Headlines of interest, later in May 2015 [updated]…

Al Monitor – US clarifies position on nuclear-free Middle East

An unusual event took place May 23 when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called US Secretary of State John Kerry and warmly thanked him for the role played by the United States in halting the Egyptian initiative of “demilitarizing the Middle East of nuclear weapons,”…

The gloves are off? Videos of a massive explosion in Yemen on May 20 are raising many questions…

Veterans Today – Saudis Have Israel Nuke Yemen for Them

[June 6 edit -most recent check of the Youtube video linked at VT article is not the same as that posted when we originally linked this article. The video gave evidence of a smaller explosion just prior to the larger flash and mushroom cloud, suggesting a large ammo depot was hit.]

While VT and Gordon Duff particularly are regarded as highly dubious in many circles, the “Jeff Smith” of the IAEA cited appears to be Jeffrey Smith, PhD2002 ­- 2006: Ambassador of the United States of America to the International Atomic Energy Agency 

[June 6 edit – we have sent email to Jeffery Smith of the University of Missouri School of Medicine. Awaiting reply to confirm or deny whether he is the same Jeff Smith cited at VT]

Meanwhile, across the Gulf of Aden…

Indian Ocean Newsletter – China ousts Americans from Obock

Djibouti has officially asked the United States to leave their military installations at Obock.


Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine. There is the problem however of distinguishing a volunteer from one officially sent. The “confessions” are not credible. Original articles with comments at Fort RussRussia Daily Brief for May 20, 2015

Новая газетаОбвиняемые СБУ в терроризме россияне ответили на вопросы «Новой газеты»

Russians accused of terrorism by the SBU answer Novaya Gazeta questions

The two appear to be under the influence of anesthesia, and what does Novaya Gazeta ask them, with an SBU colonel present in the room? Whether they are Russian Army soldiers.

ВЗГЛЯДОпубликовано видео допросов захваченных у Счастья ополченцев

SBU publishes interrogation videos of the two captured Russians

Judging the videos, those don’t appear to be interrogations, but rather written statements read in front of the camera, with an occasional prompt from the “interrogator.” These two are most likely former Russian servicemembers who came to the Donbass as volunteers, and they read the statements that were placed in front of them because the alternative was being tried on terrorism charges. One wonders whether they might be under the influence of drugs of some sort, judging by their rather listless behavior.

LIFENEWSЗадержанных под Луганском ополченцев жестоко пытали на допросах

Captured Russian volunteers were tortured

LifeNews points out that the cast on Yerofeyev’s arm appeared later, and does not appear to have anything to do with his combat wound which he sustained to the opposite shoulder.

Mozgovoy and the adventures of foreign volunteers in Novorossia (video)

Nine days later…

Niqnaq – mozgovoi killed

Russia InsiderMozgovoy’s Deputies Vow to Fight to the End

Ceasefire in E. Ukraine not holding…

SputnikUkrainian Forces Want to Bring Forward Heavy-Caliber Artillery in Donbass

They are wasting no time…

RT3 civilians, including 11yo killed by Ukrainian army shell in Donbass – reports

NOVOROSSIA TODAYKiev forces deploy Tochka-U missile system near east Ukraine’s Kramatorsk — intelligence

Vineyard of the SakerUkraine SITREP May 26th, by Raskolnikova

Continuing New Cold War sabre-rattlings…

Ukrinform – Continental war may start in Donbas – Turchynov

Independent – Finland writes to 900,000 military reservists amid heightened tensions with Russia

Radio Liberty – Eyeing Russia, Sweden Shows Military Muscle On Gotland

Stop NATO – Arctic Circle: NATO Launches Massive Air Drills Near Russian Border

U.S. Deploys Guided Missile Destroyers To Black, Baltic Seas

Stoltenberg: NATO To Defend All European States

NYTimesBeau Biden, Vice President Joe Biden’s Son, Dies at 46


Spook news…

Strategic-Culture (Wayne Madsen) – Five Eyes and Color Revolutions

Intelligence OnlineSensePost unmasks anonymous smartphones



Mother Jones – The CIA Is Shuttering a Secretive Climate Research Program

Space.comAir Force’s Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Spotted by Amateur Astronomers

SeeSat-LX-37B OTV 4 search elements

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