Death of a Pawn Shop

As Baltimore ignites…

Reporting from W. Pratt St. April 27, 6:09 to 10:32 PM:

Twi̴̛̛g ̵̢̛Har̙̠͓per

Pawn shop accross the street. Getting hit.

This pawn shop has really good locks, kids have been banging away for 20+ minutes.

Kids are w back bolt cutters now

Cops pull up
kids scatter
Cops pull away
Kids come back

And as the metal gate lifts
A cascading of glass
The pawn shop
has been breached

And a stream
of human bodies
Feverishly Clutching,

“Yo dont do that, thats black owned”

Arrest 2
One badly injured
Falling over
Cant stand
Finally gets up
With help
Cops look away
Fastest runner ive ever seen

Just saw 2 cops smash out a cars back window

Police are getting unravelled, gonna be a long night. They almost beat this guy, everyone pulled out phones to record. They backed off.

The safe from the Pawn shop
Has been liberated

Pawn shop going up in flames

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