Headlines of interest, early November 2015…

Office of the United States Trade RepresentativeTPP Full Text

Fight for the FutureFinal TPP text confirms worst fears: shadowy agreement poses a grave threat to the Internet and freedom of expression

ForbesWhat Happens If Hyperlinks Get Copyright Protection In Europe?

Another storm appears to be brewing in Europe that will impact the ability of many U.S. businesses to freely operate there. According to a leaked draft European Commission Communication, “the Commission will examine whether action is needed on the definition of the rights of ‘communication to the public’ and of ‘making available’,”–direct references to EU case law governing hyperlinks. According to European Parliament member Julia Reda, this means that “ the European Commission is preparing a frontal attack on the hyperlink , the basic building block of the Internet as we know it.”

ABC NewsPutin Associate Found Dead in DC Hotel

RTMedia tycoon & former Russian press minister Lesin dies from heart attack at 57

SputnikSecret Military Operations Force Flight Diversions Out of Los Angeles

NBC7 (San Diego) – Witnesses Report Seeing Bright Light Across Southern California Sky

L.A.TimesSecrecy was crucial in missile test launch that rattled L.A., experts say

… the military is determined to keep tests shrouded in secrecy to thwart any efforts by potential adversaries — namely Russia and China — to monitor the missile launch and flight…

Yet, we read about it in Russian media first (see the Sputnik story above)

Alert5 (citing Mumbai Mirror) – Airspace was opened to commercial air traffic while Indian Navy test-fired BrahMos supersonic cruise missile

Straits TimesOne-minute handshake marks historic meeting between Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou

Wayne Madsen ReportNovember 4-5, 2015 — China plays its own “China card” in response to Pentagon threats and TPP

People’s Republic of China president Xi Jinping has played his own “China card” in response to U.S. military threats over Chinese artificial islands and other maritime claims in the South China Sea and Washington’s locking out of China from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trading bloc. In announcing the first ever meeting between a PRC president and the president of what is officially known as the Republic of China on Taiwan, Xi has brought out of mothballs a Chinese plan to establish an economic-based Chinese “commonwealth” consisting of overseas Chinese in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. Currently, four different currencies — the yuan, New Taiwan dollar, Hong Kong dollar, and pataca — are used within a rather small geographic triangle composed of southern Chinese coastal provinces, Taiwan, Macao, and Hong Kong. Businessmen in the region would like to change that and adopt something akin to the euro in order to facilitate greater commerce. Taiwan insists that it is an independent nation. However, it is not recognized as such by China or most of the nations of the world that view Taiwan as a part of China. Hong Kong and Macao are “special administrative regions” of China enjoying high degrees of autonomy.

It is no coincidence that Xi is meeting Taiwan president Ma Ying-jeou in Singapore, which is populated by a mostly overseas Chinese population. Although Singapore is a member of the TPP, it is also viewed by China as a potential future member of a greater Chinese commonwealth.

Press reports indicate that Xi and Ma will abandon protocol considerations at their meeting and merely address each other as “mister.” By avoiding the trappings of two heads of state meeting, the two leaders will not be hung up by the fact that China considers Taiwan to be a renegade province of China. However, Ma is recognized by China as the leader of the Kuomintang Party, the nationalist party defeated by the Chinese Communists in 1949. The Kuomintang Party, like the Communist Party, recognizes Taiwan as an inalienable part of China.

Taiwan businesses have billions of dollars in investing in mainland China and mainland Chinese banks operate openly in Taiwan. The historic meeting between the leaders of China and Taiwan in Singapore has tossed a spanner into the American plans to develop the TPP into an anti-Chinese bloc. Japan’s increasing bellicosity and plans to extend its military forces beyond the Japanese islands and surrounding waters has set off alarms in both China and Taiwan, thus drawing the two longtime rivals closer. China and Taiwan are united in the claims of “generic” China to the Diaoyu islands occupied by Japan in the East China Sea. China and Taiwan are also united on generic Chinese claims to the islands of the South China Sea.

