Headlines of interest, early to mid November 2015…

Reuters‘Hope to see you again’: China warship to U.S. destroyer after South China Sea patrol

Navy.mil Essex ARG Operates in South China Sea Ahead of Exercises

News.com.auUS sends B-52 nuclear bomber over disputed South China Sea islands

National InterestExposed: Are Secret U.S. Spy Planes Flying Over the Pacific?

Yonhap News AgencyU.S. hopes to ‘operationalize’ 3-way intelligence sharing with Korea, Japan: Shear

Washington Free BeaconChina Tests Anti-Satellite Missile

Russia Reveals Secret Nuclear-Armed Drone Sub

Defense SystemsPentagon prepares to test its underwater sub-hunting drone

RT‘Underwater drone with explosives’ spotted near Baltic Nord Stream pipeline

Fort Russ (translation of vz.ru) – Ukraine stands to lose $2 bln from Nord-stream II

Yarosh resigns from Right Sector leadership

TelegraphEU flag burned as tens of thousands join Warsaw nationalist demo

Wayne Madsen Report (Hausfrauleaks) – Merkel, Soros and CIA’s Weapons of Mass Migration

TASSEgypt Air received notification on suspension of flights to Moscow

Voltairenet (Valentin Vasilescu) – Airbus 321 in the Sinaï – only one hypothesis remains

ExpressPutin targets Libya and Yemen next ‘to protect Russian interests’

Blic OnlineATTACK ON CONVOY Two employees of Serbian embassy kidnapped in Libya

BreitbartFootage of Unimpeded ISIS Convoys Entering Iraq’s Yazidi Enclave

Boiling Frogs Post (Christoph Germann) – Russia’s Syria Intervention Enrages US-led Coalition, ISIS & Al-Qaeda

Guardian‘High degree of certainty’ that US strike killed Mohammed Emwazi

Strategika51Daech a exécuté un scientifique irakien à Mossoul pour avoir refusé de coopérer en matière d’armes biologiques

Alert5 (link to defense.gouv.fr) – France launched second airstrike in Syria for this month

PressTVIsrael warplanes strike near Syria airport: Report

SteveLendmenBlogObama and Netanyahu Plot Next Moves

Fars News AgencyIran to Refuse Nuclear Deal Fulfillment if US Imposes New Sanctions

Al MonitorMystery continues over Iran’s missing ambassador

VoltairenetThe rigging of the Turkish general elections

Bella CaledoniaCatalonian parliament pushes towards independence

APVatican puts 2 reporters under investigation in leaks probe

Venezuela says US intelligence plane violated airspace

ABC7 (L.A.) – Navy confirms 2nd missile launch off Southern California coast

Washington PostCalifornia missile test: Social media nightmare or exactly what the Navy wanted?

Ammoland (David Codrea) – Editorial Says Govt. Would Defeat Armed Rebellion by Making Major Cities Disappear

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnDGitmo Gone?

PoliticoAsh Carter fires three-star general for ‘allegations of misconduct’

ABC NewsSecret Service Officer Charged With Soliciting a Minor, Sending Obscene Photos

FortuneU.S. makes its first convictions in Libor scandal

Facebook and the Media Have an Increasingly Landlord-Tenant Style Relationship

WiredTor Says Feds Paid Carnegie Mellon $1M to Help Unmask Users

Defense OneWho Is Spying On US Cellphones? Lawmakers Demand an Answer

Defense SystemsUncluttering the spectrum by putting it on the map

Mind-reading computer could boost ISR image analysis

FairewindsCancer on the Rise in Post-Fukushima Japan

Daily MailTHIRD mystery ‘Death Star’ space ball to crash into Spanish village sparks terror among locals as mayor demands authorities explain what they are

Free Thought ProjectGroundbreaking Discovery: Man Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000%

RT‘Heat anomaly’ found in Great Pyramid of Giza, could be secret chamber

Space DailyLooking For Deliberate Radio Signals From KIC 8462852

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