Raqqa – Ankara- Kiev en est il la clef de voûte ?

Translation of conclusions drawn:

The boats of it BMZ Group suspected of transporting the underground oil of Daesh, make themselves regularly in harbour secondary Ukrainian to the periphery of Odessa. Every week one of these oil tankers arrives at the Harbour of Nikolaïev.

Two – third of itineraries introduce abnormally long time, which could leave the time to make detours to load cargoes of smuggled oil in a harbour Turkish on the Black Sea.

If accusations carried against BMZ Group of the family Erdogan by Turkish CHP and Russia would be borne out, then the Ukraine would turn out to be the main customer for the oil of Daesh.

[Editor’s note: these conclusions will or will not be borne out by more detailed data found at MarineTraffic – of Turkter 81 for instance.]

Today’s ZamanTurkish generals arrested for inspecting weapons-filled trucks bound for Syria

TelegraphTurkey arrests editors over reports Ankara supplied weapons to Syrian fighters

Knights Templar International800 pump action shotguns on their way from Turkey to Jihadists in northern Europe seized by Italian police…

More evidence suggests Friday the 13th Paris attacks were Gladio ops…

WSWSNew data on police foreknowledge of terrorists raise questions on Paris attack

Who is Olivier Corel? The “white emir” was mentor to not only the brothers Fabian and Jean-Michel Clain, the voices claiming the recent Paris attacks for Islamic State, but also to Mohamed Merah of the 2012 Toulouse attacks. He was arrested on Nov. 24 for possession of an illegal hunting rifle and given a six months prison sentence. He had previously evaded sentence for terrorism related charges…

Le MondeQui est « l’Emir blanc », mentor de djihadistes français ?

A rough but tidied translation of excerpts:

For more than a decade, this French naturalized Syrian, of his true name Abdel Ilat Al-Dandachi, is in the bad books of justice and policemen of antiterrorism. He had never been condemned. Having arrived in France in 1973, ex-responsible(?) for the Association of the Islamic students of France, close to Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, Olivier Corel founded, in 1987, the Islamic community of the hamlet ariégeois of Lanes, near Artigat, in the valley of Lèze. From there, he taught salafist word, under the pretense of lesson of religion and conferences on the geopolitics in Middle East…

Olivier Corel especially had as pupils the brothers Clain, Fabien and Jean-Michel. Of origin réunionnaise, converted and married to two women carrying the burqa, their two voices were identified on the audio band of claim of the murder attempts of Paris by IS. Both diligently saw frequently the community of Artigat since the end of 1990s.

In 2009, Olivier Corel was definitely followed for « criminal conspiracy in touch with a terrorist firm » as part of the trial of one of the first courses of study dismantled by candidate’s dispatch in the jihad in Iraq. But he acquired a dismissal. Sabri Essid took the rap at a sentence of five years of prison, as did Fabien Clain, convicted in 2009.

In November, 2014, Olivier Corel was once again held for questioning, as part of affair Merah. But it still came out again free there. He then asserted having met Mohamed Merah only a dozen days before his first murder. The young man had come to consult it in his home of Artigat for a « question linked to divorce in Islam », he had supported. During his hearing, it refused to condemn the killer on the scooter.

BloombergGerman Police Arrest Suspected Arms Dealer

Authorities declined to comment on a report in Bild newspaper alleging the man supplied weapons used in the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris that left 130 people dead…

Wayne Madsen Report (Hausfrauleaks) – Terror attacks allegedly foiled at German soccer match – Gladio Strategy of Tension against Europe continues

Jon RappaportTraining exercises dovetail with mass shootings

Including the latest, stateside…

21st Century WireDaily Shooter: San Bernardino Evidence of Multi-Agency Drill, Staging Areas, Set-up in Less Than 90 Minutes

On cue…

L.A.TimesWhite House plans executive action to expand background checks for gun sales

Ammoland (David Codrea) – Opportunists Blaming Constitutionalists for Planned Parenthood Murders

Race card Gladio USA…

Unicorn RiotWhite Supremacists Shoot Five Protesters and MPD Attacks #Justice4Jamar Crowd

ABC NewsProtests Erupt in Chicago After Video of Laquan McDonald Being Shot by Police Released

DNAinfoLaquan McDonald Video Shows Police Shooting Him 16 Times (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

American ThinkerThreat that shut down University of Chicago was to kill white students or staff

In other news around the world…

Intellihub‘Executive Powers’ used to arrest 24 protesters ahead of major climate summit

Boiling Frogs Post (Filip Kovacevic) – Stoltenberg in Belgrade, Biden in Zagreb

N.Y.TimesISIS’ Grip on Libyan City Gives It a Fallback Option

Long War JournalAl Qaeda seizes town, provincial capital in southern Yemen

Foreign PolicyWhy Is Bahrain Outsourcing Extremism?

Memory HoleSITE Intelligence, CNN Allege “ISIS” Has Beheaded Russian Spy

Middle East MonitorIsrael meets with Google and YouTube to discuss censoring Palestinian videos

Russia InsiderWar Returns to Ukraine

Eurasia ReviewSão Tomé E Príncipe: A Key Piece In Beijing’s Chessboard? – Analysis

38 NorthNew Nuclear Test Tunnel Under Construction at North Korea’s Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site

L.A.TimesAir Force hires civilian drone pilots for combat patrols; critics question legality

RTRussia offers to help Japan shut down Fukushima reactors

ENENewsAP: “Alarming signs of oceanic distress” on West Coast — Record number of stranded seal pups, nearly 2,000% of normal levels — “Bags of skin and bones” — “In our 40 year history we’ve never seen this many animals”

Natural BlazeMonsanto’s Spy Software to Control the Entire Agriculture Market

Empty WheelInteresting Tidbits from the House Intelligence Authorization

The Government Wants You To Forget It Will Still Collect Your Phone Records in Bulk

Eli Lake Defends the “Rectal Feeding” Consensus in DC

Sharyl AttkissonHillary Clinton’s Email: the Definitive Timeline


Antiwar (Grant Smith) – The Jonathan Pollard Affair: Unanswered Questions Abound

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