Taiwan has no desire to relinquish the “Republic of China’s” claims to the South China Sea islands. In fact, the People’s Republic of China’s claims to the South China Sea islands are based on those originally made by the Republic of China under Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek. The People’s Republic of China is merely a “successor state” to the same maritime claims now disputed by the United States, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brunei. Taiwan maintains one of the largest military garrisons in the disputed Spratly Islands, on the island of Taiping.

As for the TPP bloc, overseas Chinese and indigenous peoples in the Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah called for, and received, greater autonomy from Malaysia in September. But China can use the overseas Chinese in both states to call for outright independence, leaving Malaysia devoid of its Borneo states and China more than willing to include them as associate members of the Chinese commonwealth. South and North Korea are looking at the developing ties between Beijing and Taipei. It would not be surprising to see a summit between the leaders of the two Koreas with both developing ties to the emerging Chinese commonwealth to offset the rising sun of Japanese militarism. 

Taiwan has thumbed its nose at Washington and America’s allies Philippines and Vietnam by declaring: “the Nansha (Spratly) Islands, Shisha (Paracel) Islands, Chungsha Islands (Macclesfield Bank), and Tungsha (Pratas) Islands (together known as the South China Sea Islands), as well as their surrounding waters, are an inherent part of ROC [Republic of China] territory and waters.” Beijing was more than happy to see Taiwan reinforce historic Chinese claims to the same islands it also claims.

When it comes to advancing generic Chinese interests, the leaders of China and Taiwan will find they have much in common. Regardless of being mainland, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Macanese, or Singapore Chinese, Chinese people have long memories of what the “white devils” wrought upon China in terms of subjugation and fomenting internal dissension through western support for warlordism and opium addiction. The aggressive military moves [the U.S. “pivot to Asia”] by America’s first black president, Barack Obama, has, ironically, caused the Chinese to remember the past treatment of China by the “white devils.”

Obama can only blame his failed Asia policies for the rapprochement between Beijing and Taipei. As for the Cold War-bound Republicans, it is a matter of time before a few of the GOP presidential candidates will hearken back to the “Quemoy and Matsu” controversy between Kennedy and Nixon in the 1960 presidential debate and blame the Democrats for “losing Taiwan” to China. However, Taiwan is not being “lost” to anyone. Chinese, in general, on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, have decided they will see to their own future without any interference from Washington, Western-led Pacific trade blocs, or a menacing re-arming Tokyo.

Japan TimesJapan, U.S. to unify defense operations under new body, action plan

LaRouchePACMalaysia and ASEAN Stand Up to Obama’s Threats over South China Sea

In Deutschland…

Der Hass ist zurück…

Daily Mail (citing Der Spiegel) – ‘The hate is back’ say German media as migrant crisis sparks the country’s worst spate of political violence since the Nazi era

RTActivists urge German authorities to ban PEGIDA demo on anniversary of 1938 anti-Jewish pogroms

BreitbartPICTURES: AfD Protest In Berlin Demands Stronger Borders, Calls For Merkel To Resign

TelegraphGermany still paying pensions to Spain’s Nazi volunteers during Second World War

Wayne Madsen Report (w/ Silvija Germek) – Merkel’s weapon of mass migration borne out of Pentagon plan

VoltairenetMembers of Daesh have been moved from Syria to Ukraine

TASSRussian Defense Ministry gets impression location of IS facilities is US state secret

DEBKAfileShortly before the Obama-Netanyahu summit, ISIS hit Americans in Jordan

Activist PostHillary Clinton And The Funding of Al-Qaeda Terrorists In Libya And Syria

BloombergIran and Saudi Arabia Clash Inside Syria Talks

Inside the nine-hour meeting, according to two Western officials briefed on it, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir got into a heated argument, during which Zarif blamed Saudi Arabian nationals for the 9/11 attacks. The comments startled the participants, who included Secretary of State John Kerry, and the room went quiet after Zarif’s remark.

Zarif backed away from implicating Saudi government to the Bloomberg reporter, but is he unaware of the redacted chapter of the 2002 Congressional report that does implicate members of the Saudi royal family?

