Headlines of interest, early to mid October, 2015…

Washington PostDespite signs of Russia’s Syria buildup, U.S. seemed to be caught flat-footed

The struggle to find a way to respond has become a source of tension within the administration, according to U.S. officials who said CIA Director John Brennan has voiced frustration with U.S. inaction as fighters trained and armed by the agency at secret camps in Jordan over the past two years face a Russian assault.

Those “moderate” rebel fighters however are essentially arms distributors to Al Nusra and the like…

APOfficials: CIA-backed Syrian rebels under Russian blitz

“Probably 60 to 80 percent of the arms that America shoveled in have gone to al-Qaida and its affiliates,” said Joshua Landis, a Syria expert at the University of Oklahoma.

RTLavrov: Little doubt US arms delivered to Syrian opposition to fall into terrorists’ hands

TASSRussia’s Defense Ministry aware of Free Syrian Army’s willingness to battle IS together

In the meantime, [spokesman Igor] Konashenkov said the Russian Defense Ministry’s appeals to foreign counterparts for coordinates of IS facilities had remained unanswered.

“Today we ask them: give us the coordinates of ISIL facilities,” he said. “But either silence is the answer or a refusal.”

All the attempts to receive coordinates of the moderate opposition have failed as well, he said.

“As of today, we observe a complete deadlock provoking a conclusion – either the moderate oppositions is a ghost or you just pretend you support it,” he said.

The next day…

ZeroHedgeObama Weighs “Syria Retreat” As White House Ends Training Of Moderate Rebels

This likely a “retreat” of official sanction only…

Intelligence OnlineSyrian rebel MANPADS to combat Sukhoi

Prison Planet (Kurt Nimmo) – Moscow’s Embassy Rocketed After U.S. Armed Al-Nusra Calls for Killing Russians

Activist PostUS Senate Hearing Discusses Using Refugees as Human Shields in Syria

ThereAreNoSunglassesIraqi AF Deploys Armed Chinese Drones Against ISIS Leadership To Deadly Effect

Asia Times2 powerful Gulf sheikhs talk Syria with Putin

Al MonitorJordanian palace silent on Russian intervention in Syria

Translation of Al-HayatLibyan foreign minister speaks out

Syrian Kurdish leader: Moscow wants to work with us

TelegraphTurkey bomb massacre kills 97 and injures over 246 at pro-Kurdish peace rally

Middle East EyeTurkish opposition takes aim at ruling AK party after Ankara attack

Netanyahu vows tough response after bloody bus attack in Israel

4 Russian cruise missiles crash in Iran en route to Syria: US

Fars News AgencyIran Rejects Russian Missile Crash

ReutersHow Iranian general plotted out Syrian assault in Moscow

Greencrow As the Crow FliesWhy did US Navy pull US Aircraft Carrier out of Persian Gulf?

Foreign PolicySpy Planes, Signal Jammers, and Putin’s High-Tech War in Syria

DefenseNewsUS: Russia Building ‘Arc Of Steel’ From Arctic To Med

Navy TimesNavy will challenge Chinese territorial claims in South China Sea

WikiLeaksTPP Treaty: Intellectual Property Rights Chapter – 5 October 2015

IS gold dinar plan suffers set-back…

IndependentSecret printing presses making Isis currency seized by Turkish police

Israel finds black gold…

SputnikIsrael Discovers Enormous Oil Deposit in Occupied Golan Heights

But where’s the Temple?

New York Times (edits at NewsDiffs) – Historical Certainty Proves Elusive at Jerusalem’s Holiest Place

MercoPressArgentine Jewish community asks Washington to reveal whereabouts of former spymaster

Asia TimesChina arrests 2 more Japanese nationals on espionage charges, says report

Infowars (Wayne Madsen) – Evidence Shows Clinton Ran a Parallel, Outsourced State Dept.

American MirrorVIDEO: Chelsea asked if Bill preys on young girls – note: Robert Morrow is coauthor with former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone of The Clinton’s War on Women (release date Oct. 13). Among his blogs: Bill & Hillary Clinton: A Life of Violating PeopleJeb Bush and the Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal in 1986, Lyndon Johnson and the CIA murdered John Kennedy in the 1963 Coup d’Etat.

Given the recent revelations by Sibel Edmonds concerning former Speakers of the House Dennis Hastert and Bob Livingston – where the latter stepped down when a milquetoast affair was revealed thus making way for the thoroughly corrupted and controllable pedo-snuff perpetrator Hastert – there is a sense of deja vu in the current power-plays at the Capitol…

GotNewsGotNews.com Ellmers Affair Reporting Leads to #KevinMcCarthy Departure

CryptomeUS Attorneys shopping for prostitutes on taxpayer dime. — Leaks incoming

Washington’s BlogPrivatized NSA Army is Attacking YOU!

Take Back Your PowerHundreds of angry customers pull ‘smart’ meters

Computer WorldAnonymous insiders reveal real hacking risks to nuclear power plants, report

ENENewsUPI: ‘Skyrocketing’ cancer cases in Fukushima — AP: ‘Alarming’ cancer rates after nuclear disaster — Times: Child cancers up 5,000% — Radiation doses may be “considerably higher” than estimated — Expert: Cancer outbreak shows officials must now prepare for onset of leukemia, other diseases

Professor: “It’s really a dead zone” in areas of Fukushima — “Huge impacts… there are no butterflies, no birds… many dramatically fewer species” — “Why does it matter to you (in the U.S.)? The reason is, it’s coming, it is coming”

DutchsinseAir Force creates “Storm” with Powerful Microwave Pulses from NEXRAD WEATHER RADAR

PoliticoYes, the CIA Director Was Part of the JFK Assassination Cover-Up

Wayne Madsen Jerry Parr, the Secret Service agent who was with Ronald Reagan when he was shot, dies at 85. This editor knew Jerry and he was what we all expect from the Secret Service: professional, sharp, and thoughtful. What the Post and the other papers won’t report is that Parr put his career at risk by countermanding standing orders, issued by Vice President Bush the day before the attempted assassination, that in the event of a shooting of POTUS, he was to be transported immediately to the White House. Parr, by ordering the limo driver to proceed to George Washington University, actually bucked Bush who had been chairing a presidential succession task force in the weeks before Bush family friend John Hinckley tried to assassinate Reagan. Jerry knew all about the evil of the Bush family before many of us caught on. Secretary of State Al Haig took command of the White House because he also knew what Bush was up to. NBC’s John Chancellor was fired as anchorman because he wouldn’t drop his investigation of a Bush tie-in to Hinckley’s actions. Bush was as much behind the attempted assassination of Reagan as LBJ was behind the murder of JFK. You won’t read any of this in the CIA- and Bush-loving Washington Post.

NJ.comAnti-ISIS Halloween decorations on N.J. house rile some neighbors

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