Obama checks War Party?

Perhaps, just perhaps, the American people are finally to some degree getting what they thought they bargained for in the 2008 presidential election with their firm rebuke of the foreign policies of the preceding 20 years. By rejecting Clinton’s spouse in the primaries and Bush’s neocon successor in the general, the electorate favored instead a novice whose middle name happened to be Hussain. It doesn’t take a tea leaf reader to detect the signal that the War Party (of both parties) was sent in the election of a candidate whose promise was that he would never lead this nation with its blood and treasure into unnecessary wars.

We suspected, however, that all was not as it seemed with Barack H. Obama, Jr. (see the footnote to the August 26, 2008 post at our former home at WxxxNews). Our suspicions were sadly confirmed in the subsequent six years of his administration. Nothing had fundamentally changed, as the peoples of Libya, Syria and Ukraine found, beset by civil wars instigated by the U.S. led, NATO driven and Zionist inspired Atlanticist establishment. And as the peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq and innumerable other countries continued to find, subject to slaughters by drone and by poorly disguised proxy armies such as ISIS, the self-perpetuating American war machine continued on unabated – only the strategies and tactics had changed with Obama. Instead of deploying “boots on the ground,” Obama – egged on by the cowardly thug John Brennan – played generalissimo with his “chair force”.  Instead of preemptive unilateral invasion, Obama – egged on by the Amazons in his administration (Clinton, Rice, Powers) thirsting for the blood of an eccentric dictator – waged a “humanitarian” war by “leading from behind”.

In the past year however – particularly with the negotiated Iran deal and with the reopening of diplomatic relations with Cuba – we have seen some drawing down of the bellicose policies of previous administrations (indeed going all the way back to Eisenhower). Amidst all of the sabre-rattling that we have been observing here in our regular headlines aggregation – particularly with the NATO deployments at Russia’s doorstep in recent months and with the menacing naval exercise last month in the South China Sea – there is evidence that the Obama White House is having some success in suppressing the more bellicose urges of the neocons and neo-cold warriors that still infest the Pentagon, including his own Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter. We are encouraged by this Veteran’s Day piece in Bloomberg by Josh Rogin – one who has the sympathetic ear of those of that ilk…

The Pentagon’s Lonely War Against Russia and China

The Pentagon waited for months for the White House to approve a “freedom of navigation” exercise in the South China Sea. When the Pentagon was allowed to conduct the operation, the White House placed several restrictions on the mission to minimize the risk of confrontation with the Chinese. For example, the U.S. ship was not allowed to turn on sensors or fly its helicopters, actions that military experts say would have made clearer that the U.S. was conducting a freedom of navigation operation…

Stephen Hadley, who was national security adviser to President George W. Bush, told me the Pentagon has had some success in implementing responses to Russian and Chinese aggression, such as with increased U.S. military presence in Eastern Europe. But he said the White House is so cautious in applying military tools that they are deployed incrementally and late, minimizing their impact. – our emphasis.

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