PressTVRussia, Iran ‘sign S-300 delivery deal’

ReutersTurkey returns to single-party rule in boost for Erdogan

Strategic-Culture (Madsen) – Welcome to «Erdoganstan»: Bosna Hersek to Mongolistan

Moon of AlabamaMore Chaos And Catastrophes in Yemen

Middle East Eye Houthis push back towards Aden

VIDEO: Undercover Israeli agents at clashes in Bethlehem

Al MonitorRight-wing minister and IDF clash over Israel’s intel assessment

Russian, Israeli jets share Syrian skies … for now

Sydney Morning HeraldAustralia, US alone on Syria air strikes after British change of heart

Sky NewsNo 10: ‘Explosive Device’ May Have Downed Plane

ExpressBritish extremists linked to jet bomb: London & Birmingham voices heard cheering disaster

Deutsche Presse-AgenturRussian plane’s black box recorded unusual sounds before Sinai crash

Fort Russ (translation of Dima Pitersky) – Did Russian regulator attempt to ban Boeing 737 due to possibility of remote destruction?


Middle East EyeRussian cargo plane crash kills 40 in South Sudan

New threats against Maldives President Yameen after speedboat explosion in September…

Sun.mvMaldives declares state of emergency

N.Y.TimesMaldives Impeaches VP Accused of Plotting to Kill President

ThereAreNoSunglassesMullah Dadullah Front, Guantanamo, and the New, New Taliban

Sputnik (Pepe Escobar) – NATO Invades Spain

Stars & StripesStrykers operate north of Arctic Circle for first time

PressTVArmored vehicle collides into truck with nuclear missile in US: Video

Infowars (w/ Wayne Madsen) – Inside CIA Boneyard

ElectrospacesNew details about the selectors NSA provided to BND

Spiegel Governments and NGOs: Germany Spied on Friends and Vatican

If you value your freedom of movement as an integral human being, you will disengage from Facebook and Google immediately…

33rd SquareFacebook Is Teaching Machines to See and Understand

InterceptHow Law Enforcement Can Use Google Timeline To Track Your Every Move

Activist PostHidden Cameras Being Used to Measure and Manipulate Political Views Around the World

Intelligence OnlineNGA opens arms to private sector

New techniques to geolocate 4G phones

Secrecy NewsSecret Inventions on the Rise

Defense OneThe Secret Pentagon Push for Lethal Cyber Weapons

Cryptogon (mirroring N.Y.Times)- The Cyberthreat Under the Street

Defense SystemsCombat Shield teams prepare aircraft for electronic warfare threats

Common Sense ShowThe White House Is Preparing for a Chinese EMP Attack

ENENewsFormer Japan Ambassador: Uncontrolled nuclear chain reactions could be underway at Fukushima — “Troubling indications of recurring criticality” as Tellurium-132 detected over 100 miles from plant — ‘Recriticality’ discussed by Japan’s top nuclear official

SeemorerocksFukushima UVic Woods Hole Has The Nuclear Proctologist Arrested

Natural NewsWashington Post columnist admits to spreading GMO propaganda while collecting ‘plenty’ of money from biotech front groups

GuardianMexico supreme court rules ban on marijuana use unconstitutional

ZeroHedgeYellen Says Negative Rates On The Table “If Outlook Worsened”

BloombergBanking Giants Learn Cost of Preventing Another Lehman Moment

Cryptogon (sparring us the browser bogging ad-bots at The Hill) – Former U.S. Comptroller General: Real U.S. Debt Is About $65 Trillion

Forward (Hilary Clinton) – How I Would Reaffirm Unbreakable Bond With Israel — and Benjamin Netanyahu

BloombergHow Richard Nixon Created Hillary Clinton

The Real DealRoger Stone (mp3)

Memory HoleNobody Died At Sandy Hook (see our constructive criticism with Jim Fetzer’s response)

Activist PostDeep State’s Elephants in the Sky

ExpressISS Nasa live cam cuts after ‘suddenly locking on to mystery glowing UFO’

RTAwe-inspiring fireball lights up sky over Bangkok

KUSA (Colorado) – Mysterious huge crack developing in Wyoming

SputnikNASA Unveils Solar Storms May Have Blasted Away Mars Atmosphere

33rd SquareHave We Seen Signs of Another Universe Colliding with Ours?

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