Headlines of interest, end of June 2015 (Editor’s note to the reader: these periodic “headlines of interest” posts are updated intermittently as events develop; however, when we have it in a relatively “finished” form, the time-stamp will be updated from that of the original posting)…

First Amendment under attack…

RTPentagon rewrites ‘Law of War’ declaring ‘belligerent’ journalists as legitimate targets

European court blames website for hosting offensive comments in ‘shock’ decision

ReasonHow Government Stifled Reason’s Free Speech

Memory HoleIs Charleston Shooting a Trojan Horse for Internet Censorship?

A Pyrrhic victory for civil rights…

N.Y. TimesHistoric Day for Gays, but Twinge of Loss for an Outsider Culture

Rainbow flags were raised as the Stars and Bars were purged; meanwhile, chronically distractable Americans shrugged (if they noticed) at the signing away of U.S. sovereignty down the fast-track sluice of the TPP…

Freedom Outpost – Obama Signs Unconstitutional TPA as CFR Looks to Bring China into TPP

nsnbc – Obama’s TPA Celebrated By Multi-National Corps Ahead of TPP

New American – Obama Issues 19 Classified Directives Changing Laws Passed by Congress


Worldwide financial churning…

ZeroHedge – Greece Threatens ‘Unprecedented’ Injunction Against EU To Block Grexit

Chinese Stocks Crash Most In 19 Years, Re-Open Limit Down (Despite PBOC Hail Mary)

Here Comes “Prexit”: Puerto Rico In “Death Spiral”, Debts Are “Not Payable”, Governor Refuses To “Kick The Can”

Ignoring Tsipras Plea For Calm, Greeks Storm ATMs, Stores, Gas Stations

Petras – Syriza: Plunder, Pillage & Prostration

TarpleyEconomic Self-Defense and Development Program for Post-Austerity Greece


Russia news…

SputnikRussia’s Advanced S-400 Systems Could ‘Neutralize NATO Airpower’

Are economic sanctions compelling Putin to enter the business of proxy supplying two sides of Syrian and Yemen conflicts?…

Al MonitorDid Moscow’s ‘air defense’ diplomacy land Saudi deal?

ZeroHedgeRussia Promises “Economic And Military” Aid To Syria As US Refloats Assad “Chemcial Weapons” Trial Balloon

Putin Strikes Back: Cuts Ukraine Gas Discount



The Vineyard The arrest of two mass murderers can blow up Europe

June 28th Ukraine and World SITREP by Baaz

Fort Russ (translation of KONT) – Protests in Kiev: Who ordered them and what are the possible effects?

Translation of ПолитикусUkraine’s Cabinet of Ministers on the eve of a purge

Infocenter-OdessaВ Харькове неизвестные обстреляли 3 маршрутки с пассажирами – In Kharkov unknown fired at 3 minibuses with passengers – translated at niqnaq.


Other Gladio-like attacks spreading through Europe, Middle East and beyond…



Middle East Eye – Tunisia to shut 80 ‘unlicensed’ mosques as IS claims attack

PressTVBomb attack kills 26, injures dozens at Shia mosque in Kuwait City

Guardian – Afghanistan parliament attacked by Taliban suicide bomber and gunmen

Voltairenet – Madame Bokova, Palmyra, Sana’a and Niniveh demand your resignation

Times of Israel – Israel acknowledges it is helping Syrian rebel fighters

“We’ve assisted them under two conditions,” [Defense Minister Moshe] Ya’alon said of the Israeli medical aid to the Syrian rebels, some of whom are presumably fighting with al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad. “That they don’t get too close to the border, and that they don’t touch the Druze.”

The second condition however is not being kept, hence this Druze vigilante action against IDF medics treating al Nusra fighters…

Syrian war casualty killed as Israeli Druze attack IDF ambulance

SputnikSyrian Foreign Minister Accuses US of Sponsoring Terrorists

As the U.S. and Israel aid and abet the salafists in Syria, it is Bush’s old “Axis of Evil” nations who are more credibly fighting the terrorists…

Oryx Blog – Iranian delivered North Korean Type-73 machine guns joining the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq

Al Monitor (translation of Milliyet) – Turkey wants army to enter Syria, but army isn’t so keen

Iran+5 negotiations extended…

Awaiting ‘white smoke’ in Vienna

Moon of Alabama – The NYT Pre-Announces Iran Deal Failure


East & South China Seas…

Nikkei Asian ReviewChina planning to build base to monitor Senkaku Islands

Japan TimesJapan to bolster ship patrols near Senkakus

South China Morning PostChina reveals details on new facilities at Spratly Islands in disputed South China Sea

