Headlines of interest, mid-June 2015…


Paul Craig RobertsDebunking Magna Carta Leads Back To Serfdom

Webster TarpleyThe Fraud of Magna Carta 2015: The Often-Suppressed Paragraph 61 Gave Twenty-Five Feudal Barons the Right to Wage Civil War Against the Crown, thus Sanctioning Endless Private Warfare, the Greatest Scourge of Europe Before the Coming of the Modern State


The next Bush officially announces candidacy for POTUS…

Wayne Madsen Report – Jeb Bush received comprehensive CIA briefing when he worked for bank in Caracas

If he gets the prize, this will make J.E.B. the fifth consecutive NOC POTUS (CIA non-official cover).

J.E.B. was in Europe just prior to his announcement…

DWJeb Bush calls for more US troops in Eastern Europe

Though he apparently was not an attendee at the Bilderberg conference, his presence on the continent would have facilitated secure communications therewith the old fashioned way – by courier.

Daily MailRevealed: Guestlist for secretive Bilderberg includes Osborne, Balls, BBC Trust chief, spies, bankers and royalty

GuardianBilderberg 2015: TTIP and a travesty of transparency




EFF – House Deals Major Blow to Obama’s Secret Anti-User Trade Agenda

New Economic Perspectives – RIP TPP?

Like the infamous TARP bill of Oct. 2008, which was rejected in the first vote, there will be another go at the fast track authority for TPP on Tuesday, June 17. Lest history repeat itself…

Independent SentinelAll That’s Needed to Stop Fast Track Is You – Call Congress Monday!

Naked Capitalism – Fast Track/TPP: The Death of National Sovereignty, State Sovereignty, Separation of Powers, and Democracy


A tale of two looming debt defaults…

iefimerida – Greece’s lenders handed Athens an ultimatum

ZeroHedge – IMF Says It Will Continue Lending To Ukraine Even After A Default, And Why This Is Bad News For Greek Gold


Times of IsraelAirstrikes partially destroy Yemen UNESCO heritage site

Telegraph – The Saudis are ready to go nuclear

Have they already gone nuclear? with the help of Israel? as early as April 20?… Buyer beware, this is according to the admitted disinfo site… Veterans TodayDid Saudi Arabia Nuke Yemen?

And again on May 20… How Israel Was Busted Nuking Yemen

The alleged IAEA confirmation notwithstanding (our inquiry to Jeffery Smith of the University of Missouri/IAEA awaits a reply), there is no consensus that these were nukes…

Global ResearchPossible Tactical Nuclear Strike (Neutron Bomb) in Yemen?

QuoraWas a tactical nuclear weapon, or neutron bomb, detonated in Yemen?


APLibya: Unclear if US strikes killed al-Qaida leader

The Clarion Project – Bloody Proxy War in Libya: Qatar & Turkey vs. UAE & Egypt

Al Monitor (translation of El-Khabar) – The Islamic State’s Libya expansion

RTGunmen storm Tunisian consulate in Libya, kidnap 10 staff

Maghreb ConfidentialLibya: U.S. ambassador Jones steps aside for new envoy


WMR – Kerry’s bike accident shifts U.S. foreign policy

Secretary of State John Kerry’s bicycle accident near Geneva, Switzerland on May 31 while he was immersed in intense deal-salvaging talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has altered the make-up of America’s top echelon of foreign policy officials. Kerry’s absence from the Iran talks, as well as the G7 summit in Bavaria, has thrust to the forefront individuals not as committed as Kerry to a nuclear deal with Iran or an opening to Russia over Ukraine…

Although Kerry is reportedly participating in the G7 talks via a video conference link from his hospital bed in Boston, it is his deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken who has stepped up to bat for Kerry at the G-7 and in talks with the Iranians and the other P5+1 nations. Blinken is a longtime Democratic Party operative and aide to both Vice President Joe Biden and 1988 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis. Blinken’s role has generally been to ensure the Democratic Party’s foreign policy platform ensures that a strong pro-Israel plank is maintained…

Joining Blinken in Germany as par of Obama’s G7 inner circle of advisers is retired Marine Corps General John Allen, the president’s Special Envoy for the Global Coalition against ISIL [the Islamic State]…

Allen’s direction of CENTCOM activities in the Middle East helped create the atmosphere for ISIL’s germination in Syria and Iraq. It is now known, thanks to the release of a formerly classified Defense Intelligence Agency report that ISIL and its caliphate was the brainchild of the U.S., Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other NATO countries.

Kerry’s bike accident has served as a windfall for neocons like Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland and Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Tom Malinowski to advance their agendas during Kerry’s absence from Foggy Bottom.

The writing, however, was already on the wall…

RINF – Obama Sidelines Kerry on Ukraine Policy


Spook news…

As Washington reels from data hack…

Reuters – Sex, lies and debt potentially exposed by U.S. data hack

Vice News – Inside Washington’s Quest to Bring Down Edward Snowden

The London Sunday Times goes on the offensive….

Cryptome – RU-CN Allegedly Access 1 Million Snowden Docs

Much ado about nothing, says Wayne Madsen…

WMR – Another “Downing Street dodgy dossier” seeks to blame Snowden for outing British agents

But something must be up, if in fact agents were recalled…

Sputnik – MI6 Recalls Secret Agents From Abroad for Fear of Uncover by Russia, China

Will they soon be joining Michael Easton in infamy?… Salem News (Dec. 2013) – A Tale of Two Diplomats


On other fronts…

Wall Street Journal – Spy Virus Linked to Israel Targeted Hotels Used for Iran Nuclear Talks

Intelligence Online – BfV, BND hooked on NSA

The College FixCIA director Brennan denounced by professors at his alma mater over torture scandal

FTPrince Alwaleed calls for new Twitter chief executive


Police State USA: the tangible…

Mass PrivatelPolice State America sends 450 cops to illegally search people’s homes looking for escaped prisoners

And the phantasmagorical…

All News Pipeline – Highly Suspicious: Saudi ‘Civil Defense’ Trucks On Texas Highway – Las Vegas Convoy Had Blackhawk Escort – Mysterious 2015 Wal Mart Evacuations

This may explain the Saudi invasion of Texas…

Argus Leader (April 2014) – S.D. company lands major order from Saudis


ENENewsNOAA: Beaches full of dead baby sea lions off California, many aborted fetuses — Garbage bags filled with animals along coast — Carts in freezer overflowing with bodies — Official: Pollution may well have had an effect… We deliberately didn’t test for it

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