Valhalla burns at Bohemian Grove

Press DemocratCabin fire at Bohemian Grove awakens campers

Several campers at the super-exclusive Bohemian Grove in west Sonoma County were awakened Wednesday by a cabin fire — the result of flames that escaped a nearby firepit during the night, Monte Rio Fire Chief Steve Baxman said…

Emergency dispatchers said the fire occurred in Valhalla Camp, one of 115 member camps located inside the 2,700-grove, where the powerful and wealthy Bohemian Club holds a summer encampment each July.

Not much is known about the Valhalla camp (incomplete camps list at Scribd), other than its repute as a party pad, according to the November 1989 issue of Spy Magazine, reproduced at Who Rules America

All day long there is music in the Grove, and at night in some camps there are programs of entertainment: comics, singers, actors. Any Bohemian is welcome at such events. One afternoon, for instance, the Valhalla camp deck was crowded with men drinking Valhalla’s home-brewed beer and listening to singers. They sang from a small stage in front of a redwood on which was hung a framed nineteenth-century engraving. The scene was permeated by a kind of kitsch Black Forest imagery, and the setting seemed very Wagnerian — though the music was sometimes undercut by the soft drumming of tinkling urine off the edge of the porch, where the beer drinkers went one after the other. The deck’s railing posed a dilemma. It was set at crotch level, so you had to sort of crouch…

in 1992 these were its denizens: VALHALLA Messrs. Merrill C. Morshead Jr., and J. Gregory Otto, Co-Captain, and Messrs. C. Peter Becker, Rob- ert C. Combs, Robert A. McDonald, John Morgan Nees, Alfred A. Rushton. – source: Phoenix Journal 146, Pg. 52.

Most of these fellows were local businessmen and attorneys. If the Robert A. McDonald listed is one and the same, however, he is the current Secretary of the much beleaguered Department of Veterans Affairs (Wikipedia).

Other than the annual Cremation of Care ritual (Charles K. Field’s text reproduced at Conspiracy Archive), the only other reported fire occurred in 2002, when the “Phantom Patriot” Richard McCaslin attempted to burn down the mess hall, but was unsuccessful – SFGate.

This time, with severe drought conditions in California, we should be thankful the ancient redwood forest didn’t succumb to the careless flames of these foolish elites.

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