People’s DailyChina’s construction on the Nansha Islands is legitimate

Times of IndiaPhilippines begins naval drills with US, Japan amid China sea row

ThereAreNoSunglassesNansha Island Conflict Iniated [sic] By British Oil Company (Forum Energy) Exploitation/Piracy


Spook news…

Wayne Madsen ReportJune 29-30, 2015 — Exotic assassination methods worry foreign leaders – citing NSA doc: “Medical Pattern of Life. Targeting High Value Individual #1” found at Cryptome. Excerpts:

It is one thing for the National Security Agency and its foreign partners to eavesdrop on the phone calls and email exchanges of various world leaders. However, publicly-disclosed classified NSA material on how the agency and its partners are increasingly intercepting on-line medical data and even the shipments of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to bring about political assassinations from seemingly “natural causes” has piqued the concerns of many security services around the world.

NSA’s collection of medical intelligence or “MEDINT” on targeted individuals, data that includes medications and their dosages, medical test results, DNA prints, medical equipment such as dialysis machines, and wireless tele-medicine components, coupled with the use of pharmaceutical “honey pots” relied on to deliver fatal dosages of drugs to victims means that the NSA is no longer merely in the surveillance business but also “wet affairs,” that is political assassinations.

Because of NSA’s involvement with the Central Intelligence Agency in exotic means of assassinating political leaders by medical means, Russian President Vladimir Putin employed food tasters to test his food prepared for him by the Brisbane Hilton Hotel during the G20 summit in that city last November. Putin and his security entourage feared that the U.S. and the Tony Abbott government in Australia may have tried to poison Putin’s food during his abbreviated two-day stay at the G20 conclave…

As more and more information is leaked about U.S. involvement in medical assassination programs, world leaders are justifiably increasing their security protection. Many of these leaders may also forgo availing themselves of the food and drink at luncheons and dinners served at the White House. If the CIA’s and NSA’s medical assassination teams have managed to penetrate the White House service staff only the White House executive chef may have been aware of any problems in food serving protocols and VIP security provided by the Secret Service, an agency that has experienced more than its share of security lapses. The White House executive chef who served Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Walter Scheib, was recently found dead in a river near the Yerba Canyon hiking trail near Taos, New Mexico. What “cooking secrets” of the CIA — not the Culinary Institute of America but the Central Intelligence Agency — could Scheib have taken with him to his grave?

Andy WorthingtonUN Secret Detention Report (Part One): The CIA’s “High-Value Detainee” Program and Secret Prisons

Electrospaces – Wikileaks published some of the most secret NSA reports so far

Al Monitor – Emails to Hillary contradict French tale on Libya war

Washington PostJeb Bush dogged by decades of questions about business deals

WMRJeb Bush reveals 33 years’ worth of tax returns. However, Bush does not release returns from 1977, 78, and 79 when he was Texas Commerce Bank’s (CIA’s) top dog in Caracas. Show us the rest, Jebbie!

BBC – Rwanda spy chief Karenzi Karake ‘in UK to meet MI6’ – Instead he was arrested on war crimes charges relating to Rwandan genocide. Cherie Booth, the wife of Tony Blair, is on his defense team.

Intelligence Online – Alwaleed’s Franco-Saudi networks takeover

The Nation – How Private Contractors Have Created a Shadow NSA

Daily BeastHackers Stole Secrets of U.S. Government Workers’ Sex Lives

APTech company finds stolen government log-ins all over Web



The Citizen – Nuclear weapons states upgrade warheads despite disarmament

Vice – DARPA: We Are Engineering the Organisms That Will Terraform Mars

Strategic-Culture (Olga Chetverikova) – From Bilderberg to GULAG: Global Elite to Create Global Electronic Concentration Camp

re/code – Google Manipulates Search Results, According to Study From Yelp and Legal Star Tim Wu

Clapway – UFOs Seen by ISS Camera Just Before NASA Stops Live Feed

Click Orlando – Officials issue warning about debris from failed SpaceX launch

SeeSat-LRe-entry of 73084D / 6939: sightings from SE USA

RTRussian satellite-gagging jammer field tests announced


L.A.Times – California Assembly approves one of the toughest mandatory vaccination laws in the nation

Texas TribuneUT/TT Poll: Texans Wary of Domestic Use of Military

The Truth About GunsRandom Thoughts About the Possibility of a Second Civil War

International Business TimesFBI Joins Local Investigations As Black Church Fires Spread Across 5 U.S. States

Deja vu to the rash of black church fires of ’96. Will the stats bear out a similar conclusion?

Michael Fumento (repost of 7/8/96 WSJ) – A Church Arson Epidemic? It’s Smoke and Mirrors

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